Opening Up 5 Months of LGR Mail and Retro Oddities!

[calming jazz music]
[electric buzzing] Greetings,
and welcome to another LGR unboxing things you sent video. Haven’t done one of these in, oh man, almost half a year, I guess! Last one I did was in April, so these things have been piling up. It’s been a very busy summer. But thanks in advance to everyone who’s been sending
things and just honestly, helping this summer of
LGR to be really awesome, even without the donations. But this video’s about the donations, so let’s to get to
unboxing this awesome stuff you folks have generously sent. All right, first up, we’ve got one here from Pontus in Sweden. And apparently, this required
quite the explanation. Yeah, he’s just describing
how the game works. It’s a game from Sweden
called Mall Maniacs. It sounded interesting. It was definitely gonna
require more research, but I was intrigued enough
to be interested, for sure. Is that Comic Sans on the CD? I think it is. [groaning] Well, this is just a weird
thing, thank you very much. Okay, next up, I’ve
got one here from Doug. As promised, he sent me one
of the first SNES-2-GP boards, so yeah, this converts
Super Nintendo controllers over to the 15-pin gaming port on PCs, so you can use it with DOS games. User manual’s pretty
straightforward. [chuckling] Got a third-party controller here, but of course, it’ll work with any. So there you go, that’s the board itself. You’ve just got the
Super Nintendo side here, the 15-pin gaming port there. And yeah, it allows you
to plug in Super Nintendo controllers on your PC, which is nice, because I’ve seen plenty of
other adapters and stuff, of course, for USB. But even back in the day,
if you wanted a console controller on your PC, you
pretty much had to stick with serial or even parallel. I’ve seen some adapters
like that, but never one to go to the game port, oddly enough. This is very cool, thanks
for sending it my way. Got one here in an envelope
from Kevin in Germany. Check that out, new old
stock Microsoft Windows ’98 stickers, originals! Very cool. I will have fun with
them, thank you very much. And I’ve got one here
from, blurry, here it is. From Justin, I guess it’s late. I don’t know, I’m late
opening these. [chuckling] Okay, no note or anything, I don’t think. We’ve got something called
The Internet Experience. “Navigating the Internet
and World Wide Web.” I very much enjoy these
kinds of CDs from back then, so thanks for sending this. I don’t even know what to
expect, but it looks intriguing. All right, got one here from Nathan. So yeah, he sent me this t-shirt design after I did my Tempest
little mini-arcade video. I believe he designs these
and sells them and such, like here’s some stickers,
a couple of Fallout ones. “You’re over-encumbered and
cannot run!” [chuckling] Some Galaga stuff. Apparently he’s been binging since he discovered the
channel about a year ago. Oh man, that’s a long time to binge. I hope you’re okay. Glad you’re enjoying,
and thank you very much for sending the stuff. Ghostnebula Illustrations is his thing, thank you, Nathan. All right, got one here from Gerald. Oh yeah, he sent a few
different things here. Some of which I already have. But this is the main
one I was interested in. Yeah, the Sim City Official Soundtrack of Sim City 3000, that is. One of my absolute favorite soundtracks, and not an easy soundtrack
to get ahold of physically, so thank you very much, sir. Very cool gaming soundtracks. Got one here from Aaron. “I found this while cleaning
and realized I never sent it!” [chuckling] Merry Christmas, I guess. Yes sir, I’ll take it! [chuckling] Merry Christmas to you too. Oh yeah, this is a weird little thing. This is The Jazz Pianist,
a piano music library for your MIDI system or PC sound card. You know, I’m obviously a fan
of jazz as a musical genre, and also a fan of MIDI,
and this just appears to be a bunch of MIDI
files, but also has support for roll and general MIDI, Sound Canvas, all this good stuff. So, I don’t know, thank you very much. All right, got one here from the UK that got a bit beat up in postage. In fact, it looks like who
knows what came out of there? Oh yeah, it’s from Gareth,
thank you, Gareth. [chuckling] Looks like there were
some food things in here. Those all melted together. [chuckling] Well, I appreciate the thought! Hmm, a Bethesda game. “As discussed, here’s
the copy of Delta V.” Definitely will be able to
do more thrifting episodes, but, as always, that is
something that just takes time. But yeah, not familiar with
this game from Bethesda back then at all, but
it looks really cool. I don’t know, interesting
3D, early 3D graphics and cool colors and stuff. Apparently it’s a flight sim VR. VR flight sim! I don’t think it actually
supports VR headsets, but anyway, thank you for this. All right, I’ve got one here from Nate. To me, “Enjoy your sound card.” I will, Mr. Nate random
guy on the Internet. I always enjoy sound cards, and oh man, I will enjoy this one! It’s an absolute classic of a sound card, a Sound Blaster CT1350B, mm-hmm! One of my favorite sound cards, especially when you get the other chips and populate those in there, so you have a creative
music system support. Anyway, thank you very much, Nate. I will definitely be using
this in future builds. Okay, got this one here
from E-Z Post. [chuckling] I’m assuming this is some
sort of business drop shipment or something. Okay, yeah, this is from
the company, I guess, that handles the 3D-ROM’s merch. Yeah, got an official
Build Engine t-shirt, a big fan of the Ken
Silverman Build Engine, used for doing 3D and a
whole bunch of other classics from back in the day. And yeah, I guess they
started selling these sometime early summer this year, and I was reached on
Twitter and they’re like, “Yeah, do you want one?” And I’m like, “Yeah, sure.” I will take a cool t-shirt from
one of my favorite engines. So thank you very much. Got one here from Jeff. [chuckling] That’s it,
a little tiny thing. This is interesting,
this is a copy of Exodus: Journey to the Promised
Land for the Game Boy. Yeah, one of those weird
little unlicensed things that Wisdom Tree did back in the day. I’m a big fan of these, not
because they’re great games, but I just, I don’t know, weird religious things
and unlicensed games. But thank you very much, Jeff. Seriously though, just look at the way this cartridge is designed. That weird wavy sticker that is molded to the weird wavy shape
of the whole thing. It’s just odd, man. I don’t have any
unlicensed Game Boy games. I do now! Alrighty, I’ve got one
here from the UPS Store in Tennessee, which,
[chuckling] I don’t know if there’s a note inside. Yeah, it’s from Holden. It says he’s a 20 year old, he obviously missed on a lot
of tech from back in the day, so it’s been great to see all that stuff. Awesome, glad to hear you’ve
been enjoying the older things. Oh yeah, so the Avon
Beauty Vision Computer I covered awhile back. I did some tests and things
on there about cologne. Apparently they contacted
an Avon salesperson, and a couple of them were still made: Night Magic, Soft Musk, and
Imari are still in production. [laughing] This is a thing? All right, so this is Night Magic. Yeah, I do remember
this one being mentioned on that computer in this very room. Ooh my, oh me. [coughing] It’s not bad! [laughing] Yeah, shouldn’t have gone in my nose. Okay, I can smell a little better. It’s a very sweet, very sweet smell. Okay, let’s try Imari. “Where passion blooms. “Experience the power of Imari, “with notes of sparkling citrus, “opulent jasmine, and addictive vanilla “for a long-lasting sensuality.” I’ve gotta say, that sounds more, yeah. Oh, look at that, that’s a thing. I wish I had one of those little thingies that you spray on the paper or whatever. I guess I could just
kinda spray it on here. [spritzing] Okay, now I do like this one better. I don’t know, you know, actually, I don’t mind that at all, that’s not bad. I’m not sure I’d wear it, but
I do like the way that smells. Definitely get some of
that “opulent jasmine “and addictive vanilla.” [sniffing] More the
vanilla, I like the vanilla. Anyway, thanks for this odd donation and sort of follow up to
the Avon Beauty Vision, [chuckling] what little of that computer that there was meant for men. So thank you, this is weird, but cool. Kind of an interesting little collectible to go along with that computer now. All right, this feels like
more t-shirts or something. This is from Vivid Vaporwave, Vaporwear? Vaporwave, yes. Yeah, I think this is coming from the same supplier
as the 3D Realms shirt! It’s the same exact paperwork. Both of these shirts
came from the same place. Anyway, that’s an odd coincidence, but check this out! That is a Cool Crab t-shirt, folks! A very vaporwavey looking Cool Crab, with the purple and the
greenish teal going on. That is sweet. I think they all have the same design, but this one may be a hoodie. Definitely all smell like vinegar. This one’s like a dark blue? No, that’s black, yeah. Dude! [chuckling] There’s a bunch of people, actually, that have contacted me
about doing Cool Crab merch, and I’m like, you know what,
I’m not gonna sell it myself, because I don’t know, I don’t
really have time to do it. But there’s a bunch of
people that have started making these things. In fact, if you go on RedBubble, I’m sure you’ll find a number of them. This is one of them, so,
[chuckling] thank you very much. The fact that Cool Crab has
turned into a thing at all, just, it amuses me. Okay, now one here that’s rather heavy, but somewhat thin, so I
don’t know what’s in here. This is from, does it say? It does not say. It’s from Scott. “Here are the Floptical
drives we talked about.” Sweet! “I was told they were both working, “but I noticed a “BAD”
label on one of them.” All right, well, thank
you very much in advance, because I’ve been looking
for some of these! Oh, I was not expecting this one! But these other ones here. The format is called Floptical, it was absolutely a thing. It’s got sort of a
reddish-colored disc inside. And yeah, you run these
on Floptical drives. This one’s by Insite, in fact, these are both by Insite here. This one has, oh, that’s cool. Got one of those little
shipping protectors. It can be hard to find these at all, much less ones that work. But hopefully, they do. I’ve been wanting to cover
this for a long time, but I’d still really like to
get some of the other things that went along with
this in terms of like, documentation packaging. If anyone has any Floptical stuff that they’d be willing to part with so I can make an odd ware video, I’d very much appreciate it. I don’t know exactly what this one is. This doesn’t look like Floptical, it just looks like floppy
with memory card readers. [chuckling] That’s kind of odd, in and of itself. But yeah, thank you very much
for sending these my way, even if they don’t work,
it’s just finally cool to see some in person. All right, got one here from Joshua. Ah, NASA Museum! “Explore the first virtual reality,” here we go with that
virtual reality again. It’s just early ’90s virtual reality, in the sense that it’s a
recreation of the real place, virtually, not like headset stuff. I mean, sometimes some of
these things would have that, but this looks like it’s just like, a macromedia director type of thing. Either way, very cool, I love
space-related collectibles, especially for PC and whatnot. I don’t know, this is just my kinda thing, so thank you very much. Got one from Ashwynn. Oh yeah, man! Been looking for one of
these, so this is a thing. It’s the Logitech Audioman
Compact Digital Audio “Tool”? So, check this out. It’s an actual sound card of sorts, but it’s one that attaches
to the parallel port, making it kinda similar
to the Covox Speech Thing, or Disney Sound Source, in
a way, but also different. Because, you know, it’s
just something I’ve wanted to cover for a long time, because I don’t know a whole
lot about exactly how it works. So thank you for sending this in the box, that is very cool! All right, got one here from Jim. And I don’t see any notes
in here, but anyway, two excellent condition PC game boxes. So we’ve got the classic
Maxis game RoboSport, well, it’s classic to me. This is a much better
condition box than I had, so I was happy to have this,
because it looks great. And Spaceward Ho!, which I
have never played at all, but man, that box art is truly the best. It’s a rocket powered
space shark and cowboy, and there’s like, flaming Cheetos, and he’s lassoing a planet. Dude, it looks amazing. It maybe isn’t that
amazing, but who knows? I have never tried it. Thank you for sending these. Got one here from David in Portugal. [chuckling] I see! The one packing peanut. You know, I don’t think
that joke will ever stop. Oh yeah, David. DeckardGames David, yes. So it has the add-on we talked about. Yeah, ooh, I know what this is now! That’s cool stationery, by the way. I dig that Windows 3.1 notepad. Oh yeah, now this is an absolute rarity. We All Need Extra Speed, Extra Tracks for the
Need for Speed for DOS. 100% unofficial add-on. Dude, 500 plus new tracks? Like, what? What are even are these? Tracks, cheats, patches, utilities. It’s weird enough to
even hear about modding for NFS 1, I mean, it
was certainly doable. I showed a little tiny bit
of it in my Need for Speed I review awhile back, but the
fact that there’s a whole physical release of these things? It is probably gonna
get a dedicated video, because I am so confused. 1997, by UK Gold. Anyway, thank you very much,
Mr. Deckardgames David. This is super cool. I think he found a couple of them, just very luckily, and decided
to send me one of them, so much appreciated! This is gonna go perfectly
in my collection over there. Got one here from Austria from Dieter. Or maybe he goes by Didi. A very nice selection of wood grain, printed out for my amusement. Yeah, unfoldable disk storage, yes indeed! Thank you, Didi. Let’s see if I can make it work. [soft clicking]
[chuckling] Now, that is an intriguing
floppy disk holder, I’m gonna say. Look at that, that is satisfying! [soft clicking] Yep, that’s all that
is, thank you so much. That is super cool! [chuckling] Okay, got one here from Veronica. So this is a thing, I like
these kinds of things. Action Arcade Adventure Set,
a three and a half inch disk. It’s a game creation book for PC. “You’re a cool dude! “Enjoy the book.” Well, you’re a cool Veronica! Thank you for the book, and
I don’t know what I’m gonna do with this, I don’t know, try
to make a game or something? I’ve always been cautious
about doing a video on these types of things,
but I highly enjoy them, just on my own personal
time, if nothing else. So yeah, much appreciated. Okay, I’ve got one here from Zach. All right, he loves the show, and he’s pumped he can
add to my collection. Well, thank you. It was tucked away in his
closet, not being appreciated. Well, now it’ll be tucked away in here, being hopefully appreciated. And a big fan of LGR Foods. Indeed, I am hungry. Oh, hey, yep, yep! Been looking for this for awhile, this is Star Trek: Deep
Space Nine Harbinger. It comes in this rather
interesting plastic box. Yeah, I’ve never played the game, don’t know if it’s any good. I have been mostly been after it for this oddly-shaped package. So I’ve got a whole
bunch of Star Trek games, it’s gonna go down there with those and look awesome. That just looks neat, man! Creative ’90s packaging, right? Okay, I’ve got one here from
Geoffrey at Star Micronics. Yeah, that Star, the printer company. So yeah, after I did the
video on the Star Dot Matrix printer, they of course are still around, and they got in touch and
offered to send some Star things. It’s a nice mug. “Always leading, always innovating, Star.” Yeah, I just like the fact
that they keep their old rogue logo intact. I mean, that is a classic
’80s looking logo! What is this? Okay, so I’ve got a little
translucent Star thing. That is a thing you
hand out at trade shows. Got a nice lanyard there. A business card, a bunch of Star stickers, yeah man, like, a bottle opener. Oh, dude! “Thank you for embracing
Star’s retro tech! “We hope it’s okay our thank you “is a thermal print instead.” Yeah, sure, that’s fine. [chuckling] Yeah, you know, it’s Star merch. Ooh, that’s nice, so
thank you, folks at Star. I just really like your logo! [chuckling] Okay, I’ve got one here
from somebody in Texas. Okay, so I do know what this is, but I don’t recall off the
top of my head who sent it. Maybe there’s a note in here. If not, I’ll put it at
the bottom of the screen. Here’s the receipt. Ah, yeah, so they found this at an Austin, Texas antique mall. This is an IBM dictation machine, the IBM Executary 224 Dictating Unit. I have been after one of
these for a little while now, just because, you know, old IBM tech, and watching enough tech
videos and, oh, whoops. You start getting into dictation
machines for some reason. So there’s the battery compartment, that just fell right out of there. Look at this, I don’t know. It’s kind of an IBM
design language going on for so long throughout the 20th century, and it was going on back then too. I think this is a mid-’60s
device, if I recall. But yeah, I just think it looks wonderful, and this is in great condition. Found it for 20 bucks,
so thank you for this. Oh, man, yeah, look at that! Nice that it came with the manual, because [fluttering lips]
total foreign technology, man. ’60s tech, electronical things,
that is just well beyond what I usually dive into, but yeah, I’m interested in looking further into it. So anyway, thank you very
much to you who sent it, because it didn’t have a name on the box. Thank you very much for this. This is just neat! All right, getting a little
larger now, from Shawn. Oh my, that’s a lot of blue! If I recall, these belonged to his father that recently passed away. It’s just a whole bunch of Atari software IBM PC games from the early ’80s. I mean, these are some of
the early licensed games for the platform. And they don’t have any
actual screenshots or anything on the back, but I use these all the time for testing out compatibility
and things like that for different PCs and
XT systems that I have, especially Defender here,
this is highly reliant on your computer’s CPU speed. And these are just in great shape, better than I’ve ever seen, honestly. These are hard enough to find anyway, so thank you very much
for sending these my way. This is very cool. Obviously a well cared for
collection of PC games. Okay, got one here from
Ben in the Netherlands. All right, got a nice note here from Ben. “Sorry for the delay!” Yeah, no worries. “There is so much interest
for the Spectrum headware “that I’m really struggling to keep up.” Oh man, so he’s got this
company, Byte Delight, putting together these Spectrum packages. Thank you very much for sending this. I hope it’s not too much of
a burden to have done so! Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Oh man, check that out! This is a Spectrum 128,
the toast rack version, as it is known, in a
very lovely red box here. And there’s also like, a
dust cover included as well, from the biggest toast rack
hoarder in Holland, Renee, who had these dust covers
made, that’s awesome. So yeah, I had a 48K a long time ago, but that’s the only experience
I ever had with a Spectrum. This, on the other hand,
ooh, that looks awesome! A little heavier than I expected, too. [clinking metal] That’s very, very cool. [clicking keys] Refurbished by Byte Delight. So yeah, it’s been all taken care of, the internals have been refreshed, and stuff has been swapped
out so it’s working. And it’s got all the
original stuff with it, but also like, new
cables, new power supply, new, oh, I don’t even know what else! There’s so much good stuff in here! Start connection at the
cassette over there. I’ve got the ZX-AY
three-channel audio interface. Lots of good stuff in here. So yeah, very much
appreciated, Ben and Co. This is super neat, thanks so much! Okay, I’ve got one here
from Jeffrey in Australia. Apparently LGR has helped keep him company recently as he was often
on night shift duty to watch the baby! Yeah, oh man, wishing
you the best with that. Shout to wife Gracie and
baby daughter Annabelle too. And yeah, there are some
cool things that are included in here, so let us check them out. We are off to a good start already. All right, so these two are definitely a couple of the stars of the show here, we’ve got some registered
Apogee shareware games. These are the full
versions, all three parts, two parts in this case for Goodbye Galaxy! But yeah, this is, oh wow, what is this? It’s just kind of a generic
box with some, I don’t know, things plastered onto it. Anyway, Manaccom, they
distributed a bunch of versions of Apogee games in Australia,
and I’ve been after a couple of these, actually, any
of them, for a long time. And here are two of them,
so that’s very cool! We’ve got a discount version
of The Secret of Monkey Island. That’s interesting packaging,
from Sega-Ozisoft, really. Got some Sierra kids’ things, Lost Secret of the Rainforest, The Island of Dr. Brain, didn’t have that, and Castle of Dr. Brain,
which I have since covered. [chuckling] Here’s something
that’s interesting, Microsoft Game Shop, includes QBlocks, a
customizable version of Tetris. Again with the game creation stuff. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with these, but I wanna do something, so if anybody has any ideas, I don’t know, let me know, I guess. There’s so many of these cool
packs from back in the day that just seem like they’d
be interesting to cover in some form, even if I’m
not making my own games, just kinda showing how they work. And then, ah, yes, this
I’ve been wanting forever. Need for Speed: High Stakes,
the Australian edition, with the Holden and Ford cars included. Yeah, dude, I remember
downloading those back in the day, off like or something. And yeah, you could add them
to the American version, but to have the original
Australian release is very cool, as a collector of Need for Speed things, so yes, thank you very
much for all the goodness, and best of luck with the baby. And I’ve got another one
here from an unknown sender. Okay, we’ve got a note here
from David, it looks like. Yeah, a very long-time subscriber, 2012. His dad really likes Tech
Tales and his brother and him like pretty much
every video on the channel. Well, thank you very much. So yeah, there’s a wood grain
thing from the ’80s in here. Let us check it out. Oh yeah dude, classic Swingline
stapler with the wood grain! Yeah, you know, I’ll take it, man. That’s an awesome stapler, definitely a way better
one than the one I have, so thank you very much. Hope you all continue to enjoy the videos. Okay, got another package from a David. Sure are a lot of Davids
in the tech community, huh? I guess there’s just a lot of Davids. A copy here of Geoworks
Ensemble, Graphical Environment and Productivity Applications. That is something I’ve
always wanted to check out. Very cool, that’s quite
a beefy package, too. Thing’s heavy! And a note there as well. Tech Tales, the history of Geos, that’s definitely a possible thing. And apparently he’s also
doing a project here, a tribute to his late uncle, Tom Rizzo, and it features his music as a soundtrack, and his likeness as the main character. Well, that’s cool. And I do remember that floppy demo, Conway’s Game of Life short film thing. Thanks once again for
sending some stuff my way, and wishing you the best on
the Rizzo Island project. A Dreamcast-compatible
website is a nice touch. Got one here from Bradley. It’s well packaged, whatever it is. [sped up crinkling] [chuckling] Okay! [laughing] If I can stop laughing. This is obviously a disk holder, five and a quarter inch floppies, with one of those nice
retracting wooden tops. I have one like this, but
it was mostly just plastic. It was made to look like wood, but this has actually got
some wooden components, so that’s very cool. Now, this. [laughing] Oh my word, The One Peanut! I’m telling you, the packing peanut joke. This is a 3D printed like,
sculpture of a packing peanut with a little plaque! This is… [laughing] This is the dumbest thing! That is some effort, right there. And you picked the right kind
of awful packing peanut too, like some of the packing
peanuts I don’t mind as much. These are the worst ones right here. [laughing] I don’t know what to say
except you all are nuts. Thank you very much! Oh my word, that is so silly. Okay, got one here from Scott Mackie, we’ll see if there’s a peanut in this one. So my legacy’s gonna be like, wood grain and packing peanuts. That’s not what I
expected as a kid, though. Okay, here we go, it’s
a Contel Vision game that I did not have, this is The Prophecy. Yeah, I mean, I wanted it
because of Contel Vision. So awesome, there’s a
note in here too, right? Indeed there is, got a message from Scott. “We had a good Fourth of July,
and happy awesome 10 years!” Why thank you, I guess
this was from back in July. This is one of the first DOS
computer games he played. Not sure if I have it or not, but I don’t, so yeah, it’s similar to Shadow Gate. Interesting, yeah, I guess it looks a little Shadow Gate-y maybe. Yeah, anyway, never played
it, intrigued to do so. Thank you, Scott. And we’ve got one here from Zach. Oh yeah, there we go, an absolute classic that I somehow didn’t
own, Gizmos & Gadgets!, a Super Solvers game. It was a lot of fun
actually, if I remember. Haven’t really played
it since I was a kid. Very cool, a little
faded on the spine there, but that’s all right, thank you, Zach! And we’ve got one here from Texas, and I don’t know who it’s from. Oh right! So these are a couple of
items from the warehouse, actually, at Computer Reset. This is from Chris, who also happens to, I guess, work for 1UpOnCancer. Yeah, they’re a nonprofit,
they help with like, cancer treatment bills
and paying those off. And that’s extremely expensive stuff here, so an awesome nonprofit. And yeah, anyway, thank
you Chris for sending these things along, and also
a whole bunch of things. Look at that. 1UpOnCancer does a whole
bunch of gaming fundraisers, I think on Twitch and like,
all sorts of different things. Check them out, and
thanks for the goodies. I’ve got so many t-shirts
this time! [chuckling] So many t-shirts! Yeah, a couple of these,
which I was not, I mean, I just totally didn’t see them. I guess they were over in
the warehouse somewhere, but the warehouse is gigantic. So David Leadbetter’s Greens, Instructional 3D Golf Simulation. It’s apparently some weird Micro Prose upgrade version of this. I’ve never seen it before. And then, of course, we
have another Geoworks thing, Geoworks Desktop here,
a bit of an older thing. It’s just the desktop version, it’s not the whole
ensemble software suite. So this will definitely go along. Actually, you can see the rest of it in that little picture there. But yeah, definitely gonna
do something with Geoworks. And these things fascinate
me, and once again, thank you for sending them my way, Chris. A bit of a long one here
from Pat in New York. Well, this is a thing, the [email protected], [stammering
comically] [email protected], oh man, these @ signs! [email protected] for Dummies. “Advanced speech recognition system “designed to enhance productivity.” Yeah, it’s an IBM ViaVoice
thing, but it’s like, a whole keyboard setup. You’ve got a keyboard, but it’s got like, microphone and headphone inputs and stuff. Man, I don’t know, this is
a weird way of doing this. There are a whole ton of ViaVoice things. I wanted to cover
ViaVoice in some fashion, because I actually did use a
version of it at one point. But nothing like this, so this is weird, and amusing, thank you very much. Got another one here from an
unknown sender in New York. Space filler, disregard. It’s filler from space! How can I disregard that? It’s the new-agey biofeedback software he recently emailed me about. Yes, if anything, I hope I
can give a proper shakedown. Thank you, Ty and Tav? T-A-V? Ty and Tav. Mm-hmm, yep, my kind of weirdness. The Journey to Wild Divine: The Passage. “A meditation adventure
for mind and body.” You know, I’ve seen a few
different meditation thingies for computers over the
years, but this one, with its finger sensors and
like, Myst-like environment, definitely had my attention. Biofeedback, let’s, you know, who knows? We’ll see! I’ve gotta try this out at some point. This one’s pretty heavy. It’s from Jacob. Lots and lots of inserts
and manuals to like, random, random things. Ah, here we go, here’s what
actually gave the OK to send. So yeah, check this out, got quite a bunch of PC Gamer
magazines from the ’90s. Yeah, dude, I absolutely love these. Some other ones in here too. PC Games Magazine, Computer
Gaming World Magazine. It’s mostly the PC Gamer
ones that I was really interested in, like I think
that’s from 1996 and ’97, April, January, these are just great. Mostly because they also
came with the CD-ROMs. And I have most, well, not most of them. I have a lot of the CDs, but
yeah, ooh man, instantly, just look at this, look at that! Whoa, two page ad for Pod! I actually have a version
of this that I had printed out and like,
blown up in poster form. But if anything like the ads, oh, a Simcopter ad! Ah, yeah, dude! Living with Win 95, Dan Bennett. See, that’s the kind of person I trust to tell me about Windows 95. I think I’ve cosplayed as him! [laughing] Look at that, we’ve got
like, the same glasses, man! Picked those up at a thrift store. Anyway, thank you for these,
definitely gonna be using them at some point in the
future when I cover like, PC Gamer demo disks
and I’m not as familiar with the other magazines,
so I will have fun reading them and such. Thank you. All right, another one here from Mike. Okay, “As promised, here’s the games. “And I took the liberty
to throw in some junk.” Well, you know. It’s some IBM-related stuff? Microchannel graphics
card, ATI chip on there. IBM S390 Video Manual. Got a small box copy of Schizm, and a nice box copy there of
Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp, for Windows 95, neat. Oh yeah, here’s one I’ve
been wanting for awhile, is the Tristan Solid State Pinball. Oh, it’s got a pinball inside! There’s a couple pinball games for PC that I’ve come across that do that. This used to be quite the
respected pinball game, if I recall, at least
among a certain number of folks in the PC pinball community for a point in time. And this copy of Corporation, that is some box art right there. And got a very nice condition
box for Car and Driver here. Something I covered awhile back, but yeah, this is a better condition
box than the one I had. If anything, it looks like
it came with maybe a little bit, oops, maybe a little bit more stuff, like these lovely looking disks. I don’t know, just couldn’t
say no when he offered it. [chuckling] I love this game. Now we’ve got a copy of Overlord here, a Virgin Mastertronic release. That’s some neat looking art. Oh yes, here we go, check this out, Mr. Sound FX. [chuckling] “A collection of weird and wacky sounds “that will blow you away.” Not for sale, hmm. Property of Egghead Software. I wonder how this happened. It’s Michael Winslow being
weird and awesome, I assume? It’s just like, sound effects
in a collection for Windows. Like, I guess you can just use his noises for your Windows sounds. Oh, here we go, here’s one I didn’t have. A Jetfighter II here, as well as the Advanced
Mission Disk over here. In this nice looking funky box. And some more flight stuff,
a wonderful condition copy here of Mantis XF5700
Experimental Fighter. And this is the one I
was more interested in with these two here. This is the Experimental Speech Pack. This is just a speech pack,
so awesome. [chuckling] I didn’t have this at all, so thank you for all these things! Some great condition stuff here. Alrighty, and this
interesting-looking box from Belgium. I believe it’s from Steve? Wow, what is this? Blokken 3? It appears to be a quiz show on TV that combines video games and trivia. Somebody from the area
will have to enlighten me on that one, that’s a first. [chuckling] Never heard of this. But this is what he
said he was gonna send. Check this out! This is an old Ricoh digital camera, the same one that is making like, interesting 360 cams
and other things today. But RDC-i 700 Image Capturing Device, and also an Internet communicator, like, personal digital assistant, almost. It’s like a weird mix of things. I had never heard of it before. What a weird design. And it takes Compact 5 card and PCMCIA. All sorts, it’s just weird. This is just so weird. I really hope it works. How do I open this, just lift it? Oh yeah, so look at that! This is delightful, it
rotates around, too. This is just nuts! It’s got a stylus! [chuckling] So strange, I love it! Again, I hope it works. But could be weird, it’s
got some weird batteries and all sorts of funky components that could go wrong. Either way, thanks so much
for sending this my way. Done, yeah, this is awesome. And one final one here from AkBKukU, who yeah, YouTuber, awesome fella. [chuckling] Anyone care to guess what
kind of contents are in here? Because I’ve gotta say, dude, you went all out with this packaging. So this is the kind of YouTuber he is. This was on top. It appears there may have
been a switch at some point. [clicking] Anyway,
here’s what’s in the box. Look at all these! So it’s like, an odd
collection of Barbie things. Many of them in other languages. Yeah man, I now have one of
the most bizarre collections of Barbie games on the planet, I believe, all in one fell swoop. [chuckling] What? Okay, maybe the note will have
a little more information. So he stumbled onto these
Barbie games at a local store. There was so much going on with them. Two dollars, all sealed,
almost every single one of them in a different language. Picked them up, let me know about them. But the story doesn’t quite end there. Once he went up to the register, he found something there new at the store. Once a day, a random customer
gets their purchase for free, and today was his lucky day. Okay, so he got all of these for free. [chuckling] “The Japanese one is labeled “Sample,” “so I wonder if all
these language versions “were never released?” That’s a good point, but anyway, thank you very much, Shelby, and that’s quite the unique note. I’m sure this would be a unique thing too, if it worked. I found the switch, looks like
it just sort of came apart in transit or something. The hard glue didn’t hold up. But anyway. [electronic version of
“Barbie Girl” by Aqua] So there’s the “Sample” sticker
he was telling me about, the UPC being covered up there. And like I said, it’s just
an unusually tall box. Like, this right here is
a typical big box size. Like, I know it’s got some stationery and stuff in there, but
still, it’s gigantic! Yeah, that is the question,
were these released? Odd collection. Thank you very much for
sending these my way. All right, and that is another unboxing of donations video done, and this actually might
be the last one this year, because like I said earlier, it’s the first time I’ve
done one of these videos since last April. You know, I don’t take in many things. It’s like, maybe I say okay
to one or two donations every week at most. But you know, over half a
year, it does kinda pile up. So it’ll probably be
some time in 2020 before I do another one of these. But anyway, thank you
to everyone, once again, for just sending things in, or just offering to send things in and supporting the channel
in any number of other ways. 2019 has been a fantastic year so far. I don’t know, there’s
awesome things coming up. I mean, I’m just about to
head up to the Chicago area and do a convention of sorts. I am not making like,
an official appearance, I’m just going there. Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, so if you see me there, say hi, and if not, I guess, this is
in the past at this point, so it doesn’t matter. But thanks once again
for supporting the show, and sending all the cool stuff, and just being generally
excellent people. [chuckling] See you all in the next one with some more traditional LGR things
in the coming weeks.

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