Sasha Banks Receives DEVASTATING News About Her WWE Future! Becky Lynch Responds To Sasha’s Fans!

Becky Lynch responds to fans turning on her
due to Sasha Banks losing again Hey guys, welcome back to Wrestling world! We just saw Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch steal
the show at wwe hell in a cell with an outstanding match But the whole match was over looked thanks
to due to how the pay per view ended with Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt Another possible reason why the match didn’t
get even more attention was because some fans feel like the wrong person won Sasha banks gave new life and a spark to the
women’s division when she returned last August She had a great heel turn and a lot of momentum
since her return But the only downside is that she has now
had 2 title matches against Becky Lynch and has come out on the losing side both times Many fans expected for Sasha Banks’ wwe
return to be topped off with a title win, but that has yet to happen After seeing her tap out to Becky Lynch, one
wwe fan tweeted: “Sasha Banks basically returned for nothing” But all hope for Sasha Banks May not be lost
yet One theory going around is that Sasha Banks
could switch brands and head over to Smackdown to challenge Charlotte flair for the Smackdown
women’s title Fans just expected this feud to go much differently
with Sasha being the dominant heel that comes in and defeats Becky for the title but it
hasn’t gone that way at all Becky did take not of the small backlash from
Sasha fans and she responded with this post on twitter Some fans aren’t being shy about their frustrations
at all and they’re saying that nothing has changed when it comes to Sasha Banks and wwe,
that she’s still being mistreated and losing all of her most important match ups But with the wwe draft being right around
the corner, a brand new fresh start could be coming for Sasha Banks and all of the other
superstars that are lost in the shuffle right now And In even worst news, Sasha Banks is reportedly
dealing with a back injury as well that she suffered at Hell in a cell The injury is being kept under wraps so there’s
no word on just how serious it is She could return next week or miss several
weeks, no one knows at the moment because wwe isn’t releasing any information on that
injury And it already looks like Becky has moved
on to feuding with asuka as well But What are your thoughts on these fans that
believe that Sasha Banks should have won the raw women’s Championship by now? Do you think wwe made the right decision by
keeping the title on Becky Lynch? Let us know your thoughts! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like
if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll catch
you in the next one!

72 Responses

  1. Complexed_Gamer YT says:

    Sasha does not deserve this

  2. Seth Freakin Rollins Fanclub says:

    So even if Sasha won the title at HIAC, She would have been forced to relinquish the title and she would get her fifth short title reign. Yeah, now that I think about it, good thing it didn't happen. I want Sasha to get a lengthy reign.

  3. WrestlingWorldCC says:

    What side are you guys on here? Do you think Sasha should have won the title by now or do you think it tells a better story if she has a longer road to getting back to the title? Just a quick update on her injury as well, reports claim that Sasha has been under going a few more test for her back over the last few days so hopefully she gets some good results! Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  4. Marlan Benning says:

    Bayley and Sasha will switch Sasha will get the Smackdown women’s championship and Bayley will get the Raw women’s championship

  5. Gavin Armstrong says:

    Where in this vid does sasha bank's receive devastating news

  6. immar khan says:

    Smackdown title would look good on her because she has blue hair and smackdown is the blue brand, it will be perfect!

  7. Chris Smith says:

    They are a bunch of idiots wwe I mean

  8. Andre Heel Smith says:

    I hope Sasha Banks gets well soon I miss her I want that prick boss back.

  9. Harry Balding says:

    It was a good decision to keep the title on becky because she is the cover star for 2k20 and i fill like this all hype to for them to use for the game but i would be nice to see sasha have a decent title run maybe the longest reigning title run

  10. Tawyna Walker says:

    Yes they did Sasha isn't strong enough to be a Fighting Champion like Bailey and Becky

  11. Ste ve Bracewell says:

    I believe Sasha should have won,getting tired of seeing Becky,and also Charlotte with the belts,need new blood in the women's title picture

  12. Alicia Lemire says:

    I thought she was going to win too she should of won

  13. Heather Bushman says:

    Hey Sasha: take your ball and go home to the village where all good Smurfs belong.

  14. country boy says:

    Yes, Sasha has to go to smackdown and win the smackdown women's title to become a grand slam champ!!

  15. SpicyMama Mccaleb says:

    I agree with that fan who said sasha came back for nothing, cuz she did and it’s beyond frustrating. So frustrating to the point I’m done watching.

  16. David Smith says:

    Sasha Banks should have won the RAW Women's Title at Hell In A Cell

  17. BONGRIPPER69_69 mmmyeah says:

    Banks sould have won

  18. Amanda Canfield says:

    Sasha just wasnt good enough to beat Becky. I don't personally think she deserved 2 shots at the title. On a slightly different note watching Bayley lose at HIAC I'm starting to believe the rumor that Bayley and Sasha through a temper tantrum at Wrestlmaina after losing the Women's tag team championship.

  19. James Taylor says:

    Yes banks should have won I'm sick ok Becky and flair

  20. Michael Davis says:

    I'm not going to lie I was cheering on both of them but I just wanted Sasha to win that match cuz I felt like Becky got her moment she got and now Sasha is coming back as a dominant heel it was her time I want Sasha to go to SmackDown because this is already confirmed that Charlotte Flair will have a short Title reign and I believe Sasha could dominate SmackDown

  21. Bobby Farmer says:

    Get well soon, Sasha Banks and she should go to smackdown to win their women Championship from Charlotte flair.

  22. Nkiru Onuoha says:

    What's the devastating news!!!!! Exactly the title is always false news

  23. Dave Johnson says:

    Tired of Becky. Time to move on…

  24. Kelly Aram says:

    Enough with the "Sasha should've won" 1.She's moving to Smackdown and will be handled the title there. That way she doesn't get another mental breakdown & likes Cody's and Brandi's tweets daily xD. 2. Sasha got a title match with Ronda at royal rumble. 3. The VERY next month became first ever first women tag team champions. On April she decided to go MIA. 3. Got 2 title shots in 2 PPV's 8 weeks within coming back. WWE was busy pushing Sasha and Charlotte the past years Becky deserves her time.

  25. Kipster G says:

    They should reunite the 4 Horse Women raw and smackdown champions with tag team champions Banks and Bayley.

  26. Jason Cook says:

    Hell no!! Becky won it!!!! She deserves the title!!!

  27. Vincent Chamberlain says:


  28. demarco adkins says:

    I don’t really like the fact both Sasha and Bayley lose, Sasha was excellent as a heel when she returned and the build up with Becky lynch was great but to have her lose was not right. This new storyline is for becky lynch to have a match with Asuka to advance a loss, I just don’t like that idea, I thought Vince McMahon was giving fans what they wanted and most fans like myself wanted Sasha to win but that didn’t happen.

  29. Vernon Wilkerson says:

    I think Sasha should have won it would have made her return come full circle because the women’s division has been real dry before she came back smh nothing has changed maybe Sasha should have stayed away from wwe for a little bit more time

  30. MadnessMethodical says:

    Oh no, after she left and stayed away on 'vacation' and it was labelled as that she 'walked out on Raw' and then doesn't win the title as soon as she comes back. I don't think she's winning a title anytime soon after that behavior. Don't pretend that Vince McMahon hands titles to people with proven attitude problems. This likely is what's going on behind the scenes.

  31. Otep Serg says:

    Asuka the raw women champion and Kairi Sane the smackdown women champion plus the tag team champion would be the dominant team
    I wouldn't mind seeing Asuka vs Sasha again they fought before and it was really an exciting match so i would let sasha heal
    Kairi can have a fued with Alexa or Nikki Cross or Becky since she always say smackdown is home

  32. Rachel Walsh says:

    Sasha will most likeky move to smd. Plus Sasha has a back injury so if she would have won she would have to forfitt the title.

  33. Darren Richards says:

    Should have won

  34. LaToya Wrestleology says:

    Savage tweet by the man! 😏

  35. LaToya Wrestleology says:

    Sasha can't catch a break, and as much as I'm not fan of her, she should have won.

  36. Michael Perusquia says:

    Timing!..Although Becky is OVERRATED! & Charlotte is has won her 10th title reign, I think its time to put these 2 in the back..& push the others.

  37. Walter Parrish says:

    I am ok with the outcome let's weigh and see what they are going to do with sash

  38. Charles Kuckel says:

    I DON'T think that VKM would reward Sasha Banks with a Championship title SO soon after returning especially when she walked away from WWE. I believe that she is a good performer BUT Sasha COULD have handled things differently rather than asking for her release. Becky Lynch is MORE over right now and WWE is STILL in the process of building her up. I agree it would be a good idea to move Sasha Banks over to SmackDown Live to pair up with Bayley again to go after the tag team titles. 2 heelish women tag teams fighting over the Championship might be interesting to see.

  39. ########## says:

    If sasha banks does go to smackdown to challenge Charlotte, why am I getting a weird feeling it will be de ja vu from 2016 feud just to get Charlotte to be a 16 time champion. She is a 10 time women's champion. For that to happen,they have to give sasha and Charlotte 6 rematches each

  40. Patty Leanos says:

    The belt is right where it belongs with becky lynch sasha banks should of stayed gone especially with her condition of her spine that's what i think 😉🍵

  41. Danitia Afonsoewa says:

    Sasha should have won 🤬🤬🤬

  42. Pedro Portalatin says:


  43. DEPORTE BOMBA says:

    the worst choice of Sasha Banks in the life

  44. Amany Sleiman says:


  45. Cowboy Trucking says:

    Toni Storm is going to Smackdown for the Title Rein. She is going up against Charlotte Flair…. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  46. YxB Courtney says:

    Listen Vince likes money & Becky being with Seth makes him more money. So the person that’s going to make him more money will remain as champion. It will never matter what the WWE universe wants or how we feel, about the treatment of superstars. He has a huge issue on his hands if he keeps mishandling talent, because they can go to AEW or another promotions.

  47. Nabil Rais Nordin says:

    She should have checked her health before going for the title. Now that she is injured at HIAC, we won't see her for a couple of weeks or months depending of the injury sustained. One thing I've noticed is that she is very anxious and desperate for the title. Not saying it's a bad thing but sometimes she need to let it go and build up her in-ring skills and strenght to face the top tier opponents. She needs to set aside her feelings, continue buliding herself up and earn the right to challenge for the title. After she got the title, continue buliding her mental and physical well-being so that she can keep the title around her waist for longer cause title defense are around the corner.

  48. JungleHunter11 says:

    Nobody cares about Charlotte v Sasha again! Seen it

  49. JungleHunter11 says:

    If Sasha doesn't change brands then her return is COMPLETELY wasted & this company should be ashamed of how they treat her

  50. JQ James says:

    Hey Becky, you just like your BITCH Seth, You're NOT COOL.👎

  51. Shaun Jackson says:

    I don't know why she didn't leave the wwe for aew. They still not giving her a title run. Wwe giving her all that money just to lose.

  52. Chris Jennings says:

    The reason is she is injury prone every time you turn around she is hurt pure and simple.

  53. Edward Jones says:

    I'm already know what Vince trying to do is give the tag tites back to Sasha Banks and bayley I want Sasha to have the single women's title not the tag tites I'm huge fan of Sasha Banks hope she feels better soon as possible.

  54. Dawa Tshering Bhutia says:

    Get well soon 💪💪💪😃😃😃 Sasha

  55. H X3 says:

    Becky is absolutely garbage. Horrible on the mic and in the ring very overrated…

  56. H X3 says:

    Sasha should have learned wwe will bring you back only to bury you…

  57. Darreld Studie says:

    Whether Banks should have won all depends on what Vince has in store for the Draft. If Becky Lynch is going to Smackdown on Fox, then yes she should drop the title, but if not then no, Banks doesn't really deserve a title shot. There are other talented women in WWE that deserve it more. Asuka and Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville come to mind.

  58. Dorothy Kruszewski says:

    Sasha doesn’t deserve the title.

  59. Lloyd Dunford says:


  60. Roy Harper says:

    Sasha should of went to aew

  61. Candice Lewis says:

    oh well she sucks anyway. just because she returns doesnt mean she deserves the title. its a feud, its been done with trish and lita. she acts like just because she is so call snoop dog cousin, shes entitled. she needs to go do something else.

  62. chantel theel says:

    I find it funny how some fans speak for the whole wwe universe and say what I wanted, But since you asked what I thought, here is my opinion. Becky has worked to damn hard to lose the title to someone coming back. Everyone wants to say Sasha had the advantage because she did HIAC before, but let’s get real people. Becky has done steel cage matches, Table Matches, ladder Matches, TLC Matches, Last Women Standing Matches, Extreme Rules Matches, Submission matches. And most in the last year, HIAC might limit the space you have to use but the girl spent the summer and fall beating Lacey and Corbin up with chairs, Kendo sticks and tables. Plus she has mr HIAC himself Mic Foley as her adviser. Everyone wants to say Becky should lose but really why? She put 100% into her feuds, her matches and makes people want to see the storyline. She said last year when she began the hunt for her second run with the Smackdown title she wanted to be the face of wwe. She wanted to be used on the posters, billboards and the one doing the media and the girl has done that and so much more.

    So in my opinion no Sasha shouldn’t have won, Becky is still doing her thing. What we need is the rest of the ladies to step up, to really prove they are ready to take over what Becky is doing. When we have a high level of competition and no just one opponent at a time stepping up to and her level then we can think about the title changing hands, but with no one really stepping up like Becky the division keeps sinking. Both ladies put on an amazing match and both shined well. (Honestly I am sick of people saying Sasha carried Becky when both ladies held their own and put on match of the night.) So for me the right women won and she did it by snatching another arm. I believe she’s tapped out a lot of the division and I can’t wait to see who’s next. The First, The Champ, The Man Becky Lynch

    Side note, Becky made history at HIAC, she is the first women to walk in and out of HIAC as Champion. History Maker and Game Changer, the words mean something. 🍀🔥🍀🔥🍀🔥🍀🔥🍀🔥🍀🔥🍀🔥🍀🔥

  63. Skylar Starlight says:

    I’m getting sick and tired of Becky being champion… it’s boring and played out. Give sasha the belt already

  64. Billie Glidewell says:

    Somebody needs to take Becky out..she has been.protected by Vince/ writers/REFS

  65. Nylis Robinson says:

    I hope Sasha doesn’t leave again and then bailey lost smh

  66. Nylis Robinson says:

    Sasha should’ve won Becky is tough tho

  67. Kamilah’s Corner says:

    Hey she was the one who tapped so….😶

  68. Anthony Cole says:

    Right move by wwe

  69. Sammie Gullestad says:

    I'm a becky lynch fan all the way

  70. Richard Waid says:

    Guess everyone seem to forget when becky was being overlooked on smackdown sasha and Charlotte kept winning title now that Becky is having a run with the title now everyone is bitching like Becky's the only one who has had a long reign if I could remember kelly kelly who couldn't wrestle aj lee nikki bella but lets bitch about Becky.

  71. JEA 03 says:

    If Becky goes to SD and Sasha retains on Raw its still nothing we want Sasha beat the hell of Becky and steal the title from her we dont want another flair-banks or lynch-flair feud again for Gods sake…

  72. Jay Julez says:

    Sasha Banks isn't champion material. Naomi and Natalya can hold both titles en. Becky Lynch had a good run.

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