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  1. Henry Niemi says:

    I hear democrats want to help women who come to USA to get an abortion. In fact, they fund abortion clinics that serve S American women whose only reason in visiting USA is to get an abortion. In short, your democrats are practicing genocide.

  2. Flying& Vacationing says:

    This is as simple as it can get… F asylum seekers!!!

  3. Teodor Galit says:

    loaded do nothing republicans covering the grifter oligarch family

  4. mbelma6329 says:

    Rick Scott literally prayed for the U.S to overthrow Maduro in Venezuela at a wall in Israel and tweeted about it.

    In other words, he’s an awful person who’s in the pocket of war profiteers

  5. Jessie Cornelius says:

    Why should people coming in from Africa via Mexico get asylum send them back and let them come to New York.

  6. Scott In Florida says:

    While I do not trust Rick Scott I am glad the goon that ran against him lost

  7. Ross Hoyt says:

    Gross and misleading reporting. How can you turn away people so devastated by a disaster. Shame on our country.

  8. Sid Manchester says:

    Sen. Scott: Why is $160 million of. Florida State Public Employee Pension Fund money invested in sanctioned companies in Russia? Why not iinvested in U. S. companies in the U.S.? This started while you, Sen. Scott, were Governor Scott. And continues under Gov. De Santis. More Russian billionaires reside in Florida thsn any other state. And most of these billionaires are majority owners in these sanctioned companies. Would not these wealthy Russian citizens have undo financial & political influence over you now & when you were Governor, Senator Scott? $160 million of Florida State Public Employees Pension Fund money invested in companies of a foreign adversary.

  9. A.I says:

    Way to go Trump!..WINNING!

  10. Mr. Smith says:

    'Senator' Scott should be in prison along with his accomplice wife. They scammed sick people with health insurance fraud to build their wealth. Thats where he got his 9 million to pay for his own campaign for governor of Florida.

  11. Magnus Johanson says:

    Awesome!!!! Let them infest Mexico instead of the US.

  12. Armando7654 says:

    Invading MEXICANS are bipeds, mammals, "folks", "asylum seekers" etc.
    What's important you see, is not that the Mexicans are invading the borders but that they do it by seeking asylum. Is that right Vincente Fox News?

  13. Terry Shetler says:

    What drug is he on?

  14. SJG SJG says:

    Whatever laws we could pass or even enforce the ones already on the books whatever it takes to keep the scum out of our country

  15. Armando7654 says:

    The 2nd Amendment is a protection against the Government. If the Government tries to eliminate the protection then it's no Gov't of the people

  16. Michael Newell says:

    However everyone viewing this and everyone in this country and everyone that is not viewing this are immigrants residing on borrowed time on this sacred ground!. Unless you are an American Indian! you are an immigrant and previous slave owner or maker, user or buyer. We're all immigrants here, renting on borrowed and very short time. Get a goddamn clue!. Good luck?

  17. Locate Close with and Destroy says:

    Red flag laws will only result in people being even more paranoid about revealing mental illness. This in turn will result in less red flags, less warning.

  18. Harvey Polanski says:

    We're tired of the United States being the dumping ground for impoverished 3rd world losers!!! AMERICA FIRST!!!

  19. Martin Ramirez says:

    To say there was no gun violence during your formative years is mis-informing the audience, back then there wasn't a 24 hour news cycle yet+ people have been and will always be, killing each other on our city streets, and remember this, a weapon has never murdered anyone, it's the human being that pulls the trigger, he or she is responsible.

  20. Harvey Polanski says:

    America's "melting pot" is quickly turning into a salsa bowl! No more immigration until the immigrants already living here learn to speak English!

  21. Lynda Mackrous says:



    Red flag laws is going to exsists because some of you dont know how to dicipline your kids, and put your friends and family in their place. Its also bad because antifa leftists, will use it to disarm patriots. And pulling juicy smooliet, bs all over the country.

  23. lucky C bro says:

    Scott is a douchebag.

  24. Social Media Meham says:

    This guy is an administration lacky, Democrats don't want to take all your guns; they like most Americans want reasonable gun control. The GOP's tax break for the wealthy will insure more people have struggles with mental illness, as will the coming economic collapse. The administration is even peeping us for it by saying interest rates should be raised.

  25. Anthony Fellows says:


  26. dmfool21 says:

    As a resident of FL I say red flag laws are dangerous and should be removed. Also remove all gun free zones. Then like you said go after the agentences that failed to act. PS since 21 is the new lawful age to by guns let raise the legal age for military service to 21. We only want adults to make life changing decisions.

  27. Cristian Oliveira says:

    De todos pais e união e força e fé em Deus agora preto no branco no perto qual cor virá e fasio de saber a cor e siguinificado do jogo do chadres cheque Mart e tudo uma estratégia de Deus governo que responder e da eles não estudar para fazer o bem eles estudar só para roubar mais o burro e aletra da sabedoria de Deus caraio e aletra da rima da mentes brindada de Deus que bois somos o esquadrão de cavalos de Tróia para passar o papo para o governo que agora e união e força e fé em Deus só uma família de Deus o povo do amor de Deus caraio

  28. Lindalee Law says:

    Asylum has been not for entire countries. Absurd.
    Our military should be cleaning up these countries. Then people won't leave .

  29. B Size Indian says:

    Yea that's true. The country has some crazy young men.

  30. Shepsu Tera Netchebmaa says:

    Tim Scott is a RINO

  31. Shâñtí Williams says:

    He’s the reason our education system is shitty in Florida 🙄 worst politician I’ve experienced in Florida

  32. J Walker says:

    The guy almost reminds me of Ed Harris.

  33. Justicia Terrenal says:

    este tipo con cara de loco es un desastre ..unos vividores de Gobernador a senador sirmpre vilviendo de los tontos..y ahora recibiendo gente de las bahamas sin documento alguno..pobres y jodidos…por favor mas carga para nosotros los ciudadanos..es un desstre ..acuerdense que esta gente en unos años pediran derechos ..y sevtendran que joder….

  34. Gerard Comeau says:

    Sen. Scott always looks like he just took a 💩 in the wrong landfill. Statism of any kind in toilet paper.

  35. Justin Naoki says:

    U were the Governor U answer the Q about transparency.

  36. Juan Galvan says:

    Focus on what people could have done to stop this
    1. Have stricter gun control 😂😂

  37. AkGoodPlayer 24 says:

    "We stopped where the hurricane didn't hit in the Bahamas but we flew over the top of where it did at about 1500 feet and it's hard to believe anyone could have survived"…. LMFAO!! WHAT A FKN JOKEEE! Nice excuse to take a day trip to the beach on tax payer money!

  38. BC Bob says:

    He is the PRESIDENT of the Greatest country in the world and we should scrutinize everyone that wants to come here. We dont need a bunch of Worthless FREE LOADERs. We already have too many of them.

  39. Semper Fortis says:

    America's immigration policy is extremely lax as is; most nations require a masters degree or higher, language fluency, and having lived, worked and paid taxes without legal incidents for at least a 5 year probationary status …before being able to take a citizenship test. Americans have forgotten how important assimilation is.

    America has never been less as a result of immigration; but those were skilled workers, who often served in our military.

  40. Jonas Grumby says:

    Never get tired of winning. Next up is stopping these clowns from issuing injunctions. It's ridiculous.

  41. Robert Hubbard says:

    So senator Scott betrayed his oath too I see. The 2nd clearly states Shall not be INFRINGED and his Sworn duty is to uphold and defend the US Constitution, not circumvent it. There is a town in Florida that required everyone of legal age to own a weapon. They did this because of the high crime rate, today those crime rates are near non existent. That's the real way to control gun violence.

  42. It’s Morgan says:

    I know this will sound stupid but I was just watching Bates Motel and I then I see this thumbnail and I was like ohh that’s Emma’s dad 😝😂

  43. mambet usa says:

    Good job mr Trump!

  44. Dale Eastern brat says:

    Sen Scott is untrustworthy. I voted for him to replace a Democrat who had been there too long.Make sure that he doesn't turn into a swamp critter.

  45. Christa L says:


  46. Asdf Asdf says:

    Should guns be issued with license plates, like cars, so the court can order dangerous people to turn-in their guns?

  47. Christa L says:

    Why is there no research into gun violence in the US? NRA has blocked it, by law!

  48. Paul Revere says:

    To many asylum seekers that were on a one way mission to the USA. Passing country after country and not filing for asylum in any other than the USA. That is a targeted event done by Obama administration.

  49. Jenny Kevin says:

    they are such evil, and fake lies pigs,

  50. Maple,Pine &Cedar says:

    Americans are seeking asylum from asylum seekers in their own country

  51. Anita Hammon says:

    Why are they interviewing him? The only borders Florida has are the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and Alabama and Georgia. I'm tired of hearing from states with no real skin in the game about the border with Mexico.

  52. MAGA_2020 says:

    KEEP America GRRREAT!👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

  53. John Roberts says:

    As usual, this administration gets it wrong

  54. Larry Schad says:

    90 percent of the US wants background checks. And that's only a start. There is no debate. Republicans are the cheapest whores out there, selling out the safety of the citizens for a few donor bucks. F.them All.

  55. OneAboveAll says:


  56. THEAREA51NICK'smom says:


  57. One Zero says:

    Scott is the most corrupt politician in Florida history. He TRIPLED his net worth in his last year of governorship, when his "blind trust" was supposed to be just that.

  58. Bob Young says:

    It wasn't like that when I was growing up. . .
    Guns were displayed in a cabinet in the living room and back window of your truck.
    Its not the gun its society.

  59. Ken Sharp says:

    All democrats need to be dishonorably discharged from service. Vacate their offices and hold emergency elections!

  60. ThePaleoConservative ForTruth says:

    Red flag laws are unconstitutional. And so are background checks. PERIOD. The exception is not the rule!

  61. Bkind Music says:

    FOX N
    FOX NE

  62. slick1ru2 says:


  63. Greggery says:

    I moved my family out of FL because of this piece of 💩

  64. billy pilgrim says:

    florida top 3most corrupt states

  65. Nevermore says:

    "It's positive"
    Ok, moving on. Cat videos don't watch themselves.

  66. Noah Francis says:

    “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society” — Theodore Roosevelt

  67. Jonathan Sterling says:

    Yes! The media's BIG LIE about Americans loving illegal invaders has been taken down. Now we are doing something about the illegal alien problem. Trump's election brought the issue to the forefront. No turning back now. Democrats had better straighten up before the 2020 election.

  68. SUnnYY13 says:

    Hi!👋 Diamond doves are small doves that originate from Australia! My Diamond doves just hatched out their second clutch of babies! Come check them out!🙏

  69. Kevin Caleb says:

    The media and politicians has drivin these young men crazy, not the gun.

  70. Space Exposed says:

    Okay, so if I want to go against a tyrannous government they can deem me harmful to myself and others and take away my guns?
    How do you determine when I am a threat? Because I am angry, how?
    Sounds like a method to take away our guns.

  71. John Doe says:

    Ahh the state of Florida, the one place where if you're a terrible governor who defrauds the American taxpayers of billions of dollars, you become senator.

  72. Melissa Smith says:

    Negative zero economics did not justdestroy a lifestyle it destroyed families anproduced a decade if not more mental hardship that leaves zero hope for multiple generations

  73. jaydee_007 says:

    Background Checks are Meaningless if we have officials who are diligently making sure that a person doesn't have a Background to Check.

  74. John Bush says:

    Good for the court.

  75. Buff Barnaby says:

    they just American handouts.🤤🤡

  76. Judith Osorio says:

    McConnell and the Republican Party have deteriorated the character of our country by placing inhumane judges in our highest Supreme Court. If we don't bless others, we ourselves won't be blessed.

  77. Chris Wolf says:

    I don't like it when Scott says, "the Democrats want to take away everybody's guns". That is a tired old talking point, and it's not true.

    A vast majority of Americans support Universal Background Checks. Democrats passed a bill for it in the House in February.
    Republicans in the Senate are still sitting on it 7 months later.
    Top Republicans receive over $500,000 each, from the gun lobby in every campaign.

  78. Wannabe Pictures says:


  79. Jesse Salomon says:

    my heart breaks for them and i know their situation… BUT… they definitely should not be more important than our own citizens and veterans that go homeless and are abandoned. they have no right over our own people.

  80. Sherry Miles says:

    The only thing that makes guns dangerous is people a gun don’t point and shoot it’s self if they take guns away they will be helping the bad guys because you best believe they will still have guns

  81. Hasan Basri Koksal says:

    Too bad the DOJ let the criminal Scott walk after he defrauded Medicare of over $1 billion, He then stole elections with Jeb Bush's help and has continued to sell his vote to the highest bidder.
    What a disaster he has been for Florida. The Dems refuse to take effective action against these corrupt snake oil salesmen. Get money out of politics and clean house on Supreme Court

  82. Jcornman24 says:

    This guy is a little woke

  83. Chatla Suresh says:

    Supreme Court allowing crackdown on asylum seeker's.

    Crack down the asylum seeker's for loving gun's and using them regularly and violating constitutional amendment rights. Also these gun violators fall into one group of chain linked up to each other and losing their license of operation.
    Also these asylum seeker's will be banned from USA and deported to their original nativity lands and black listed in USCIS, CBP, ICE and Interpol, International Police Association.

  84. ramona lautzenheiser says:

    If we don't help, disease will become very bad from the dying and the dead. Make Ebola look like a bad cold. You saw what this storm did all up and down. The next storm might be coming to a neighborhood near you.

  85. Rick Adams says:

    Kind of sad to say this, but I don’t trust Scott. He has all the back stabbing potential as Romney.

  86. สุธิดา ศรีเทพ says:

    The Bahamas are a British protectorate and possession. Why isn't England helping their own people they didn't take people from Katrina to the British Isles

  87. James Frazier says:

    You people are scared of a crazy man

  88. Brenda Colvin says:


  89. B m says:

    What do you expect when school officials and kids bully they can only take it for so long.

  90. B m says:

    Rick Scott is not legally senator of Florida. He is a TRESSPASSER of his office illegally unconstitutionaly holding his office.

  91. B m says:

    Article 1 section three paragraph 3 of the United States constitution.

  92. B m says:

    This anti American traitor thief must be removed

  93. B m says:

    Mental illness is not the problem,state and federal government is the problem.

  94. Craig Anderson says:

    I think that they should bring back the firearm safety classes that they use to have in schools, and anyone that buys a gun should have some kind of firearm safety, from military, NRA or a state safety course background.

  95. Dale Wheeler says:

    With all the corruption in the FBI/DOJ ,Does anyone have to realize how far the Obama loyalist have been setting up these mass shootings to get the guns out of the real American Patriots hands ?Still a lot of ungodly Socialist embedded in the government.

  96. ruth arjona says:

    The biggest ladron in Florida teaching others what is right or wrong.. a real shame for the military… ladronaso!

  97. Gordon says:

    don't be fooled folks, Rick Scott is a RINO.

  98. Dennis Downs says:

    I have now seen evil, you will be coming for me

  99. bill gates says:

    These gun attacks are allowed, planned, they are orchestrated, in order to confiscate guns from the Public. It's treasonous, yet no "leader" has the balls to call it out, including Trump.

  100. the candy Crafter says:


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