SayMaxWell – Undertale – Spear Of Justice [Remix]

*cool intro* NGHHHYAAAHHHHHHHHHH! *some sick beats* *beat 2.0* *tier-2 beats* *rock of justice* *beating fish* *beats ‘n cool graphics* *beat of justice* *cool beats* *tier-100 beats* *few sick beats* Ready? Set.. GO! *optimized beats* *super optimized beats* *prepare for sushi* *The omega beaty end* *silence of death*

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  1. wáľťëř īs héŕē says:

    Me:smells like russi-
    Russians: cyka bylat! Idi nahuy sobaka!

  2. Amarok - Brawl Stars says:

    So cool

  3. Dwi Harjani says:

    Merg would love this.

  4. Juan Cruz Guzman says:

    Es de underfresh choro estupido

  5. Byzantine Mapper says:

    Hello. I contributed to the subtitles and hope you liked it.

  6. Anime Kitten says:

    Smells like fish…

  7. Alex Zer0 says:

    Sayonara and Undyne's TF2 class should be Heavy. Because Russia.

    And Pootis.

  8. Spectre1122 says:

    so this is the best spear of justice remix for i typed : best spear of justice remix. on youtube and it gived me that

  9. Infinter 8 says:

    Read the subtitles I am dying from them and the awesomeness of this song XD “beating fish” – the subtitles

  10. Izuku Midoriya says:

    The captions are fabulous

  11. _GaMeR_ 1 says:

    Самые лучшие биты, которые я слушал

  12. CobaltEclipse117 says:

    Subtitles make this song 100 times better

  13. Wowe Main says:

    I put twenty-one thousandth like!

  14. CobaltEclipse117 says:

    Fish knight pirate in space

  15. Alex Zer0 says:

    Russians have good taste in music.

    They also have good taste in food, anyone have tomato sauce to go with my Samsa Special?

  16. Michele Mehelean says:

    Turn on captions.

  17. Appliar Original says:

    buys undertale
    plays it to the Undyne boss
    searches "Undyne theme remix"
    "P L E A S E T E L L M E T H A T S A Y M A X W E L L D I D G O O D J O B O N T H I S O N E"
    finds this
    listens to it
    feeling d e t e r m i n a t e d
    Adds this to playlist sets this as ringtone

  18. TheRabidGamer 9 says:

    Set your settings to Russian. Then you’ll see Russian comments comrade.

  19. TheRabidGamer 9 says:

    Wanted to

  20. kateulinaa says:


  21. TeMmiE says:


  22. R3al 1 D.E.A.D says:

    Turn on captions! 😎😎😎

  23. The Human Box says:


  24. xxCoDzPrOZxx 5 says:

    You should do Battle against a True Hero next, ill bet its going to be awesome when you upload again

  25. maksgo says:

    0:55 nice!

  26. Zachary White says:

    thanks for the cations, deaf people need them

  27. Sweet diving suicune says:

    I love this remix. I have heard this before

  28. XBGamerX 20 says:

    Ok then. No more running away! Here I come!
    En garde!
    The like button is green. You will get unless you face forward to likes.

  29. mr. slime says:

    Go "True hero"

  30. Flappy Wings says:

    Can I use this for a video game? credit will be given!

  31. Benja Stuff says:

    set it to 1.25 speed oof thats some good tunes

  32. Enderr - Blade says:

    This song fills me with DETERMINATION

  33. Anti gacha Master says:

    When i do a epic kill at bedwars

  34. El Lapras says:

    When napstablook and undyne join forces

  35. Brooklyn Domberg says:

    Listen at x125℅

  36. Omega The Protogen says:

    Can I use this for an animation?

  37. Logan Medenica says:

    The 303 are chara’s 303 accounts, she’s pissed about getting killed OVER AND OVER again

  38. Leonardo Ocampo says:


  39. stabby_chara says:

    Undyne is my absolute favorite! great remix!

  40. Josh Kim says:

    This sounds more like happy music instead of epic

  41. Денобрин says:

    in 1.25 speed super cool

  42. NiallStrainTheLazyName says:

    UNDYNE turns to a robot! Somehow!

  43. StarlingGalaxy says:

    Undyne suplexes a giant potato, just because she can

  44. Alan Ventura says:

    Put this in 0.75

    Put everything in 0.75 ;-;

  45. •Stick The Chicken Nugget• says:

    Beat dropped lower than the floor

  46. Finn Rossiter says:

    plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz make a 1 gour version ill turn post notvies top see then

  47. 安くて美味しいミルクティー says:

    The best…

  48. DaBluPumpkin87 says:

    Please mom can I watch it one more time

    It's the 493848384838884838th replay!

  49. Josh Shifrin says:

    I I am the one to end this right now

  50. Dire Dragon says:

    Game chops = Maxwell?

  51. Silas NB says:

    nice captions

  52. Bastion- Mega_klip says:

    turn on captions

  53. Luis Hernandez says:

    What app you use to edit songs??

  54. Alex Zer0 says:

    An*me is SHIIIIIIIT.

  55. Alex Zer0 says:

    Yuo see Ivan, when leesten to good moosic like me, yuo will never listen to the of shiet moosic for fear of falling into bad rapper songs.

  56. Rytis Jurkėnas says:

    Best music i've heard in 8 years

  57. Meghatron Clark says:

    OH MY STARS!! …so I had my Closed Captions on for this, and that was pretty mind blowing 💥💣💥

  58. p1nar75 says:

    plz speed it up fully and its literally a new song just try it omg it sounds good

  59. Rytis Jurkėnas says:


  60. Sf_ Flips says:

    *Undyne surplexes a huge speaker, just because she can

  61. đestrøker El brø says:

    Ni nini nininin

  62. DemoWolf says:


  63. Temmie UnderTale says:

    Undyne my bae

  64. tyankei/ちゃんけい says:

    Are you God?

  65. Farida Innocenti says:


  66. Neon says:


  67. Крутой Челик says:

    Русские субтитры пж

  68. PugCosplay says:

    This is AWESOME

  69. ChrisHyper12 says:

    damn this song remix is better than original

  70. Chloe Wallace says:

    Hi, may I please use this remix for my Undertale AU? Big fan, BTW.

  71. a random kid on the internet says:

    Am I the only one getting hung up over the name “Sayonara”?

    anyone who does not get that reference must be so confused

  72. Dominik Tősér says:

    un dyne

  73. Dominik Tősér says:


  74. Dominik Tősér says:

    D. E. A. T. H.

  75. Dominik Tősér says:


  76. Wobert Bang says:

    heroically shot in the ear

  77. Strato Madness says:

    Heart this in 0.75x,Tello me wat'cha think

  78. Billy Parks says:

    Hardtale undyne theme

  79. 띵렙 says:


  80. Dennes Ramon says:

    Pero ese es underfresh

  81. theAtomicPotato says:

    is this copyright

  82. Strato Madness says:

    Secret of the thumbnail: there is a shading that looks like the smash undynes eyepatch

  83. Lautaro Gomez says:


  84. The Gaming Gazimon says:

    fucking captions man

  85. Peom says:

    А теперь можно и ебашить под эту музыку

  86. AmethystMat says:


  87. yeet yeeter says:

    death by a overly determined fish

  88. Aqua Games says:

    I just put this song on with my headphones on…. Welp there go my ear drums Edit: I forgot to mention it was at full volume

  89. Chromit_zchrome says:

    Let’s starts the real battle

  90. Sati of Deltora says:

    Really got me into it!
    But bonetrousle is absolutely the best!

  91. Pedro DK says:


  92. Pedro DK says:

    I think if the level of difficulty of the battle against Undyne were equal to this song we would need a lot more determination

  93. Ninja 2nd says:


  94. ThreeC says:

    * hardbassish spear of justice *

  95. Lin German says:

    This is cool

  96. Gavan Playz says:

    beating fish says the subtitles

  97. Drake Graen says:

    use your spear to dodge the beats…… that is challenging

  98. Galaxii Teaa ドラゴン says:

    Me: *hits funny bone*

    My whole nerves system:

  99. David Copsy says:

    My name is maxwell

  100. Sans says:

    Heh.. Leave me to the jokin’

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