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  1. david1shakiraFAN says:

    sin embargo amigos, JUANES tambien es un representante digno de Colombia… son los malos fans los que la embarran… saludos…

  2. 290591m says:


  3. karolvz1 says:

    hay por q te operatse la nariz estabas muy linda antes no me agrada cuando las lindas comienzan con la necedad de la cirujia se deforman luego.

  4. John Montoya says:

    @pyocote She was not ric when she was a child, her father was in bankrupcy

  5. googley3 says:

    she speaks like somebody born in a country where the gap between the rich and the poor is obscene and the poor DONT have opportunities. The distribution of wealth in Latin America is unacceptably unequal, and it's because of corruption. i was living with a family in nicaragua a few months ago, and i can guarrantee you that the reason everyone in that country is dirt poor is absolutely not because they dont work hard.

  6. kansasgoldilocks says:

    @srvblueslvr How is equality a threat to capitalism? Your argument fails hard.

  7. Alexandru Crăciun says:

    Shakira for President !

  8. pussadee11 says:

    A really smart woman! Awesome 🙂

  9. pussadee11 says:

    A really smart woman!

  10. PitchBlacke30 says:

    shakira for presadaint 😀

  11. Bella Reine says:

    Is her father arabic? Since Mebarak is a common name for arabs.

  12. David Armani says:

    Thank you dear Shakira! You are a great artist and a wonderful human being!

  13. trent f says:

    <3 <3 <3

  14. Atul Azul says:

    yes her father is from lebanon. but her mother has italian catalan and spanish roots and of course colombian.

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