State of Belief’s Welton Gaddy at the US Supreme Court, March 26, 2013

[REV. DR. C. WELTON GADDY, HOST]: I’m standing
in the shadow of the Supreme Court, and looking over across the street at the Capitol Building
of the United States. The architecture, the positioning – the juxtapositioning – tell
a story in itself: that we are a nation of laws; we are a nation with a Constitution;
we’re a nation with enough interest in the Constitution to keep struggling to see that
its promises are applicable to everybody – and, ultimately, enjoyable by everybody.
This is the first of two historic days, when the Supreme Court listens to arguments about
Proposition 8 and about DOMA. The decision the court will make on this could change the
nation forever. There’s no anticipating that decision with
any certainty of what it will be. But many of us – many of you who listen to this – have
worked for a long time in getting to this moment, when we get the highest legal opinion
in the land on same-gender marriage. It’s been a long journey; it’s been a hard journey,
at times, but it’s one that’s very fulfilling, to stand here now, looking at people with
very different opinions, shouting out their opinions… It’s about a democracy. It’s about
a democracy that tries to live by a Constitution. And today all I can say, not knowing what
the ultimate decision will be, is: that we got here the right way; we have done the right
thing; and whatever the decision is, we will continue trying to do the right thing to bring
our nation together, respect individual opinions, but join together to assure that by law, all
people have equal rights. I’m Welton Gaddy for State of Belief.

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