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– Hey guys, welcome to the Byers’ house, we’re on the set of season three, and I’m going to be giving you a tour. (funky Music) – Hey guys, it’s Gaten here. – Hi guys, I’m Millie Bobby Brown. – Hi I’m Finn, maybe you
know that, maybe you don’t. I’m right now on the set, the studio lot of “Stranger Things” in Atlanta, Georgia. (funky music) (fireworks exploding) (whooshing) (fireworks popping) – Here is stage two, where the cabin is with Eleven, and just a bunch of cool little things. (funky retro music) – This is my set. This is my house. So, I’ve never actually used the bathroom, I don’t feel like Eleven’s
ever actually peed, which is interesting. And then TV’s gone, but
there’s usually a TV here that Eleven likes to watch her soaps on. This is the wonderful cabinet
that fell to the ground when Eleven used her
powers, she got real mad. This is the kitchen. This is where Eleven
and Hopper share their very intense dinners and breakfasts, and it’s very cool because this
is a very easy table to move and Eleven likes to shake it around. And last but not least, we have the best part of this house, my bedroom. Sorry, it’s a little crowded in here. (clearing throat) Eleven’s a little messy, but this is actually a cute
little addition to my room. It’s some dice that says Mike on it, because she’s obsessed with Mike. And this is her bed, and
there’s some very exciting smooching going on in
season three on this bed. (laughing)
(claps) And yeah, it’s a very nice
room, I love it so much, and I think Eleven loves
it too, so very cool. So this is Hopper’s
cabin, I hope you enjoyed! (smooches) – This is the parking where
Gaten always takes my spot. It’s always Gaten, and never anyone else. It’s always his fault. Here’s three and four,
stages three and four, where the basement is, and where everything started for us. – It’s pretty much the same
basement you know and love from seasons one and two,
decorated for Christmas for reasons I don’t know, but here you’ve got a
nice looking TV set here. Over here is the beloved bathroom where Mike and El almost have
their first kiss interrupted by this guy right here. That’s probably my favorite
poster in the entire, I wanna keep it once they
finish filming the show, entirely, once it’s over. I want to keep that poster. (funky music) – This room is where Johnathan sleeps, and this is my room right here. (funky music) The bed is very, very comfortable. (bed creaking) Hola. This is where I do my drawings, I listen to music. This place is my favorite room. And right here we have our bathroom. This is where I throw up
slugs, this is where I pee. Just clean myself, you know? (upbeat music) – I’m Millie Bobby Brown
again, good to see you. Well, this is a set I’ve never worked in, but I’m going to show you around anyway. So, this is the part where the scientists are all working out, you know. This is where demodogs break through, and then I save the day
once again, obviously. But yeah, this is a really cool scene, and really cool set, and this is when I’m pretty sure, one of the really cool scientists, they have this really
cool shot right here, and the air comes through, and they’re like
(mimicking dramatic music). It’s very cool, I like
that shot very much. (funky music) (funky music) – This is the school rooms, where right now it’s not happening, school is not happening right now because we’re on summer break, and boy do I love the sound of that. – [Crew] That’s a rap on Priah. – Okay, thank you.
– Thanks Priah, you did amazing. – So, we’re going to school, because after I’m done with
set I have to do school, so that’s where we’re headed to right now. Hi. (clunking) – [Woman] Priah, help me, do
you go to school alone here, or do you have other
kids in class with you? – I’m just alone, because, my classmates, they’re older than me. – [Woman] What grade are
you in right now, Priah? – I’m in sixth grade. – [Woman] Can we come
in the class with you? – No, I’m sorry you
cannot come into class! Bye! – Right here is the costume trailer. (clanking) – Welcome to costumes! So quiet in here, it’s like a library. Tell us a little bit about this room.
– Hey guys! Well, this is where Caleb has
all of his principle fittings, – [Caleb] Yes. – and we’ve had really,
a ton of fun this season, and our favorite outfit for this season is our Karate Kid outfit. – Yes. (funky music) – So, I have the honor of introducing you to the dogs of “Stranger
Things”, or the “Stranger Dogs”. This is Rocky, she loves belly rubs. This is Sig, it’s short for Sigourney, and she is a rescue dog. Aww, thank you! This is Lady, she’s three years old. (woman laughing) And she was adopted! Emma, she’s so nice! Sit. (gasps) Good girl! (funky music) So I’m here in the photo shoot, and I just found Fig. He is 7 1/2, and he’s a toy poodle. Oh, say hi! (funky music) – All right, well there you
go! There’s this beautiful set! – Thanks for joining us. – Hope you had a good time. – Getting a look behind the magic. “Stranger Things” three is now streaming. (funky music)

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  1. Snicker Gamez says:

    What is 011 real name in the movie

  2. Stormi says:


    Noah: “Hoolaaa”

  3. Brianna Gordy says:

    Where do sets get all the cars for parking lot scenes? That just popped in my head. Is it like..all the crew members cars plus some rentals?

  4. Brianna Gordy says:

    2:59 has me shook as does the fact that the set is decorated for Christmas.

  5. Leslie Marquez says:

    Priah is way too nice and Erica is a savage

  6. Skylar Duke says:

    I felt that when he said hola

  7. Amanda L. says:

    When will the season 4 begins?

  8. Isobel Chater says:

    I honestly could not stop smiling 😄😄😄

  9. Laly Andelsmann says:

    Holaaaaa 😂

  10. ROSY LEYVA says:

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  11. Dave the gr8 says:

    Those dislikes r not really dislike they r likes from upsidedown

  12. The Real Andreia Radescu says:

    Erica and Sadie are so Shy in real life

  13. Stupid Kid says:

    Mike is also in IT

  14. Jonny Borg says:

    Millie is an amazing young actress…but so cringe in real life :/

  15. MysteryManGaming says:

    “Decorated for Christmas for reasons I don’t know” season 4 confirmed. Can’t wait to see mike and L play with presents

  16. viral_joseph says:

    *crush walks in*
    Me: 2:57

  17. Tiffany Sauble says:

    I cried at the end of stranger things because upper dies

  18. Lloyd Christmas says:

    Season 3 was so freaking cool, the lights, shades of colours, the graphics improved alot

  19. It’s Gacha 4 Life says:

    Millie: This is where the demodogs break through then I save the day
    Once again!

  20. sifon 2.0 says:

    Soy la única que habla español :"v?

    Y esta buscando un comentario en español para no sentirse solo :"v?

    Ya que no entendés ni una merga de inglés :"v?

  21. Jessica Navarro says:


  22. The_Myth says:

    It would be my dream to be in stranger things

  23. MarvelFan3000 Hillary says:

    My favorite part

  24. Asdex says:

    I'm in love with Sadie <3

  25. Abbey Robson says:

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  27. Agam Bhasin says:

    I loved this season!!

  28. Coachella Cupcakes says:

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    Mike: 😉
    Hopper: THREE INCHES

  29. Marine says:

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    Not a single soul:
    Noah (Will): Jumps on bed HoLa!

  33. oh yeah yeah says:

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  39. Dillo Taslim says:

    I wish stranger things 4

  40. Qween Zannah says:

    I love u guys

  41. rika ft says:

    Hey finn i saw you at IT and i realize that you are really good at all genre

  42. allie McIntyre says:

    "this is where I throw up slugs and pee and just clean myself ya know" I died

  43. Landin Thornsbury says:

    The mall shot was not fair away but a long drive btw I live in wast Virginia.

  44. Niko Playz says:


  45. THE QUAIL says:

    my brother loves stranger things

  46. -Gacha Blanket- says:

    El: Were they share their dinners and breakfast
    Lunch: am I a joke to you?

  47. Anaya Love says:

    So we finna pretend we didn't see 2:58 2:59

  48. Ava’s Crybaby House says:

    Millie: I don’t think Eleven actually ever peed, which is interesting.
    Eleven from Str Thg 1 almost getting naked: Am I forgotten? D:

  49. Drag Dog says:

    Season 4!!!

  50. Prema Adhei Akhyar says:

    These are not just kids anymore,
    They are stars❤️❤️❤️

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  53. Liz Becerra says:


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  59. Liz Becerra says:


  60. Liz Becerra says:


  61. Liz Becerra says:

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  62. Jared Holford says:

    Millie introduced herself as billie bobby brown and if that wasn't the cutest mess up i don't know what is.

  63. Weirdo Jill says:

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  64. Alex Thomas says:

    OMG Gatens wearing the roast beef shirt
    Steve:looking at you roast beef

  65. HydroCN Acid says:

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  66. Laura Gil says:

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  67. Gregorio Reyes says:

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  68. Micky Ratcliffe says:

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  69. Elaine Ellingsen says:

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  70. Ventas BECA says:

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  71. I Friends says:

    This is where I throw up slugs and pee..😂noah

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    Was I the only one who saw the floating truck and 0:18

  73. Sister Spills says:

    How did I just see this –

  74. Lisa Schmidtz says:

    Awwwww the dogs are so cuuuuuteeeee😍😍😍😍

  75. X_Game Sologame says:


  76. thangerstrings says:

    priah is so sweet! I felt bad for her, seemed like she was a bit annoyed/scared by the interviewer, I was like "leave that kid alone pls"

  77. first name says:

    Decorated for Christmas.

    So season 4 takes place around December?

  78. Rafa gamer says:



  79. FPsWes 775 says:

    Have any of u noticed will's drawing of a man chained up and a boy trying to help him out I almost bet that's hopper your welcome 1000IQ

  80. Haresh Mutreja says:

    My favourite character is millie Bobby Brown

  81. Tiffany Gonzalez says:

    She said because eleven obsessed with mike but didn’t eleven dump mike

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  85. Aliya Ismael says:

    I really love priah's character in the series, funny and sarcastic 😂😂

  86. Aliya Ismael says:

    Is Noah really can draw in real life?

  87. yeeves says:

    Its so weird seeing Millie in El hair and outfit but talking like herself holy hell

    Edit: I just realized everyone else is also in their characters clothes but then again Millie is British and kinda talks a lot and El's the opposite

  88. BlackStar -EX- says:

    ahhh the famous video where you can see the picture behind will that predicts hopper being enslaved by russians…

  89. Wolfbye Millie says:

    Hey it's Millie bobby brown…… again


  90. Sandrine Brown says:

    Let me guess season 4 will be set in Charismas and the house that we see Noah in at the start, that could be the new Byers’ house.

  91. Aditya Darade says:

    Oh, Eleven learned to speak well.

  92. Agent Bobby says:

    2:18 I’m thinking something for season 4.Because the time season 3 was out it was summer.

  93. ATHENAV1218 says:

    Millie: And then i save the day ONCE AGAIN

    yes exatly

  94. Jayplayz Crazy says:

    You did the set in my fav mall

  95. Jayplayz Crazy says:

    I live in George btw

  96. DrawingWithBrayden says:

    “When eleven got real MAD”LOL

  97. Kiran Kapur says:

    Hey mille,finn,Noah,gatten I am Manit. I am 12.I have watched all the seasons of stranger things and I am a big fan of yours.if you ever come to chandigarh in India please visit my school chitkara international school which is in top 3 in chandigarh. If you come here I will be so glad and visit my class 6

  98. evan vannewkirk says:

    Is this the last season plz answer me back I want to know

  99. Gacha Yuni says:

    No one:

    Me at Spanish class: 2:57

  100. ZMVN says:

    Very intense smooching
    Something is wrong with how they ask actors to act…

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