PARALIVES: Happy Holidays Preview!

Hey folks! How’s it going? This is Iron Seagull here, back with another video on Paralives. So today they posted a new
video on their YouTube channel that wishes us a happy holidays, and gives us
a little bit of a sneak peek at celebrating the holidays within
Paralives. You can see outside there is some snow, so it looks like looks like
they got snow working in the game now, that’s good. And they put some stockings
on the fireplace and you can name them! You can name them for the parafolk
which is such a cute little detail. I love that so much!
And they do have some holiday music playing in the background. If you
actually pause the video, you can see there’s three stations. There’s rap,
merry and…tree?! I don’t know what the tree one is. The game is still early in
development, so maybe that’s just some silly placeholder for something else. But
I just can’t help but imagine what a tree radio station would be…would it
just be songs that are people literally knocking on wood for two minutes
straight at a time? I don’t know. Another small detail that I appreciate is that
the gift boxes can be stretched to be different sizes just like how we’ve seen
with some other objects in the game like desks and windows and it makes a lot of
sense to me because some gift boxes can be for really small gifts, and some can
be for really big gifts like Nintendo 64s. So that’s good. That’s good that they
thought of this. But overall this does look pretty cool – literally. So I’m
looking forward to playing with this game still and I’m looking forward to
seeing what the parafolk look like hopefully they’ll be revealed maybe like
around spring 2020 I am guessing? This is probably the last Paralives update
we’re going to get before this year is over, unless they decide to give us
something like this except for New Year’s Eve. But that’s it for this update
on Paralives, so let me know what you think of this new video clip in the
comments section below, and be sure to subscribe if you want to keep up with my
latest content from The Sims, Sonic The Hedgehog, and more! So I will talk to you
all later, and have a great day! Thanks for watching.

23 Responses

  1. XUrbanSimsX says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! This kills me, so damn pretty!

  2. Michelle M says:

    This game looks so amazing I'm dying to play it I hope it's not to expensive

  3. Noor K says:

    is it just me or the camera control is so immersive

  4. Kayla Johnson says:


  5. Simmer Erin says:

    Hah! Idk why but I missed the names of the stations. I too loved the detail about stretching gift boxes.I also noted that I'm just generally liking the ambiance. The lighting and shadows I've been appreciating lately. I too really hope we get to see Parafolk sometime next year, people keep asking about them lol!

  6. Mistake Likes Cake says:

    Wonder what holidays will be like in Paralives…

  7. Latisha Jackson says:

    so pretty but i love the pineapple light the most and that dose not even have anything to do with Christmas though those stockings are super amazing that you can put names on them and i like the font used i wonder if you can change the font

  8. dannydanbo58 says:

    I love the Christmas stuff and the old fashioned radio. It's great that we can stretch gifts.

  9. ayshla says:

    This game has soooo much attention to detail so far… The lighting looks so good toooo, like omg. Can't wait to see what the Parafolks and gameplay looks like!

  10. TJ G says:

    I love this style of cartoon realism. I can’t help but compare to The Sims. Things aren’t outrageously large or garishly colored. Changing the size of things is so easy and placing things on the table and mantle without slots! I don’t even care if the character design is cartoony, judging by the rest of the design it’s still going to look good and I much prefer this over Barbie Dream-house, too
    cutesy/glossy look from The Sims. Gameplay functions and actual control over size and placement without cheats is such a big selling point for me right now.

  11. jasentheawesome says:

    Excited about this game!!! I love the snow drifts and depth to the snow as well as the blowing snow out the window… the snow globe looks great too… Ah!!! So much awesome stuff…

  12. Tierra♥️ says:

    Did Alex hire someone else? On the stockings it said Anastasia, Molly and Connor. Is Connor a new person added to the team?

  13. Summer Jordan says:

    I love the attention to detail. Anyone else notice everything that was placed cast a proper shadow?

  14. Both Eyes Open says:


  15. Jonan says:

    All these clips have me itching to get my hands on this game when it is released!!!

  16. Ador3 Angel says:

    Omgggg I’m soooo ready for this gameee😩. When it comes out bye bye sims 4😔💀.

  17. James Ellis says:

    I'm excited for this game. I hope we get to see Parafolk soon.

  18. Tamara Dey says:

    Just me loving that pineapple lamp lol cool.

  19. Lucy Davies says:

    ohh i am loving this so far who else saw it snowing outside!!!

  20. Adri Void says:

    The level of detail and design in this game are beyond anything I could have imagined. And to have seasons and holidays be in the main game- for so much to be in the main game. This has as much promise of shaking up and revolutionizing the life sim industry as Stardew Valley did for farming life sims. So excited for what comes in the next year!

  21. Reginaldo Um Pouco De Tudo!!! says:

    when will release this game that everyone says that and the sims 5

  22. Reginaldo Um Pouco De Tudo!!! says:

    I hope you launch fast because everyone in the sims players, this game because the video seems to be perfect that makes us more intuited with the game, I'm not talking to go faster just want to say that we waited a lot for this game thank you for the gratitude !!! We hope this game will be unforgettable for us players thanks for making this game! clothes also have more hair and large quantities please thank you


  23. Mistysmudge1 says:

    This looks really cool 😎

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