Social Justice; Homeless Action Week

Well, obviously food to stay alive. Also things like housing, clothing it’s all that support. And um, I don’t have housing but I do have a kind of shelter where you know, it stays over my head so I don’t get wet. no, just here right so it provides me shelter enough where I don’t get wet right right, if you get wet you get cold. And, you know pretty soon you could die of hypothermia (also because he has a dog to take care of) Stealing my stuff So you have to constantly watch it all the time. All the time. The other day I just had a change jar here and uh It’s not here anymore. so yeah I had a change jar here before I went and like I fell asleep earlier wake up, and it’s gone. And it happens all the time usually. Most of the time it’s other homeless people stealing from me at night time and stuff like that but, this happens regularly where people come by to steal money All the time cause, I’m an easy target right. I have an oven so, my dog. he, he keeps me warm. (His dog is 14 years-old) Yep. It’s not that cold yet but, It’s getting there Yeah, I mean they do provide us service like Last time I heard it was like 7 years Because I’ve been homeless They will provide a housing for me Cause I’ve been homeless for over a year now, they could provide housing for me. But I, I’m not on any kind of social assistance I don’t get money from the government. (This is where the women stay, in the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center) (Although we did notice they provided many activities to help the women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or mental and physical health) (She is a sweet, cheerful old lady despite of what she is going through) (Any donations, or clothing can significantly help many people)

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    So print out 35,000 job application forms then.

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