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The western coast of Norway is home to some
of the most dramatic landscapes on earth. Carved by glaciers throughout the ages, some
of these fjords stretch for 200 kilometres inland and are over a kilometre deep. The current convoluted travel route through
and around this terrain takes you along Norway’s 1,100 kilometre, 683 mile, E39 highway. A road with a total journey time of 21 hours. Now, the Norwegian government are working
to improve access to services and residential and labour markets across the country’s
western regions by embarking on the largest infrastructure project in the nation’s history. Norway’s E39 highway runs between, Kristiansand in the far south of the country and Trondheim
in the north. The route navigates its way across the fjord network and features no fewer
than seven ferry crossings. The new coastal highway project aims to eliminate
the need for ferry services altogether by building a series of bridges and tunnels across,
through and under the landscape. With many of the fjords along the route being
too wide or too deep for conventional infrastructure to cross, innovative new solutions are being investigated by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Rogfast is the first in a series of crossings
that will link the E39, connecting Stavanger and Haugesund via a 27 kilometre, 16 mile,
under sea tunnel. This structure will reach depths of up to
390 metres below sea level, making it the deepest as well as the longest undersea road
tunnel in the world. The Rogfast project will in fact consist of
two tunnels connected every 250 metres with emergency exits. Each tunnel will have a lay-by
at 500 metre intervals, along with telephone and surveillance cameras along the route. The tunnel will also feature a mid-route intersection
with the island municipality of Kvitsøy creating an undersea tunnel junction and connecting
the island with the Norwegian mainland. With work begun in 2018, this element of the
project is set to be completed by 2026 at a cost of USD $2BN. While the Rogfast works are already underway,
the scale of some other fjords is presenting the project team with extreme engineering
challenges. Bjornafjord – located to the south of Bergen
– stands 5 kilometres wide, and reaches depths of 600 metres. To cross this challenging stretch of water,
a proposal has been put forward for a floating bridge, anchored to the shore at both ends. The Sulafjord crossing has seen two possible
solutions put forward. The first is for a three tower suspension
bridge, with two of the bridges’ towers anchored on land and the third central tower
anchored to the seafloor, some 400 metres below the water line. An alternative proposal for a “submerged
floating tunnel” would see two interconnected tubes running side by side tethered to the
seabed using high strength cables. Crossing the Romsdalsfjord will require a
16 kilometre undersea tunnel, much like the Rogfast project, from Alesund to Midsund – followed
by a 2 kilometre suspension bridge connecting onto Molde. By far the most complex and ambitious of all
of the coastal highway crossings is that at Sognefjord – also known as the “King of
the Fjords”. Norway’s largest and deepest fjord is over
3.7 kilometres wide and an incredible 1.3 kilometres deep at its lowest point. While these extreme distances pose their own
challenges, engineers must also account for the high number of ships that enter the fjord
on a regular basis. Any crossing must allow for a clear shipping
lane that is at least 400 metres wide – with 70 metres clearance above the water’s surface
and at least 20 metres clearance into the depths. To deliver this, the project team are considering
numerous different types of crossing for this fjord. The first is a traditional suspension bridge.
With a 3,700 metre crossing, such a structure would be almost double the length of the world’s
current longest bridge and would require support towers at least 450 metres tall, significantly
eclipsing the 343m tall Millau Viaduct in France to become the world’s tallest bridge
structure. A floating bridge is also being considered.
However, this structure would need to raise to allow ships to pass and achieving such
a feature in a bridge that is only anchored to each shoreline poses considerable engineering
challenges that are yet to be overcome. In a similar proposal to that found at Sulafjord,
a submerged floating tunnel in also being considered. This proposal would differ slightly to its
counterpart due to the extreme depth of the Sognefjord. Rather than being tethered to
the seabed, the tunnels would be suspended from floating pontoons that would allow ships
to pass overhead. A hybrid proposal is also being considered
– combining a floating pontoon bridge with a portion of submerged floating tunnel that
allows ships to pass. Whilst fixed bridges transferring into fixed
tunnels is not an uncommon solution in waterways with high shipping traffic – such as the link
between Denmark and Sweden and the extensive Hong Kong to Macau crossing – combining the
two floating structures in this way would create the world’s first example of such a
solution. Finally, a proposal for a multi-span cable
stayed bridge is under review. This structure would feature four floating pylons tethered to the sea floor rather like oil rigs. With safety and environmental considerations
being of the utmost importance, Norway’s vast coastal highway project is set to become
a new benchmark in engineering capabilities and a model for future infrastructure projects
around the world. If you enjoyed this video and would like to get more from the definitive video channel for construction, subscribe to the B1M.

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  1. Mads says:

    Right, looks great on animations.. reality is very different.

  2. john smitty says:

    would it not be cheaper and easier to just buy everybody in norway helicopters instead

  3. whiteraven says:

    $47 billion dollar deposit with a further billions + on arrival.

  4. Flat Swiss says:

    Those who have been holding the Reigns for the past 500 years lying about the true nature of our Earth for power and control have greatly delayed all of the worlds ground transportation.. In 2019 all of this should have been completed by now. Earth is not a Spinning Space Rock Covered With 70% Water it is a Fixed Plane, no need to leave the earth go up to 40,000 ft and fly over an imaginary Ball. Low flying drones and shuttles to compliment a well planned ground transportation infrastructure is all that is needed.. Peace on the Plane Brothers and Sisters

  5. León Coretz says:

    Are there ways we can influence the outcome? I'd totally be willing to take a trip to Norway to drive on a three-tower suspension bridge, but not for an underwater tunnel with no windows.

  6. Penfold_1982 says:

    Meanwhile in the UK we cant even fix potholes…

  7. Bunker Sieben says:


  8. Michael Wall says:

    Too much pandering to car ownership

  9. Ani Mali says:

    If this project is being built by the chicons …then…😖

  10. Shakeel Anjum says:

    What if Norway invest 47 billions of dollars in drones and flying cars instead of this risky and lengthy highway, they can give each Norwegian a free of cost flying vehicle

  11. luvsilly60 says:

    Uff Da on wheels.
    Make sure you can bicycle on it.

  12. luvsilly60 says:

    West Virginia has been building a cool highway

  13. Umesh Thorbole says:

    Why am i thinking this is little bit wastage of money.🤔🤔becoming more n more developed,we should think the other developing countries.It decreases permanent jobs of sailors+the beauty of western norway is little bit destroyed.

  14. Guds777 says:

    Heya Norge, sæll frændi, can you design the road system here in Iceland…

  15. Gerald Pined says:

    good video bro!!!

  16. Alexander van Wyk says:

    Financing shouldn't be a problem. Just start printing billions of dollars, US style.

  17. creator Space says:

    It's done well.

  18. Pete Dallas says:

    as a uk resident, is it the sensible management of oil revenue of the Norwegians that allows the cost of this massive infrastructure investment to be even thinkable?

  19. Aleksander Pski says:

    what for ?

  20. neddy laddy says:

    Why not just simply concrete the entire continent?

  21. x_WarHawk_x says:

    Norway: We're gonna build a 630+ mile amazing coastal highway for approx $47 Billion.

    Boston, MA: Our "Big Dig" project was approx $24.3 Billion for 1.5 miles….so yeah, hold my Sam Adams

  22. Navjot Singh says:

    Floating tunnels and bridges, okay cool but does that mean that they are made for 1 fixed water level? Will be quite tough to compensate bends due to rise or fall of water level

  23. jawwad Ahmed says:


  24. Only Standup says:

    Utter foolishness. Flying cars eliminate the need for all of this nonsense, would be be faster, less pollution and can be had for approximately half this price, that includes: gigafactory, R&D and flight infrastructure. Utter silliness this road project.

  25. İnsancıl İnsan says:

    Why don't they build new railways instead of these projects

  26. Gerry Cooney says:

    Socialist projects just get dumber and dumber.

  27. Remember Alamo says:

    47B divided by number of Norwegians (5.258M) = 8.94M. Income per capita 0.0635M. Interesting business decision. Besides 47B will not be enough as time progresses. Norwegians must have enough oil to sell.

  28. Maria Kitsiou says:

    Iam from Cyprus and we all cypriots we love spectacular Norway!

  29. thibautisserant says:

    0:53 Sucks for Alesund ^^"

  30. FlapJack _Sparrow says:

    Why does this guy sound like 'ESO – Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides'???

  31. Tasneem Khan says:

    Go ahead.

  32. says:

    Amazing engineering solutions! I like the lower profile options for scenic reasons.

  33. UncleFeedle says:

    A submerged floating tunnel looks damn scary, especially one of that length.

  34. Paul Crawford says:

    of course nobody has told the designers that the sea levels will definitely rise… so hey just follow everyone else…. meh, meh

  35. Bugatti Boss says:

    This crazy project is being sold at a price tag of $47 billion. Just wait till cost overruns happen as they always do and this project could bankrupt Norway

  36. Dissent says:

    does anyone else see the danger of having an underwater tunnel that long one disastrous mishap such as a fuel tanker explosion and water would fill the tunnel for miles trapping thousands of drivers, with no easy access for rescue or escape. what are the safe guards against that scenario

  37. livin' in chains says:

    Is this actually existing?

  38. Karabo Mafa says:

    No way this will be 47 billion! Double that amount then maybe

  39. Ren says:

    That place is amazing!

  40. Luke Morrison says:

    will never happen, what a joke, what could they possibly need to transport fish? Maintenance costs would be ridiculous.

  41. Arex says:

    Great project……..but terrorists like this to.

  42. Drew Withington says:

    Isn't having lots of oil money nice!!

  43. Bridney kgaphola says:

    I'm from South Africa it will take 200 years for us to have this

  44. Christofer Riche says:

    It would indeed be quite a feat of engineering

  45. dizzychizzy says:

    I would never go into that first massive one they showed… It's bound to become a mega disaster? No?

  46. Radio Active Emissions says:

    Utopic program for neomarxist nation.Barnevernet stolen childrens for guy couple.

  47. Lamar Curtis says:

    So what happen if an earthquake comes 🤔🤔

  48. malone phyllis says:

    World facts books populations of Norway and registration information needed

  49. malone phyllis says: topics basic education for compensation benefits courses/paperback development program.

  50. william parker says:

    europeans leading the way as usual

  51. Baseshocks says:

    do the tunnels have a fire suppression system?

  52. Carto Carto says:

    Why is Scandinavia so good at everything?

  53. Snudzyy says:

    yet the isle of wight cant get a simple crossing to portsmouth or somewhere close

  54. A Steiner says:

    What about earth quakes ? Seems like a huge disaster waiting to happen

  55. Turbotroll says:

    Never heard of aircraft?

  56. Paloh Hinai says:

    Yup great bunker for nuclear war

  57. Window to the Nature says:

    Norway is #1 in my travel list

  58. says:

    ja, alle vet at norge er best

  59. Graham Smith says:

    Carbon footprint

  60. LULU AJ says:

    They should just make a hyperloop there

  61. Mister Pettersen says:

    Paid for by Norwegian car owners.
    Driving this route when finished, would probably cost 150 USD or more in congestion passings 😀
    Dont forget we have the worlds most expensive fuel prices on top of that :(:(

    But truly a nice project.

  62. Richard says:

    How many Airports could they build for forty Seven B ?

  63. Granger Barnett says:

    In Australia; JUST ONE of those bridges (NOT the entire project within) would cost $47B JUST in Environmental impact studies & Union fees (Serious!). Just shows how OUR tax dollars are waisted!
    Great to see TRUE initiatives, planning, and "value for money"

  64. baharom musa says:

    malaysia 50km MRT project cost USD12 billion, far more expensive than this highway

  65. baharom musa says:

    USD2 billion = norway 47 billion???

  66. Paul Fisher says:

    this will nvr happen!!

  67. Christian H Sørensen says:

    Im sorry to say, but the picture you used as the "link between Denmark and Sweden" is actually the link between two danish islands. The Great Belt Bridge and not the öresunds bridge.
    The Picture is from Sprogø, which connects a suspension bridge with another bridge.

  68. Kingdom Man says:

    I can't get the same ten year old pot holes filled on my blacktop Texas road. Moving to Norway.

  69. Robert Cavalier says:

    The tunnels will convey far more legitimacy if & when only ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLES will be allowed to travel through them. Unless there is adequate ventilation — carbon monoxide pollution will ruin this otherwise ambitious plan. Cav

  70. Eunice Asuncion says:

    This could be more interesting if the submerged tunnel is made of glass…

  71. Micheàl O'Ceallaigh says:

    Looks more expensive than Boris Johnson's proposed Northern Ireland to Scotland bridge

  72. Fdk Habeysane says:

    What did they managed if earthquake happen?

  73. Tifit Nega sweet says:

  74. Lots Lasagna says:

    LOL….$47 Billion…I can just imagine the greed and payoffs and missing funds

  75. Until says:

    Brexit all the way

    This is how the EU will spend tax 💰 payers money…

  76. Bic Boi says:

    Just make flying cars a thing already wtf we don't need any of this shit

  77. Luxury Travel Vietnam says:

    The most beautiful videos about the beautiful scenery.


    What are the weather conditions in these areas during
    winter ? If the whole water is ice then few things to consider b4 starting

  79. Arlene Fisher says:


  80. Superman 444 says:

    Norway s got a huge trust fund due to their oil… so they've got the money in the bank😁

  81. Chuck Taylor says:

    Build a test floating tunnel before committing to that design.

  82. esechucote52 says:

    very modern technologies

  83. Amelie Bevoll says:

    Are there even that much people in Norway who want to use these streets?

  84. Jacob A J Taylor says:

    An unbelievable and magnificent project! Thanks for sharing.

  85. umar ha says:

    eurotruck simulator 2

  86. Jesus SavesUS says:

    Cut the environmental conscientious crap, massive infrastructure projects like these are low grade environmental disasters.

    I’d love to see repairs being done on that underwater bridge though. The real question is, what the hell would it be made of. At that length just ventilation and maintenance of that system in itself would be a struggle.

    Airtight in saltwater with hundreds of cars doing internal dmg does sound like fun for engineers. At least it’s not a “hyperloop” though eh??

  87. CopperCettle says:

    Estimated completion date for all of this…never plus 1 day….

  88. Steve Tungate says:

    what a waste of money! By the time this project is done we'll all have personal flying devices.

  89. moien haider says:

    Bruh floating briges…

  90. Steve Roberts says:

    and what about the drunken captain steering his ship in the wrong direction…

  91. Japan Vintage Camera says:

    In America, it would cost $470 billion to do the same work, perhaps $40 billion would be spent on materials and construction, the rest would be eaten up in legal fees, red tape, favors and kickbacks to politicians, or simply disappear. But I wonder at the necessity of a $47 billion super highway when more people increasingly work at home and shop at home. 10 years ago, I had to commute to and from work, I had to shop in grocery stores, department stores, and other places to get things I needed. Nowadays I work from home, and I can have most things I want sent to my home without having to go anywhere. My car sees only 2500 miles of driving each year, and that is from weekend trips to the mountains or beach.

  92. Ujjwal Mukherjee says:

    I can already imagine a Hollywood movie with Hero's girlfriend or family passing through one of this tunnels with water leaking into it before pouring in….. and then the typical heroics….🙂

  93. baby tot says:

    when all the cars are being overthrown for supporting human activities, how is that going to help focus sifting human engineering.

  94. bobbyoty says:


  95. ctrlor says:

    wow, the blue lake

  96. ctrlor says:

    that's so beautiful upside

  97. Brian Randall - Byley says:

    My first thought, "Daylight"-1996 👉 👉 there's always an idiot on the road!

  98. All Day says:

    No animals were harmed in this re-enactment

  99. MrItsjustmeok says:

    I would love to visit Norway but they hate people from the UK

  100. Oqaab hindokosh says:

    Its nothing service at all for public..
    You ve to be charged for any extra
    Facilities in norway such tunel , bridges etc and very expensive..
    The gov just punish its own people ..
    As foreign citizen , if traveling
    By car ..
    After a month. You would get many bills for each tunels and bridges u crossed on the way to oslo 😂😂
    Coz they scan nr plates and send bill to your adress !!
    Its ridiculous land and rules !!!

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