Rocky Road In Relationship Leads To Paternity Doubts (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Hamm v. Kisner.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Hamm, you are here today
to prove to Mr. Kisner
that he fathered your 11-month-old son,
Zayden. ASHLEY: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You’re joined by
your mother who says that
she’s tired of stepping up to play daddy whenever
Mr. Kisner decides
to run out of your lives. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Kisner, You’ve given
everything up to… …be with Ms. Hamm.
But now you claim her
promiscuous and foggy past have caused you to doubt that
you fathered her son. Yes, Your Honor. So, Ms. Hamm,
what does Mr. Kisner
do for your son? Um, well he may be there
physically for Zayden but he is not there
financially. Um… He doesn’t have a steady job.
He doesn’t do as much as
I would want him to do. Have you been there
for the child, Mr. Kisner? Yes, I haven’t been there
but, yes, I have. Ms. Willin, you said,
you’re tired of playing daddy
’cause you gotta step up. Yeah, he is there
right now, but he is
11-months-old. He wasn’t there
for the birth. And as far as
a baby shower
or anything like that, his family didn’t want to be
a part of that. Because they didn’t
think that Zayden
was his. JUDGE LAKE:So, Mr. Kisner,
you admit that you try
to be there physically,
when you can?
Yes. Why haven’t you supported
the child financially at all? I’m trying my best,
Your Honor. I do not have a steady job,
that’s right. But I’m trying my best
to be there for Zayden.Just doing everything I can,
to just live where I’m living
right now
and I’m so grateful.JUDGE LAKE: And you seem
emotional right now… What… What are you feeling? (SIGHS) Well, Your Honor,
I betrayed my family. (SIGHS) My family spent $200
for me to get back home. And I was very sick
at the time… When you say, “You betrayed “your family.”
What do you mean by that? Well, I came back home
and my family was telling me, “Don’t go back there.” “Now you are here now,
we got you back home.
Don’t do that.” And I just decided
to go back there. JUDGE LAKE:
Why is that a betrayal? I just feel that’s… …what my family thought. JUDGE LAKE: They don’t want
you to go back because
they don’t believe that Zayden is your
biological child. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And why are
there doubts? At the time of his birth,
I was showing my family
his photographsthat Ashley had sent
and they told me
he doesn’t look like me.RAECHELLE:You know what,
I don’t agree with that.
We have photos right here
and you put them side to side, and they look exactly alike. JUDGE LAKE: Which photos did
you bring, may I see those
please, Jerome? JUDGE LAKE: What are these
photos of, Ms. Hamm? Um, it’s Zayden and him
when they were both babies. So these are photos of
Mr. Kisner, when he
was a baby.And of Zayden,
as a baby.
ASHLEY:Yeah, probably around
the same age.
And you think they look alike?
There’s is a resemblance? RAECHELLE: Absolutely. ASHLEY: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. JUDGE LAKE: But your family,
Mr. Kisner, says
there is no resemblance. Correct. But I also have my doubts
because she
has been unfaithful. Give me specifics.
Tell me exactly why you doubt. You say she’s been unfaithful,
specifically how? Well, Your Honor,
she slept with my
close friend. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! I’ve known since I was little. JUDGE LAKE: Did you sleep with
his good friend, Ms. Hamm? Yes, I did. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Yes. Why would you sleep
with his good friend? Well, we were dating for
a couple of weeks and his friend has broken up
with my friend. He… …just wasn’t there for me
at the time. I felt like
we were both partying and he wasn’t talking
that much… You weren’t really getting along with Mr. Kisner
that well? ASHLEY: No. You felt like he wasn’t
stepping up to the plate
as a boyfriend or doing what you need? ASHLEY: No. So I broke up with him. So why did you
choose to date… I broke up with him
and then… Why his friend, though? ASHLEY: I don’t know. We went to a hotel
for one day and then I picked him up the next day
and I told him the truth and he still wanted everything
to do with me. And… There we go. JUDGE LAKE: So… You felt awful about it
and you immediately
told Mr. Kisner? Yes, that was
the next day. And he said he still
wanted to be… Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: In a relationship
with you? Yes. Is that true, Mr. Kisner? Yes, that’s true,
Your Honor. I believe that… Ms. Hamm could show
me change and… …you know, she did.
She really stepped up
as a mother and left all that
life behind, so… JUDGE LAKE: She did? She did. So Ms. Hamm, were you
with anyone else? No. Not besides his friend
and then that’s it.
I got taken advantage of at a party and… That was in, like,
September. Your Honor, can I
please say something? TAL: And where she was at? She ma’am. She was in a bad place
before she had Zayden. That’s why
I was so worried. JUDGE LAKE: Well, when
she talks about… She was self-medicating. She was doing drugs. JUDGE LAKE: …going to
hotel rooms with men and drinking and doing drugs. I have to ask
the difficult questions… RAECHELLE: That was one day. …when you’re drinking
and doing drugs, do you truly remember
everything you’ve done? ASHLEY: Yes, I do. JUDGE LAKE: You do? I… I have…
I know what I did. And I told him exactly
what happened
the next day. RAECHELLE: They are both
in my home, right now and I believe that
Mr. Kisner is insecure and she’s also insecure. They’re very young.
They’re playing house. With these results,
that’s why we need this. They’ve been playing house,
you got to have a house
to play house. RAECHELLE: They’re playing
house at my house. They at your house! (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) And this is the exact reason,
right, Jerome, that we talk about
in this courtroom. I tell young people
all the time. “You don’t have any business
having sex and engaging
in activities that produce “human beings that you can’t
take care of when you can’t
take care of yourself.” Your Honor, I agree. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) It’s a real world, now. Right. JEROME: Yeah. The fact that since she’s
been a mother, she has been an amazing mom. A completely different person. You know, we made that choice
as a family to move out of state to get her
away from friends and that way that life could
never come up again.
She can start new. But, they both have
an opportunity here. To start fresh. To start new. And put the past
behind them. But it has to be
on their expense
and not me and my husband
and my other two kids. You know, I’m working two
40-hour-a-week jobs just to support everybody. It’s on my shoulders. That is
not fair to you. And I am doing it
because she didn’t have her
biological father. I made a choice
when she was young that I wasn’t gonna
have a bad life for her. And so my husband
and me, have been raising
her together since she
was three-months-old. So… She is his… Not biologically, but in any way
that counts. So they have to
make a choice. If they are gonna
put that in the past and be a family
and move on, positively. Or if he’s gonna throw that
in her face that
Zayden is not his. Because, never once
in the 20 years that
I’ve been with my husband has he ever said,
“Ashley is not mine,
I’m not gonna do this.” And that is admirable.
I must say. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Um… So, Ms. Willin,
do you believe Mr. Kisner is
Zayden’s biological father? 100%.
I don’t have any doubt. JUDGE LAKE: You do? I just don’t. RAECHELLE:He’s a great guy.He is great with Zayden.
He is a great father.
They just need that direction.
They need that push.
They need that oomph. Mr. Kisner, is your doubt because your
family doesn’t think
he’s yours, or do you personally,
truly believethat this child is
not yours?
TAL:Your Honor, I have
so much doubt.
RAECHELLE:I don’t believe
that because when I was
around him in the beginning
for six months, he was, you know, all about
Ashley’s pregnancy. And every time he had doubt
was when he came back from
his… His family’s house. Okay. So, you feel like he was… RAECHELLE: They don’t want to
He was buying in… He was trying to step
into this role of father… RAECHELLE: Yes. And then when
he’d go home, he would come back
and it’d be like you have
to start all over again. Yes, Your Honor. We need the results
for this test. This is why it’s gonna go
back and forth, okay? When they’re in fight mode,
when I come home,
after 19 hours, this is the fight mode
that I get. I get he said, she said,
this is, that is… What is, is I am supporting
this family, okay. I am taking away
from my younger children
to support this family. Okay, and they need… TAL: And Your Honor… And, and, and you know what,
the truth is, Ms. Willin… RAECHELLE: Pull it together. I really don’t know
why you’re doing it. Because I’ve been asking
Mr. Kisner, why does he doubt I doubt… JUDGE LAKE: That this
child is his… And you haven’t given me
one reason. ASHLEY: We were having sex every day
without a condom.
So, that’s why I know. I know what I did
and I know what I didn’t do. We were having sex every day
without a condom. Your Honor, I agree.
I agree. The thing is, is that
she would take off on me and leave me without knowledge
of where she would go. What… What would actually
be going on. The stories would not
match up. So you feel like she would
go places and not tell you
where she is. And you thought
she was cheating. TAL: Yes. But, did you ever find any
proof that she was cheating? Did you see her with someone? I did not. Did someone tell you
they saw her? TAL: Well… What about everything
was fine for six months and Ashley was gonna stay
with you and have the baby
when we moved to Florida. And we were gonna send
for both of you
but that lasted three days. I had to go pick up Ashley
’cause this is
the first time I’m hearing that he doubted that
Zayden was his. Okay. So for six months
everything’s fine. But… The reason why I had to go
pick her up is because he was
actually out on that night. So, during the time,
Mr. Kisner… RAECHELLE: And they got into another fight. during these times that
you say Ms. Hamm, disappeared or she didn’t
tell you where she was and you didn’t know
where she was, was there ever an occasion
when she came back, where facts were revealed
to you that she’d maybe been
intimate with someone else, or had a relationship
with someone else? Maybe,
over texting, yes.
And then there was also… You don’t get pregnant
through the text. TAL: Oh, okay.I understand
that but…
JUDGE LAKE:She is texting.So she is flirting.
Well, you can’t
get pregnant like that. What else? There’s doubt. Right there. JUDGE LAKE: Because you
feel like the texting
and flirting may be indicative of a
larger relationship
that could be going on. Exactly. JUDGE LAKE: What else? Well, whenever,
I landed in Florida,
the second time, I was on Ashley’s phone
and I found proof
that she… …was talking to
somebody else and it
was saved in her pictures. I don’t know if she knew
or not. But she would be
talking about she’s got booty for
decades to this other male. You would see,
in her phone, evidence of
sexual conversations, she was having with other men. Pretty much, I mean…
Like, innuendos… Is there anything else
you found? Anything else you found,
that would in some way
suggest, to the reasonable person,
that perhaps Ms. Hamm, had been sleeping
with somebody else. Well, I was talking to one of
her other male friends. ‘Cause they were almost
together all the time, too. She was going with him. Going to places,
I don’t know of… She would tell me, yeah.
But is that really where
she went? I don’t know. She would come home,
two to three,
four hours later. And just would tell me
the same story. “Oh, we went to go get
something to eat.” Well, we live in a small town,
Your Honor. It’s about a mile and a half
down the road to go
get something to eat. Either way, even though
it’s a small town. You have to go to Kenosha…
Or Antioch. And that’s far. Which is a mile
and a half away. No, it’s not. From where I live. JUDGE LAKE: So… All right. And she would get the male to come pick her up,
from my house. Ms. Hamm, let me ask you
because Mr. Kisner is
obviously having trouble talking about and explaining
what his doubt really is. And yet he seems to truly
have that. Do you know of something
that would cause him
to doubt whether or notZayden was his
biological child?
Did you have sex
with anyone else?
Did a circumstance present
itself that would make things seem a little unclear
as to whether or not he truly is this child’s
biological father? I mean… Before we started dating,
I had sat him down.
I was like “Listen, “I’ve been through a lot.
I’ve been with cheaters
and I was a cheater “because I was
cheated on.
I would do the same thing”, I let him know who
I was before he had
anything to do with me. I laid down everything. And he still wanted
to be with me. He still wanted
everything to do with me. So I think maybe,
the things that
I have told him I’ve done
to other people, he’s gonna put that
in his head, I mean,
who wouldn’t? So, Mr. Kisner,
have you developed
a bond with Zayden? Yes, I have.
Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: You have? JUDGE LAKE: Because
you’re very emotional
about this child.Why is it that you are
so attached to this child
when you say your
family doesn’t know
if this child is yours
and you don’t know
if this child’s yours.
Because he deep-down knows. He knows. But I still have
my doubts because of what went on
during our relationship. I think it’s time
for the results. Jerome. There results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Hamm v. Kisner.
When it comes to
11-month-old Zayden Hamm. It has been determined
by this court. Mr. Kisner, you… …are not the father. (AUDIENCE GASPING) Come here, baby.
Calm down, okay. Obviously there were some
facts left out of
your testimony. Do you know who
Zayden’s father is since
it’s been determined that it is not… Clearly not. JUDGE LAKE:
You don’t really know? ASHLEY: I just don’t get it.
I was with him every day. Now it’s just a mystery and I
have to live with that myself. Could it be
the friend’s child? He is blonde haired,
blue eyed. Like me! JUDGE LAKE: That doesn’t. Let’s not go on
physical looks. Did you use protection
when you slept
with his friend? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Was there any other man
besides Mr. Kisner you were
having unprotected sex with? All that I know is
that time at the party.
I remember… …at the end.
And I freaked out and stopped
and then… That’s when he was trying to
pick me up and my phone died. Were you drinking and
doing drugs that night? ASHLEY: Yes, I was. Okay. TAL: I mean, I’m there.
I’m gonna be there. Even if the father decides
to show up,
I’m gonna be there. Well, Mr. Kisner,
your testimony, your remarks and your intentions
are admirable.
They are. But standing here
in this emotional
moment, Mr. Kisner, and saying “I’m gonna step up and
be there for this young
woman and this young child.” JUDGE LAKE: I know good
and well too, young people,
your age, you don’t even possess
the maturity level to operate appropriately
in these situations and that’s evident by
what you’re dealing
with right now. “I’m going to do this.
I’m going to do that.” You’re going to do a whole
bunch of things you haven’t
done up to this point. So why will we trust
that you gonna do them now, that you know that the baby
is not yours? You two have got to talk
and make a decision. Whether she even wants to
be in a relationship with you. Because it is this court’s
opinion that both of you all have a lot of growing to do
on your own before you could ever
grow together. I wish you all
the very best of luck.
Court is adjourned. Let me speak to Ms. Hamm.

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  68. F1ight Ju says:

    Ol girl mama talk to much she just goes on and on and on

  69. Brandon says:

    He looked nothing like him … I knew it wasn’t his

  70. Keith Bell says:

    Isn’t it funny how “Becky” is always the victim even when she’s sleeping around and doesn’t know who the father is for her child.

  71. Lisa Bisa says:

    STOP yelling at a guy who was lied to and trying to make him feel bad for not giving $$$ for a kid that's not his.

  72. Susan Schwartz says:

    Mom is an enabler which is why her daughter is a train wreck.

  73. Priscilla Moe says:

    Run kid….. life with her will never be at peace

  74. Midnightrambler3760 says:

    Taken advantage of at a party….she needs to stop drinking and stay away from parties

  75. jon smith says:

    Mr Kisner run!

  76. Vinh Long says:

    Judge Lake, You are NOT fair with him! You harassed him because he could not present his case properly. You did NOT help him … And the DNA result proved you were WRONG!!! As far as the wife and her mother are concerned, you were a bunch of liars, who tried to conceal your misbehavior!!!

  77. Fatima Mukhtar says:

    if she is 19 then im 13

  78. Nikky Tomlinson says:

    Judge wanted to give this child a father, cause this girl doesn't know the father at all. This man should not be held accountable for her problems. Boy walk away slowly

  79. sebliye W says:

    He's too young to be a Dad , 19 is when you eat everything in the fridge after partying all night

  80. sgcl10658 says:

    Why not show conversation between the judge and the mother of the end?

  81. sgcl10658 says:

    I don't agree with the judge yelling at him for having the doubt. The flirting texts and her disappearances with her male friend for a long period of time were not enough evidences for him to doubt ?

  82. Jason Allred says:

    You could see her eyes right before the statement was given that he was not the father. Eyes, body language… disgusting.

  83. Aggelos Tsiberidis says:

    Like mother like daughter i guess. hoes

  84. Jasmine Chanel says:

    When are men gonna realize your child doesn’t have to look like you. ?
    There’s a billion other people in your family that your child can look like. Not just you

  85. barrington kelly says:

    * I wanna save you, but I'm not god.. I wanna heal you but that's not my job*

    That verse speaks truth lol..

    Thank you Samoth

  86. Silent Hill Warrior 5 says:

    I'm glad that he's not the father.

    I hope that he turns bad and leaves.


  87. M D says:

    A woman who cheats is worth nothing. Never take care of another man’s kid.

  88. Samuel Jones says:

    Dude needs a backbone!!! Judge if your going to be harsh on him treat her the same.

  89. Carolyn Peercy says:

    She wouldn't know the truth if it hit her . She's a town drop off.

  90. kween Bee says:

    she look old !!her mother look young

  91. ABC 123 says:

    Judge was a disappointment in this episode!🙄🙄🙄

  92. Mag Williams says:

    The most important thing is he is there. He may not have a job but he is there, all of you women just want these men for a frigging paycheck. He face is full of plastics…….

  93. Mag Williams says:

    The mother needs to shut up and stop embarrassing herself……did you get her away from drugs too????

  94. Brauna Richmond says:


  95. misskourtneej says:

    The mom:
    Working two 40hr jobs WITH a husband
    Taking care of another man

    The crowd never makes it any better when the man is not the father.
    She was 'taken advantage of' or 'partying' too hard? Sad predicament.

  96. Eric Nelson says:

    That poor boy didn't have a father in his life to teach him the game; if he would of had a father growing up, i dont think he would of been that timid.

  97. MrsRobinson0741 says:

    This poor guy…he looks like he's all alone over there…he looks like he wanted to be the dad, she hurt him & she never even apologized to him!!

  98. Bruno lopes says:

    is she a dude???????

  99. Bruno lopes says:

    "Im gonna be there " – he said…. loooll….. idiot!

  100. Jasmine MP says:

    I hate that the Judge is so pro-female that she'll try to force a man who's not the father to play daddy. A man's job is to support and raise his kids. That woman lied from the beginning and she just dusted it off like it was nothing

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