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  1. Victoria Morgan says:

    Piglosi is swine.

  2. mhmdosmy says:

    Now everyone knows that about Pelosi the Question is what should be done about her and her clan?

  3. Gregory Barrett says:

    Saul Alinsky guided his followers with the idea that the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution. So, whether the Dems introduce socialism through legislation, or so discredit public institutions that the populace rises in revolution, is all a victory for atheistic communism. Any hope of meaningful opposition evokes support for personal responsibility of all, including the citizenry, elected representatives, media, and bureaucrats.

  4. T B says:

    Vote Red in 2020 and push Pelosi into obscurity where she belongs.

  5. Lloyd Powell says:

    The Dems have spent the last 50 yr trying to stealthly stack the Judiciary their way to wreck the Constitution. Along comes 1 President and 1 majority in the Senate using the Dems own Harry Reed trick and they are having their "takeover" ruined for at least 1 generation in just 3 yr. Pelosi has been forced to condense their crazy take over in to 1 yr. To late.

  6. PerryArt420 says:

    Why am I Feeling Like I'm Watching …. "THE GAUNTLET" I'm waiting for the big ending…….

  7. Bill Waters says:

    All Democrats are head cases! All should be in mental institutions. They've all gotten rich off the taxpayer! DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!

  8. R A Rajib Ahmed says:

    CNN and MSNBC is a best fake news channel in the world now.
    I believe that,
    President Trump re-elected easily next election.

  9. Linda Schultz says:

    Our educational system is the kernel from which this evil is springing. Take back the schools from the liberals. Nothing is free, we are paying by letting young minds get poisoned.

  10. Posttronic says:

    How can anyone "Coin" the phrase "Obstruction of Congress" when Congress is a non-functional entity?

  11. dog2biker says:

    That's why she should be in jail. No women should hold that kind of power in the future.

  12. Shane Lockridge says:

    Remove her she's too old

  13. Jay Trock says:

    Trish Reagan I like what you are saying. I think you need to go back to debate or practrice more, because you are not coming across very well.

  14. J Eastwood says:

    Democrats had new email 12 weeks ago just following their plan. Republicans need to fight harder for our president and stop taking the bait.

  15. Makai Mauka says:

    She needs scans….

  16. Thor Huber says:

    She's panicking because her family corruption is being exposed.

  17. Meeker Extreme says:

    She has dementia, after all she is 79. I don't know any 90 year olds that are all there in their thinking abilities.

  18. G. D. says:

    I see it as an abuse of power to do all this with a slight mojority in ONE branch of government. It is a stain on one of the most prosperous and peaceful moments in American history!

  19. FTLAUD 911 says:

    Dems have showed their hand since day 1. Complete sham from start to finish. Get out and vote and send them a message. This is just a glimpse of what they would do if they had more power.

  20. N Bach says:

    No one, among government saboteurs, cares about the country. No one lives forever, knowing that Pelosi's time has enough for her personality to rob , cheat , prostitute her position and overall have a good time .

  21. Suma says:

    Nancy "mafia princess" Pelosi needs to be in prison for her crimes!!!!

  22. val phipps says:

    They're all nuts. Very entertaining interview.

  23. dr rex says:


  24. Bob Ross says:

    pelosi and those like her forget that they are elected representitives not our rulers.

  25. Jack Liberman says:

    Trump must declare a National Emergency and sent Secret Service agents for arrest Pelosi and remove by force all Democrats Nazis in US Congress. They are must be removed with head covered and in chains!!! All 298 House Democrats who voted for this "Impeachment" Hoax must be face justice for investigation of their participation of this failed Coup D' Etat!!!

  26. ford nut says:

    Am I the only one who would eat Trish Rogan 😋

  27. Ron La Manna says:

    Nancy Pelosi needs a psychological evaluation the American people cant Let a person with this kind of mental problem do the things that she's doing to this country she reminds me of Captain queeg in the movie The Caine Mutiny it's really gone too far there needs to be a stop and a serious evaluation of her mental capacity

  28. dennis coates says:


  29. Jason D says:

    Nancy abusing her power and obstructing the other half of Congress because an unfair House impeachment process demands a fair Senate trial. Could there be anything more hypocritical here?

  30. greg graves says:

    Pelosi adam shifter nadler an Democrats said have good on trump national emergency
    Now holding up impeachment papers to Senate
    Now want bring more charges
    Democrats been looking for crimes there is no crimes committed bye trump or Republican
    Pelosi need see physicists an in hospital jailhouse helping out Hillary mopping floors in prison with Adam shifter an nadler

  31. Bill Bercik says:

    Tyrant Pelosi needs impeached for abuse of power and she needs to take the squad with her

  32. Donna Johnson says:

    There are 3 separate branches of government. The Executive branch is not beholden to the Legislative, and vice versa.

  33. greg graves says:

    Democrats biggest liar will change rules benefit themselves

  34. Steve Stadel says:

    Pelosi and the other Demorats want to create their own process.that will skirt the laws the courts, and the constitution.isnt abuse of power. Can you say dictator. Better think what America will be like under Dem rule!

  35. Tony Fonseca says:

    Pelosi for president.

  36. 7curiogeo says:

    Yes Polosi is a traitor to the constitution, to congress, to the American citizen.
    Dem house representitives are corrupt and criminal.
    Don't kid yourselves, Polosi and company are are serveing China and Putin's agenda. Putin.

  37. Phillip Vaught says:

    Pelosi,Shiff, Nadler and other's should be jailed

  38. Auriel Trinity Morgana says:

    She is a crazy lunatic

  39. Goeffry Boudreaux says:

    It is way beyond time to remove her from office, either by fellow democrats tossing her out or the FBI hauling her out in cuffs and orange prison overalls.



  41. Jeremiah Sarbacher says:

    Not one democrat 2020

  42. Cipher Crypto says:

    Pelosi is taking money from China.

  43. Jeremiah Sarbacher says:

    Down with dems

  44. VS30131968 says:

    Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats are the enemy within. They no longer hide the fact that they are communist puppets of the UN NWO garbage. Time to take them all down , and I mean hard.

  45. C. Galindo says:

    She's a treasonous and so her Buddies amongst other things so why isn't she talking to all of us from a cage

  46. Dusty Glover says:

    These idiots are blaming the Dems for the immorality of the President. I suppose they can’t simply turn a blind eye like they are. Shame on them.

  47. Ivory Poet says:

    they are stalling trying to FIND a problem. Whats tyrranical is that EVERY thing the democrats have accused president trump of, they have been caught doing. They were caught trying to affect the election with collusion. They were caught colluding with foreign countries DURING our election. Lying to courts for warrants. Knowing Steel's connections to russian baddies. Clinton buying the steel documents. Thats foreign collusion to dig up dirt on a political rival. Again, every single accusation they are guilty of themselves. but demo supporters are too stupid to see this since they believe what CNN tells you.

    and maxine and nancy have to be somewhat smart since they both are insanely wealthy and both their districts are really bad. homeless in frisco and maxine reps the highest crime area in her state. but they both have millions from a life of politics. this is why term limits are required.

  48. Anthus says:

    Yo this woman Nancy Pelosi is insane and that’s a fact and that is the truth

  49. Krystle V says:

    remove the witch!

  50. Mike McDaniels says:

    The Dems are simply pleasing their constituents, to get votes. That means, HALF the country is CrAzY.

  51. neal ruth says:

    When a mention of "Obstruction" is made regarding nancy p. yes, I believe there is obstruction. I believe the blood flow is being obstructed to her Left Lobe.

  52. rich ernest says:

    If it was a dude Moe Green wouldn't spew this vitriol.Big man for little Napoleone.

  53. Robert Cata says:

    Impeach pelosi !!!

  54. Tim Z. says:

    Pelosi is an imposter! She spews lies, hate and confusion! The American public is wise to her evil alcoholic ways!!!!!!

  55. Life Force Foward says:

    The Democrats target very low information people, to put It nicely. That's there base

  56. pointerdogman fred says:

    Stop using fentanyl Nancy ! Nevermind, double down girl.

  57. Hg Hg says:

    The only good thing in this insanity created by the Dems in the House is to show the need to change some quite large inadequacy in the rules and laws concerning the interaction between the 3 branches of the government. What is happening is just unacceptable, there have to changes that will not allowed another Pelosi like lunacy to take place ever again disregarding the party affiliation.

  58. Dennis Madigan says:

    She thinks she " as a woman " is untouchable.

  59. Patriots Only says:

    There is direction in the constitution on how to deal with tyranny in government. Please put her out on the streets and let us have her.

  60. Hal Asimov says:

    Bloomberg is Chinas Man!

  61. Dickson Chee says:

    Pelosi is so funny no power act like so power 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. G S says:

    FACT pelosi shift nadler watters ALL NEED JAIL !! FACT AND PROVEN !! they have cost the Constitution and our taxpayers MUCH by their willful negligence !! ! GET THEM OUT NOW !! where is the law enforcement in our country this is a coup and MUST BE STOPPED RIGHT NOW !!!!

  63. David Letasi says:

    All hail her royal empress Pelosi! Just a matter of time she will elect herself President, of coarse that just may not be enough power for her.

  64. Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo says:

    Her dentures losing the adhesive to all the vodka in between speeches….

  65. Joyce K says:

    We the American people are asking for Mental Evaluations on: Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff.

  66. Floyd Mobley says:

    Nancy Pelosi ta ticks are in the form of a extortion!

  67. Michael Carr says:

    Pelosi is an evil, vindictive old woman that needs to voted out of office. She is the poster child for TERM LIMITS

  68. DF USA says:

    So do something

  69. Joyce K says:


  70. Dan Erickson says:

    Any commie politician from California does not have any clout from the American people anymore.

  71. EMO BLIA says:

    Pelosi is Obstructing Congress. She needs to be held accountable.

    Americans are not going to put up with this too much longer.

    At what point is this BS going to stop!!!!!?

  72. Richard Gobin says:

    Democrats are demons….must vote them out….Trump 2020

  73. Dean says:

    At what point does someone say ENOUGH?? Who has the power to start throwing these dems outta office for going rogue? If I was a man with the means and know how these people would start to disappear!

  74. Phil Dawson says:

    Pelosi needs to be locked up asap. The democunts are criminals and traitors. Do something about it before it's to late mr trump

  75. Richard Gobin says:

    At 80 years old Pelosi must have dementia…..time to get rid of her…..she needs to retire to her walled SF mansion

  76. Chris T says:

    Democrats are so dumb and dangerous. Democrat voters are maleducated and unstable.

  77. Andrew Herman says:

    The Constitution? I love it. You've been living under the Commie UN charter since the 1940s and Harry "33rd-degree Freemason" Truman. This is plainly spelled-out in the Commie Senate record. You can read it for yourself. Sparky knows this, by the way, and so does Fox. But, the job of the DC bell-hops & their Commie media is to Deceive You.

  78. James LeMay says:

    Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer have their feelings hurt so we need to undo 2016 Election. Are they proposing Nancy Pelosi as the US President? NOT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  79. Elthadiya says:

    Representative Mark Green, thank you, for your time. Go "Screaming Eagles"!

  80. Cyril says:

    So they denied the POTUS his due process: his right to the supposition of innocence, the right to face your accuser and the right to call witness and evidence in your defense, and now they want to add Double Jeopardy to it all!? I know it’s not technically DJ and there are legal loopholes, but still… this is just disgusting. If you are a Democrat and you can’t step outside your Trump derangement to see how wrong this is, then this country is truly lost.

  81. landsolo says:

    Question of the day: Is Nancy Pelosi a drunk or has the Botox finally broken thru the Blood- Brain barrier and started to paralyze parts of her Brain?

  82. Lilak Monoke says:

    she has a really bad nosejob, it looks all wrong to me so i cant concentrate on what she says. ok they are talking heads so it doesnt matter.

  83. Sergio Marin says:

    Stiff arm her and make her yield. That would be American.

  84. Chaz S says:

    Well we should question our institutions

  85. Ciechan Experience says:

    Democrats only cite the constitution when it can benefit their party.. that’s is all!
    Every other part of the constitution is fair game when it comes to politics…. y’all about the founding fathers? The founding fathers wouldn’t have authorized unlawful gun control laws!

  86. Trav says:

    And this is why America will be keeping our guns regardless of any attempt to disarm. But go ahead and pass your laws. They WILL be ignored.

  87. Hart says:

    Her actions show she is scared and desperate to get rid of trump. She is desperately trying to block something from being exposed.

  88. chr Bel says:

    Nasty Pelosi

  89. SEION007 says:

    Nasty Pelosi

  90. Hart says:

    If they are still looking for evidence to prove their case that they already voted yes on in the house hearings then it shows they don't have a leg to stand on

  91. Carl The Chemist says:

    I absolutely love how Trump is the MASTER of triggering people.
    TRUMP 2020

  92. Lucky Luchiano says:

    Do something about it…

  93. Philip Quinn says:

    i think Nancy's botox leaked into her brain.

  94. Charles Pascale says:

    "We have to impeach the president before we can find out what's in the facts."

  95. MrJoco69 says:

    Can't this woman be impeached or punished otherwise???

  96. Amanda Glazier says:

    This is a quid pro quo by the Speaker of the house who has a clear benefit from Impeaching the President.

  97. Regalada Roman says:

    Dems divided and continuous dividing the nation and our families. We can’t even mentioned Trump among us in many cases.

    Too much hatred planted by the liberal fake Media and Dems highest politicians in the WH/the Coup, the House of Congress and the Squad.

    But Trump will serve 🇺🇸Four More Years🇺🇸

    🎄🕊Merry Christmas to all who believes in Jesus🕊🎄

  98. trompacoable1 says:

    I wouldn't worry about the history books. They are full of lies anyway.

  99. Katherine Garza says:

    Pelosi is our of control!!!! Nancy and her cronies have humiliated Our President of the United States, his Family and all of his supporters for what?? All these False, Misleading, Misguided, Sham of an Impeachment!! Nancy, Shifty Shift, Chucky and the rest of the Croanies need to be accountable for this Disruption, they have wasted the tax payers money and time. …..God Bless our President and his family, Merry Christmas to all🎅🇺🇸❤💯👈👈

  100. Linda Beck says:

    Block block blaaaahh
    This makes me sick. Who does this bee-otch think she is?

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