Spacewalking in Ultra High-Definition


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  1. Rachael Willacy says:


  2. ahmed mohamed says:

    First one to comment ✌

  3. Larry Whittington says:

    There's an APP for that 😂👍Ty that's Great!!!! Astro🐠🐠

  4. upsizedown says:


  5. thodoris lygkounos2 says:


  6. MarkowskyArt says:

    Shortest Casey Neistat vlog episode ever

  7. Peacecraft says:

    Love the music!

  8. Theron Simmons says:

    thats ok..they make all the astronauts shut up and turn the other cheek and NASA tells you to play ball..and continue to lie about the planets and millions of life forms that have. many humans that look like every race on earth..but you guys play this microbial life bull crap. its a sin against humanity..everyday..oh wait..the nasa war file too..c mon follks with the lies..give it up.

  9. Remy Mackenzie says:

    Hi def finally makes it look real… lol. Just kidding

  10. rache says:

    Be careful not to drown while you film in that pool!

  11. Takethetime hc says:

    LOL !!!

  12. From the Stars above says:

    Where are the stars? 🤔

  13. Dong'o Beats says:

    This is fake people, where is the starts? this video is made on the set of the nasa with green or blue cloth

  14. Магомед Тимирчиев says:

    а звезды забыли нарисовать))))

  15. DJxYx4iK says:

    Spacewalking in Ultra High-Definition

    Ever wonder what the spacewalker sees while you’re looking at him or her? Here’s your answer, courtesy of NASA astronaut Jack Fischer. This Ultra High Definition clip shows Fischer outside the International Space Station during a spacewalk on Expedition 51 in May 2017, and the view from a small camera attached to his spacesuit at the same time. Music by Joakim Karud. 4K .MOV:


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