Omar Abdelkafy: The Prophet and the Day of Judgement (English Subtitles)

It is said that (on the day of judgement ) Moses will say, my Lord I do not ask of the wellbeing of brother Harun. And Jesus will say I do not ask you about my mother Mary, And Ibrahim will say I do not ask you about my son Ismaeel. Every man of them shall on that day have an affair which will occupy him. (Abasa, 37) The only one who will stand firm is prophet Muhammed. (PBUH) The only one. Because Allah showed him Hell before, he showed him the angel of death before, he fortified him, maybe your Lord will raise you to a position of great glory. (Israa’, 79) This is the position of great glory. He is the only one who will stand firm. Neither a close angel nor a prophet sent will say anything but your mercy on me Lord. Except the prophet Muhammed who will say, my Lord have mercy on my nation. Is this a prophet who should be abandoned? Should his teachings be abandoned? Should we ignore our duties to him? Should we ignore him in either small or large deeds*. If I give you directions to go to a house, you will follow them until you get there. Then why do we deviate when he has given us the directions to happiness? What amazes me Ibn’ul Qayem named one of his books the “Leading the souls to a place of happiness” A wonderful name. The prophet is indeed leading the souls to a place of happiness. So why do we not listen to him? That is the question. What is delaying you? What is your excuse? You who delayed the prayer, why? You who is rebellious to wear the hijab, why? If you want to deceive me with false excuses go ahead. Go ahead and deceive whoever you want ,but then what? These episodes should be an alarm to everyone. I fear that we may leave this world without having done service to our religion. Then what? Until when?

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  1. yusra489 says:

    Makes you think until when people are going to stay asleep….May Allah guide us to the right path Inshallah before it is too late.

  2. dinny royal says:

    English subtitles🤔

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