Sesame Street: Sonia Sotomayor: “The Justice Hears a Case.”

MARIA: Oh, hey, hola. This is my friend, Supreme Court
Justice Sonia Sotomayor. SONIA SOTOMAYOR:
Hi, everybody. MARIA: Un cafecito? SONIA SOTOMAYOR: Si, gracias. BABY BEAR: Finally, justice
will be served! MARIA: Hey, Baby Bear. BABY BEAR: Hi. Hey, I heard that there was
a Supreme Court Justice on Sesame Street. MARIA: There is, Baby Bear. There is. SONIA SOTOMAYOR:
Hi, Baby Bear. I am Supreme Court Justice
Sonia Sotomayor. But you can call me Justice. BABY BEAR: Oh, well. You can call me Baby. SONIA SOTOMAYOR: OK, Baby. BABY BEAR: OK, Justice. Now, to be clear, what does
a Justice do again? SONIA SOTOMAYOR: A Supreme Court
Justice is a judge who solves arguments by giving
his or her opinion. BABY BEAR: That’s just
what I thought. Well, I need you to listen
and solve a disagreement. MARIA: Whoa, whoa, wait a
minute now, Baby Bear. We’re trying to have a
little coffee here. SONIA SOTOMAYOR: No hay
problema, Maria. I can handle this. I do all the time. Just give me a second. [MUSIC PLAYING] BABY BEAR: Wow! Impressive. SONIA SOTOMAYOR: I always
wear these robes when I hear a case. BABY BEAR: Perfect. Now I can tell you
what happened. GOLDILOCKS: Wait a minute! I have something to say, too. SONIA SOTOMAYOR: I
know who you are. You’re Goldilocks. GOLDILOCKS: And I know who you
are, a Supreme Court Justice. The perfect judge
to hear my case. BABY BEAR: Whoa, whoa. Hold on a second. The Justice has to hear
my side of the story. GOLDILOCKS: No, mine! BABY BEAR: No, mine! MUPPETS: [INTERPOSING VOICES] SONIA SOTOMAYOR: Don’t worry. I will listen to both sides
of the case, OK? Baby, you go first. BABY BEAR: Thank you,
Your Honor. Now, does the Justice think it
was right for Goldilocks to come into my house– uninvited, mind you– sit in
my chair, and break it? SONIA SOTOMAYOR: I’m not sure. Let me hear Goldilocks’
story next. GOLDILOCKS: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to break it. I didn’t know it
was his chair. I was tired. And it was the only chair
that fit just right. MARIA: This is ridiculous! Plus, our cafe is
getting cold. SONIA SOTOMAYOR: This will only
take a second, Maria. Baby, Goldilocks didn’t mean
to bring the chair. It was an accident, and
accidents do happen. BABY BEAR: Well, I guess
that is kind of true. But I mean, my chair
is still broken. SONIA SOTOMAYOR: Well, I think
that maybe we can fix that. BABY BEAR: How? SONIA SOTOMAYOR: Goldilocks,
do you have glue? GOLDILOCKS: I do. SONIA SOTOMAYOR: Then, to end
this disagreement, I say you help Baby fix his chair, and
then the two of you can live happily ever after. BABY BEAR: I can
live with that. Thank you, Justice! GOLDILOCKS: Well, come
on, Baby Bear. I’ll fix this chair
in no time at all! MARIA: Amiga, you are
a very good sport. SONIA SOTOMAYOR: Are
you kidding? I wish all my cases
were this easy. Ahora, el cafe, por favor. MARIA: Si. THREE LITTLE PIGS: We
heard there was a Justice on Sesame Street. We need her to end
our disagreement! BIG BAD WOLF: Well, me too! I would like to state my case. MARIA: Oh, this is going to
be a very long afternoon. SONIA SOTOMAYOR: All in
a day’s work, Maria. All in a day’s work. MUPPETS: [INTERPOSING VOICES]

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  1. OneInAJillian says:

    ooooooh, Muppet indoctrination 😉 …or wait! How about "fuzzy propaganda"?! 😀

  2. TheStapleGunKid says:

    Goldilocks should not have gotten free pass on trespassing. Breaking the chair wasn't the only issue.

    Also why did Goldilocks just happen to have glue with her? And why was the glue in a salad dressing bottle?

  3. just1marshall says:

    actually they are not serving tea, but un cafecito!

  4. Nibor7301 says:

    Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, here to resolve disputes, disagreements, discussions and save the day! Up, up and AWAAAAAY!!!

  5. Nibor7301 says:

    @WinkyMaeve Could you turn off the caps lock? You'll wake the baby. We don't want to have to throw it away with the bath water do we?

  6. teammm says:

    This was cute 🙂

    Awesome Justice Sonia Sotomayor

  7. ThatHistoryGuy says:


  8. j. aleese says:

    oh the Wolf is SO guilty. maybe he should take a plea.

  9. reinacousland says:

    Oh my gosh, this skit is so cute!

  10. Christopher Capizzuto says:

    :38 I really couldn't stop laughing after she said that

  11. Solomon Vandi says:

    Liberal propaganda.

  12. Ivonne M. says:

    Goldilocks didn't get charged with B&E and apparently someone forgot that repairing the damage doesn't absolve you from the crime.

  13. Jolly Green Giant says:

    i want a seaseme street episode where they disscuss the entire federal judicial system and constitutional interpretions, now that would be an episode worth watching

  14. The Truth says:

    oh Maria. You raised me since I was a kid! Where is Luis?

  15. Stephie2007 says:

    will this ever work? i think not.

  16. 24LakerGirl says:

    @ItsObivonneKenobi Goldilocks' charges are at the prosecutor's discretion; that's no concern of the Judge who can only rule on what comes before her. But in any event, this seems to be a civil matter so there can be no talk about being charged with and absolved of a crime.

  17. daveskalka says:

    I'm glad she came on the show, but when she describes her job at :38 it says a lot about liberals and what they think of the force of law. She needed to say she solves arguments "by giving her opinion ABOUT THE LAW AND CONSTITUTION", very important words because we are supposed to be a country of laws and not men (or women). But as many Sup. Ct. opinions in the last 40 years have shown the liberal individual's opinion has trumped the Constitution.

  18. Randy says:

    @daveskalka I agree, but this is meant for preschoolers. For preschoolers, what she said was acceptable.

  19. orilocs says:

    So cute.

  20. Poptart says:

    @MrPrincetrumpet LOL. What? No. Speak not of things which you know little.

  21. Poptart says:

    @legalninja Nonsense! Goldilocks is a public minister of Sesame Street.

  22. Mike InTheVortex says:

    Justice? Sotomayor is a bigger puppet than the two next to her(no pun intended)…and so is Obama and 95% of Congress.

  23. BondGirlSavie says:

    Some of these comments, I just…

    Really people? On a SESAME STREET video? Give the politics a rest.

  24. andrew plotnick says:


    Illegal president?

  25. djnetsjcc says:

    And yet the issue of unlawful trespass goes unanswered!! Travesty!!!

  26. Ham Boney says:

    This is a great episode to introduce kids to this sort of thing.

  27. Oopstoobad6275 says:

    LOL omg conservative bomb throwers are gonna lose it when they see this LOL

  28. Nellie K. Adaba says:

    It was great to see the First Latina Supreme Court Justice on SS

  29. Okoboji says:

    In a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court ruled 1-0 that young muppet girls may come into other muppet bears homes uninvited and sit on and break furniture, provided that they have the glue to fix them. The other 8 justices excused themselves from the ruling due to a conflict of interest.

  30. s1l3n7gh057 says:

    Bear vs. Locks: A person or party may be afforded the right to trespass within private property, and while in said private property, the trespasser's legal obligation to duty of care is waived under the condition that said trespasser is reasonably able to provide manual labor as full compensation for negligent injuries or property damages in which the trespasser is directly or indirectly at fault.

  31. Félix Joel Zambrana says:

    Justice Sonia Sotomayor…from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico!!

  32. McCall says:

    The wise Latina!

  33. Madiha W says:

    Glidlocks should have been fined.

  34. Hdzma7 says:

    Man, this is just great.

  35. luis32789 says:

    Sonia was right when she said that the chair was an accident and accidents do happen. Two cases support this statement: George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.

  36. *gervinic* says:

    Jajajajaaaa y ja nice

  37. xvraider1900 says:

    So much for the 'wise latina'. This marxist pig just voted in lockstep with the other liberal loons to move us towards socialist health care.

  38. 4kidsOPfan says:

    Wow. Her?! Who haven't they had on this show?!

  39. Rennpanzer says:

    "marxist pig" . . . "socialist" – cute. Please tell us about your outrage over the Citizens United decision(s) – after all, socialism surely can't be any worse than plutocracy or fascism, right?

  40. Rennpanzer says:

    Gee, I wonder what "valuable public service" Justices Scalia, Alito, and/or Thomas were donating their time to, that day.

  41. deepsussex says:

    Can you telll me how to get how to get to Progressive Socialist Communist Street

  42. deepsussex says:

    When is Hugo Chavez goin on

  43. deepsussex says:

    Move to Venezuela where you will be appreciated . Id rather see Charles Manson on Sesame Street

  44. deepsussex says:

    How fitting a puppet on a puppet show
    Thanks for wrecking Sesame Street PBSocialists

  45. deepsussex says:

    Lenin, Marx and Castro werent available

  46. deepsussex says:

    C is for Communists
    Commies arent for me

  47. xvraider1900 says:

    Theyre private enterprises that pay taxes. They have every right to donate. Unless of you course youre afraid of what they have to say. Socialism and fascism are one in the same.

  48. Kay R says:

    VIVA VENEZULEA ! and very cute case i agree with baby bear

  49. Sarah Trachtenberg says:

    It's cute how Sotomayor has an New York accent. Here she's back in her old stompin' grounds.

  50. Cizzurp 215 says:

    She's Puerto Rican you racist losers. Don't worry. Latinos and African Americans will outnumber you Conservative scum soon. I'd rather Socialism than Republican Trickle Downism any day.

  51. Cizzurp 215 says:

    and only conservative Fox News scum would come to Sesame Street where I came to show my children some videos, to complain.

  52. TheTwinkiefoot says:

    Being a minority is no surefire bet to also be Liberal. Truth be told, I wouldn't be surprised to see a significant chunk move towards conservatism given their religious backgrounds. Most don't realize that religion makes for HORRIBLE public policy e.g. fanatics ignoring the existence of global warming/climate change, them limiting the expansion of stem cell research and abortion rights.

  53. hellcat576 says:

    Goldilocks was totally breaking and entering!

  54. GeorgiaKev says:

    Thank God she did. And kudos to Chief Justice Roberts for the courage he showed in breaking with his right-wing fraternity brothers in upholding common-sense health care reform.

  55. GeorgiaKev says:

    Remember, Clarence Thomas is an African-American. Fortunately, most African-Americans are smart enough to know better than to support right-wingers.

  56. GeorgiaKev says:

    Well, technically she wasn't "breaking" in, because the door to the Bears' house was unlocked. However, she was definitely trespassing. Of course, Goldilocks could countersue by claiming that she was "injured" when she fell thru Baby Bear's chair…hmmm…perhaps Justice Sotomayor was trying to encourage both sides to resolve the matter peacefully instead of going thru a lengthy and costly legal battle! : )

    This clip wasn't meant to teach kids about the law, but about how to settle disputes.

  57. Moona A says:

    People grow up! This was to teach little kids to compromise. You have to understand little children don't make money. The decision of the judge was to make these little two get along at the end. It's just a chair! And kids don't have income!

  58. Seth says:

    Makes me have so much more respect for Justice Sotomayor..

  59. TheStapleGunKid says:

    This was a bad ruling! Goldilocks should have been arrested for trespassing and criminal mischief. But she gets a free pass just for helping fix what she broke? Sotomayor should have called Sesame street's finest to haul her away.

    I think the Count von Count should have been the judge on this case. He'd enjoy counting up how many months in jail; Goldilocks would serve.

  60. GabrielSparkletits says:

    Are you kidding? Her family doesn't work in news at all.

  61. Diandra L says:

    This is precious. I love her for appearing on Sesame Street.

  62. Brenda L says:

    Such an Inspiration

  63. Jessica Auguste TV says:

    So cute! I love her.

  64. CrazyAsian says:

    Bear vs. Locks: A person or party may be afforded the right to trespass within private property, and while in said private property, the trespasser's legal obligation to duty of care is waived under the condition that said trespasser is reasonably able to provide manual labor as full compensation for negligent injuries or property damages in which the trespasser is directly or indirectly at fault.

  65. loveharrydaily says:

    Sonia is my favorite justice!

  66. Charlenejl says:

    Seems more like a case for small claims court. lol.

  67. jbond5150 says:

    I say issue the death penalty.

  68. GillyWhitfootHaysend says:

    Is this the segment that Sonia Manzano wrote?

  69. yasmin batres says:

    my teacher readed a book named sonia sotomayor I like the book

  70. Damian Yerrick says:

    Sesame Street, brought to you by the letters B and E (breaking and entering)

  71. Mihaela Hatch says:

    Love it

  72. frafrafra frafrafra says:

    cute judge sonia

  73. Michael wessel says:

    Sonia Sotomayor is an anti-White racist piece of Talmudic criminal FILTH. She is a follower of the Talmud – don't let the hispanic-sounding name fool you.

  74. Samantha Stanley says:

    its STUPID

  75. Samantha Stanley says:


  76. Alex says:

    I have to watch this for civics lol

  77. Madeline Brito says:

    She was at my school

  78. Braxton Meadowx says:


  79. Braxton Meadowx says:


  80. Cindy Meadows says:

    Probably be the previous year old problem with the previous year old girl with the Dragon age and friends and family members to go back to have a good day and friends who is not a

  81. Cindy Meadows says:


  82. Jackie Scholl says:

    Given the original jurisdiction before the Court, are we to assume that either Baby Bear or Goldilocks is an ambassador?

  83. iM jUst sO bOreD says:

    I just met her yesterday at my school ! She was so nice !!!

  84. iM jUst sO bOreD says:

    I just met her yesterday at my school ! She was so nice !!!

  85. SamuelC says:

    What I would really like to see is Neil Gorsuch on Sesame Street!

  86. George Rady says:

    Interesting that the “Public Broadcasting System” ie the Tax Payer funded Government “news” outlet does NOT ALLOW COMMENTS on its propaganda videos… maybe we could see a sketch on how that works… for the kiddies???

  87. korkz808 says:

    I think its so funny that Sesame streeet portrayed the pigs at the end as republicans. spot on

  88. titita rodriguez says:

    Thank You*

  89. Nathan Kirsch says:

    Nb m

  90. David Faubion says:

    Bravo, love it and encore Madame Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

  91. 2jws says:

    Sonia is amazing

  92. Jeff Stone says:

    "Next week, Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh will talk about binge drinking with Super Grover 2.0."

  93. jackie martinez says:

    sonia your good

  94. Readalotamus Books Read Aloud says:

    An American Hero! We love Sesame Street and Justice Sotomayor!!

  95. tracina palmer says:


  96. Lenny Pepperidge says:

    I hereby sentence Goldie to death by stoning!

  97. Justin Dewar says:

    So cool and I am not even Latin…go Justic

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