President Trump speaks at criminal justice reform event in South Carolina

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  1. Doug Green says:

    why  did you cut the black men out at the beginning who handed him the award. ??  .you fake news jokers are so lame !

  2. rex wall says:

    I hope all involved in this propaganda stunt got cash in advance. tRumps checks are no good.

  3. blue03r6 says:

    There was reports 4 students showed up. LOL. And imagine that, trump did nothing but talk about himself.

  4. cellmate1 says:

    Darn if he does darned if he doesn’t

  5. Eric Ciaramella says:

    Believe it or not, CNN didn't cover this.

  6. Black KING says:

    Trump knows black Republicans are stupid so he took advantage of that

  7. Kelvin Boyd says:

    President Trump is a badass you got to love him

  8. Purple Rain says:

    That an event dump should stay far away from.

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