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  1. Carl DiFrancesco says:

    Is it a law that infringes the right of the people to own and bear arms?
    Than it is illegal and unconstitutional……and handguns kill more people with avg.capacities of around 8🖕🏻🤨
    Clinton can sell em to Kuwait and Syria with obama….but the people cant buy em!? And you already cost us hundreds of jobs and several companies

  2. Carl DiFrancesco says:

    Statistics show the average citizen involved shooting to have around 4 rounds fired🤨🖕🏻

  3. Shaun says:

    I’m a gun violence victim and I think this law is unconstitutional.

  4. Keith Anderson says:

    Hope they get rid of this stupid law as soon as possible. Useless law.

  5. Jon Strong says:

    Why do I need 30, 40, 60, or 100? Because i can and it's none of your business.

  6. Combo Nation says:

    Well the way they worded it there was basically no magazine ban law so obviously it's been ineffective. Glad to see red-blooded Americans ignoring tyrannical nonsense

  7. My Email says:

    What a joke another attempt of making a worthless law that is unconstitutional. More and more the government and states are trying to take away our God given freedoms that Americans was always proud of.

  8. berges104 says:

    Thousands of people discharge everyday legally. Probably 1 million rounds go down range everyday in Colorado alone. Just a guess but maybe a couple dozen on average are used in SUICIDE or HOMICIDE. About as many are used each day in Self Defense against Criminals. So 1M rounds of fun and practice vs MAYBE 100 rounds in SUICIDE, HOMICIDE and SELF DEFENSE= .01%
    It is a gun problem… no wait, that isn't right. It is a bullet problem… no wait that isn't right either. It is a CAPACITY problem… no, wrong again. Capacity restrictions only handicap the guys who try to follow the laws, not the guy who already intends on violating the DO NOT KILL laws which is the biggest law in my opinion. They INTEND to violate a whole score of laws before you get all the way down to the bottom of the list where you find a CAPACITY law violation. In the mean time, they will walk in, spray and pray while the good guy(s) try to get a shot off accurately because they don't have the reserve capacity to effectively slow the attack with suppression fire AND not hit a bystander.
    Quick thought exercise- how many of you drive faster than the SPEED LIMIT? Almost none of you are bad people or have intent to harm anybody, you still casually ignore the LEGAL LIMIT. You are operating a vehicle and vehicles are responsible for MANY more ACCIDENTAL deaths than guns, would you advocate for mechanical governors be installed on all cars to limit them to the LEGAL LIMIT on a stretch of road? I doubt it. A CRIMINAL likewise casually ignores the laws, they just take it further. Robbery, Assault, Murder, Rape, Theft, Trespassing…do you really think they give a damn about Ammo Capacity when they are willing to break others? They still choose to break those laws just as casually as you break the SPEED LIMIT when you drive. So who does the law really limit and does it serve any other purpose than to pat the law makers on the back for DOING SOMETHING even if it does nothing to solve the problem.
    Before anyone starts in about making it illegal so they can't get it, many drugs are illegal and less resourceful people still get those illegal drugs everyday. Alcohol was illegal and people still got their hands on it pretty easy. If an item is illegal, a provider will appear and will usually be the criminals running the show.
    Frankly, the government should never be your first line of defense and they should never get a say in what is an acceptable tool or capacity for defense. Punishing the 99.99% that did nothing wrong because .01% are bad characters, is not justice nor very democratic.

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