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  1. Robert Howard says:

    I am in this very uncomfortable position of agreeing with Fox News.

  2. muscle hamster says:

    Kennedy, after the casino cash comment the committee is now upgrading you to a solid 8.

  3. Julie Roop says:

    Dems leaders came up with forfeiture and they were fine with it for avg Americans but now their panicked when it may effect them for crimes against humanity!!!

  4. Mike Turco says:

    The police are as corrupt as the rest of America.
    Highway robbery at it's best.

  5. Sarabella Gignac says:

    President Trump not one to leave money on the table/ told everybody he was going to come after them /and if they were involved in human rights offenses/ or corruption /he was going to seize their property /use their property to pay off debt /audit the Fed /which is only good for about 50 years (according to its design) Tick-Tock it's around that time…

    President Trump is already bragging that he has put trillions back into the treasury and he will be auditing the FED aka the central banks /who jack up interest rates /print money/ cause debt/ (which is slavery) is going by-by …

    these criminals both on the left and the right /who thought they could buy a seat at the Breakaway civilization table /through pay-to-play scheme from the Clinton Foundation/ and other Criminal scams are going to be tried for treason /which holds the death penalty /and if they're lucky they'll be awarded a cage at gitmo…

    I personally think they should all be (for attempting to take down our great country) tried treason/ which holds the death penalty for a reason/ these people don't deserve to breathe the same oxygen as the good people of the planet

  6. Colonel Transco From Steel Brigade says:

    Yes, it’s time for them to not only limit it, but eliminate it outright. It is quite ludicrous. As a popular meme says “It’s time to stop.”

  7. Agusta Sister says:

    Im mpre concerned about traffic cops who eoutinely confiscate cash.

  8. C Alex says:

    How are these defacto robbery not prosecuted? Can the cops just walk away with these heinous offense on private properties?

  9. Maria Grasmick says:

    Yes. It's terrible robbery. People get upset.

  10. Historical Truther says:

    Nobody cares about the rights of degenerate criminals!

  11. Historical Truther says:

    This bitch is always taking the side of degenerate drug using criminals!

  12. Lynn W says:

    Yes, stop it , I know theft goes one by officers and state way of getting funds without tax payers money. They never disclose what they do with it.

  13. darren676767 says:

    I am from Australia, this sounds crazy, I am not coming there!

  14. SE ASIA says:

    From SINGAPORE 🇸🇬 America must be ruled with a MILITARY JUNTA! You must become a non RACIST QUASI FASCIST STATE! YOUR SYSTEM DONT WORK! SOCRATES WAS CORRECT! Your CONSTITUTION contains the seeds of your demise!

  15. William Rochr says:

    I like watching Kennedy more and more. She's brilliant, witty and sarcastic at the same time. I love seeing programs about our laws and our rights under the Constitution. So many Americans either don't know what they are or take them for granted. I hope shows like this will help.

  16. Eric Huff says:

    It gets harder and harder everyday to tell the difference between cops and gangsters.

  17. Veronica St Clair says:

    They’ve stolen enough- time to reign it in and stop this theft

  18. D P says:

    Of course it's wrong! Stealing is wrong!!! It doesn't matter who is doing it.

  19. Ruth Felldman says:

    How did cash become illegal?!?

  20. djs bc says:

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights are tied to your property. In this country, no one has the right to seize your property like that.

    By the way, whoever thumb-downed this LKM clip should be taken to a communist country and thrown face first into a big pile of mud.

  21. Browns creek homestead says:

    Seriously. Can’t take you serious with those ear HOOPS IN.

  22. Anfooey Out says:

    WOW.. they can do that? Holy sh8t! Speeding can lose u ur car? #$%&*!

  23. djs bc says:

    There’s not enough attention given to this. If the government can take your stuff, you don’t own anything.

  24. rudai123 says:

    Civil Forfeiture is right out of the movie 1984. Horrible practice.

  25. AndTheCorrectAnswerIs says:

    Civil Asset Forfeiture is THEFT. It is seizure without ANY due process of law. Goods are being seized from people who have not even been ACCUSED of a crime, let alone convicted.

  26. substrate001 says:

    The messed up thing is, they ROB YOU AT GUNPOINT , then send you off without a ticket ! THEN you have to sue the state to get your own possessions (or cash) back! It happens way more than one would expect; some LEO's brag about it and show it off on their websites. Civil Asset Forfeiture is a LEO funding scheme, and nothing more.

  27. NoReplyAt INGSOC says:

    Someone should seize that bow tie

  28. Thanks Obama says:

    Anything the Government wants is Bad for Americans….this is just another in a long string of Abuses by the State…which is the true reason the Second exists…to defend ourselves from the Tyranny of the State….And Obamas Deep State is All Powerful…

  29. Thanks Obama says:

    The Cops refuse to arrest Illegal Aliens…but if they smell money in something…down comes your door and the chains are put on..goodbye property

  30. Sheldon Cooper says:

    Steal my money today, burn for it tomorrow!

  31. Tahoe Jones says:

    All the other deterrents to crime have been eliminated. Why not that one too?

  32. real living says:

    Policing for profit is absolutely disgusting!

  33. R. S. says:

    And make them pay restitution to all those they've robbed…with interest!

  34. Dog World says:

    Hell yes! This ain’t communist China.

  35. Marksmizzy says:

    give me back my 200,000 fucking dollars you fuckers stole from me

  36. acrodriguez34 says:

    It's about due process! Otherwise, it's a banana republic.

  37. John Hennessy says:

    I play poker for a living and often travel with more than $30,000 in cash traveling between casinos. The fear of being robbed by police is greater than that from a criminal… I can shoot the criminals.

  38. Mr. King Kitty says:

    This is one thing both Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians agree on. DO IT!

  39. NYOTA ! says:

    They have used this law against everyone except for the people it was designed for ,like El Chapo, . America is a time not a place…..

  40. GreensOplenty says:

    wow something i can agree with a righty on 😉
    if lefty's and trumpers are on same side on this wtf change it already. obviously abuse.
    if they got more than a peronal amount of drugs take it…
    if its a christian band sending money to orphanages in philipines…(true story took 40,000) wtf

  41. Jimmy P says:


  42. kenargo says:

    About time! Sorry law enforcement, you can't just take what you want anymore. Next up, hundreds of law suits from people who had property taken. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/supreme-court-in-unanimous-ruling-moves-to-limit-state-and-local-governments-power-to-impose-fines-and-seize-property/ar-BBTR3Jd?ocid=spartandhp

  43. KELLI2L2 says:

    They did, and came down with a decision. But I don't think they stopped it, they just told them to reduce the amount of Forfeiture…? 😵
    It should have been stopped in total because its been abused and it has become a corrupt practice ~ theft by law enforcement…

    ¿And who in 2017 (his first week as Potus) said YES keep doing it ❓
    TRUMP 😕

  44. chris miller says:

    k tie.
    does it come in toilet paper?
    especially 1st amendment.

  45. chris miller says:

    by the way, should this also pertain when a guy goes through a divorce and he loses custody of his kid$, home and 1/2 his bank account?
    just curious. 60% of the republican hard-core base are guys. Could be a k platform for Hillary in 2020….opps sorry about that one :0))

  46. jtno2 says:

    Something that both conservatives and liberals can actually agree on! How was this blatant conflict of interest allowed to go on for so long?

  47. Ted Phillips says:

    It is a fourth amendment due process rights.

  48. Patrick Blair says:

    There's no due process …so how can it be legal… civil rights violation period

  49. Banish All says:

    Absolutely this creates bad cops it's just piracy

  50. T West says:

    Please don't stop civil asset forfeiture!, the 9th circuit court in Northwestern Minnesota, (NWRCC Crookston Minnesota) it's prison and police force will all be out of a job if you do – corruption is all they know! Please stand up for tyranny, it's their life's blood!

  51. Michael O'Donnell says:

    Why doesn't anyone mention civil forfeiture when Cops get killed??? Give up your guns, now!

  52. Osiris Rex says:

    Not only should it be abolished but all money and property seized should be returned to the rightful owners, no matter how long ago it was taken, with interest. If the car or home is now owned by someone else, the government should be forced to pay in cash the fair market value of the items seized, again with interest.

  53. Gulu says:

    it is in constitutional and straight corruption. There must be a due process and conviction to forfeit.

  54. Cecilia Darko says:

    High way robbery some of these officers are not given the right amount of money…

  55. Stupid Plumbing says:

    Why are we still talking about reforming a bad idea. Get rid of Civil Forfeiture. Can we really claim we're better than everyone else as long as we allow our government to keep stealing from us?

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