R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Appears in Court!

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Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. (upbeat music)
♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it, it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ’til it’s feeling ♪ ♪ Let’s go, you know you need it ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ ♪ How you doing ♪ Now, here’s Wendy! (upbeat music) (audience cheering) Ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh ♪ How you doing ♪ Ooh, ooh. Thank you, yeah. (audience cheering) Thank you for watching our show. Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. (Wendy laughing) How you doing? How you doing? Better now that I saw that. Hold on, let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheering) (upbeat music)
(whooshing) (audience cheering) It’s just a simple Friday until the doors opened up and Suzanne, what do you think makes it a super duper Friday? ‘Cause there’s a woman with a pink poof on in the front row. Dogonnit! Correct! (audience cheering)
Unbelievable! Happy birthday, thanks for being here. Really? I know my people and I love my people, that’s it. (audience cheering) Okay, I was just trying to think of something else to do besides talk about R. Kelly and his girlfriend, who’s still brainwashed. I just, okay, all right. Okay, this is the girl. She’s still brainwashed and she came face-to-face with her mother. Now, her mother and father have been begging her to please come back to them. She’s the last of the girlfriends that we know of who, her name is Joycelyn Savage, the young girl. And she was in a court hearing for allegedly attacking Azriel Clary a few weeks ago. Now, we showed you the footage of that, but in case you missed it, we have a more, well, a different angle perspective, this one’s even better, I mean, not better, but this one’s even more revealing than the first one we showed you, just take a look, please. You have to go!
(yelling) Let her go, child, let her go, child! We got caught in the middle of it. Let her go, child. Let her go. You guys about to get hurt. (yelling) Stop it.
(yelling) That’s enough, that’s enough. Come on, get up. (beep) Bitch!
That’s enough. You crazy bitch!
stop. You crazy, you just made them have a fight! Stop.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Come on, go see about their friends. What you waiting here for? Go inside please. You going to jail for assault, you cannot even– Stupid bitch! (audience gasping) And you wonder why life is better if you just see it through a pink poof. (audience laughing)
(audience applauding) You know what I mean? This is the most trifling mess. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen, ’cause it seems as though we see this every other day, whether it’s in your block, on your town or on TV, we see it. Okay, Joycelyn, first of all, those are the two girls fighting. Azriel has been deprogrammed. Azriel is back to living a normal life. With her loving parents, her loving family, she no longer looks at R. Kelly as being the Pied Piper, she looks at him as being ewe. Joycelyn is still under hypnotic situation, all right? Joycelyn’s parents have been begging her, and the only reason why, all right, well, okay, when Joycelyn left court, she left with her two sisters who she loves. I don’t know whether, do the sisters go along with the brainwashing? I don’t know, they don’t go along with the brainwashing. But they’re younger than her? Her, yeah. They’re not really telling her, come on, girl. They’re not really– I think they do. And they want her back with them. But they don’t know how to say it. Exactly. Well, moms do. And so Mom showed up outside of court. And in case you’re wondering where Dad is, Mom and Dad are just regular working class people. When children go off the rails, somebody still needs to pay the bills and you just, a lot of times parents aren’t in the position to quit their jobs to spend 24 hours a day looking after a grown woman who’s how old now? 25–
She is 23 now. Now see. Now see now. And there’s Mom and Dad. So Dad was busy working his shift. But Mom showed up at court. Mom and Dad are both in concert with wanting their daughter to be back to being normal. It’s a loving family, except for this particular thing right here. Thank you, TMZ, they catch everything on camera. (audience applauding) Okay, so remember. Brainwashed Joycelyn, walking with her two sisters, ’cause I had to have this explained to me 25 times in our meeting, okay? Brainwashed Joycelyn is walking with her two sisters. The three of them just left court, right. The sisters are only there for support. They don’t know how to deprogram Joycelyn, so they’re just there for her. Mom pulls up on her own and says, “Joycelyn, “I wanna talk to you, I wanna talk to you”. Mom is a struggling mom, begging her daughter, now take a look. Joycelyn, I need to talk to you, honey. I need to talk to you. (stuttering)
I need to talk to you! Fine.
I need to talk to you. Lyn doesn’t know how to talk. Joycelyn, I need to talk to you! Stop, stop! Joycelyn, look at me. Look what the doctor gave me, Joy. She’s been lying. And that was Mom. Joycelyn got in the car with her two sisters, the white woman is Joycelyn’s lawyer. I mean, what do you do at this point, if you have a 23-year-old adult person who is not listening to you? Do you continue to fight, fight, fight? I say, you have to have somebody working with you. And this somebody would be the lawyer, see? If Joycelyn’s mom–
(audience applauding) Yeah. If Joycelyn’s mom would call the lawyer and talk to the lawyer and they become thick as thieves along with the dad, you know what I mean? And then I just, I mean, 23, that’s a grown person. Joycelyn lives in her own apartment. R. Kelly is locked up, so he’s of no use to anybody. Please, make that go away. Make that go away.
(audience laughing) Thank you. Anyway, shout out to you, Joycelyn’s mom. Maybe if you call the lawyer and you and your husband work with the lawyer and also showing up at her apartment, only when you’re not working. ‘Cause see, 23, which means that this, look at these two people, they are young enough where they are still supposed to be working and saving and things like that. At what point do you allow your children to interfere with your adult life, so then the whole family falls flat. When you’re not working shifts, Mom and Dad, maybe you sit outside her apartment and just wait for her to come out. This is terrible. (audience applauding) This is terrible is not supposed to ask for a clap, by the way, co-hosts.
(audience laughing) Suzanne. I was just trying to bring up the moment. Oh, I can bring up a moment, all right. Yeah, and everybody looks really sad. Everybody looks sad, but you know, look, we go through ebbs and flows here on the show. Life is not always happy, that’s what life is about. I can tell you something exciting. DJ Boof is back.
(audience cheering) (Wendy laughing) Boof bought me some good old tacos for breakfast. Sat there, watched me eat ’em, while he tells me something, that’s really exciting, Boof. Were you jealous by the way that Vic was here yesterday? No, uh-uh, he’s my guy. Well, as long as you’re gonna keep going in and out of town, I’m only one guy away from another guy. (audience laughing) No, Boof has done something really exciting. Boof is going to be in Miami for the whole, tell them, Boof, tell them, this is big. Gonna be DJing all the big events for Superbowl in Miami. (audience cheering) Yeah. Which means, he probably will miss his flight and will not be here the Monday after Superbowl. So, I’m already looking for your replacement. Now you keep playing around, Mr. Hollywood. (audience laughing) (audience cheering) (Wendy laughing) Let me see your shoes. Oh, there’s no shoe cam, oh we gave Vic a shoe cam. Marco, you know we did. All right, look, they have to struggle to go over you. You’d better have something on good. I do.
what is it? See ’em? Yeah, what is that? Oh, Jordans. Black Cat Jordan 4s. Okay.
(audience applauding) The cackelation of it all is that people think that me and Boof are a thing. And I like to tease that, because it’s funny, they’re like, why don’t y’all just come out as a couple? And they’re like, y’all are real cute together and then other people are like, wow, no, they’re really good friends. Boof, but look, let’s keep ’em talking. (audience cheering) So, Madonna, I’m on Madonna’s side. She’s struggling through making her tour really happen. She’s canceled a whole bunch of dates. Earlier this week, she canceled a concert in Lisbon. And it’s the ninth cancellation since her tour began in September. That’s a lot of cancellations. But you wanna know what? At least she’s copping to it. She basically is saying that her bones are achy. She’s posted pictures of, this picture right here, look at her walk up the steps. Good old Madonna, with her 25-year-old boyfriend right behind her.
(audience laughing) But, no, she looks hot. She’s taking ice baths. Look at her struggle to get up those steps, but she looks good, and there she is in the ice bath, but she looks hot with her new booty. She got the new booty, look at her go. Look, a little thigh gap. There she is, good old edges and a pony tail, but Madge is to the point where she’s saying that (imitating squeaking). (audience laughing)
(imitating squeaking) And that’s the boyfriend right there. If you’re, how old is Madonna?
61. If you’re 25 and you’re dating a 61-year-old, does it turn the 25-year-old guy off that she’s (imitating squeaking)? That’s him by the way. And that’s not a very good picture of her. Look, look, look. But that might been right after she got the filler. We’ve talked about that earlier this week. Sometimes you do certain stuff, you puff up before you puff down. (audience laughing) Her concert is physically grueling. For more on that story, we’ll go to Norman! Yay!
(laughing) Norman, you went though. I went to the concert, I loved it, had a great time, she gave it 100%.
This is here in New York? Uh-huh, in Brooklyn. And she gave it 110%, but it is, she’s dancing and she’s really, she has to climb a ladder to get to–
With heels. Top of the stage–
With heels. With heels. But at least, for me, you know what? At 61, at least they’re not pushing her booty, you know how somebody helps you up the ladder? Look at those healthy legs, like she’s still, if, at 61, could you kind of climb a ladder in heels? (mumbling) And I could barely see, much less have one eye with an eye patch. Madonna, you know what? You don’t have anything to prove to anybody. You are an icon and you are a legend and if you wanna stop this whole tour, then do it, but you know what else, Madonna? Here’s the thing. I know you’re used to dancing hard and doing all the acrobatics, but that’s what the background dancers are for. There’s got to come a point in your life, ’cause we still wanna see you do, ♪ True blue ♪ And all that stuff, but maybe you have the kids dance around you. And then you just kind of stand there like Mariah Carey does. There’s nothing wrong with that. (audience applauding) Yeah. Oh, Madonna, good luck. Ice up and for the 25-year-old boy, you know what? It does look crazy when a 61-year-old woman is dating a 25-year-old boy, but what’s even worse, girls, is that it’s not gonna change in our lifetime, ’cause Sean Penn has got a 27-year-old girlfriend, and he’s 59, okay? And her name is Leah, and his kids, one of them is 26 and one is 28. So, in other words, his girlfriend’s the same age as his kids. It’s funny how people, society doesn’t say anything about a man dating down like that, but they have a lot to say about a woman dating down like that. And I guess that’s because, (audience laughing) I don’t know, and I’m a woman, but even I say something about that. Like, what does a 60-year-old woman see with a 25-year-old? Maybe a one-night-stand. But nothing more than that. Look at this boy and look at Madge and then look at Sean Penn and his child daughter girlfriend. I hate the times that we live in. There’s so many double standards I can’t even breathe. (audience applauding) That wasn’t a clap, what are you doing? (laughing) Oh, it’s Friday, thank goodness. (audience cheering) It’s our last Friday before the entire weekend gets interrupted if you don’t watch football, ’cause then the following weekend’s the Superbowl and the only thing I have on my menu is “Sex And The City” marathons for the Superbowl, you know what I’m saying?
(audience cheering) Same dialogue. But I will be watching the Kitten Bowl. Aha, yeah, the Kitten Bowl comes on. Me and Chit Chat, My Way, we are in there. A-huh, a-huh. (audience awing) (audience laughing) (Wendy laughing) Okay, so over in Jersey, Jennifer and Jackie are fighting in “New Jersey Housewives”. Now clap if you know about this. (audience applauding) Jeez, turns me off to wanting to do the story. (audience laughing) I’m not here to appease 10 people. (audience laughing) Alas, I’ll try to make it sound interesting. So, anyway, Jennifer accused Jackie of being cheap, because Jackie only served pizza and a Nutella cake for her son, who’s 12 years old, birthday party. Well, Jennifer, because Jackie’s super wealthy, and so when you have a friend who’s super wealthy, some of you think of that friend should always be doing the soup to nuts every single time you get together. And nobody was on Jennifer’s side and Jackie explained, just take a look, while I go to sleep. (audience laughing) You said that at my kids’ birthday party I only served pizza, but that’s upstaging. You’re implying that I got cheap at the party that I threw my children because I didn’t feed you gourmet food during it? You know what my children wanted at this party? They wanted pizza and (beep) Nutella cake. Okay, the kids of course don’t care. The adults care, the adults care. The adults care, yeah, no, I get that, but you have (beep) adults at your party. Take the stick out of your ass and enjoy life for a while. I spend it when I wanna spend it. So you spend it on yourself and not your kids’ parties? I don’t, I just don’t spend it just to impress people. Does that really impress yourself though? That’s a playdate for me, pizza and cake. I’m just saying, I don’t think it’s memorable. My kids’ friends remember the party too. They’ll forget soon.
Oh. Oh. I’m gonna do my best not to read. All I’m gonna do is just talk to you, okay? First of all, if the 12-year-old and his friends, they like pizza, they can get the pizza. Now, it’s not our fault that you got hypnotized by this girl, she’s got lots of money, lots of money, she’s proven it, how she normally, I don’t, she’s very wealthy– A boat load of money. A boat load.
A boat load and investing in real estate, etcetera. Oh my gosh, it’s so cold. She’s just. But the point is, is that just ’cause your friend has a lot of money, it’s not your party. If you wanted gourmet food, then why didn’t you bring it? (audience applauding) And if you got to the party and only saw pizza and I’m talking about the kind the kids like, ’cause there’s a difference between, there are levels of pizza, okay? Let me tell you something right now, I don’t want that thick crust, cheesed crust, I like an adult pizza. Thin crust, fire roasted, the whole bit. And, so there’s a difference. I would do the same thing. If my kid was turning 12, inviting all the 12-year-olds over. Those kids want pizza, a Nutella cake and maybe some Kool-Aid, then that’s what the, and that would be a memorable birthday. You take the pictures and stuff like that. I just feel like and by the way, all the housewives were on the side of the rich lady. And this one right here, was the only one who looked boozjy, where’s the real adult food? I don’t feel the need that adults have to please each other at children’s parties, unless the adults bring their own thing. You want Chivas Regal, then bring it. You want wrap sandwiches, then bring it. And I would not be insulted. But you’re gonna leave me alone, that’s it? I want my money back.
(audience laughing) That’s it for Hot Topics. But we got more great show for you, everybody. (audience cheering) The Hot Talk gal is here to break down the backlash against Beyonce’s clothing line and a whole lot more. So, grab a pizza snack
(audience laughing) and come on back. (upbeat music)
(congregation cheering) ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, it, it, feel it ♪

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    Did anybody else notice the bulge in Wendy's dress at 20:46? I hope that's her mic or something

  88. Tracena Tracie'y says:

    Why people act like Black people, females or males, either one, in America, handle anger, and confrontational moments like it will be a passive conversation while having tea with Mummy. No. That's not going to happen no where at any time.

  89. sheishiphop says:

    Wendy is corny asf…

  90. maggy maie says:

    Wendy looks like E.T and I can’t unsee it now lol

  91. merlin mokhatu says:

    She is like take away his picture wait wait you!!!Wendy you don't come here and take about my friend R.Kelly you think you look beautiful nope you don't look beautiful you just have a TV show and money that's all you are not beautiful

  92. Lola Star says:

    There more behind her parents,Rkelly ain't the only one in this sickness,some of these parents r too.

  93. Lola Star says:

    Wendy make up your mind,first you was behind Rkelly now it's take him down,girl bye

  94. Jedi Wifey says:

    Let's not forget….. Azriel and Joycelyn haven't seen the docuseries.

  95. Claire Hall says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself! Who are you? Their daughter was groomed. No matter how old she is now? You talk the talk. But you want the press. Shame on you. Parents want to know where their children are. No matter how old they are. Actually glad I’m from the UK. You are a terrible role model

  96. Mr Clark says:

    Who gonna pay for them wet weaves

  97. RUBY LOCKETT says:


  98. infinite asap says:

    Shape like capital letter P

  99. Joseph Harris says:

    Why she saying her name like that

  100. KDGreatKool Boss says:

    I dont want to be Wendys dj lmao

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