Run The Prints! Mysterious Handprints Lead Spouses To Question Infidelity | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Gurich v. Carter.
Mr. Gurich, you and
your girlfriend have been
together almost a year, and you’re living together? GURICH: Yes, ma’am. And from what I know
from the court file is thatthere’s a 19-year age
difference between you
and the defendant,
is that correct?GURICH:That’s correct.Why do you think your
lovely, young girlfriend
is cheating? GURICH: I think she’s cheating
because, uh, she has a tell, as in, uh, when she gets mad
or she’s trying to divert
the argument away, she’ll throw her hands up
and stomp out of the room. It’s like
a defense mechanism. So, you believe
when she does that and stomps
out of the room, she’s not telling the truth? GURICH: Very much so. And does this
happen regularly? Probably every time
that we argue. I am completely honest
with him about everything.
I have nothing to hide. Well, he says that
you have a tell, and that he knows when
you are not being honest. So, there have at least
been a few occasions where you haven’t
been honest, ’cause otherwise he wouldn’t
know what your tell is. I think he’s reading
my tell wrong. Personally, I throw
my hands up and I stomp away
because I’m sick of fighting. Why sit there and keep
the fight going? Why sit there and try
and tell somebody something that they’re not
believing you about? Why sit there and be told
I’m lying, when I’m not? All right… GURICH: Believe it or not,
she starts fights… JUDGE DANA: She starts fights? She starts fights
just to leave the house. There’s this one incident
when she came home
with a friend and I had some friends over, I go sit out by the garage
just to get away from
everything and, uh, she comes out and starts
bringing up
random stupid stuff. I get to the point where
I take off. JUDGE DANA: Okay. GURICH: So, I’m gone
for a few hours… And has everybody gone
at that point? Yes. Okay. All right.
So she’s home by herself? Right. I take off, and when I come back…
Can I show you something? Sure. You have an exhibit? Yes. All right. Go to the plasma,
please. When I come back… Okay, usually she sleeps
in a long shirt and shorts or whatever,
you know. JUDGE DANA: Okay. When I come back she’s wearing this nightie… CARTER: Do you guys want
to open the door? …sleeping, and, uh,
she has no bottoms on. No. Excuse me,
I’m gonna say something. Hold on. Hold on. We’ll get to you. She has on a nightie,
and no underwear? GURICH: Yes, ma’am. What time did you
come back? GURICH: Uh, it was about
7:00 in the morning. JUDGE DANA: So you
been out overnight? Not all night. But it’s overnight. Pretty much, yeah. Okay, you come home…
Did she wear that for you? The blue… Uh, no. JUDGE DANA: Had you ever
seen that before? No. That’s not even realistic,
Hold on. Hold on. JUDGE KEITH:
Ms. Carter, just…
Ms. Carter. BOTH: Ms. Carter. We will give you a chance. We’re gonna give you a chance.
But we wanna hear his side, you’ll get your chance.
I promise you. Then I’ll go. Like… JUDGE KEITH: So, when… I’m not gonna sit here
and be… Ms. Carter. Ms. Carter. Thank you.
Please let me go. We’ve told you we’re gonna
give you an opportunity… You will have
your chance. Yeah. …to talk. JUDGE DANA: Just hold… Will you give me
an opportunity now? No, we run this courtroom. No. We run this courtroom. Step behind the podium. You’ll get your chance.
We want to hear him. All right, the question
that was pending… Have you ever seen
that nightie before? No. She’s never worn that
with you? No. All right. So you come home,
she’s… Is she awake?
Is she asleep?
Where is she? She’s sleeping, and… I go into the bathroom
and when I come out,
(CLEARS THROAT) she’s, uh… She’s waking up. All right. Come back
to your podium. Now it’s your turn. Thank you. First off, I needed to do
laundry, so I had
no clean underwear. So, if he actually
paid attention,
he would’ve known I had no underwear on
in the first night gown. Second off, I puked on
my night gown,
I’m half asleep and it’s dark. Okay, I’m not gonna wear
a short shirt when I have
no underwear on. I’m gonna find
something longer. That was the first thing
I found that was clean, and threw it on,
and went back to bed. So, you did not put that on
for a lover? No. And I figured, okay,
anyone comes in my house,
it’s gonna be him. So, I don’t have to worry
about anyone else coming
and seeing me like that. If anyone sees me like that,
it’s going to be him. What’s the big deal? Did you explain that
to your boyfriend? CARTER: Several times. You didn’t believe that? No. The hands
came up and… CARTER: After the fifth time,
what would you do? GURICH: Okay. But you’re not buying
any of that? She has so many clothes… There’s other incidents too,
you know. All right. I was gonna say
do you have something else? Yeah. We’re walking down
the back… Our little
back driveway. Okay, there’s
tall grass, right? Um, our house is surrounded
by poison oak. You know, like a barrier thing,
whatever. That’s quite a barrier. Well, she comes home
with poison oak. Arms, legs, behind, you know.
And it’s like… How do you get poison oak
on your behind if you’re not… So, how do you… So, what… Go ahead. You were
asking the question. How do you think she got it? I couldn’t tell you.
She said she got it
from her mom’s cat. What is she doing
with the cat? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: Okay, wait,
before you go there, how do you think
she got it? ‘Cause you have a thought
in your mind,
what is that thought? I think she was playing
in poison oak with someone
or something. Who will go have sex
in poison oak though?
That doesn’t make sense. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Cutler, I can’t… JUDGE KEITH:
No, we’ve heard… In this court, we’ve heard
about people having sex
in strange places. I will grant you that. True. Grant? I don’t know that
we’ve heard of anybody
having sex in poison oak. Okay, tell me,
what is your testimony
regarding the poison oak? How did you get poison oak
all over you? First off, the poison oak originated right here on
my arms from holding the cat. JUDGE DANA: Okay. Okay, I got fair skin
and I get it easy. Also he’s always working,
like, in the weeds
in poison oak. He doesn’t get it. So, I think I either got it
from him or the cat. I know I sure in the hell
didn’t get it from having sex
out in poison oak. JUDGE DANA: Okay.
Let me ask you this. How does it go from your arm
to your back side? I have no idea. Like, honestly. You have no idea
how it got there? CARTER: I have no idea. Like, straight up, I don’t.
Sorry. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Do you see why your proposition
doesn’t sound nearly as logical
as his? That you got it because
you were laying down in it? I would’ve grabbed
a blanket or something. I’m not that stupid
to go have sex
out on the poison oak. Like, come on. I don’t know. CARTER: I’ve lived in
the mountains my whole life. Like, I have
some common sense. I know how bad I get
poison oak, like… Why would I go out there?
Come on, like… I would go to my car first.
Like, seriously,
think of something better. BOTH: All right.
But you don’t believe her? No. And have you found
anything else to make
you think your girlfriend is
in fact cheating? There was another incident
where I was putting a radio
in her car and, uh, I was looking for a screwdriver
and I looked in the center
console and there’s, like, five packs of condoms. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) And she says,
“Oh, those are old.
Here, take them.” And she gave ’em to me,
and I was like, “Okay,”
and I just threw them away. JUDGE KEITH: Do you all
use condoms? No. Okay, Ms. Carter, are you riding around town
with condoms in your car? Actually, I was. They were in there
from when I first
got my car. There was so much stuff
in my center console, okay? Like, I would’ve had
to dig to find them. And they were old.
If he looked at them,
they were expired, okay? That’s before
I even met him. Like… I’m sorry I don’t clean out
my center console of my car
very much. Well, you know, it really
sounds like you were ready
to roll at all times with ’em in your car. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Well, she did mention that
if it wasn’t outside with
the poison oak, it might be in the car. Inside the car. JUDGE KEITH: So, it that… (LAUGHS) Okay, that does
sound pretty bad,
but honestly… JUDGE DANA: It does. JUDGE KEITH: Yeah. Honestly, no,
they were expired. They were seriously, like,
from when I first got that car. If he would’ve looked at
the date, they were expired. They came with the car. They came with the car? Then, that’s some dealer prep,
right there. There you go. All right, so, do you have
any other… GURICH: So… …reasons to believe
she’s cheating? Can I show you
something else? JUDGE DANA: Absolutely.
Step over to
the plasma again. He came prepared
for court today. He got his evidence
lined up. We got two plasmas.
Let’s see what you got. I came home, okay. And we live on a dusty road.
It’s really dusty. So, we’re coming down the road,
I’m walking up to the door,
and, um, something caught my eye
on her car. JUDGE DANA: Okay. And I look over and I see
hand prints on her car.And the fender
is all shiny.
This is the hood of her car,
right here. JUDGE KEITH: That’s the top
of the car. Yes. And if we go down to
the quarter panel… The fender. This part you’re saying
is clean. I can see a reflection,
so you’re saying it’s clean. Yeah. Well, there’s a different shot that you can see
the hand prints better.
Yeah, there you go. Okay. So it looks like
you’ve got some hand prints
on the top of the car… GURICH:Right.JUDGE KEITH:…which you can
see in the dust.
But on the side
of the car it’s…
On this fender it’s all shiny.…clean and shiny.GURICH:Yeah.So, that doesn’t make sense.
Why would the top be dusty
and not the side? Well, she’s, um… You know? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE KEITH: Oh! Are you saying that
her body or clothes
rubbed that side clean? GURICH: Rubbed it clean. Yeah. And then the dust up here is her hand prints? JUDGE KEITH: …prints. It is. JUDGE DANA:
How do you… I mean, if I saw that
I wouldn’t jump to
that conclusion. Okay, well… I had a girlfriend, okay… JUDGE DANA: Okay. …and this happened
to me before. JUDGE DANA: Okay. GURICH: I put her out
on the hood, and the hand patterns
were the same. So, you’ve seen this before? GURICH: Yes,
I’ve seen it before. So, this is a speculation
on your part. You saw this,
and you were, like, “Oh, I know what that is.” GURICH: Yeah. “I recognize that.” (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Been there, done that. Okay, uh… Yeah… Now, you getting the visual? I got a visual. You got the visual… I wanna get it
out of my head. Hood of the car… Look. Yeah. I’m looking. Hand prints on the car,
you know, in the dust,
but this part is clean. JUDGE DANA: I can’t. JUDGE KEITH: You can’t? Okay. JUDGE DANA: I just…
I cannot. All right.
Thank you so much. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Gurich. All right, Ms. Carter, you’ve already mentioned that,
“Look, I wouldn’t go outside
with this poison oak, “I would do it in my car
if I had to.” Mmm-hmm. How do you have hand prints
on a dusty car, but the side of your car
is clean? I have no idea how
the hand marks
got on my car. I thought he was talking
about, like, where I had
my bags on my car and I grabbed them
and, like, it swished
or something, and I walked out
and I’d seen that, and then I said, maybe… Okay, then. You… You do have to admit
that it’s odd that the top of your car
is dusty and the side of your car is,
you know, it’s actually got
a gleam to it. Now, we have Mr. Gurich’s
near expert testimony that he’s seen that
pattern before. JUDGE DANA: And I mean,
it’s not just one hand print,
it’s… Maybe it was hand prints
from him. Well, that’s a good point. Did you have sex
on your girlfriend’s truck? That’s a no. JUDGE DANA: All right. So, you’re saying
it’s not you? GURICH: No. It’s not me. And not anybody
you’ve been with? And the next day
the hood was cleaned. CARTER: Yeah, I washed my car
the next day. All right. So… So, you got rid
of the evidence? Basically. Um, actually I got rid
of the accusation and the reminder that
it was probably him with some girl on
the hood of my car. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So that’s what you thought? I don’t know. If someone comes
at you accusing you of
something and you have no idea, and you go out and see that,
and that’s what they’re saying
it’s you doing, what would you expect? How low of a person
do you think I am to think I would lie about
stuff like that or do something
like that to you? Like, how little of me
must you think. Honestly. I’m just going off… You’re going off your
past experiences. There you go then. You’re not going off
anything that I’ve done. Past experiences. I’ve… I’ve experienced it. So, Mr. Gurich, you are here to get some
answers to questions. I am. JUDGE DANA: Ms. Carter? You are here to prove
that you haven’t done
any of these things you are being accused of.
Is that correct? More so prove to him that
I have been telling him
the truth. Exactly. Yeah. So, if it comes out that
you are in fact telling
the truth, are you willing to move
forward with Mr. Gurich? Absolutely.
Or I wouldn’t be here. All right. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) And to address Mr. Gurich’s
concerns about your infidelity,Ms. Carter
was ordered to take
a polygraph examination
and we have those results. Ron, would you please escort
certified polygraph examiner Kendall Shull
into the courtroom. Good day, Mr. Shull.
How are you? Good day, Your Honor.
Thank you. Very good. JUDGE KEITH: It’s good
to see you. I noticed when you walked in
that Ms. Carter, she looked down,
she looked at you,
she looked down again. Are you nervous? CARTER: Not at all. So, you’re ready
to do this? Yeah, I’m a nervous person,
but like, no, not at all. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Gurich,
are you ready for the result
either way? Yes, I am. JUDGE DANA: All right. You asked Ms. Carter, “On the night Mr. Gurich
found you asleep
in your lingerie, “did you have
sexual intercourse
with another man?” What was her response? She said, “No.” What did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
that she was being truthful. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) GURICH: Good girl. (ALL LAUGH) JUDGE DANA: All right. You asked Ms. Carter, “Were the hand prints
that Mr. Gurich found
on the hood of the car “made by you having
sexual intercourse
with another man?” What was her response? She said, “No.” What did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
she was being truthful. (AUDIENCE CHEERING
AND APPLAUDING) You look like, “I knew this.” JUDGE KEITH: Yeah.
Your expression
hasn’t changed. JUDGE DANA: Not at all. I, um… JUDGE DANA: Mr. Gurich,
you look a little surprised
on that one. I am. But, happily surprised, right? Yes. JUDGE DANA: All right. One more question. You asked Ms. Carter, “Other than the one time
Mr. Gurich knows about, “have you had
sexual intercourse
with any other man “since you’ve been in
an exclusive relationship?” What was her response
to that question? She said, “No.” JUDGE KEITH: What did
the lie detector determine? The lie detector determined
she was being truthful. (AUDIENCE CHEERING
AND APPLAUDING) All right, Mr. Gurich,
what you gonna say to her? I am sorry
for judging you wrong, not trusting you, and, um, I will… Make better judgments
on your actions. And, uh… I hope this will prosper
into something good,
get married or something… AUDIENCE: Aw! JUDGE DANA: Is that…
Is that a proposal I heard? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) No, not a proposal. Oh! I was about to sing. Not a proposal. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Good girl. (CLEARS THROAT) You are in a new relationship,
you’ve been together for
about a year. You’ve got a lot more years
ahead of you than
you’ve got behind you. If you’re gonna enjoy
those years you have
ahead of you, there’s got to be
some trust. I have nothing to hide. Mr. Gurich, I heard you say
that you’re gonna have to be
different in your judgment, and what I will say to you,
is stop judging. WOMAN: Amen. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) So, I hope that you all will
take advantage of the court
resources we have, so you can figure out
how to open up and keep open those lines
of communication. That’s the only way
these things work. This is the case
of Baker vs Cradle. Y’all have been in relationship
for three years, and were
contemplating getting married until issues of infidelity
came up. Can you tell me why you opened
your case today, Ms. Baker? I opened my case,
because I figured out, I found out that my girlfriend
was sending naked pictures
to her ex-girlfriend. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Accidentally, accidentally. All right. We will
come back to
“accidental” photos. Okay. And you think because
of that, there must be
something going on. Something? It has to be. I feel like
there’s something going on. She’s been lying
about the situation with her ex-girlfriend
talking about their “friends.” But she’s been asking
her ex-girlfriend to
send her pictures. Well, we both have
exes in our life. She has exes that are friends,
I have exes that are friends. Yeah, but I didn’t send
my ex a naked picture
by “accident,” and then tweet about it. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Okay, tell about
this “accidental” naked photo. I was texting on an iPhone,
I’m not a iPhone user, and I went to go text my ex,
and it was in my roll,
and I swiped up, and it sent. JUDGE DANA:
So, it “sent” to your former? JUDGE KEITH:
But Ms. Cradle, you accidentally took off
all your clothes, you accidentally
posted the picture… No, no, no. Me taking
my picture was intentional. I took the picture
intentionally ’cause I sent
it to her first. JUDGE DANA: Is that true?
Did you get the picture? I did. JUDGE DANA:
So, she sent it to you? Yes. When you swiped up… STACIE: Swiped up and it sent. I know… I know I sound crazy,
but it’s the truth. So what do you want to show
Ms. Baker today as result of these proceedings? I just want to prove
that I’ve been faithful, and I have no intention
of being unfaithful. And I really want her to see
how ridiculous this is. This whole…
All these allegations. Ridiculous? Ridiculous. KARIS:
It’s just kind of
fishy, seriously. Okay, why is it fishy?
Why do you have these issues
with her and this ex? Well, initially, she told me
that they were gonna
be friends, and then she asked me
if I was comfortable with it.
I said, “No, I’m not.” And then, she went behind my
back, and she said, “Okay, I’m
not talking to her anymore.” Okay, but then,
I see you texting her. Your Honor, I went on tour
for a couple of weeks,
and I was out of town. And every time
I go out of town, it just seems like
I find something in her phone
dealing with other women. Just casual conversation. On top of it,
Your Honor, I have evidence
of the tweet. I have it. Ron, would you get
that piece of evidence? RON: Yes, Your Honor. I tweeted it,
because it was
funny to me. I wasn’t ashamed,
I wasn’t trying to hide it.
That’s why I tweeted it. But this is your proof that
she didn’t do it accidentally. Right. JUDGE DANA:
No. Me neither. It was a joke.
It was a joke. JUDGE DANA:
This doesn’t look like a joke.
This looks like you… I wouldn’t have
tweeted about it if, if I really was
trying to be sneaky. Twitter is a public platform. Well, no. I know
what Twitter is. And that’s why
I find this crazy. That you would
put this out here. STACIE: Yeah. Particularly if she’s
questioning you
about your intent with that picture. I thought it was funny. It was funny to me. Oh, ha, ha, ha.
All the way here, right? Right. Well, Ms. Baker,
what I want to know is, why were you
going through her phone? Because she has
the history of
just lyin’ to me. And I just didn’t trust her. No. That’s not true. I don’t trust her. That’s not true. Has the relationship
always had this
level of distrust? I mean, take me back
to the beginning. What was it like
when y’all first got together? Well, when we first
got together,
we were very close. We spent a lot of time
with one another. But when my singing career
started picking up
and I started traveling, things got really rocky
between us. JUDGE KEITH: What happened?
I mean, what was
your relationship like? We have a lot of fun,
we go out all the time. We travel a lot together. We met… We were friends
actually on social media. That’s how I know
she’s a big flirt.
Because she flirted with me. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) And… And you like that,
when she flirted with you? KARIS: I did. I did. She came to my concert… STACIE: It’s not really
flirting, just communication. It’s flirting. JUDGE KEITH:
It’s okay to flirt. It’s flirting. JUDGE KEITH:
It’s okay to flirt. I flirt with Ms. Cutler
all the time. That’s right. KARIS: She’s your wife. Before we got together,
since we’ve been together. And I like it.
It’a good thing. For the most part,
besides the lying. STACIE: For the most part. Okay, Ms. Cradle,
what did you fall in love with? She was just
very nurturing,
very caring, very gentle with me, like… We pretty much are the same. Like, we have
the same principles, we have the same passions,
we believe in the same things. So, it’s rare that I’ve
met somebody that
I felt like was my equal. JUDGE DANA:
Oh, wow. So there was
a real connection. STACIE: Yeah. Definitely. You found your mutual. STACIE: Right. JUDGE DANA: You all are vibing,
you’re having a good time, you’re enjoying each other.
When did it start
to fall apart? I felt like it started to
fall apart when I started
traveling more, and we started
having money issues. JUDGE DANA: Okay. And it seemed like… JUDGE KEITH: Money issues
would do it. Money issue is a big one.
All the studies suggest that. KARIS: Yeah. And I wasn’t around a lot,
and I felt like she just needed someone to talk to, or you know, just wanted to
emotionally lean on her exes, and the girls from
the dating app. There weren’t always exes. Yeah, they were girls
from the dating app. There weren’t always exes. Well, it doesn’t matter
whether there were
always exes, does it? Yeah, well, there’s nothing
wrong with having friends. JUDGE DANA:
Look, we travel a lot, too. When we’re together, we… Gotta make it count. Make things count. Yeah, make it count. Yeah. You do special things.
One of the things that
I’ve done in the past, just an example, is when I want to go away, like, I’ll leave that morning,
he’ll go to work, I’ll try to make sure
I leave after him, and I put his favorite
little candy on his pillow. So, when he gets home
that night, he’s got a little
something about me. It’s not that big,
but it’s important. JUDGE KEITH: It’s meaningful. Again, what you do
to get somebody, or the things you have
to do to keep ’em. You hear that? JUDGE DANA:
There’s nothing wrong
with having friends. The problem is when
friends cross over to being
something more than friends. Here, there’s a physical part
and there’s an emotional part. Right. And either one is devastating. Because if you’re emotionally
connected with somebody, that means you don’t have
the energy to put into me. KARIS: Right. Right. And if you’re physically
connected with somebody,
I’m just mad. JUDGE KEITH:
Overarching all of that, is that this is communication
on a dating app. I mean, you’re looking
for somebody. Can I clear up the dating app? She’s a singer,
I play bass, so we used to have
a jam session at our house. I use the dating app
to market, because we specifically
were marketing to
the LGBT communities. What kind of music
you trying to make? KARIS: Right. It wasn’t the music.
It was the cause. We were working
on a particular cause
at the time. Oh, how about the poetry? The messages between
the girl and you were
talking about poetry. She intentionally was reaching
out to someone, I saw that the girl had liked
her picture, and then she
had liked her picture. And we had nothing
“musical” going on
at the time together. So, there was no reason for you
to be reaching out to someone. But I’m 3,000 miles away, and it’s at 11:00 at night, and your’re saying
“hey” to this girl,
that’s kind of fishy. JUDGE KEITH: And you find this
out when you get back
and go through her phone? And I had dreams…
But while I was gone, I had dreams
that she was cheating.
And then, the next day… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Dreams? You had dreams?
Dreams or nightmares? It was a nightmare. STACIE: And it was
just a “hey.” Only a “hey.” JUDGE DANA: All right. And the first one
may not be that innocent,
it may be (SUGGESTIVELY) “hey.” KARIS: (SUGGESTIVELY) Heyyy. It’s only one “Y,”
one “Y,” “hey.” No “heyyy.” I didn’t say “heyyy.”
It was just a “hey.” At 11:00 at night? “Hey” don’t always mean “hey.” Yeah. Well, it means
you want to make some hay. Make some hay. Yeah, that’s a roll in a hay. But it ain’t just “hey.” No, I wasn’t looking
for them for anything romantic. I was looking for them
for a particular reason. But when I asked her about it,
Your Honor, she told me,
“Oh, I never did that. “Oh, I never said that.” I wasn’t using it for dating. I was using it for marketing. So why was your status single? And it’s… What? I probably made my profile
when I was single. No. We were together
when you made the profile. JUDGE DANA: All right… It was for the music. All right. So Ms. Baker,
it does, it has a fishy… I’m curious. Do you
have something
more concrete? KARIS: Yes. To support your position? KARIS: Yes, I do. All right. Tell me about that. So, the third tour
that I just came back from,
I was gone for about two weeks, and when I got
inside the house,
I went to the bathroom, and I saw some prints
on the mirror. And I thought that
that was kind of fishy. So, I asked her, said, “Stacie, “Why is there handprints
on the mirror?” She said, “Oh, I was trying
to clean it.” Your Honor, she doesn’t clean. So you brought us
evidence of this, correct? KARIS: Yes. And it’s at the screen.
Would you step over
to it, please? Yes, okay. It was one “Y.” JUDGE DANA:
Please explain to us
what we’re looking at. Okay, so this is my bathroom. JUDGE DANA: Uh-huh. And then on the mirror,
there’s these little prints. There it is. There’s a handprint, so… It was like,
it just seemed like
somebody may have been bent over. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Well, well, Mr. Cutler. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: And you think… KARIS: I think she was… Somebody was getting
pleasured from behind. Oh. Well, there it is.
And if you didn’t know,
you know now. JUDGE KEITH: Now you know. Hey, if you’d step back
to the podium… Okay. Go ahead, Mr. Cutler. Ms. Cradle, How did those… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Wait, wait, wait! Do you see the handprint? I see the handprint. JUDGE DANA:
Do you see the problem
with the handprint? STACIE:
Those are pretty big hands. They don’t look like
any hands I’d be interested in. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) STACIE: That’s like… Well, how did you… How you explain
those handprints
on the mirror? I don’t know.
I didn’t even… I didn’t even notice them
until she brought
my attention to it. When she brought my attention
to them, I had no idea she was
alluding to me cheating. But did you tell her
you were cleaning? Is she… I guess.
I don’t remember. KARIS: She does not
remember a lot. This is not helping
your position, dear. I probably looked at them,
and thought I need to clean
’em after she said that, but no, I don’t remember
saying I was cleaning. Well, let me ask you,
did you tweet about that?
Those are… How do you… Yeah, no, Mr. Cutler. I’m just trying to… No, it’s like this. Like… It’s like that. JUDGE DANA:
You wouldn’t know
about that. No, I wouldn’t. And so, all of
these accusations,
all of these issues, from the handprints
to the tweet, are having you question
about your relationship, and even considering marriage,
is that correct? Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
To get us a further
perspective on this, we’ve asked a friend
of the court to come in
and talk to us. Someone who’s been
through similar situations
of cheating. At this time, the court
would like to call R&B singer and cast member
ofLove & Hip Hop Atlanta,Ms. Ariane Davis. Ron, please escort her
into the courtroom. Yes, Your Honor. Hi. Ladies. Hello. JUDGE DANA: Good day. Hi. How are you? Good. How are you? JUDGE DANA: We’re great. ARIANE: Okay. Now, Ms. Davis,
you’ve had some
similar experiences to our plaintiff and defendant
in this case. Correct? ARIANE: Yes. Well, have you ever been
cheated on by any of
your girlfriends? Absolutely, unfortunately,
I have, and I can say
that, uh… The experience
was kind of ugly. It got real ugly,
I walked in on. Oh, no! Yeah. Here’s what I’m going to say
to you, Ms. Baker. When you go looking
for stuff, you find it. KARIS: I was looking for it. ARIANE: So… But if you know…
If you were gonna stay, then you shouldn’t have
been going through it. But if you were just…
If you were gonna leave her, after finding
what you found,
then, okay, I get it. But I’m not gonna go
looking for something knowing
that I’m gonna still be here. Do you have any advice
for Ms. Cradle? (FLAPS LIPS) Oh, my God, you. I was looking, and, you know,
hearing the story and stuff. Where did those prints
come from if you don’t clean? Were you there that day?
I just have a question. I’m… STACIE: Yeah, I was there. I was there. ARIANE: But if you don’t clean,
why would you say that? I don’t know,
when she,
when she brought it up, I honestly thought
she was talking about a ghost. Like, it sounds crazy.
I know it sounds crazy. I didn’t assume
that she was assuming
I was cheating. So… I’m thinking some
horror movie stuff, like some prints
appearing on my mirror. JUDGE DANA: All right. ARIANE: So you still wanna
be with her? Yes. I just would suggest to you, if you wanna
make this work, make it work,
and if you don’t, don’t. It’s simple.
Love shouldn’t be
that complicated. And you fight
for what you love. So, if y’all love each other,
y’all got to fight
for each other. If this is where
you really wanna be. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) JUDGE KEITH:
Thank you, Ms. Davis. My pleasure. I think we’ve heard
enough testimony,
and seen enough evidence. Here’s what we’re looking at.
We’ve got you sending
naked pictures, “accidentally,”
you’re on a dating app, but you say
you don’t use for dating,
but it’s a dating app. And we’ve got handprints
on a mirror in a compromising position. And all of this has led you to believe
that she’s cheating. KARIS: Yeah. And if you find out
she is cheating, the relationship is over. Absolutely. And you’re done. Absolutely. This court has done a full
and complete investigation, to determine, “Is she cheating”? At this time, the court
would like to call
former military interrogator, Lena Sisco. Ron, please escort her
into courtroom. Yes, Your Honor. Lena Sisco. RON: Step right over
to the monitor, please. Good day, Ms. Sisco.
How are you? I am well.
How are you, Your Honor? We’re good.
Thank you for being here. Would you state
your credentials, please,
for the court. Yes, Your Honor. I am a former certified
Department of Defense
military interrogator. I have trained
law enforcement personnel, military government
agency personnel, and interrogation techniques
and interviewing. Tell us, please, what you did
to investigate this case. I first had the accused
write a witness statement. And from that, I analyze it to see if there is any
indicators of deception. So, with your experience,
if anybody could
get to the bottom of this, it’s you. Yes, Your Honor. When she brought it up,
I honestly thought
she was talking about a ghost. And what were
your initial findings? So, I saw a lot of non-verbal
and verbal indicators
of truthfulness. Hmm. JUDGE DANA: Right. Okay. And what did you further learn? Did you learn anything else as
you went through the process? I did, Your Honor. Ms. Cradle willingly admitted
to sending nude pictures
to her ex-girlfriend, but accidentally. And when I was reading
her statement, her written statement at first,
I had a lot of doubts. But during the interview,
she gave me
really truthful responses. JUDGE DANA: Okay. She has also admitted to seeking attention
from other females,
because she’s lacking that from her girlfriend. So, ultimately,
what was your conclusion about
Ms. Cradle’s truthfulness? As a person who has years
in interrogation experience, and detecting deception,
I believe that Ms. Cradle is being truthful,
and that she has not
cheated on her girlfriend. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So, now that you’ve heard this
information, what do you have
to say to Ms. Cradle? Please forgive me. I forgive you. I love you. You forgive me? Thank you. JUDGE DANA: Show some love.
Show some love. Now, Ms. Baker,
I hope you heard
a couple of other things. You got to keep
the fires burning. Whatever you did to get her,
you got to do to keep her. JUDGE DANA:
And it goes both ways. JUDGE KEITH: It goes both ways. JUDGE DANA: There you go.
So, you need to
show her a little love. You know, if you’re tweetin’,
tweet her. Right. I tweet
about her all the time. JUDGE DANA: All right. I give her love all the time. And if you’re feeling
neglected, just tell her, “Look, I’m feeling
a little neglected.” Communication goes a long way. Ms. Davis, thank you so much
for your words of wisdom
to these young ladies. My pleasure and I’m glad
to see you guys work it out. Thank you. ARIANE: Go to therapy
if you need to. We have counseling
available to you. Go and talk to them. And as we say
in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself
out of an opportunity to have a happy, trust-filled,
loving relationship. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING)

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