Sesame Street: Sonia Sotomayor and Abby – Career

Sonia Sotomayor. ABBY: And I’m Abby Cadabby. SONYA SOTOMAYOR: And we’re here
to tell you all about the word “career.” ABBY: Yeah, career. SONYA SOTOMAYOR: A career is a
job that you train for, and prepare for, and plan on
doing for a long time. ABBY: I know a career
that I want to have. SONYA SOTOMAYOR: What’s that? ABBY: I want a career
as a princess. Career. Tada. SONYA SOTOMAYOR: Abby,
pretending to be a princess is fun. But it is definitely
not a career ABBY: It’s not? SONYA SOTOMAYOR: No. Remember, a career is a job
that you train and prepare for, and that you plan to
do for a long time. ABBY: You’re right. I guess a princess really
isn’t a job. SONYA SOTOMAYOR: No, it’s not. ABBY: Well then, what
kind of career can a girl like me have? SONYA SOTOMAYOR: Well, you can
go to school and train to be a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, and even a scientist. ABBY: Wow. Do you have a career? SONYA SOTOMAYOR: Yes I do. I am a United States Supreme
Court Justice. I went to school and studied
law, and then became a judge. ABBY: Wow. That sounds important. SONYA SOTOMAYOR: It is ABBY: OK, then I know a career
that I want to have. SONYA SOTOMAYOR: What’s that? ABBY: Career. Order in the court. SONYA SOTOMAYOR: Oh, Abby. I think you’ll make a
great, great judge. ABBY: Oh, thank you. BOTH: Career. WOMAN: Now, let’s watch
this little fish nibble on this sandwich. [SCREAMS] This fish is not taking
a nibble, Elmo. ELMO: No, it’s definitely not. CHICKEN: Oh my goodness, yes. It’s a great grimace. A great, great, great,
great grimace. MAN: Ow. ELMO: What’s wrong? CHICKEN: Look at that grimace. That is a glorious grimace. ELMO: Make that face? MAN: A giant chicken just
jumped on my toe. CHICKEN: Oops, sorry.

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