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  1. Siva Manoj Empire says:

    One more time six sided ring in wwe

  2. Dwayne Holmes says:


  3. Sumit Gajbhiye says:

    1st liker…

    Aj style

  4. Hard BrawlStars- *Terror&Diversion* says:


  5. Mini Achary says:


  6. Seth Colby says:

    god i wanna hear these guys opinion's about impact's reverse battle royal
    wow wasn't that a disaster lol

  7. Gareena free fire live for prince Gupta says:


  8. FATIMA JOSEPH says:

    Make one with STONE COLD ROCKY TAKER
    3 GREATEST ♥️

  9. MeNoSpeakJibberish says:


  10. All Yellow Josh says:

    AJ Styles is so handsome 💛💛💛

  11. JJ Claxton says:

    I think the six sided ring help TNA stand out

  12. All Yellow Josh says:

    WWE mentioning TNA ? Oh dearrrr ☕️☕️☕️

  13. Randy Orton says:

    TNA reunion

  14. R TA says:

    I think this is the first time WWE revealed sting's face completely

  15. Sachin Kumar says:

    Love both but roman Reigns is the best

  16. Multiyapples says:

    I would like to see a 6 sided ring in WWE.

  17. Thejas Dikshith says:

    Before 30 comments

  18. MeowRoof says:

    Legends: "eww."
    AJ Styles: "I like evolving."

  19. Tamzid Mohsin Khan says:

    Sting vs AJ Styles will be a great dream match in WWE

  20. Filmy Gyan says:

    Wow TNA In WWE

  21. Lady Fortune says:

    Sting is one of my favourites growing up but with this i have to agree with AJ, i thought the six sided ring made tna stand out and look unique, when it switched back to the regular i was sad 🙁

  22. Cory Akabueze says:


  23. Igor180 says:

    Even on Table for 3 Styles is a Heel😂🤣

  24. Jorge says:

    AJ is becoming a younger and smaller version of Hacksaw Jim Duggan 🙂

  25. Cory Akabueze says:

    Sting had a terrible wwe run

  26. Phenomenal Gamer 831 says:

    Crazy how they are talking and showing the Vintage TNA Show And ring On A WWE Network Show

  27. Tamzid Mohsin Khan says:

    0:07 They finally showed TNA
    It seems that WWE will easily buy TNA and its trademarks
    Lol 😂😂😂😂

  28. xVicious Knightx says:

    WWE acknowledging another wrestling company? Damn that's rare.

  29. Anxo Fernandez says:

    They openly talk about TNA now. Should we consider Impact Wrestling a different company from TNA like WCW and Crockett Promotions? Or is Impact going to become WWE's next feeding territory?

  30. Lezlie Vargas says:

    Love wwe I would do anything to go to Friday night smakdown🤪

  31. ARTHUR says:


  32. Shubham Mishra says:

    Well one more reason six side ring was more hard. But it's ring, entrance and crowd made tna unique in mid 2000s along with one of the best roster and great gimmick matches

  33. Tahasin Ahmed says:

    It should've been Table for 5
    Including Somea Joe & Kurt Angle on it..

  34. MaverickBoy 303 says:

    It’s nice to see these guys together again

  35. Nitin Hardy says:

    I loved the six sided rings, more so when we get high flyers.

  36. Pranesh Pyara Shrestha says:

    They are mentioning Impact Wrestling

  37. Goat_ Filipino says:

    Man the fact that they’re mentioning TNA and one of their best factions they ever had is just mind boggling

  38. domuz oyun 2 says:

    sting icon

  39. Nikhil Philip says:

    A WWE video with Sting, Jarrett and Styles discussing about TNA's 6 sided ring.

    I never thought we'd get this as a WWE upload.

  40. Philip Haun says:

    The six sided ring was great for the X division which was the best part of early TNA.

  41. Daniel Johnson says:

    In another interview AJ talks about bumps in a four sided ring being more tolerable than a 6 sided ring

  42. Avi Chopra says:

    When did WWE had Six Sided Ring!!
    Oh!! Sorry TNA.😄😄😄😄

  43. Sai 'The Scientist' Multi Universe says:

    This video may become one of the most watched WWE video in recent times Because you can A Icon and Best Technician and Best in Ring Performer of All time In a video where they talking about. TNA.I think WWE thinking that no one can compete with them right now

  44. Alex James says:

    Why is Jeff Jarrett not used on WWE TV?

  45. mohammed rizvi says:

    Somebody knows which the last song is ?

  46. batista6242 says:

    Love wwe recognising TNA 😀

  47. Travis Fields says:

    Table for 3 is some of the best content on the network.

  48. ValDIIION ! says:

    From these iconic wrestlers :
    AJ Styles, Sting, Jeff Jarrett, ODB, Mickie James, Tara, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Christopher Daniels, The Beautiful People, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and recently Johnny Impact

    To :
    Tessa Blanchard, Sami Callihan, The Crist Brothers, Brian Cage, Rich Swann, Kiera Hogan, Ace Austin, Jordynnne Grace, Taya Valkyrie, Willie Mack, Moose, Killer Kross, Eddie Edwards…

    Impact never missed a step.
    (Btw they have the best women's division in the world)

  49. Brother Nero says:

    3 TNA Legends together

  50. Caine Te Whare says:

    316 likes. Stone Cold Steve Austin approves.

  51. βιβη Π. says:

    WWE is going to buy TNA

  52. IVAN says:

    damn aj's face is growing old… 🙁

  53. Hafiz Syed Noman Ali says:

    WWE should make TNA version of Main Event Mafia in WWE which should takeover RAW and SD.

    Members: Styles, Joe, Roode, EC3, McIntyre, Lashley, Eric Young, Hardy Boyz, Drake Maverick.

    AJ Styles, Samoa Joe or EC3 should be the Godfather(leader) of that faction.

  54. Kobra Kid says:

    Did I ever think ten years ago that WWE would be highlighting ANYTHING that had to do with TNA? No I did not and I'm glad we're here.

  55. Wing says:

    Double J is always young omg

  56. Venemofthe888 says:

    Are wwe and tna on good terms

  57. Ramza Rajput says:

    Can anyone tell me this 1:20 ending theme song name ??

  58. John Smith says:

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that Triple H buried Sting at WrestleMania

  59. Nicolette Ibler says:

    wwe nxt

  60. Christian Dwyer says:

    I'll be damned. They FINALLY mentioned TNA. Took them long enough. It's not like TNA is a threat to them anymore.

  61. Cristina Lexy Reef Tank says:


  62. Jesus Esparza Show says:

    Vince should buys Impact Wrestling to add his collection.
    Vince wants everything 😂

  63. Ahmar Ali says:

    Sting “I wasn’t complaining when it was gone” well sting no body is complaining that you are gone either. 😆

  64. Brown Pants says:

    Is TNA Jarrets name

  65. FD Mayhem says:

    TNA died after it lost 6 sides. Long live Impact Wrestling!

  66. Mrjeddy18 says:

    I never thought in my life that they will talk about tna impact wrestling in wwe channel.

  67. Cheryl Warren says:

    Aj style getting ready for his match tonight

  68. Austin Maynard says:

    Didn't expect this lol

  69. Dirty Random310 says:

    T.N.A. Legends

  70. Jean regala says:

    now WWE finally recognized TNA/Impact Wrestling in this video.

  71. Fairus Bapok Siam says:

    TNA was good back in 2005-2006
    Now it just sucks.

  72. leniel dela torre says:

    hah hah you three bastards whoooo! this is too frickin' good

  73. leniel dela torre says:

    WWE finally gave you the greenlight for this.

  74. Jin N Juice says:

    WWE I believe they own the TNA library. They don't own impact wrestling. But own the tapes when it was TNA total Non-stop Action. I could be wrong. But it would make sense, since they mentioned TNA a bunch of times.

  75. Arindam S. Roy says:

    The six sided ring was amazing for matches like Ultimate X, Lethal Lockdown and the red Steel Asylum… Basically for matches with 4+ people, it looked great.

  76. Kovu Lion says:

    oh man, why they didn't invite Jim Cornette to this one 😀

  77. Wesley C says:

    Sting the WCW era legend and Jeff Jarrett the attitude era and WCW era legend.

  78. K aweso says:

    Let talk about Impact Wrestling table for 3 EC3 Bobby Lashley Drew McIntyre they Impact wrestling legends

  79. Marco Setiawan says:

    Abyss should've be here as well

  80. Marco Setiawan says:

    I do hope WWE consider making a six sided ring

  81. Jaeden Bratcher III says:

    AJ Styles is a Legend he came from nothing he worked his way to the WWE. I agree with AJ we wouldn’t have had the Ultimate X matches without the six sided ring. Sting never participated in that so he wouldn’t understand I love Sting but AJ has to be the Greatest of all Time

  82. عزيزالحكيم تيمين says:

    10 years later we will see Cody, Jericho and Moxley talked about AEW in WWE Network. Believe that

  83. Nasir Aameen says:

    Just watched this. AJ was very honored to be with them and has so much respect for them

  84. dmc34 says:

    is this another dimension? TNA content and acknowledgement in WWE? Wow.

  85. Not so sad Celtics Fan says:

    didnt wwe also talk about tna during the video about jeff and matt hardys drug problems

  86. MrMacedoniaOfGreece1 says:

    Was never a fan of the 6 sided ring, thought it looked bush league.
    Not to mention, to many times the momentum and speed of matches would stall, as instead of wrestlers bouncing off the ropes, they kept going into the turnbuckle, because there were so many.

  87. pseudochef07 says:

    TNA Guys.

  88. Ash Bash Sneakers says:

    It’s amazing how much tna talent is in wwe. All these years. Like wcw there was a time when I much preferred tna to wwe..

  89. tsipaf says:


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