Senator Blumenthal questions Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

try to delay her abortion pas to your point to the time it was safe.>>Let’s talk about your dissent in just a moment, but fit, I want to talk about a list. It’s the list that Donald Trump circulated inay of 2016 of his potential supreme court nominees. May of 2016, was your name on that list?>>It was not.>>And then he circulated another list in November of 2017, another list of supreme court nominees. November 2017, was your name on that list?>>2017, yes. There was another list in the interim between those two.>>And his litmus test for that list was that a justice that he’d nominate we have to automatically overturn roe V. Wade, correct?>>I’ll not ING to comment on whatever he said publicly.>>Well, he said it. That’s not in dispute. And in betwe in –>>I’m not sure the exact words you just used are consistent with what he said, but whatever he said publicly will stand in the record.>>Exactly. October of 2017, your decision and dissent in Garza occurred, correct?>>It did, but that case came to us in emergency posture. I didn’t seek that case. That was not a speech. I was driving home on a Wednesday night, as I recall and the clerk’s office called and said we have an emergency abortion case, which is very unusual in our court, first time I’d had one.>>Okay, what occurred then between may of 2016 and November 2017 besides your Garza dissent that put you on that list?>>Well, Mr. Mcgahn was white house counsel, and the president had taken office and by then, if I’m, sorry, I’m looking at the dates, I think I got it, may –>>We can hold it up higher?>>That’s okay. I got it now. — I’m missing the interim list. Presidentrump had taken office. Mr. Mcgahn was white house counsel. Those are just facts, and then what else happened, I –>>It’s a mystery.>>No, it’s not a mystery. I’m just debating whether I want to say — but a lot of judges and lawyers that I know will come back –>>I want to talk about your dissent.>>Could I answer the question? I had an answer to your question. You said what else happened, and I haven’t answered it.>>Go ahead.>>A lot of judges and lawyers I know made clear to I think various people that they thought I should at least be considered based on my record for the las 12 years, and colleagues of mine thought I should be considered, and I think that, I appreciate that.>>And maybe more than a few of them cited your dissent in Garza.>>I think it had happened long before that, actually. They –>>Let’s talk about the dissent though, in that dissent, three times you used the term “Abortion on demand.” Abortion on demand, as you know, is a code word in the anti-choice community. In fact, it’s used by justices Scalia and thomas their

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