Rapper appears in court after Miami arrest

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  1. Dabokuma says:


  2. Location says:

    She FAMOUS !!!

  3. Infantry Gunner says:

    DaBaby DICK!

  4. Matthew B says:

    A baby being charged as an adult.

  5. RedPill BlackPill Knowledge says:

    Why do these rappers do business without a written contract involved?

  6. tommy Torres says:

    It's all fake duhh

  7. Phil says:

    What a loser.

  8. LIBERTAD Sc2 says:


  9. Ball Sak CH#2 says:

    Never heard of him don't care about him just another brother going to prison wannabe gangster

  10. nuclearProtocol says:

    Intro (to Jail)

  11. Doughboy DJW Supreme says:

    Lol Free Dat Boi Baby 👶

  12. bubba bojanglez says:

    Haha, all these sheltered white women so desperate to ride off into the sunset with a "reformed thug". I'm so glad when I hear things don't work out for these women.

  13. charliemcnuggets says:

    Come on vacation..leave on probation.come back on violation.

  14. dolimi jotoo says:

    Whoever did room service that day just retired

  15. Bad Bird says:

    Ghetto figures.

  16. Ed King says:

    Good boy, ruf ruf

  17. Seahawks Tom tom says:

    He’s just a punk.

  18. Eric V says:

    Today in the comments I learned that nobody understands the judicial system..

  19. Robert Leidner says:

    “ Get that money!”

  20. Robert Perez says:

    HAHA HAAH AHAH who in the HELL calls themselves Dababy!!!! WTF is wrong with this black folks . One thing about Rappers is they all have Short Life Spans. They either get shoot or end up in prison. Life of a Rapper sure does SUCK!!

  21. Noteman says:

    He’s black…typical. Say hi to daddy.

  22. Willmary Carrasco says:

    Welp they boutta charge him with what ever just so they can keep that quarter mil🤣 I mean he probably did do what was said but dam🤦🏾‍♀️

  23. JG Realmusic -the weekdaze says:

    First Melly now Dababy come ON!!!

  24. iukeay says:

    Plot twist ended up 10k short because of taxes 😀

  25. michael simpkins says:

    Damn they aint have to publicize that mans money like that.

  26. Wilbert Lek says:

    A "rapper" getting arrested?
    That almost never happens……….

  27. Who Dat says:

    Rapper in da crapper. Cool

  28. Maher F says:

    C'mon guys he's just a baby!

  29. YENKO DAVI says:

    he should call himself Da Idiot now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Kabuss TV says:

    This nigga make all that mony and he still act stupid..

  31. Soraya Bella Morena says:

    You get an opportunity to change your life and provide for your family. Something millions of youth on this Earth wish they could achieve, you've got and that still does not motivate you to act right??? Yeah put him in prison.

  32. Saibot X says:

    Bruh I thought this was a joke at first😂

  33. x2ceyez says:

    Bish I'm dababy wahhh

  34. GGG Hiest says:

    Release my baby

  35. Nicholas Plesko says:

    Sounds like his music producer was skimming.

  36. EziTheKabaxiom says:

    Looks like dababy needs a pacifier

  37. abolotio abolotio says:

    When keeping it real goes wrong! Keep it gangster keep it real dumb. D’avant should learn from Jay z or Dr Dre

  38. Sweat exe says:

    Why would dababy rob anyone? Be has tons of money

  39. Myisha Swearengin says:

    This man has a quarter of a million just sitting in a hotel room and y'all can't get past the "nicest boy judge"?

  40. Very Peculiar Hat Man says:

    They charged this man for going to get his money. Yeah, he should've handled it better. Still, man. A quarter mil in his hotel room they gonna try to give him an L for? Wtf.

  41. qopoy dnon says:

    He'll get out of this. It's just a misdemeanor, but he needs to stop acting like this before he catches something serious. They're already mad he got away with murder!

  42. BHP entertainment 357 BHP entertainment 357 says:

    Bhp ent 357 subscribe to a real rapper channel i m next trust that

  43. Ceci Morales says:

    Man.. wtf is goin on with all this rappers..they doing so good n thene they fuk up being charge with something 🙄🙄🙄

  44. Michael Knight says:

    These rappers can't ever stop acting for the camera lmao.

  45. vMulla says:

    Judge realized that was her childhood best friend and he starts breaking down 😭😭

  46. mtZi says:

    "the baby"

  47. bodoti qwiu says:

    He'll get out of this. It's just a misdemeanor, but he needs to stop acting like this before he catches something serious. They're already mad he got away with murder!

  48. Tro Kaize says:

    Greed he got a quarter million at the hotel but fighting over 10,000 being short out of 30,000 smh he deserve to get caught up

  49. R3D RUM says:

    I think he said that 4 shock value cause it's like he wasnt da only one wit the key 2 that room and u talk 2 ya lawyer b4 goin in front of the judge so he should've been on dat

  50. exaddict says:

    Why do blacks always have to go to jail, couldn't they just not be criminals?

  51. Thomas says:

    Im omw to that hotel……..😁

  52. abbsnn cose says:

    Known for his stage name; “The Baby” Ok boomer

  53. Scott Smalley says:

    Never heard of him

  54. K J says:

    Bruh leave him alone

  55. Adam W says:


  56. Anthony Felter says:

    Dababy: "Don't i know you from middle school?🤔"

    Judge: "Well does he?👀"

    69: "👀…no"

  57. Gang Shit says:

    Bruh is that the only judge in Miami…?

  58. Floco 803. says:

    DA BABY!!!

  59. Promise You says:

    Your rich why are you still acting poor

  60. Beatslangers Productions says:

    Pay what you owe is the lesson.

  61. Dr. YouTube says:

    Is she the only judge in Miami? I stay seeing her on my YouTube!

  62. 1K Subs In 2020 Challenge says:

    What about his Daughter 😭

  63. Bigbaby says:


  64. bowen voowy says:

    So they just gon tell the whole world there's a quarter mill in his hotel room 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  65. Hellen Keller’s Foot says:

    I thought grihamantri was made 4yrs sho but I knew it’s was in 2020 I was like” WHAT”

  66. Veronica Williams says:

    i feel bad for the. dababys daughter

  67. misolou fout says:

    That boy throws hands over everything, no chill smh

  68. Chill ax zzz says:

    DaBaby in DaJail

  69. fUCKYOU PAYME says:

    I see that judge soooo much on YouTube, I don't ever wanna commit a crime in MIAMI

  70. Golden Chief says:

    why is he going to jail for beating someone up that's so dum

  71. esils says:

    Clean up maids took the qtr million as their tip 🤔

  72. darrell anderson says:

    Where is his room lol milllion in his room

  73. Alan Beets says:

    wheres the hotel room and security guarding it, Ill go get it

  74. The Black View says:

    Cab please, to the hotel asap, 🤣🤣🤣👍. lol. Its no longer there

  75. Death Row says:

    Come on vacation you'll…. leave on probation…305 we ain't a friendly city truu

  76. Time Is illmatic says:

    What he do

  77. Sound Money says:

    Before Jail: Dababy

    After Jail: Dababy Daddy

  78. Elijah Culper says:

    Judges and other law enforcement officials are a lot more likely to be in the news and/or go viral in Florida than other states because it’s easier for reporters to get access to criminal records and footage in Florida. The state has what they call the “Sunshine Act,” which makes all of that information really easy to access. It’s the same reason for the “Florida man” phenomenon, where news stories about bizarre Florida minor crimes consistently make the news.

  79. Brittany Bonnie says:

    who leaked that video and why

  80. Morgan.Warner says:

    Lmao the boomer at 0:28 just called him THE baby

  81. Matt B says:

    This guy has so much talent. Sucks

  82. Sherri Lopez says:

    He's good he will be out soon

  83. Ali Yavan says:

    DaBaby keep it 💯

  84. O2man2k16 says:

    Not DaBaby I’m disappointed but I’m still a fan I don’t know what to do I’m sorry but you did it and I don’t know what to say just don’t do stupid stuff again

  85. YGK_supreme 213 says:

    Wait intell u get rich to be stupid wow…..

  86. ImELFY says:

    I dont get how thousands of comments can get 100+ likes for saying the same thing as the top comment 🤦‍♂️

  87. Paige White says:

    He is acting so ARROGANT.
    He had better hope
    Them Folks
    dont make it a point to BREAK that Arrogance straight down to SWEET Humility.

  88. Joe Shmoe says:

    I’m glad the judicial system of coming down on Kirk. 🙌🏾

  89. Chill JD says:

    Wow crazy, DaBaby met her long lost friend.

  90. Storm says:

    It won’t be long before this judge gets her own tv show.

  91. Nias Life says:


  92. Finster Clause says:

    Oh, he’ll have fun in jail with a name like “Da Baby” !

  93. Aden Campbell says:

    This fake news first thing they bring up is the dababy

  94. CallMeShounin says:

    “The Baby”

  95. Rico Baca says:

    🖕keep him.

  96. Good Looking Honkey says:

    Da nigga.

  97. John Cardenas says:

    He will not sit in jail because he was at the Grammy awards

  98. djbasquiat says:


  99. Adriana Johnson says:

    That’s the girl who has that man crying months ago because they was old classmates

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