Nude Gym-Goer Claims He Thought Planet Fitness Was a ‘Judgement- Free’ Zone

Hey guys for Complex News, I’m Natasha Martinez. Imagine running on the treadmill at your gym
and seeing a fully grown man walk in naked and start doing yoga. You’d probably be scarred for life. Unfortunately that hypothetical situation
is all too real for some gym members at Planet Fitness in New Hampshire. 34-year-old Eric Stagno walked into the crowded
Planet Fitness, stripped down at the door, checked himself out in the mirror, then proceeded
to do yoga in broad daylight. Eric was arrested around 1:30p.m. but his
defense was that he thought Planet Fitness was a judgement free zone. Fair enough considering one of the company’s
new commercials advertises the gym’s no-judgement philosophy. Too bad for Eric though, because nudity is
not a part of the judgement free zone and now he’s been charged with indecent exposure/lewdness
and disorderly conduct. According to the Boston Globe, police Captain
Brett Morgan said, QUOTE CARD– Police Captain Brett Morgan via
The Boston Globe When officers arrived, they found him there,
completely nude: on his knees in a yoga-type position. He walked into the gym, stripped down at the
door, then proceeded to walk back and forth a couple of times before settling in on the
yoga mats Some of the comments that witnesses gave ranged
from being uncomfortable, disgusted, sick, and unsafe. All great words you want to be described of
while naked. Morgan said there were more witnesses coming
forward that authorities could count for. Eric also had some drug paraphernalia in his
possession, though it’s unclear if he was on drugs when he rocked his birthday suit. It would make more sense than believing the
gym’s “judgement free zone” slogan though. Eric has been released on bail and will be
going to court on September 21st. //// That’s your news for now, for more on
this and the rest of today’s stories subscribe to Complex on YouTube. For Complex News, I’m Natasha Martinez.

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  1. cloak and dagger says:

    Get nude for us Natasha

  2. Oldm.a.n says:

    Dumbass and Fuck Planet Fitness.. That gym full of shit anyway.

  3. Jayvon Brown says:

    Does this moron not know that that's illegal?

  4. Chloe Mackenzie says:

    Well the word Gymnasium comes from the Ancient Greek word gymnós meaning "naked"… so yeah. He's doing it right

  5. Harry Dyckenhaand says:

    I'll watch Natasha do naked yugioh…

  6. Dankady Bong says:


  7. Naruto Can Kill Goku says:

    Yes within the laws we do not judge.

  8. Titan Bestial Transvestigation says:

    Sounds about……w

  9. Aidan DeFrancesco says:

    Tread meal?😂

  10. rich cat says:

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  11. dontworryaboutit says:

    That's facts tho lol 😂

  12. HaylonHarroo87 says:

    I haven’t watched this yet but I’m gonna assume the dude is hwite

  13. emperor of the felines says:

    Training naked doesn't sound practical at all. What if you running and your nuts swing up then slam on your thigh. Or just the smacking sound coming from your dick

  14. Mo 2k says:

    Imagine benching and then getting a whiff of this dudes butthole

  15. Shannon Marshall says:


  16. give me you hard earned money 4 nutin says:

    If this guy loses I'm cancelling my membership

  17. mahchymk93 says:

    The natashhhh power is strong in this one

  18. Dymez says:

    People be seeing signs and slogans on walls of establishments and then try their best to come up with some unacceptable shit that they can argue fits into their rules. Dude got everything he wanted out of that bullshit experience… smh

  19. ThisIsntTicef says:

    this gon be on next season of south park

  20. James Manning says:

    No way I’m arresting a naked guy that’s sweating.

  21. KI115witch says:


  22. Mass Murda 413 47 says:

    Prob a YouTuber

  23. Evan Edgar says:

    What a fucking legend. Love it. Someone post this guy's bail.

  24. Eric Ramos says:

    Imagine being a woman in the restroom and see a grown man naked with you. You'd probably be scared for life.

  25. Brandom Castor says:

    I wish it was Natasha not that guy 🤤🍆💦

  26. marvdatboi says:

    This nigga walked too far out the mens locker room

  27. JAE6 4LIFE says:

    🤷‍♂️ he tried

  28. Derek Quintana says:

    “I thought this was america”😂

  29. BardocksBallSack says:

    Their lunk alarms will butt fuck you

  30. Tj Singh says:

    Laughing at a fat person in the gym is like laughing at a sick person in the hospital

  31. Fresh Memes says:

    10000000 IQ

  32. BardocksBallSack says:

    Imagine going to planet fitness seriously lmao 💀

  33. aaron says:

    planet fitness is for pussies anyways

  34. W - says:

    This a W the workers at planet fitness are nazis

  35. Masta nASTY says:

    Dark brown nipples…

  36. The Rock says:

    I wanna see Natasha come to my Planet Fitness and strip down naked 😏😚

  37. - HADOUKEN- says:

    You already know the reason why they felt “uncomfortable” and “disgusted” was because they were jealous of that dude’s sexy ass body no homo.

  38. Haise Sasaki says:

    You simps keep talking about this bitch outfit and face like y'all sound more like females then females.

  39. Don't give up on me says:

    Does a naked man equate to rape?

  40. -たいの says:

    What's their problem? They never seen someone with a long DICK!!

  41. Yung Voii says:

    Y'all hella late on this

  42. Lyndon Fair says:

    Mf knew he can't do that shit


    Youd think with all the fucking americans do wed be more accustomed to nudity. Lije its naked mf in every video man and women. I dont see what the big issue is. Most ig models come in half naked doing goofy shit on the tredmil for attention homie just wanted to let his balls hang. As long as he wasnt forcefully tea bagging random people that didnt want the tea bagging then we have and issue.

  44. Youtube Channel says:

    Hey I wouldn't complain if it was Natasha

  45. Youtube Channel says:

    Natasha and Blacked need to collab

  46. Richard Arbizo says:

    u know damn well them horny bitches in the gym was tryna walk over to his ass to do "yoga"

  47. viva1amota says:

    Anyone know if Natasha Single?

  48. Mike V says:

    Dude I laughed so hard when I saw this story online…there's actually a "judgement free zone" section @ my planet fitness gym lollllll

  49. cam wilson says:

    People act like they haven't seen a dick before smh

  50. Jon Jon says:

    Falling on a treadmill nude full speed then getting caught witch means getting rug burn on penis or eat 20 raw fish for 80 mill the choice is your you have 60 seconds

  51. Cristian De Leon says:

    Bruh I just get back from the gym to see this…..

  52. Tee Taylor says:

    Natasha lowkey look like Eva notty

  53. Kevin Polo says:

    It was probably my man's birthday

  54. Thumbs up smiley face says:

    Complex should be a judgement free zone so we can all see Natasha naked.

  55. based tyler says:

    Lol free this innocent man! You should be able to attend the gym nude

  56. Berry McKockiner says:


  57. young jedi says:

    Lol 😆

  58. Dumplings Boi says:

    My boi was just letting his nuts hang TR3YWAY!!

  59. yocampout says:

    Can't wait to hear the wording on this lawsuit

  60. Yorkie Terriers says:

    I got my dick sucked by an old man in the sauna room. I eat old women's beaver in the pool. I had my nuts fondled spotting a butt guy. I just can't seem to have sex with a woman my age there.. yet.

  61. traydevon says:

    Man thoughts: “Hmm…and how would I describe Natasha naked?”

  62. Dragonhile says:

    This is why planet fitness is the worst gym ever

  63. Dusty Depot says:

    Dw natasha this rule dont apply to you

  64. Young Simba says:

    Do yoga at home buddy

  65. rribarra13 says:

    “I’m sorry, I thought this was America ! “

  66. Alexander Rodriguez says:

    Sounds meme-able

  67. 83' Tone says:

    Planet Fitness should mean what they say….

  68. Daniel O says:

    Troll level 100

  69. Andrew Widlicka says:

    Lmao which YouTube prank channel does he own?

  70. Shaun Riley says:

    Planet fitness is for filthy disgusting females that have no confidence.

  71. Red Dot says:

    Trolling is at an all time high now

  72. Sam Alexander says:

    Fr fuck planet fitness tho

  73. Zay Flacko says:

    Imagine your first time ever going into a gym and they start giving you a tour.

    “And right over on this rack is the squatting area-OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK AM I LOOKING AT. SOUND THE FUCKING LUNK ALARM NOW

  74. youngsquire says:

    Let the man go..

  75. Supreme God says:

    They felt unsafe when a nude man started doing yoga hmmm I wonder where he hid the gun

  76. Tri Limb says:

    Natasha Martinez can get it tho😍

  77. MOLG Clan says:

    What this world is based off of Balls hahah

  78. Michael Hernandez says:

    People that want to be different are not good thinkers he doesn't understand that having your bare nuts on gym equipment is not sanitary you fucken dirty fuck if you wanna be a nudist fine just keep your fucken balls away from spotting me on the bench press!!

  79. Jay Ali says:

    Wtf 😂 😂 😂 only in America 🇺🇸

  80. Lawdhabmercy1 says:

    Thanks Obama!

  81. Maine says:

    You can't even grunt in that fitness center. And they have Smith machines instead of free weights 🤮. Imo the only reason to go to planet fitness is to see ass. Plenty bitches go there.

  82. Jank Paul says:

    I never understood why people don’t just get home gyms. Public gyms are nasty.

  83. Tanya Miller says:

    do y'all even know what trolling is anymore lol he didn't actually viscerally believe it was cool.

  84. Adam Arzo says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa Planet Fitness a judge free zone? Is that why the lunk alarm exists? Is that why if you're not a fat person with no intention to lose weight, or a casual moron with no knowledge of lifting or exercise they don't want you.

    I'm a fat motherfucker, but atleast I don't lie to myself and eat slices of pizza on the exercise bike at planet fitness.

  85. BOSTON 617 says:

    Punks these days smh

  86. Jason Garcia says:


  87. Blank Name says:

    This guys a savage

  88. Brandon Cortez says:

    Planet fitness are for broke ass bitches 😂😭💀

  89. Christopher Layana says:

    Free the titty tho

  90. Rocco Rattlebag says:

    He should just say he "identifies as a clothed non binary human…..

  91. Db R says:

    Damn Natasha let me take u out to eat 😂

  92. WannaSMDin1080p says:


  93. Brianatlive says:

    Best video title oh my god hahaha

  94. Daryn C says:

    This man is a psychopath but in all seriousness fuck planet fitness lmfao

  95. 4NGL says:

    to those getting ideas this will never be a thing

  96. mr ripper 345 says:

    Who mans is this

  97. BOMB LEGACY says:

    why is her nose leaning to thee right ???? jus sayin
    id still hit

  98. no name says:

    apparently the only place that behavior is legal is inside female private spaces – there the men can walk around nake and not get arrested


    I searched up my friends name to see if he had a YouTube channel…

    How the fuck do I get this from Connor Stagno

  100. Rembuden says:

    nudity is now rude. Aren't we all nude at some stage in our everyday lives?

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