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  1. Sam C says:

    R. Little bitch Kelly (bitch)

  2. Evelyn Nichel says:

    Hang Him!!

  3. Richard B says:

    I hope that BOY gets shanked in prison

  4. Jai Norman says:

    Free R Kelly

  5. Henky Mizella says:

    *Later.. you just make a song called: *Kelly is just a PRISON CELL, It Feel like JELLY YUM YUM YUMMY…

  6. Monica Thompson says:

    Free R.Kelly & Free Cuba Gooding Jr. their both Innocent 👌

  7. Annette Davis says:

    Someone that use to be so famous its just ridiculous, how his life turned out. One thing about life ,you can be on top, and lose it all over night .I feel sorry for him .I don't like the R kelly jokes its nothing funny about his situation. I just hope he gets a fair trail .I feel he needs to be in a mental hospital some people do crazy things, He's sick in the head, jail is not the answer ,if they were talking about locking him in a mental houspital, for 5 years.. I would totally agree ,but jail No ,because he's not getting the help he needs ! Those girls needs help also we all know they wanted money .

  8. Mary Lawrence says:

    Didn’t his manager say that he obtained the fake id for Aaliyah on the Lifetime special?

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