Stopping Judgement Day… again (Gamerati News Update)

Welcome to Gamerati News Update on YouTube.
This week, we’re visiting space, a post-apocalyptic world, we’ll try to avoid another apocalypse,
and will relax having a very good read. All of that on the Gamerati News Update for the
44th week of 2019. Explore the broken world of Akara and the
weird world of Torn with Scavenger, a bronze-punk RPG setting for D&D. It’s a gorgeous book
with breathtaking art, gripping stories, daring characters, and new rules for the 5th Edition
of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Think of Scavenger as an artbook, fantasy
anthology, and campaign setting guide that will allow you to forge adventures set in
Akara — a world dying and desperate to survive. In this more than 175-page tome you will learn
about Akara’s doomed cultures, the uncharted and strange world of Torn, and of the shard-powered
scavengers that humanity prays will save it. Explorers, wanderers, treasure hunters, or marauders
— all of them are scavengers drawn to this old and alien world. Some seek knowledge,
and others salvation. The spiritual search for enlightenment and the greedy for riches.
What is it that you’re hoping to find? Scavenger is being crowdfunded by Sharstone on Kickstarter
until 11 November. They’re already four times the inicial funding goal and going strong,
unlocking add ons left and right. Be part of the more than 500 people that’ll get
to know the fantastic world of Scavenger. Link in the video description. GAMA, the Game Manufacturers Association,
has released a gaming publication. Called Around the Table, the magazine will be a quarterly
publication with an impressive — and diverse — staff of contribuitors. The first issue,
the Fall 2019 issue, has just been released. GAMA members will receive a free subscription
as part of their membership. The remainder of the 2,500 magazines will be mailed to prospective
GAMA Retail members, which include game cafes, comic/game hybrid stores, toy stores, and
traditional hobby gaming stores. The magazine is also available as a digital version for
free. The first issue comes with 80 pages of all kinds of articles, from game photography
dos and dont’s, crowdfunding to retailers — lessons learned from a publisher perspective,
an article about using RPGs to connect to the younger generation, an exploration of
the various dimensions of organized play, and much more. Around the Table is being published
by Fahy-Williams Publishing, which is also the publisher of Edplay and ASTRA magazines. The Gray Death, a 96-page adventure book for
Mutant: Year Zero RPG is here! Come together and stop the world from ending – again.It’s
an epic campaign module that adds an over-arching metaplot for Mutant: Year Zero and the stand-alone
expansions Genlab Alpha, Mechatron and Elysium into a larger narrative. It is written by
Michael Petersén, one of the original game writers of the first Mutant RPG and is an
homage to a classic campaign published in the 1980s for the original version of the
RPG. It takes the stories in Mutant: Year Zero, Genlab Alpha, Mechatron, and Elysium
and ties them all together. Mutants, animals, robots, and humans must put their differences
aside and unite against a common threat to the world at the end of days. The Gray Death
can be found in the Modiphius webstore or the Free League webshop for $29.67, where
there is also a massive sale on previous Mutant: Year Zero products. The Gray Death
can also be found in well-stocked hobby stores everywhere. You can also get the PDF from
DriveThruRPG por USD 15. It seems incredible that Homeworld, the venerable
real-time strategy video game set in a three dimensional outerspace had never gotten a
tabletop adaptation before. Well, that changed as Modiphius announced the RPG Homeworld:
Revelations. In Homeworld, the player controls the Kushan, an exiled people, who see their
planet Kharak destroyed by the Taiidan Empire in response to them developing hyperspace
technology. The survivors travel with their fleet, led by the Mothership, and fight a
war against the Taiidan on an Exodus to reach their true home world, Hiigara. Their journey
is one of hardship and discovery as they make allies, scramble for resources and destroy
their enemies along the way. Homeworld: Revelations will give fans of the original videogame the
opportunity to view the universe through a new perspective, taking on the role of the
crew aboard one of the Kushan fleet’s ships. Whether it’s joining the Mothership on its
odyssey, or helping re-establish the Hiigaran homeworld, there will be endless adventures. Coming
2020. That’s it for this week from em at Gamerati
News Update. What did you think of this slightly tweaked format? Did you liked it? Do you prefer
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