Segway Ninebot Plus Hoverboard Unboxing & Review- Courtesy GearVita

Hey, everyone! Here in Shenzhen a lot of people get around on self-balancing scooters. I’ve always kind of wanted one, not just to get around on but I think they would make a very interesting build platform for some projects that I’ve been thinking of. My friend Chloe used to work at Gearbest but now she’s at a new company called GearVita. They were nice enough to send me a Ninebot MiniPlus. Ninebot is the company that bought Segway. So they have the most cutting-edge tech. Now let’s take a look. On the top, there is the instruction and user manual. I think this one is for putting the air in the tires. An Allen key. Some screws, power supply, power cable, some sort of plastic cover. Remote control. USB This is the upright part that goes against your legs. Now let’s look at the instructions and then assemble it. Now I am going to turn on the Ninebot. Then I am going to connect it with my Ninebot app. Now it is searching the Ninebot. I have my Bluetooth on. And the Bluetooth on the Ninebot is on. Oops, fail? Ok, it shows up. So it asks me to download the instruction. Okay. So I cannot tilt it further than 15 degrees or I will fly off. The app is showing me the rider safety guidelines right now. Okay Please wear protective gear and follow the safety guide. Should I step on it now? I don’t think so. I think I am just going to use the remote control. Skip Please use the remote control to remotely control the vehicle. Push the joystick forward with your thumb. Joystick Wait, stop. Okay Please watch the video and complete the remote control tutorial with 5 meters distance. I don’t want it to bump into my camera. So backwards, backwards, backwards I think I am going to test it in a safe place rather than my apartment. Because I am clumsy. Okay, I am not that well coordinated. When I was a kid I got hit by a truck while riding my bicycle and got a head injury. So I’m always a little bit nervous about this kind of thing. I can’t roller-skate so I hope I can do this. Let’s see. All set. Ok, I think I am ready to go. But let me show you something – the Follow-Me mode. Pretty cool, huh? I am going to get some parts at Huaqiangbei. So I am going to bring my Ninebot with me. That was way too much fun. Honestly I expected more issues with the Ninebot. Considering they haven’t really caught on in the West. I guess some people think it looks unusual but of course I don’t care about that and it’s a very efficient way to get around. Now what I want to do is see how I can incorporate it into some builds. If you are interested in buying one, please purchase it from GearVita They were very nice in giving me this one to review. So it would be great if you gave them a shot. I am going to go practice some more. Remember if I can do it, anyone can do it! Please subscribe and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. Naomi 'SexyCyborg' Wu says:

    Sorry I forgot to say everyone- it can carry up to 100 kilograms for up to 35 kilometers before it needs a recharge. It charges within a few hours but so far I have not run the battery more than 30% down, but I'm only 42kg so…

  2. Darlenten Strife says:

    Hm….so sexy

  3. Ruben Aristizabal g says:

    ¡Gracias hermosa…. desde medellin colombia ! ……

  4. Marcos Jose Fontanellaz says:

    Amiga heres una genio te amiro

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  6. 99Lapaki says:

    The follow me mode is kewl 👍🏻

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  9. matsujonen says:

    In other words don't be Gob from arrested development while riding your segway

  10. yamizer0 says:

    subscribed for a reason…. technology

  11. Jakobmightbemyname says:

    lol Naomi, it looked like you were concentrating soooooo hard not to fall in public! You're the cutest human ever made.

  12. Steve Reich says:

    Naomi your very good at choosing the right songs for your videos! A+ review

  13. Geoff Osberg says:

    My goodness. Not only are you so beautifull. But so clever at electronic gadgets. I am a new fan of your channel.

  14. David Simmons says:

    I like to see apartment tour

  15. vashtheimmoral says:

    At the beginning you look like your half robot like robo cop. Which is awesome. Love your videos especially your project videos. Thank you for the content!

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  17. Prashant P Kalekar says:

    U r so beautiful love u.

  18. Michael Didomenico says:

    must learn to walk, before running

  19. benny calhoun says:

    thank you for the fantastic review….I love the clothes you wear

  20. Scott Millard says:

    That’s so cool

  21. BEST TRENDING says:

    Hey sexy I love you 😘😘😘

  22. Helen MacHelen says:

    It may be a bit top heavy

  23. Frank Franky says:

    Omg do you have a sister ?

  24. izak001 says:

    I Like Xiaomi and Noami Wu ;-))) … i have el. scooter

  25. Bill Keas says:

    Lol you to cute to be a stormtrooper 😂 but seriously is a cool little toy

  26. Люда Пермякова says:

    It's MI's nine……

  27. aleilton rocha andrade says:

    a gearvita tem app para Android?

  28. A3ATOT says:

    Captain power and the soldiers of future!) Great protection outfit!)

  29. dermot heaney says:

    I think You are very unique, smart and sexy I like your show…I'm always impressed and titillated with your sexy cyborg. One more fan in the USA. LOVE the Chinese accented English too!

  30. Holden fan says:

    Oh my god….for real

  31. 360Tips&Tricks says:

    Hi Naoimi,do you know if it is available to make a route so the segway follow that? I mean :do a route to do a virtual tour with a 360 camera….that would be cool

  32. dani sumantri says:

    Asli orang mana mbak☺️

  33. Clayton Wartes says:

    What is the name of this music?

  34. JayMetal 1 says:

    Coool item, cool review Naomi, thanks <3

  35. tom janke says:

    Chi chis christ I'm in love

  36. HelloPapa Gaming says:

    Öhöm öhöm 😀

  37. SociallyTriggered says:

    LOL you really protected yourself. Next time you should wrap yourself in bubble wrap.

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  39. Monty SV says:

    Song 07:38?

  40. Patriotic Lion says:

    Loved the soundtrack to this video!

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    Exelente muy bueno

  43. Iwan badrus Samsi says:

    Payudaranya besar banget.. Bagaimana cara nya ?

  44. Sagata Sagata says:

    pengen di isep2 🤣🤣

  45. Yohann Gallois says:

    I know i am 1 year late, but i wanted to know where did you find the complete protection you wear to practice the ninebot?

  46. Lamphun Thailand says:


  47. Triono Ss12 says:

    Ntah jdi apa klo kmu kyk gitu di indonesia

  48. ReformMsia says:

    Great Content + great music

  49. Gaurav Agarwal says:

    Honestly I can get my eyes this Beauty with intelligence!!!!!

  50. rock * says:


  51. gwoiler says:

    Now to ride the Onewheel… !

  52. Dwi Bowo says:


  53. Haku akatsuki mike baby rainbow pandita kawaii says:

    Me gustó el traje de seguridad

  54. Groove Machine Music Production says:

    Instruction manual?! Thats 10 min of your life you'll never get back.

  55. Manuranjan Borah says:

    SEXY HOT Naomi …

  56. Nalendra Yudistira says:

    9:10 everyone look at you

  57. Wakamex says:

    around 9:44 looks like a poorly rendered CGI game with washed out textures, poor shadow support, and stiff character models

  58. joe guy says:

    I'm sure you got a lot of blokes in trouble with their missus that day.

  59. Vem comigo Thiago Gomes says:

    alguém sabe onde consigo um desse? pode ser chinesa ou de outro país, mas que tenha ao menos 200ml turbinado.

  60. 大威 says:

    I like you

  61. Yiguo He says:


  62. Vikings are better says:

    DAMN! Her skate gear looks tougher then my MC gear 😎

  63. Akky Ayekpam says:

    I need your dress suit

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  65. Siswo Widodo says:

    Sexy girl.

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  69. Jake Si says:

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  70. runkiran official says:

    You are adorable

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  73. Rocky Yap says:

    My eyes really pops up…you are just too sexily dressed…sexy cyborg Wu.

  74. Zoe Mosaic says:

    What was the padded gear you wore? That looks so freaking cool I want it too haha

  75. G. Mendoza says:

    I love it!♥♥♥

  76. Fakh Razz says:

    Ini baru namanya celana gemeszzzzzz

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  78. Amin Khalim says:

    The power of netizen Indonesia mana wooyy…. Pesaing kimihime nih🤣

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    Most advance human androids

  81. TheReflexlive says:

    1.3k dislikes are the subscriber's gf

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    我来看小米 平衡车的

  83. Missing Link says:

    buset tetenya besar banget..

  84. Shawn Michael says:

    Hi Naomi. Love the vids. great info, cool tech.
    How fast does it go?

  85. RONNIEJNZN says:

    I can't hear "BRAND NEW KEY" without thinking about you… thanks!!

  86. William Bethea says:

    Great video Naomi. The review was total awesome and both outfits you wore while riding were amazing. Thank you SexyCyborg.

  87. wayan tery says:

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  91. Secret Identity Network says:

    Melanie rocks! So does Naomi! I'm new, subscribing right now! You are a Goddess!

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  93. Sir Patrick Reynolds says:

    Looks like so much fun and you make operating it look so easy,

  94. Allen says:

    Omg this women is going to break the damn internet

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    Ms safety sexy cyborg!

  96. thepixelpusher says:

    Great use of Western vintage music!

  97. Daniel E Carroll says:


  98. Darrin Brunner says:

    Naomi: "I'm not coordinated." Also, Naomi: "I can rollerskate."

  99. Darrin Brunner says:

    Naomi: "I'm not coordinated." Also, Naomi: "I can rollerskate."

  100. Steve Armendariz sr says:

    Lol, you don’t really know if they are wowing you or the seg you’re on, thanks for sharing your video

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