Reality of Supreme Court Judges & Justice Loya Case Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Greetings friends. For the first time in our country’s history a Supreme Court came in front of media for press conference which has never happened till date. 4 senior most judges of SC – Justice Gogoi, Justice Lokur, Justice Joseph & Justice Chelameshwar What was their compulsion/helplessness to do something in front of media which has never happened in Indian history & a propaganda campaign has been started against them, they are calumniated & defamed. What’s the reason behind the same. Come, let’s understand. These 4 judges stated in the press conference that country’s democracy is in danger since Judiciary is an Independent pillar of democracy & attempts are being made to pitch & seize it. They have accused Chief justice of India(CJI) Deepak mishra of bench fixing. i.e. whichever politically controversial case comes under them, he selectively passes them to such judges repeatedly who shall give favourable judgement This has happened multiple times & not once & judges stated that Justice Loya’s case was tipping point i.e. over the top or limits crossed & they were compelled to call a press conference. They tried plenty of other methods like speaking to CJI, writing letters to him but no satisfactory reply was received which forced them to do so. So, which were such politically controversial cases which led them to do this. Let me tell you. The first case was of the death of Justice Loya in which Amit Shah is accused, a very high profile case For those who don’t know about the case, let me not go into details and give you summarized form In 2010, Amit Shah went to jail for fake encounter case after which he got bail. In 2014, hearing for the same matter was pending in the CBI court. First judge into the matter was transferred, second judge was Justice Loya Ji. He put up plenty of hearing dates but Amit Shah never appeared. It repeatedly happened & finally he put up a date- Dec.20th, 2014 for whichAmit Shah had to definitely come. but coincidentally, Justice Loya died on 30th November,2014. Report stated that he died of heart attack, a sudden heart attack. which was all the more surprising because no one in their family history died due to heart attack case. His parents’ age around 85years & both of them are alive, not a victim of heart attack. He himself was fit and healthy & suddenly, a heart attack raised plenty of questions. Third judge who came to continue the proceeding discharged/cleared charges against Amit Shah within 1 month So Justice Loya’s death was declared natural death & public believed it for days till in 2017, Caravan magazine interviewed Justice Loya’s family in which they stated that they do not believe that his death was due to natural causes. They also said that he was offered a bribe of 100 Crore if he has given a favourable judgement. justice Loya himself stated that he is under pressure to give favourable judgement Caravan’s story led to many questions on his death after which Tehseen Poonawalla filed a petition in Supreme Court for investigation on Loya’s death & Supreme Court was supposed to take decision on the same on 12th January, 2018. after which these 4 judges held a press conference and told that CJI Deepak Mishra has transferred this case to such bench which’ll give a favourable judgement and not a neutral judgement. Such bench is of lower order. Senior judges should have been given such a case but this didn’t happen. So, who are the judges to whom Justice Loya’s case has been passed? He is Justice Arun Mishra. His name is not specifically taken by 4 judges in press conference but his name was given by Dushyant Dev, senior advocate on TV interview All political controversial cases/matters are given to Arun Mishra & he has links with plenty of top BJP leaders In fact he said that he is not openly accusing him since everyone knows that Arun Mishra is a man of BJP. Hear it yourself. you have to understand that justice Arun Mishra to whom the bench/matter is assigned is known to have very clear political relations with BJP leadership. i have seen it with my own eyes. it is not an accusation. It is a fact. Everyone knows about it & judge. i was present myself. and as I said that this was not the only case which was given to selective judges Another high profile case was Sahara Birla Diaries which directly accused Prime Minister Narendra Modiji of corruption charges The accusation was that he took bribe worth crores directly himself when he was Gujarat’s Chief Minister. Prashant Bhushan filed an appeal in this matter for conduct of investigation but our CJI transferred this case to Arun Mishra where he said that no investigation is needed since we do not feel it to be worthy. After this, another case in which CJI himself was accused for inquiry & this case was also given to Arun Mishra where he denied. Now you can think that the moment, press conference of judges ended why the propaganda against the judges started after dew hours. and who all were participating? Certainly, BJP IT cell, paid Bhakts online, online troll army Times Now, Republick TV, our Godi media, all acted blatantly against our judges These 4 judges were subject to mudslinging, defamation in whatsoever manner to show somehow that they are backed by some political party and later on tried to portray that this aint big controversy but an internal rift between judges & within 1 day, whatsapp forward arrived depicting that these 4 judges are guilty, working inappropriately anti national, left,liberal, media, communist congress, Pakistani agent, CIA Agent all are funding them to do so. Our 70 year old congress was planning to somehow get back in power so they are making judges say so through press conference Dont know where do these people get such logic? Through all whatsapp forward, Godi media TV channels, social media & arguments were made that since it is internal rift, it should be solved internally & shouldn’t be told to public since it is “Internal matter” Since propaganda campaign has started against these judges, I would like to tell you truth about them. Justice Chelameshwar, one of the 4 judges is the same judge who declared Right to Privacy as fundamental right for every Indian For us(as citizens), he ruled Right to privacy as Fundamental right while Govt. was fighting in against motion stating that Citizens shouldn’t have Right to privacy he is the same judge who said that Aadhar card shouldn’t be imposed on public not to be made mandatory and it should people’s choice for choosing Aadhar. He is the same judge who declared section 66A of IT Act as unconstitutional if you don’t know about IT Act,then this is the same act through which if you wrote humorously on facebook, twitter about rich, powerful people, police can put you behind bars that too according to this act & Justice Chelameshwar declared such act as unconstitutional. While on the other side, whatsapp forward are trying to portray CJI Deepak Mishra as hero They state that he was the one who gave death sentence to Afzal guru & Nirbhaya’s rapists which is correct, but it forgot to state that he is the same judge who made National Anthem mandatory in cinema halls. & whomsoever I meet, all agree that cinema hall is not a place for national Anthem Here, standing before watching item number such as Sheila ki jawani to show patriotism since it’s not the right place. If it had been imposed in Parliament or before corut’s hearing, it might have worked. Even Deepak mishra gave another judgement which I believe is wrong since he declared criminal defamation as constitutionally valid. Criminal defamation is the same law which is misused in today’s time. that you cannot write, talk about big politician else defamation suits of 100 Cr, 1000 Cr shall be lodged. A common man cannot raise voice against them since we do not have enough money to fight defamation suits propagandists are targeting Justice Gogoi by spreading that his family, relatives were in Congress while they wont tell you that CJI Deepak Mishra’s uncle himself was in Congress somehow trying to create personality fight among judges which is NOT True. They wont even tell you that Narendra Modi ji’s prinicpal secretary Nipendra Mishra was seen outside CJI Deepak mishra’s residence in his car, one day after press conference when he was asked about what was he doing, he said tat he went to give New year greetings i.e. 13 days after New Year, he went to give greetings(Slow Claps) So, friends important fact is not to distract from the main issue Somewhere the biggest issue is that Govt. is trying to pitch pillar of judiciary. We have 4 pillars of democracy: Legislature, executive, Judiciary, Free Media Media has gone silent since it has nothing left & Govt. is trying its level best to get its influence on judiciary & this is not first attempt to do so. Earlier in 2016, CJI TS Thakur he started crying while delivering speech in front of Modiji to save judiciary since appointment of judges is reducing. Then afterwards, Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s Chief Minister while giving speech in front of judges said that attempts are being made to tap Judges phone calls to undermine judiciary. Afterwards, Govt. tried to bring in such law through which it can increase its influence on judiciary. The law was NJAC which gave power to Govt. that Govt. shall have decision taking power for appointment of judegs So, i would like to tell you not to get under influence of such propaganda since these are not said by some news anchor of TV Channels or politicians. It is said by the highest judges of topmost court, Supreme Court that our democracy is in danger. & if there is a bit truth in it, then it is responsibility of every Indian to support them. Thank you.

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  1. Dhruv Rathee says:

    This video was made before I heard about Justice Loya’s son’s press conference. In the press conference Anuj Loya said his family now believes it was a natural death.

    But in my opinion he is under pressure to say this, just like Kulbhushan Jadav. Hope SC goes through with the investigation in Justice Loya case because the video recording above is a big enough proof that something was wrong.

  2. Amrit Bonia says:

    kuch bolo to jail.. gf ke sath ghumo to jail. kuch karo to faansi. Kis kis ko lagta hai ye dictatorship country hai??

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    Indian democracy is now resting one leg. When it will fall, only God people know.

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    Ones upon time I am huge fan of Modi…… But the views of dhroov are really making me aware of current situation. .. . These are really simtomps that our democracy on the dangerous way.. .. ..
    1) media to Modi ka fan he ho gaya hai jaise 70 saal bad khud BAHUBALI aaya
    2) judge bhi keh rahe haii

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