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Once Remo Sir called up and asked me to visit his home. He sounded very casual. He said we will have a party. I was very happy to attend a party. Correct! One should never say no to a party. When I went there, representatives of UTV and others were sitting there. So I thought it was a huge celebration of something. Sir introduced me to them saying that he is the lead character of my next movie. I said, “Sir, I didn’t understand what you said just now.” Already the ambiance was making me feel very awkward. So I couldn’t understand what he said. He said, “You are going to act in my movie called ABCD. I am giving you the lead role.” I became totally blank. Welcome to Ready to Lead #jagatbharimarathi
presented by Cotton King. This is the last episode of this season. So we have invited a very special guest here. This person was born and brought up in Gujarat. He has risen to his irreplaceable position
through really difficult times. He has even sold tea in his childhood. Now, you may think that we have got
our Prime Minister here. No! We are going to meet an equally capable
and hardworking person. So please welcome our favorite Dharmesh Sir! Hello! How are you, Sir? Great. Featuring Dharmesh Yelande. People take years to reach the title of “Sir”. But I guess people think that your surname itself is “Sir”. My surname is “Yelande”, but nowadays
I mention my name as “Dharmesh Sir”. These days, even my parents call me Sir. Actually, at home, they used to call me “Pintu”. But after I became famous, they started calling me “Dharmesh Sir”. How about calling you “Pintu Sir”? I think it would be little odd. Actually, I had participated in a show meaning I prepared my class-students for it. I think that was the first season of Dance India Dance
(Dance Competition Reality Show) Second season. Yes, second season. I think in that season of that show… Somebody mentioned my name as “Dharmesh Sir” there. So another person also said that Dharmesh Sir has taught us. Then the third person also mentioned it the same way. So “Dharmesh Sir” became a tag. So when you went to the stage, Yes. They said, “Now, please don’t tell us that
even you have learned it from Dharmesh Sir. ” I said, “I am that Dharmesh who they all are talking about. I don’t know about the word “Sir” being put after my name, because people normally call me Dharmesh.” I don’t know what’s this name Dharmesh Sir is.” Then they said, “You will be called as “Dharmesh Sir” henceforth.” Superb! Balache Pay Palanyat
(Early signs seen in childhood) There is a proverb in Marathi that means
“Early signs of future are seen in childhood” So have you been into dance since your childhood? No. If someone asks me since when have I started dancing, I would say I started it since the time I was in my mother’s womb. So, you mean even before you came in this world. My mother is really fond of listening to radio. She loves to listen to songs. Whenever she used to listen to songs during her pregnancy,
I used to kick from inside. And she makes some moves while listening to songs. Okay. So, I think I have inherited it from her. I have started kicking in rhythm since then. My mother says that I have started dancing since then. I used to kick her a lot from inside. So you were seen waving even at the time of sonography. I was quick to respond to any sort of music. Superb! So, the very first question is that it is very common to children to wish to dance on-stage. Everyone wishes to come to the field of dancing eventually. But exactly when did you realize that
this is what I wish to make a career in? I don’t remember when did I exactly realize it. But I used to enjoy dancing each and every day. So I can’t remember a particular moment when I decided to make a career in it. I started learning technique since the time I got admitted to my Sir’s class. I got to know that teaching dance is like a business or a job. I realized that it is Sir’s source of income. He is paid if he prepares 50 people to dance. So then I felt that I should also get into it. But at some point, it strikes us. We know that we wish to get into a particular field. For instance, during childhood, I used to love to perform in front of people. For example, entertaining them by telling jokes and so on. For that I used to carry my diary everywhere. But people used to notice it later. Who was the first person to notice it that this is the perfect career for Dharmesh? And that he has got a spark. One thing I remember is that when nobody’s name from my family
was published in the newspaper and I had won an inter-school competition
when I was in 6th standard and my name was published in the newspaper. It mentioned my name as a winner of that inter-school competition
in 2000 or199… something. So looking at it, my grandfather decided that he will make a career in dancing. He even told my father that I should become a dancer. My father used to support me, but my mother was little hesitant about it. She used to be strict with studies. I took up a job when I grew-up, as my father had a tea-stall. Okay. I had to share a responsibility. So on completing studies, I took up a job. I said, “I want to make a career in dance.” She said, “Pursue dance while earning. But you should take up a job or something
for our livelihood.” Had you not been a dance, were you looking at some other career option? Cricketer. I heard about it somewhere. I suppose you used to play Cricket properly. Yes, I used to play it full-fledged. As with dance, I used to feel the same passion for Cricket. I was keenly interested in Cricket and DJ. I have also worked as a DJ. In fact, you were a DJ at a pub, right? Yes, at a pub. I even used to be a DJ in a procession during Ganesh Festival. I used ensure to contribute money at home by doing such jobs while continuing with dance. I wanted to run my dance classes. But to run them and to support my family, I had to take up some extra work. Because dance class couldn’t pay more. I have assisted Sir for maybe at least 12 years. I didn’t open my own classes till then. I used to be paid for performing in shows. I used to dance behind the heroes of Gujarati and Bhojpuri movies. Have you completely stopped playing Cricket? Now, I don’t play it much. Bosco Sir and Ganesh Sir play it occasionally. So then, I join them. Our next section is “Apayash Gela Chulit”
(Hell with the failure) Apayash Gela Chulit
(Hell with the failure) You struggled for around 19-20 years before reaching this position. It would be great if you could share something about it. Because it’s all about leading people to something. Actually, I don’t think that it was a struggle for those 18-20 years. And those who are struggling to succeed right now, should not call it a struggle. Suppose, you are trekking up a mountain, you face many difficulties, but you don’t feel tired
when you have friends around. So same is the case with me. If you love trekking, you won’t feel bad about the difficulties on your way. Same way, I love to dance. I don’t feel like I have done some struggle. Now, after leaving from here, if I see some dance class going on, First, I will visit it. Because I truly enjoy it. If a class is going on, I will try and learn something there. I will check if I can practice some moves there. So, this is what I enjoy. I ran helter-skelter for those 18 years. I danced in Gujarati movies. I worked as a peon. I ran a snack stall too. I did so many things. But everything was to continue
my association with dance. People ask me why do I have such a passion for dance. I say, “God has gifted me that skill.” I got a chance to travel, to wear nice clothes, plus I was appreciated for the on-stage performance. I really enjoyed all these things. For all these thing what price you pay is nothing! On top of it, thought a small amount, you will be paid for all these. Very good! Wow! All these things and the payment! Great! But these all are outside struggles. The way you said, you had to earn while pursuing dance. You had to run a snack-stall and all. You even worked as a peon. Apart from these, you also have to struggle particularly, in field of dance. So, did you face any failure in it? The very first competition I won was Boogie Woogie
(Dance Competition Reality Show). Boogie Woogie. In 2008.
– I think you both had performed in it, right? I remember Pooja Sawant was with me in Top 8 contestants. Pooja sawant – the Marathi actress. That was the first time I won a competition. But 18 years before that I won just a couple of competitions. I had lost all other competitions. But I loved to compete and I like it till date. When I perform on stage and people give me standing ovation that is the best thing and best time of life for me. I never bother about the result. There have been many times when I didn’t wait for declaration of result. Then, I never used to be in top 3 contestants of the competition. The aspiration to cross those people increased my capacity to dance. Initially, I had to aspire to defeat the one at fourth rank. When I defeated him/her, I had to put ore efforts to beat the one at third rank. That helped me to improve. I should be aspiring to beat the one at 16th rank now. Then I will improve slowly. I think I have at least 10 more years on my side. I feel those who support you are indeed very important. But those who taunt you are also equally important. They are the ones who actually push you forward
by challenging your capacity. At the end of this section, we always do either of the two things. We either call up a very important person in your life or we make a video clip with them. We are going to call up a person who has supported you during your struggle and initial phase of your career. So we will call him up now. Hello Sir! Hello! Sir, Dharmesh is with me now. Okay, great! So, would you please talk to him once? Oh, yes! I think he is Krishna Sir. He has recognized your voice. He did recognize my voice!
– Yes! 1 second, Sir!
– Oh my God! For those who don’t know,
Krishna Sir is his first dance teacher. We have called him up especially to talk about him. How are you doing, Sir? I am fine Dharmesh. How are you doing? I am fine, Sir. I recognized your voice, without looking at the number. This is because we know his tone when he scolds us
and when he appreciates us and all. It’s been 18 years we have been together. So, what is going on currently? Nothing, Dharmesh. Currently, we are preparing for Navratri.
(9 days festival of Goddess) So, you must be busy with
Garba (an Indian traditional dance form) classes, right? Yeah, right. We are done with shows during Ganesh festival like every year. Yes, right. Now we are planning a workshop. So, it may start from Monday. Okay. Sir, Sarang wants to talk to you. Yes. Krishna Sir, I would request you to share something about
the time when Dharmeshmet you for the first time. When Dharmesh came to see me for the first time,
he came with his father. I think he was just 6-7 years old then. His father got him admitted in my class. I remember interviewing him in the class with his father.
– Nice. I was wearing slippers while other in his class were wearing shoes. He is saying he was wearing slippers then. Exactly. His father was very patient then. My class used to start at 5.00 PM.
– Okay. He was waiting since 3.00 PM. Yes. Just now he mentioned that his father has supported him a lot. Krishna Sir, we ha one last question for you. When did you scold him the most? So many times! Once I scolded him so much while preparing for
one of the programs, that I threw dismissed from the class. Yes. We were preparing for one of the events. Okay. He did all the set-up for another DJ and himself went absconding. After this phone call, I will check with him what was he up to then. Sure! Then I didn’t allow him to attend the class. Next day evening, everyone was standing outside the class. That’s sweet! But these things help a person grow, isn’t it? True! Thank yu, Sir, for sparing some time for us and Dharmesh Sir. Thank you for training him so well
helping him to grow as a great talent. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk to him at this show. I think this is the biggest success that you have earned a title of “Sir”
on your own. Krishna Sir is also calling you as “Dharmesh Sir”. That is, indeed a big thing for me. But where did you go after you went absconding then? I had some work that day. I think the pause has said everything. So let’s move to the next section. Commitment! Commitment! Commitment! As you mentioned earlier about this section, that you were fond of dancing and your family also was supportive. But when did the professional commitment start? When did you finally decide that you want to be a professional dancer? Actually, since beginning I wanted to be a professional dancer. If everything works well then I wish to be a choreographer. One my dreams is yet to be fulfilled. What is it? It is dancing behind the Bollywood heroes. Don’t you think it is a paradox? When I was in Baroda, I had a dream that I will put at least this much effort to be able to dance behind Hritik Roshan (Bollywood actor) or behind Salman Khan (Bollywood actor) Sir, now you are dancing with them. So I had that much limit and a dream to dance behind them. But when I participated in Dance India Dance and saw the dancers who I followed, dancing behind me in Finale and I was at the center-stage. So, it was a really big thing for me. I always do what come to me in-between, while following a particular path. Now, both of my career paths are going parallel.
-Right. Both the things are about dance. Once Remo Sir called up and asked me to visit his home. He sounded very casual. He said we will have a party. I was very happy to attend a party. Correct! One should never say no to a party. When I went there, representatives of UTV and others were sitting there. So I thought it was a huge celebration of something. Sir introduced me to them saying that he is the lead character of my next movie. I said, “Sir, I didn’t understand what you said just now.” Already the ambiance was making me feel very awkward. So I couldn’t understand what he said. He said, “You are going to act in my movie called ABCD. I am giving you the lead role.” I became totally blank. It was as if somebody has changed the gear and the cars got a great speed. This is from the point of view of commitment. And because you are from Baroda, and your friend Shrikant brought you here. What would you like to say about Mumbai? Because when you are in Mumbai, the track of your career changes for sure. So, when did that happen? And how? Shrikant brought me here to participate in Boogie Woogie. When I went to the sets of Boogie Woogie. I noticed many things as I entered the stage. such as three judges are sitting there, people are clapping for you, I saw lights, camera and action just it is happening here. I was mesmerized by all these things. How come is it here in this city? When I did it once more, I got more interested in it. The interview is almost done. We normally do two things before the show is over. First we do a small activity. So, we will be doing it now. All the cameras are ready because we all are going to stand. As you said there was no particular name
was given to a style such as hip-hop and all. It was just known as breeakdancing. You are very well-known for breakdancing. But we all got to know that you have learned
little bit of Bharatanatyam also. You show me any two steps. I will take it as a challenge and try to do it. Okay. Okay? Just keep it as simple as possible. I am just wearing nice clothes otherwise I don’t know anything about it. I just know one dance. Keep you legs like this. Like this? Bend your knees like this. Keep your hands like this. This is the logo of BhaDiPa. But not like this, right? Keep your elbows up. Say one One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Got it? Now, let’s do it together.
Got it? One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Five, six, seven, eight. Superb, Sir! Thanks a lot. Hey, you are not at the 16th rank in the competition. Not at the 16th rank? You have already reach the 10th rank. This is the last thing with which we end the interview. And it is very important. The tag line of Cotton King who are the sponsors of this series,
is “Ready to Lead”. Ready to Lead. The purpose of this series is to guide people who are ready to lead. So here we invite the leader of a particular field. What advice would you give to those
who wish to pursue dance/choreography as a career? I will say just one thing. Just believe in your talent and create your own style. Michael Jackson also created his own style. If you follow a particular style, its credit is of the person who has invented it. I mixed all the things I learned. I mixed Western and Indian classical forms to create my own style. People call it as “D” style. You need to create your own path. And just have faith in your talent. Superb! Thank you Dharmesh. Here is a small gift for you fro Cotton King. Cotton King has gifted you a shirt and a voucher.
– Superb! Do let me know how you find it. If you have liked the clothes I wore in this season
and you wish purchase them, then follow the Instagram handle of Cotton King immediately. All these clothes are available there. Do follow BhaDiPa. Songs of Sairat, though in Marathi were loved across India. Whatever BhaDiPa presents or the interviews happen here… are truly original and quality. I really enjoyed getting interviewed here. I am sure you will also enjoy watching these interviews. So do subscribe to this channel. Do watch the videos again and again. If you like it, then do share it with your friends too. The most important thing for Dharmesh Sir’s fans who speak Hindi and English This entire show has subtitles. So, though in Marathi, you will surely understand the content. So, do keep watching this channel. I really enjoyed this interview, Sarang. I felt the good vibe here.
– Thank you. You can be home here.
– Thanks a lot.

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  92. Krishna kharwad says:

    Love uh sirrrrr ❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  93. Hemant Mahadeokar says:

    सारंग साठ्ये की साठे? पार्टीला आम्ही नाही बोलत नाही….ही कुठली भाषा आहे

  94. NS23 says:

    Fan since his audition!

  95. pankaj kshirsagar says:

    Ek pan shirt nahi avadala might be tula suit nahi karat

  96. Shreya Mangore says:

    Please hyache ajun episodes banavaa

  97. Sneha Puppal says:

    Kon kon Maharashtrian aahet Gujarat che like kara

  98. Mayur Salve says:

    धर्मेश सर मुळचे महाराष्ट्रीयन आहेत मराठी आहे…

  99. Sanjay Sawant says:

    Babbu anghol kelis😂😂

  100. Himanshu sakhare says:

    Jagat bhari bhava

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