Rudolph Goes to Court – Studio C

♪♪ [audience applause] – Thank you all for coming,
as your arbitrator I’m here to help you settle
this dispute outside of court. – I don’t see
what the problem is, I think the song’s great. – Enough with the reindeer
games, Rudolph. The song paints you like a hero, and us like villains. – I know, right? – No, that’s not a– Dude, Rudolph, I went to your son’s
bar mitzvah, we’re friends. – Okay, perhaps we should go through what you all feel
is misleading in the song and make changes as we go. – Fine. – All right, excellent
let’s start with this one. “All of the other reindeer used to laugh
and call him names.” – That’s true! – What names? We just called you
like Rudy or Rude. – [indignant] You’re rude! – Okay,
it’s a nickname, you dimwit. – See,
he just called me a dimwit! – Okay, so uh,
did they ever laugh at you? – Well I just said
that they laughed, not that they laughed at me. [laughing] Everyone laughs. You guys, they laugh, they’ve laughed. – So we’ll change that,
moving on. The next line
in contention reads, “They never let poor Rudolph
join in any reindeer games”. – See now, that’s true. – No, no, we invited you
to all the reindeer games. – Yeah,
you just never wanted to come. – Yeah, we invited you
to Guess Hooves. – Ugh. – And Antlers to Antlers. – Oh, come on. – And Call of Duty night. – I wanna play Risk! – Ugh, that game takes forever! – Rudolph,
reindeer hate two things: pistachios, and geopolitics. – Right, so it sounds
like you were invited. – Yeah but I was poor, I was flying Uber in the summer. – All right, noted. Okay next line, “Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Santa came to say, Rudolph with your nose
so bright”, etcetera etcetera. – Didn’t happen! Never happened, sorry. – Yeah your nose
isn’t even bright enough to light up this room. – Oh, okay! – Okay, could we get
the lights off please? – I got you. – Please do. – Thank you, I appreciate this. [audience laughter] [straining] [laughing] – Renewable energy! There we go. – No, that’s like barely
six watts! – Yeah, and that Christmas Eve
was hazy at best. – And you only
got to ride shotgun because you get sleigh sick. – Uh, Santa wanted me there! – Santa! Do you seriously think
that Santa Claus would put the most passive aggressive
reindeer up front? – Oh, so I’m the most
passive aggressive one? – You just did it! You’re proving my point
right now! [all arguing] – All right
if we could for just a moment! The next line is, “Then all the reindeer
loved him,” – Oh then! Then we loved you. That’s when we started
to love you, Rudolph, because I’m sorry, I must have forgot
that when I was too busy singing at your son’s bar mitzvah. – Oh, it was
my daughter’s quinceanera! – I don’t remember! There was cake and I came,
that’s what matters. – All right,
and finally it says that “Rudolph will go down
in history,” affirming that he is
the most famous reindeer of all. – Okay seriously? What about Comet? He got a purple heart in Iraq. – I’m just glad
you have the freedom to call yourself
the “most famous”. [audience laughter] – Thank you for your service. – All right,
based on today’s proceedings I propose the following
amended lyrics. Uh Prancer, would you do
the call and response? – Of course. – All right,
there’s Dasher, Dancer, etcetera etcetera. But do you recall another one? Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. – Reindeer. – Had a red nose. – Like a zit. – And if you ever saw it,
you would even say it was approximately six watts. – Like a radioactive zit. [audience laughter] – All of the other reindeer. – Reindeer. – Were as cordial as could be
under the circumstances. – Like a family reunion. – Then one marginally hazy
Christmas Eve, Santa came to say, “Rudolph if your sleigh sickness
is so bad, why don’t you come up front?” – So, just so I know
for my sake. Are we not putting in the part about the bar mitzvah or no? – Dude, chill out
about the bar mitzvah thing. [sighs] But if you do put it in there, make sure they know
I was there too. [audience laughter] – The reindeer
loved him regardless. – Regardless. – Mm-hmm,
and treated him the same. – Yippee. [audience laughter] – Comet, the war worn reindeer, you’re an American hero. [audience laughter] – Like Beyoncé. – Yes. All right, excellent. These new lyrics
will now be sung by every child in the world. I believe we are done, if you would
just remain for a moment I have one more case
to arbitrate, Dasher this is against you. – Wait, wait what? What did I do? – All right ladies
you can come in. – Yep, that’s him, that’s the dumb deer
that ran over my grandma. [audience laughter] – Okay,
now that was a foggy night! [thud] – Okay! – Grandma no! Grandma! Grandma no! [audience applause] – My clients
would like to thank you for watching Studio C. [incoherent whispering] Oh, okay. And they
would like to remind you to visit
or download the BYUtv app for more exclusive content you’re not gonna find
anywhere else, yes? [whispering] You could just
talk to them yourself– Okay. Also like, comment, subscribe, probably comment about, I don’t know,
your favorite Christmas song. – One that sleighs? – Ooh, I don’t like you. [all complaining] I’m out, I’m done. – I liked it. ♪♪

100 Responses

  1. Studio C says:

    What’s the worst Christmas song?

  2. Robert Capron says:

    Please post the lyrics!

  3. Ana Salazar says:

    I think this is my favorite sketch with the new cast lol

  4. simon pilarcik says:

    The worst christmas song is none they are all good

  5. Tristan Marquez Luckey says:

    Yes, quite.

  6. XkebaliX says:

    The reason why because he ran over grandma

  7. awkward monkey 86 says:

    1:36 Who would you like as your Uber driver more Rudolph or Batman? 😉

  8. Daniel Severud says:

    Guess hooves and antlers to antlers and call of duty night I’d be down

  9. Olivia Zlabys says:

    sequel, dasher goes to court

  10. Olivia Zlabys says:

    frosty the snowman

  11. Fwuffiaru says:

    “There was cake and I came.”

    Me with food

  12. Bella Boo says:

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    Grandma got run over by a reindeer

  16. Judson Terpstra says:

    How this is good

  17. Duskflower says:

    I enjoyed this one! By far the best sketch from the new cast!

  18. Babbling Brook says:

    It's weird that Tori is the straight man in this. So used to her being the wild one.

  19. THE River Ross says:

    Ok not gonna lie this is high quality studio c

  20. Babbling Brook says:

    If Rudolph really wants to play risk he said play the quiet game. 😉

  21. Dr. Goatz says:

    god this was so funny

  22. Super SISTERS says:

    I love studio C I think it’s really good even without the original cast.😍❤️😂🤣

  23. Babbling Brook says:

    My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night.

  24. Chai Hill says:

    "Comet, you're an American hero."
    Wait the north pole is in the Artic…


  25. Isaac Smith says:

    This new cast of studio c is not doing so well this are not all that funny I hope they do better

  26. Alexia Clemments says:


  27. Camrynne's Channel says:

    Out of curiosity, who wrote this sketch? I love it!

  28. Sarah Schmieg says:

    Yes Jetta! Representing female reindeer with antlers! They be real! Also, love the new lyrics, all.

  29. Tori Pence says:

    Reindeer hate two things: pistachios and geopolitics. And also other reindeer 🤷🏼‍♀️

  30. Rick Harold says:

    Funny thanks!

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    What are the odds that I’ve got my lines written on that clipboard???

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    Omg this was amazing!😂

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    I would not care if that song was changed.

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    Poor Rudolph

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    I wanna play risk! Also last time I was this early Jetta was still having a heart attack in an elevator

  38. Bree Jenter says:

    Grandma got ran over by a reindeer reindeer walking home from our house Christmas Eve you can say theirs no such thing as Santa but as for me and grandma we believe grandma got ran over by reindeer walking home from our house Christmas Eve you can say their is no such thing as Santa but as for me and me and grandma we believe

  39. Cheetahlife48 says:

    Can u guys raffle off those ones lol

  40. Netro Lancer says:

    I'll play Risk with you.

  41. Isaac Bell says:

    Finaly it's a good one lol

  42. Silver Sword Studios says:

    Worst Christmas Song: Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.

  43. Emily Baker says:

    hi studio C

  44. CRAZY DREW says:


  45. Anthony Hill says:

    Where did studio c come from?

  46. Treven The D.J. Profession says:

    My favorite Christmas song is Elvis Presley's version of Blue Christmas

  47. OneWeirdDude says:

    Tori's a cute lawyer.

  48. Joe Cross says:

    My favorite video of this season so far! What a clever take on the song!

  49. Cold_ iCe14 says:

    Comet down below guys

  50. Mark Uhler says:

    Monopoly worse than Risk. Who wants $ when you can have WORLD DOMINATION!

  51. Terrence Harris-Hughes says:

    At least Rudolph didn't kill anyone Dasher

  52. R & R Channel says:

    “ like a glowing zit,” 😂 “yippee,” these lyrics were hilarious, but why did they do this to poor Rudolph

  53. Rane Clod says:

    I heard the word sh*t in this. Just to let ya'll know.

  54. Ashley Bug says:

    We need some compilations

  55. Jacob Griswold says:

    Are Birthdays no longer a thing?

  56. Rey Skywalker says:

    I really miss the old crew…

  57. Brooklynn Wood says:

    okay yeah this one sketch is pretty good–kudos

  58. Cameron Grow says:

    You won me over when grandma showed up

  59. Brandi Gabriel says:

    "There was cake and I came! That's what matters!"

    literally me referring to every birthday or remotely happy occasion I've ever attended.

  60. Shane McRedmond says:

    haha! They brought back the risk joke!

  61. L.O.L. Stories says:

    Oh my gosh, why do they look so freaking awesome as reindeer?

  62. TheChocolateArmor says:

    Just gotta say- I really love how the face paint looks- Great job with the make-up!

  63. Rosalie Peterson says:

    This is some excellent writing!!!!

  64. megatrondeadpool says:

    I'm sorry, I haven't seen studio c in a while. What happened to the crew I know and loved?

  65. AMPMASTER10 says:

    That last one was good

  66. Kaister3239 says:

    Studio C has really gone down since the new actors

  67. Wolf Dog says:

    Where is Vixen? Also I love this new song

  68. Carol Turner says:

    Is it just me, or do you guys miss the old cast

  69. Momma O says:

    so funny

  70. Jack Guhl says:

    (Please correct me if this is wrong politely) Wait so Rudolph’s children had a bar mitzvah, which means they are Jewish. Let us remind our self that St. Nickolas is a Christian figure, so while living at the North Pole, they public ally reject their father’s boss.

  71. Marvel Disneyfan says:

    1:55 – I take it the one turning out the lights is Prancer? Just a hunch.

  72. Michael Yu says:

    Roses are red
    I am quite short
    Rudolph goes to court

  73. Carolyn Jones says:

    “I wanna play RISK!”
    “Ugh that game takes FOREVER!”
    Is this an intentional piece of nostalgia? (And does anyone else get it?)

  74. stupid stephen says:


  75. Slytherin for life says:

    250! Before 1k!!!!!!

  76. Panther Lover says:

    Mary, did you know is the beeeest

  77. Anomas Bever says:

    Hey Rudolf if you want to play risk I am all in

  78. pikachu bolt says:

    Horn: grows forever and never falls off
    Antler: falls off every year, and grows back larger each time
    Tusk: a large tooth that keeps growing

  79. Everyday Theatre says:

    Mazel Tov to Rodulph's son, by the way!

  80. absolutetuber says:

    This kind of sketch is what made love studio c from the get go

  81. Nicholas Medich says:

    The Hasboro Gaming Enforcement Agency needed to get in on this…

  82. Eric Wood says:

    I knew Rudolph was the one that ate all the cookies and milk!!

  83. Jessica Tuggle says:

    So that why his nose is red. It the blood of his enemy.

  84. Trev Manny says:

    Who else misses the old studio c?

  85. Thompson Kids says:

    The Twelve Days of Christmas is my favorite carol just because it drives my siblings up the wall.

  86. Kitten Candy says:

    My favorite reindeer is commit

  87. scubaguymi says:

    Reindeer hate two things: pistachios and geopolitics. Ha!!

  88. Alice Blackstone says:

    This reminds me of the "risk" joke in the ultimate quiet game. Like if you get the reference.

  89. Gary Bernard says:

    Santa Baby is the worst song that people try to associate with Christmas

  90. Katenage _S says:

    I'm not feeling it with the new cast.

    They're all very talented, but they lack comedic timing in most of their skits.
    I've noticed that in most of their sketches, they tend to overdo the acting to where it ruins the funny bit. Like some Nickelodeon and Disney actors on their shows.

    The one I very much enjoyed from them though, is the "Horror movie reject" one. The timing of the comedic parts were spot on, and nothing was too dragged out.
    Same one goes for the Abraham Lincoln one. So far, those two are the only good ones that came out in my opinion.

    I really wanna like these guys, but I'm not feeling the same energy like the previous cast. I'm not saying they should be exactly like the previous cast but, they don't really give off that fresh new feeling either. I'd really like to see them grow, cause they have great potential.

  91. Luap says:

    I like the old cast, are they still around?

  92. LindaJean Madisin says:

    Hmmmmm. I did not know that Rudolph was such a. Bad role model for kids…..🤔😯

  93. Daniel McKewen says:

    You're a mean one Mr. Grinch

  94. Call Me K says:

    You know dasher and dancer and Prancer and vixon comet and cupid and donnor and blitson but do you you recall another one? Rudolf the red nose reighndeer (reindeer) had a red nose (like a zit) and if you ever saw it (saw it) you would even say it was aproxamently six wats (like a radioactive zit) all of the other reindeer (reindeer) were as coordatual as could be under the circumstances (like a family reunion) then one modually hazy Christmas eve Santa came to say, Rudolf if your sleigh sickness is so bad, why don't you came ride up front
    The reindeer loved him regardless (regardless) and treated him the same (yippee) comet the war worn reindeer, your an american hero (like Beyonce)

  95. Sashmanz says:

    AWSOME MAKUP JOB! There noses are legitimately epic!

  96. luca marinzi says:

    I miss the old gang that left

  97. Danny mahé says:

    Finally it's not another musical….

  98. Lukas Holsinger says:

    I'm not sure why I watch these anymore.

  99. Aimee Pollock says:

    4:53 wouldn’t Rudolph be responsible for providing poor light in hazardous conditions?

  100. Akaringo says:

    the "I liked it" at the end bahaha

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