Random Classmate Told Man He Is Not The Baby Daddy (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofDavis v. Cole.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Ms. Davis, you say that
after accepting
your daughter, Autumn, Mr. Cole abruptly
ended your relationship, moved out of your home,
and is now denying her. You say Mr. Cole is
the only man who could be Autumn’s father. And you intend to
prove paternity today,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Cole, you admit
to initially accepting
Autumn as yours, and even signing
her birth certificate, but now claim that
Ms. Davis is untrustworthy
and sneaky. You say there are
too many facts that don’t add up
and there is no way you are her child’s father.
Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. All right, so Ms. Davis, how does it feel knowing Mr. Cole is
denying your daughter? I feel hurt, angry, disappointment,
how he all of a sudden
not claiming my daughter. He is the only man
that I have been with
since February. So, Mr. Cole, you’re not
claiming the baby? You don’t think it’s yours? Yes, I claim the baby.
I still take care
of the baby. JUDGE LAKE: You do? Yes. Anything she asks for
I do for the baby. But you deny that
you are her biological father. I’m just questioning it
right now because
ever since I met her she’s been lying
to me about stuff. You know,
people been texting her. Random people been
walking up to me
asking me stuff about her. Now I just came here
to get the truth
and move on. JUDGE LAKE: So,
you have sincere doubt? Yes, ma’am. So, Ms. Davis, tell me about the nature
of your relationship
before you got pregnant. Yes, I had met Mr. Cole at a basketball game,
a homecoming game. And we had goo-goo eyes
for each other.We exchanged numbers
and we had chilled
a couple of times.
So, you continued
this relationship and at some point
you find out you
were pregnant? Yes, ma’am.
After me and Adrian had
sex a couple of times in February. I had found out
I was pregnant March 21st. I was four weeks pregnant. All right, I wanna
understand this. And I… You submitted
a calendar to the court… AMBER: Yes,
I also have a calendar. That outlined
your sexual relationship
with Mr. Cole. Um, on this calendar
in yellow it indicates when you were
intimate with Mr. Cole. JUDGE LAKE: Right? AMBER: Yes, Your Honor. So, you started
having sex
with him here. And then on the 21st
you find out
you’re four weeks pregnant. And he was the only man
you were with during that time. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Cole,
when Ms. Davis told you
she was pregnant, did you question
paternity then? Not when she told me through a text. JUDGE LAKE: You did? I went to school
like a week later and someone walked up to me. She wasn’t
even pregnant that long. And people walking up to me
and saying that the baby
might not be mine. You know… Oh! Then, after,
a guy wrote her in her messages saying
he was mad that she
was pregnant.He wrote her right after
she told me she was pregnant.
This text had come through
where this man was mad because she didn’t tell him and it could be his baby. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: But, Ms. Davis,
now, you submitted a calendar to the court that says Mr. Cole was the only man
you were intimate with in February and in March. AMBER: Yes, he was the
only person I was intimate with
in February and March. My ex-boyfriend, I had stopped
being intimate with him
in January. It was the beginning
of January. All right, so right
around here. That’s when you’re having
sex with… AMBER: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: For how long? AMBER: It was just
one time in January. So that couldn’t be the biological father. AMBER: Correct. Because that’s too far
from the four weeks
conception date. Yes, Your Honor. So Mr. Cole, you then start getting people
coming up to you saying
this isn’t your baby. ADRIAN COLE: Yes, ma’am.
And I just started asking her
questions about the guy. She didn’t give me
any credible answers that I could believe. So I was really having doubts. And I wanted to go get
a DNA test myself. But I couldn’t really get one. You couldn’t get
the DNA test? They wouldn’t let me
’cause I signed
the birth certificate. Okay, so that’s
what I wanna get to. So, Ms. Davis,
once you tell Mr. Cole
you’re pregnant, initially, he accepts it. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So you all
are going through the process
of having a baby. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
And he is present? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Now,
you have the baby. You’re at the hospital. You came to the hospital,
Mr. Cole? I was there the whole time. JUDGE LAKE: You were? COLE: Uh-huh. JUDGE LAKE: And you just
said in your testimony you signed
the birth certificate. Yes, I didn’t
initially sign it
at the hospital. ‘Cause I told her after
we had the baby that I wanted
a DNA test. And she, at the hospital,
she got mad. So after I was asleep
in the hospital, when they came
for the birth certificate
to sign it, I was asleep,
she didn’t wake me up. I have reasons
why I didn’t wake him up to sign the birth certificate. So, after I had Autumn a couple hours later,
he was sleep and I went
through his phone. And all his friends were
telling him congratulations on your baby girl,
Autumn Cole. And I see him put,
“No, her name is Autumn Davis “until we get a DNA test.” And it hurt my feelings,
and I got mad. And I took it upon myself
to not wake him up and I did not have him
sign the birth certificate. Why wouldn’t
you wake you up even if
you were mad at him? ‘Cause this wasn’t
really about him
at that time. It was about your daughter having her
birth certificate signed. You’re right. If she believed 100% that I was the father
right then and there, I think she would have
woke me up and had me sign it. So this is the copy of
birth certificate here. COLE: Yes. AMBER: Yes, Your Honor. And Mr. Cole, at some point
your name got on it. COLE: Yeah, like two months
after she was born. ‘Cause my family,
they got in my head, “She looks just like you,
that’s your twin.” And you accepted Autumn
as yours or you still
had doubts? I accept her as mine. JUDGE LAKE: You did? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: ‘Cause
your family had convinced you? Yes, ma’am but then
like two years,
she was about two, she uploads a picture on
one of her social media. The same guy, who wrote her
when she first got pregnant, writes her again
and says, “Your daughter
looks like my kid.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Really? Yes, Your Honor.
I did that because,
like he said, people were coming up to him
asking him if Autumn was his. And I just did a split-image
of those three and was asking the same people
who does Autumn look like more. ‘Cause I’m 100% sure that Adrian is
the father of Autumn. And I was getting
other people’s opinion
and everything. They all said
Adrian looked like Autumn. What are you taking
a poll for? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: As it relates
to paternity, I mean. Where would you get
in your mind that you go split-screen
your daughter’s face with two different guy
and send it out
to take a poll? That’s what I said. I was just mad
and angry. Who were you mad at? I was mad at him
’cause he was going
around also and was telling people, “I have doubts that
Autumn was mine.” People also came to me
and told me that
Adrian was not… That he is not… I was going around
trying to get a DNA test. But he had signed
the birth certificate
at this point, right? AMBER: Yes, Your Honor. So, he was legally
Autumn’s father. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: And after that you still spit-screen her
with the other the guy
and Mr. Cole, and was blasting it out
to people asking
what they think? Yes, to the point… Yes, Your Honor. Random people
walked up to me asking me,
“You don’t take claim
of your baby…” People that I don’t
even associate with. What I want to understand is, why in the world then
when you decide
you gonna create an email, blast a poll about
the paternity of your daughter, would you add
this other guy’s face on it, if there is absolutely
no other possibility? AMBER: You’re right. I was just mad
and it hurt my feelings. You’re right.
I should never
have done that. I cannot understand
the logic of finally getting a man
to believe it is
his biological child, having him sign
the birth certificate and then still creating
disruptive situations that destroy his trust in you and his belief
that he is
the biological father because you mad. (AUDIENCE AGREEING) JUDGE LAKE: I don’t…
I don’t understand
that logic. You ever heard the saying,
“Don’t start nothing,
won’t be nothing”? AMBER: Yes, Your Honor. You started something. We have a witness, Jerome. Can you please bring
the witness into the court room. Sure. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Ashley Davis. Ms. Davis’s sister is here
to testify today. Go ahead and stand up
next to your sister. Hello, Ms. Davis,
thank you for joining us. You are Ms. Davis,
Amber’s twin sister, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. All right, and you’re here
to testify as to what you know about the relationship between
Ms. Davis, your sister, and Mr. Cole. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You knew
about this relationship? Yes. What do you know about
the timeline of intimacy as it relates
to Autumn’s paternity. ASHLEY: Let me just say,
Your Honor that Mr, Cole is
a great father
to baby Autumn. He is very active in her life. However, my sister did
admit to me that
she had sex with another guy two days before
she had sex with Adrian. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) ASHLEY: But… That was just
that one time and… Your Honor,
she had been
having sex with Adrian ever since
February and in March. And he just been there
so I’m 100% sure
that Adrian’s the father. So, wait. You’re saying that
your sister admitted to you that she had sex
with another guy two days before she was
intimate with Mr. Cole. Yes. AMBER: No… And you’re certain
she said two days. Yes. No, I didn’t
tell her two days. I had sex with
another guy in the
beginning of January. AMBER: I didn’t tell… JUDGE LAKE: That’s
two different statements. Beginning of January
doesn’t sound nothing
like two days. But I didn’t tell her
I had sex with him two days before I had sex with Adrian. Well, surely
your sister wouldn’t
just make this up. She’s called
into court today
to tell the truth. But I didn’t
tell her that. ASHLEY DAVIS:
I remember her saying two days before
she had sex with Adrian. That’s not true. JUDGE LAKE: So,
if that’s the case, the two days before you started having sex
with Mr. Cole would have been around February the 11th. And that would be
the other guy. Why would a question
concerning paternity or a conversation
concerning paternity even be relevant or of issue
where you would be having
this conversation with your twin sister if there was absolutely
no other guy in the picture
ever besides Mr. Cole? She knew about the other guy
in January, I told her. But I didn’t tell her
I had sex two days
before I had sex with Adrian. I didn’t tell her that
but she also knew about
the other guy before Adrian. And you specifically
remember it, Ms. Davis. Yes, I do,
now Autumn is
three years old. AMBER: Yes, Your Honor. And I sit in this chair
because I try to be a voice
for the voiceless. For the children
that can’t speak
for themselves, they can’t. She basically knows Mr. Cole
to be her father, Autumn does. JUDGE LAKE: Right? AMBER: Yes, Your Honor. This is the man she knows. She doesn’t know anybody else. AMBER: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: She calls
him, “Daddy.” Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: But to this day, Mr. Cole, you don’t know
if you are her
biological father. No, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: You are
the legal father of Autumn. Meaning, whether you are
deemed to be
the biological father or not, under the law, you are her father. And you are responsible
for child support. You understand that? And that’s not to say that
you are not
her biological father. Because what…
I don’t know. Because like I said, Ms. Davis you have done
too many things
since you were mad. And then your own sister says
you had sex with somebody else
two days before. I don’t know
why your sister,
your twin sister would get up
in this court room and just make up
a fabrication. I don’t know
why she’d do that either. That’s what you told me. I didn’t…
I didn’t tell you that. Okay. And Mr. Cole, let me be clear, are you hoping you are
Autumn’s biological father? Do you have a bond
and a love for this baby, where you want
to be her biological father? Yeah, I do want to be
her biological father because I didn’t grow up
with my daddy. JUDGE LAKE: Well,
the stakes are high. Because this baby
is at an age where she’s gonna
know the difference. If he’s not
her biological father and decides
not to be in her life, what are we gonna do? JUDGE LAKE: I mean, he could,
he could be responsible for the child support
but not be physically present, which is as damaging
if not more to the child. The child support
is one thing. But the spiritual
and the emotional support means far greater
to a child, three years old. I think we should
get the results, Jerome. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case ofDavis v. Cole…When it comes to 3-year-old, Autumn Cole, it has been determined
by this court Mr. Cole, you are not the father. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Davis, would you like to finally
just lay it on the line
and tell the truth. It hurts. It’s embarrassing. I thought he was the father. This is one of these
defining moments in your life. JUDGE LAKE: Right? Right. From this moment
forward you can learn that a lie ain’t nothing but
the long way to the truth. (AUDIENCE AGREEING) JUDGE LAKE:
So, we’re here now. And you have
to make the decision going forward as you begin
to parent this young girl, how are you going
to move in truth. Do you know who
her biological father is? The truth. Yes, Your Honor. So, it is the guy
that used to send the messages
that Mr. Cole would say, “Who is this guy saying
she could be mine?” Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE LAKE: So,
Mr. Cole, you’ve been right all along
and you knew that in that hospital. Have you learned a lesson? Because now you’re gonna
have to go back
to your home state and get your name off
that birth certificate. I see the tears. You love your daughter, right? But you do understand
that you’re still
on her birth certificate. So, you still are
her legal father. Can you tell the court
how you’re feeling
in this moment? I’m hurt. JUDGE LAKE: This is difficult because I can see that
this baby is truly loved but there has to be
decisions made
sooner rather than later. So, I wanna help you all
figure out how
to maneuver through this. This is a very difficult
life situation
and legal situation. So, I wanna send you off
to talk to Dr. Jeff now. Oh, honey,
you’re about
to make me cry. Your hurt is just… This is not what you wanted
to hear, I know. And I’m so sorry that
I couldn’t give you the answer
you wanted today. I wish you all
the very best of luck.
Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING)

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  96. Debbie B says:

    I'm sorry y'all but this is my first time watching this episode. I suspect repeats are posted because there are new audiences tuning in every day.

    As to the episode, I'll say this. That man is hurt so deep it's hard to watch. He barely spoke because he didn't trust his anger. His family should apologize and that mother should apologize. They both made a mess of things and a DNA test was in order based on the inconsistencies about the other guy. There should have been no reason for 1) not waking him up to sign, 2) the other guy messaging her that the baby looked like his other kids, AND 3) the idiot mother posting a "comparison" 3 way shot of possible daddies with baby….unless she was being untruthful. Between twin sis (to support the doubt) and DNA (to prove the truth), this man is left shattered. He's done. Will not easily recover from this. Don't even let me get started on the liar who rode her lie till the end and her only comment in shame was about herself. Ugh!

  97. Amber Williams says:

    Dang all that yellow on that calendar, CTHU! They must've been at it every week!

  98. Hemisha Fuery says:

    This the first time I cried on this show , that was really sad I feel so bad for him

  99. Glenservicesllc Gordon says:

    Women man’s biggest problem. No matter how good you treat them.

  100. sharon henry says:


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