Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Dies At 99 | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. She's my President says:

    MSNBCannibals were HUNGRY

  2. Kimcha Chhim says:

    My condolences and thank you for your PUBLIC services, I know that you have played your part in my LIFE. See you in time and God blessed

  3. RJ SIMPKINS says:

    I'm going to wear a bow tie this week to honor him

  4. ruth depew says:

    Principled Republicans become rarer and rarer. May the four principled House Republicans represent the beginning of a return to decency for the Republican Party.

  5. Malca's Grace says:

    A True American 💕💕💕💕

  6. Ethan Galloway says:

    Godspeed #great man 👨

  7. Stinder says:

    RIP Justice Stevens! I just hope RBG outlives the Trump presidency!

  8. Golden Vision says:

    Bush v Gore was the beginning of the end.

  9. Martin Ljubic says:

    Not speaking ill of the dead, just of ill will without
    Philosophy. Intelligence without Philosophy is a
    boat without a rudder. Sadly, this man was lost at
    sea for a long before he died. Wanted to have his
    Philosophy and to eat it too, when convenient. He
    never did figure out how he ended up eating his
    hat, and his principles. Never saw the connection
    between principles and Philosophy. He did fight
    in WW2 to defend all these things, afterwards, he
    forgot what the fighting was for.

    Forgot that "inalienable rights" rests with a man,
    if he so chooses to burn his own flag, or burn his
    own house, or end his own life. The inalieanble
    cannot be voted away, waived away. No matter
    who makes the claim or how many the number.

    But, the lessons he failed to learn and teach, are
    now being learnt and taught. One might say that
    the US Constitution is being discovered, for the
    very first time. As each and every generation has
    to discover its past in order to move forward into
    the future. Destroy the past and you destory the
    future(the destroyers of monuments).

  10. Rod InTexas says:

    Good Riddance to bad rubbish. Too bad he didn't die 50 years sooner.

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