RAW: Bosnian Croat ex-general Praljak drinks poison at Hague tribunal

Judges! Slobodan Praljak is not a criminal! I reject your verdict with scorn!

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  1. Slavic Bass says:

    Croatia Hero who fought aginst Isis

  2. Eleeth Tahgra says:

    I guess watching GoT was quite useful.

  3. Tomáš Janco says:


  4. Ramsay Snow says:


  5. Super Sayian says:

    Haag admits muslims in europe as more legitimate nation instead of christians croats with this convict.

  6. Marko kovacevic says:


  7. ANAMARIJA says:


  8. shrek's bootyhole says:

    top 10 saddest anime sacrifices.

  9. MrStifleras says:

    true hero

  10. TheFancyEvil says:

    One last trip to flavourtown

  11. Emperor Dank says:

    Legit the most toxic comment section

  12. MMJ. Forst says:

    When school starts again

  13. Vullnet Bedzeti says:

    Cheers picko ti mater

  14. Kristina Thompson says:

    Generale pocivao u miru bozjem I vjecna Slava I hvala…

  15. Penemuel Watcher says:


  16. TheNotorious says:

    ruined k/d ratio

  17. Commie Killer says:


  18. BuGGyBoBerl says:

    dahell is going on with this comment section?

  19. incefalit fox says:

    https://youtu.be/5RgbpqeXcq4 a am drinks

  20. antony sparow says:

    How to quit like a boss

  21. Dexter Morgan says:

    Fking jewish judge

  22. Solve Everything says:

    They seriously need to start adressing the mental health of these convicted warcriminals.

  23. Orias X says:

    His death wasn’t in vain because now we have some good memes

  24. titanfighter12 says:

    Lol why is this edited like a low budget comedy skit? Lmao

  25. Charzey says:

    the shitty judges be like, NIGGA MY JOB! NOOOO

  26. Adolf Hitler says:

    He said ja nisam ratni zločinac (i am not war criminal he he drinks pills

  27. klaus mortensen says:

    Afraid of being hanged, ( A criminal just like Hitler, and to much Chicken, to face the facts ).

  28. barto chudy says:


  29. Perro Gordo says:

    "stop please, eh, please sit down"

  30. Pretorijanac Rimski says:

    See about JASENOVAC

    See about JASENOVAC

  31. McGroose550 says:

    A shame that he became a meme after this.

  32. Bosnian O.G says:

    Die die stupid ass bitch

  33. MrRobokoper says:

    Nice the croat pig is gon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. adam ryan says:

    At the end he died like women.

  35. Daviddd Weis says:

    Its like a crash. You don't want to look at it but do anyway

  36. WELLBRAN says:

    Seems like anyone on trial there dies

  37. sebaswildboy says:


  38. Speedbird says:

    I love how RT is "propaganda" and yet they have the least amount of bullshit commentary

  39. ACTION MAN says:

    No shots drunk in court please

  40. Douglas Rafael says:

    I hate the world, I feel like crap 😔💔

  41. M A says:

    Hague Tribunal is the only prison in the world where prisoners are dying before the verdict, where trials are going more then 10 years, where there crucial defense witnesses are protected but found dead in the morning, where judges publicly admit that accused would be released if they lived long enough to hear the verdict … Classing political inquisition court where the global terrorist are the judges and the jury.

  42. Uzeir Shaikh says:

    Next trial watching bush blair trump poision drinking

  43. Another NPC says:


  44. Goran Farkas says:

    Ma nisi kurac, budalo…

  45. trta mrta says:

    he could go out free with sentence "war criminal"….he choose NOT !
    CROATIAN KNIGHT…rest in peace/počivao u miru.

  46. Karim Blix says:

    Honorable man

  47. rupert sackville says:

    Brave man. I admire you. So excellently defiant before that illegal International Court. I supported the Serbians. Now you are resting in the Elysian fields. What a divine beautiful moment. I salute you.

  48. KBago says:

    For all of you that are saying he is a pussy,the guy served like 80% of his sentence already,dont you think it is something more than beeing in jail.He obviusly killed himself beacause of honor,he couldnt stand that his name was being disgraced.

    All glory to you General!

  49. darthjump says:

    why were there no capable security guards present , just old men

  50. samozafudbal cudaginem says:

    Umro govno
    Jebo mu ja mrtvu majku
    Nek gori u paklu

  51. Daisy Ivancica says:

    wow this guy actually fought jihadists 25 years ago…a visionary.

  52. Al Albatross says:

    Praljak is not a hero but a legally convicted war criminal who refused defiantly to take responsibility for what he did. He was a general whose subordinates committed crimes. Perhaps he personally did not issue orders to commit these crimes, but because of the position he was in, he had to know that it was happening. What did he do then? Did he investigate the events, handed the criminals over to the judicial authorities, reprimanded or disproved? He did not. It means that the crimes were approved by him and thus he became an accomplice. He was in charge and had command responsibility. When the trial began, he had a chance to tell the Tribunal that he had not ordered or approved the crimes, and then he could said who the direct executioners were. He did not do it, therefore he protected the criminals and completely deserved to be convicted as a war criminal. He stated that he did not accept the verdict (the Croats think that they did not do anything wrong in the "liberation war" that they could not commit a crime because their cause in their view was just) and he got the appropriate punishment. He is a legally convicted war criminal. He refused to deal with the responsibility in the hope that his "martyrdom" would poison the next generation of Croatian avengers of low intelligence and bad morals and inspire new cycle of crimes in fifty years from now (as it happens in the Balkans) due to the legend of this "judicial injustice". That makes him even greater deceitful, dishonest, dishonourable, disreputable, unethical, unprincipled, immoral, unscrupulous criminal. By trade, he was a theatre director, so, for the end he orchestrated an operetta.

  53. srdjan stojanovic says:


  54. Janamejaya D says:

    He defended his people (Croats) from muslims.

  55. Janamejaya D says:

    Good way to go.
    He was in jail (as a suspect) for 13 years, and after this political verdict he would be free in less then a year.

  56. aarona1c says:

    This wasn't raw footage at all. Raw is unedited. This is bs.

  57. yerbabuenabcnkie9 * says:

    Mensaje exclusivo pa la haya q no tiene canal pa q no se caguen en sus muertos!! Tres nombres BUSH, AZNAR y BLAIR El tiempo se acabo I vosotros vais a pagar los platos rotos de Unos hijos de puta expolia terrenos y asesinos, los platos los paga alguien eh q lo sepais!!

  58. Ajax says:

    lol lmao bruh

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