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  1. Daniel B says:

    Thanks be to God! (for his endorsement of Andrew Yang)

  2. TheMusicLover1959 says:

    Mr. Trump, you can say what you want to try and justify the traitorous move you've just made in Syria. There is no justification . . .NONE…for it. The Kurds have been tremendously courageous and loyal allies to us and have bravely fought alongside us as comrades in arms against ISIS. You've destroyed a big chunk of trust that our allies have always been able to have in us. You've made us look like chickenshit cutthroats and back stabbers to the rest of the world. Do you even BEGIN to comprehend much how this takes credibility from us in the future when (and IF) we dare to speak out against human rights abuses and violations wherever they may be? What do we reply in such situations when a nation or leader of a nation we're chastising for human rights violations says, "And who is the United States to say anything? You abandon your own allies and allow the slaughter of innocents! Where does YOUR moral authority come from?" The BS you're talking today about throwing devastating economic consequences on Turkey is just that – BS. Sure you can do it, but how long does it take for such sanctions to take effect vs. how long it takes Turkish military forces to pull triggers, detonate explosions, perhaps even gas the Kurds just for good measure? They will all be corpses before economic sanctions make their effects felt, Mr. President, if the disaster it now looks like is unfolding does indeed come to pass, you will be condemned by most of the world (though Russia will love you no matter what) by many in your own country, and even some in your own party whose moral consciences will finally override their concerns about the cost in terms of votes that standing up to you might cost them. No doubt I will be called a traitor for what I've said here, a Communist, a Socialist, an anarchist, a retard. I'll be told to leave this country. Fine, let the attacks on me begin. You claim to be a Christian, and it's not my place to judge you, but I remind you, sir, that Jesus will one day judge you. It is the meek who will inherit the earth. OK, let the abuse begin.

  3. Maria Averion says:

    Hahahaha, you’re too much…love you and how you give millions a good laugh based on truth! 😇😍😅😂🤣

  4. Larven Karlsson says:

    Lol Colbert still believes in God :p

  5. Waylen says:

    Fat shaming? Very politically incorrect with his base. Fact is,we are only in Syria to protect Iraq.Not to be involved with every incident with gun fire.

  6. Keith Henry says:

    God is on Andrew Yang's side. Yis

  7. david mayo says:

    colbert, king of the nurds

  8. LilStampBug says:

    I love it when he brings God out 🙂

  9. Dianata says:

    Yanggang shoutout, show Colbert some lovveeee

  10. DanGan808 Ella says:

    Wait, what? The 700 Club supports Trump? Since when? This is sad news, friends. Sad news indeed

  11. Robertw says:

    Trump continues to destroy this democracy

  12. Joe Hinojosa says:

    Geezus! You guys stop pretending you can READ Trump's mind. Trump's setting them up. Read a book on tactics or strategy kids.

  13. DjDocHolland says:

    You heard it, God is for Yang Gang. You know what to do now.

  14. Carol Estell says:


  15. Eternal Zoom says:

    Vive La Yang Revolution!!

  16. ursaltydog says:

    And….. we didn't have a mere 50 soldiers in that area.. but like 1,000..

  17. Mr Chrysler says:

    I've warned you once before Mr Colbert, blasphemy is not the best response to others blasphemies.
    Two sides pretending like they speak for Him, and they haven't a clue about Him.

    a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences
    He will destroy powerful people and even God’s people . 25 This king will use his wisdom to make lies successful . He will think that he is very important .
    Your vision was about the set time of the end .
    This king will tell lies . This will happen when many people have turned against God .*

    Daniel 8:19-25 International Children’s Bible (ICB)

    19 He said, “Now, I will explain the vision to you. I will tell you what will happen later, in the time of God’s anger. Your vision was about the set time of the end.
    20 “You saw a male sheep with two horns. Those horns are the kings of Media and Persia. 21 The male goat is the king of Greece. The big horn between its eyes is the first king. 22 After that horn broke, four horns grew in its place. Those four horns are four kingdoms. Those four kingdoms will come from the nation of the first king. But they will not be as strong as the first king.
    23 “When the end comes near for those kingdoms, a bold and cruel king will come. This king will tell lies. This will happen when many people have turned against God. 24 This king will be very powerful. But his power will not come from himself. He will cause terrible destruction. He will be successful in everything he does. He will destroy powerful people and even God’s people. 25 This king will use his wisdom to make lies successful. He will think that he is very important. He will destroy many people without warning. He will try to fight even God, the Prince of princes! But that cruel king will be destroyed. And it will not be human power that destroys him.

    Media = Saudi Arabia
    Persia = Iran

  18. Chris 2000 says:


  19. Kate LeBlanc says:

    USA ?An ally no longer!

  20. Helen Lindsay says:

    You will be complicit to genocide trump,you will be witness to mass murder of woman and children.

  21. Rob Smit says:

    A wish for the whole worrld
    I respect America and the Americans as peaceloving and peacebringing world citizens. What has happened in the Trump period was never the intention of the majority of Americans. I trust America will do the right thing and dump this horrible man. He is a threat to our world.

    God bless America.

  22. papillon says:

    I knew God would become #YangGang once he looked deeper into Yang's 150+ policies! 😄

  23. clit_niblr036 says:

    Trump lost his man date..? Didn't know he was gay.

  24. Chris Reiser says:

    Dictator 45 doesn’t need diplomats or any military advice, he is the only voice for America as you have just been shown again. If he needs help he has three children who will speak for him trust him he is what America needs. TRE45ON

  25. Ian Ludgate says:

    Cowardly potus bone spurs 😂

  26. tom p says:

    So Colbert sides with the war mongerers and military industrial complex in his criticism of Trump.

  27. Ashim Chakravorty says:

    the vulture could fly and get picked up by bigger vultures……..a good meal deal ……..k.c.

  28. Zesty says:

    3:56 Thank you! I was thinking it's been a long time since we saw God.

    Haven't seen Melanie for a while, either — not since long before Trump told us she has a son.

  29. Matthew Dobbs says:

    'Use you and throw you away' is the motto of the USA. Been doing it for years and then wondering why people hate the US. Sad but true.

  30. Steven Yeats says:

    I'm with God Yang2020

  31. Tragoudistros.MPH says:

    3:40 is Trump the emperor of China? Mandate of Heaven?

  32. Paul Le Mars says:

    Trump is Erdogans bitch because there are two Trump towers in Ankara and a lot of other Trump family investment in Turkey as well. This is the the most egregious example of American perfidy. Nobody can trust an American overseas ever again. Siding with America will get you killed. What is wrong with this country?? Trump is the poster child for why the emoluments clause was written into the constitution and yet this national disaster continues.

  33. Jaxieaxie86 says:

    War criminal

  34. ceracen says:

    I loved that Sam Cooke reference at the end! Now I have Chain Gang stuck in my head! Haha

  35. Diana Fleming says:

    "Mandate of heaven" …, you say? What about the mandate of the US CONSTITUTION, which our profligate president is routinely violating – now seemingly for fun/obfuscation ?

  36. Luthian Diya says:

    Pat Robertson is still alive?? Wow, he's like the crypt keeper, except scary.

  37. Antonio Mikkonen says:

    Trump is using the old tactic of creating war and chaos to fill news with turkey attacking the kurds and get the focus off his impeachment news.

  38. Old ironsides says:

    Get your facts straight, he pulled them back he didn't pull them out let's see if they can fight their own battles

  39. G.AURORA PECK says:


  40. John L. Patterson says:

    Why did Trump pull our troops? Follow the money from Turkey (Erdogan) to Trump.

  41. AmyBlackRoseCena says:

    What the flip?

  42. Jarbacca says:

    The Kurds aren't in the whey?

  43. Kelly Hudson says:

    When he will be pardoned , along with the other 🦃.

  44. Nel Leo says:

    Wow, Turkey is coming for thanksgiving?

  45. Natalie de La Grandière says:

    Stephen should leave god out of his show. It's not funny at all. Trump, the evil genius, is doing more damage to his allies than he dreamed of. Poor kurds! He sends them to the slaughter house. Disruptions in the world will follow. That's sure.

  46. Daniel Gonitie says:

    This show is substitute for anti depressant!!!

  47. Nooctae says:

    Reminder that " Ally Turkey" had a bunch of security guards beating people down in the White House frontyard and nothing has been done about it.

  48. Joey Tobin says:

    Hell fucking yes YANG GAAAANGGGGGG

  49. John Herold says:

    Sick of vague ‘official’ designation. Does no one have balls

  50. PrincessHidekI says:

    3:05 So this is the live, messed up, American Hollywood version of Hetalia: Axis Powers? Got it!

  51. Eric Metzger says:

    You can never trust a rich person or a rich country

  52. DDS029 says:

    Everything is "special" and "wonderful." Get that man a thesaurus . . . 😱

  53. Al Loomis says:

    how can a nation ruled by politicians have any respect? trump is not unique in dumping allies- truman gave vietnam to the french lbj sold out the south vietnamese government, and of course, the people 'south of the border' have been screwed by usa any number of times.
    but the kurds should be 'sacred' by now, they have been screwed so often that god must be protecting the survivors. but 'sacrred' doesn't stop bullets, or the turks. how does such a creature as a trump come to be the manager of any nation, that wishes to survive?
    the decline of the usa is simply the result of its political system: it does not select good managers, it does not generate good plans and programs. this should surprise no one. the constitution is obsolete.

  54. Lorena Cabrera Vera says:

    Steve gotta be the next ouchy host of the next White House press yearly fancy dinner.
    He's funny cause it's all the raw truth.

  55. sean gleason says:

    huh …today a ton of turks women and children were all bombed by turkey and are dead …..i think that his mandate of heavon is pretty much gone, he just killed thousands of innocent people wile the republicans and democrats agreed it was a bad idea to leave syria and tried to stop him from doing it. the blood of those people is on his hands. he cant even blame his party on this one. he said everything will be fine, and now thousands of people are dead. try to spin that story trump i dare ya.

  56. Joseph Van says:

    Liberals used to be opposed to war. Now it's President Trump who is the peacenik.

  57. Neil Fraser says:

    Lmao didn't expect to hear God riff on the old Sam Cooke song "chain gang" at ~5minutes in…. There's something I haven't heard in a long time.

  58. JANET GARRATT says:

    Pat Robertson is 100% correct

  59. bodybalancer says:

    The man has no Honor, and no shame. He’s the dangerous kind of psycho, the really stupid and greedy kind. He’s Putin’s BITCH! He doesn’t care about America!!!!!! But Bernie and this guy, do. Tulsi is great too, she’d make an awesome VP pick on any ticket.

    Yang2020.com ✨🙏✌️🇺🇸

  60. R. McBride says:

    Oh, for Chrissakes! Mandate of Heaven??? Stop, stop, stop… President Moron already thinks he's "The Chosen", whatever the hell that is. This crap just feeds his looney toon fantasies. Do Not Feed The Nut Cake!

  61. Tim King says:

    Trump is a shameful atrocious and ignorant man. Abandoning our allies in the Middle East. Shame shame shame on Trump. The most unwise president we’ve ever had.

  62. Dustin Corwin says:

    Yang Gang!!!!!!! #yang2020

  63. Dorothy Mack says:

    Whatever Putin has on trump must be REALLY bad. He pulled those troops to please Vlad and only Vlad.

  64. Juan Sanchez says:

    Andrew yang

  65. bodybalancer says:

    David pakman show just reported…. someone leaked a picture of Sudafed and he’s been accused of abusing “uppers”. He was accused of using them years ago, Sudafed during the day and Cocaine and Meth at night. They say he was high all the time, and that hasn’t changed. Would explain why he doesn’t sleep and is always up tweeting after midnight. Why he’s been photographed with super displayed pupils…. his sniffing, erratic behavior, and his slurred speech which might be from his come-downs

  66. Sherkalyn says:

    "Only 50 soldiers in the area" Did the President just betray the US troops on ground? That's the kind of information that you DON'T publish in a tweet.
    What the and I can't stress this enough FUCK?
    I can't be the only one noticing that, right?

  67. Xspot box says:

    First time hear a man can't go to Heaven because he doesn't want to engage in foreign war. In matter of fact, he don't want to engage in any war. Very weird, for an American.

  68. L GEMO says:

    Wasn't obama and hilary that helped a nazi party to govern Ukraine by giving them money and guns?that was sad Steven…

  69. William Liam Smith says:

    Colbert team, I have an ask. On your show please encourage any potential whistleblowers to file more complaints highlighting illegal acts to respective Inspector Generals, as it will make the impeachment more efficient and will make it a stronger case for American people on the fence.

  70. ramo moreno says:

    Accusations filed in court against Trump

    1.1 Ivana Trump (1989)

    1.2 Jill Harth (1992)

    1.3 Summer Zervos (2007)

    Paul Manafort: Guilty

    Michael Cohen: Guilty

    Michael Flynn: Guilty

    George Papadopoulos: Guilty

    Alex van der Zwaan: Guilty

    Rick Gates: Guilty

    Richard Pinedo: Guilty


  71. Rook Dota says:

    lol the land of the brave left vietnam..now the kurds.. murica no 1 !!!!!

  72. Derek Smidl says:

    God's 401k….I can't even lol

  73. Steven Meree says:

    You do realize that Kurds don't have access to twitter right?

  74. MintChip says:

    It's nice that Colbert misrepresented Yang's popularity when he was skateboarding in an empty room and countered it by having God throw in for Yang. You have redeemed yourself Colbert, thank you 🙂

  75. John Fowler says:

    If your boss tells you to do something, you have to do it. If Putin tells Trump he has to give up in Syria and abandon allies, then he has to do it.

  76. news now philly says:


  77. LadyEvilest says:

    Does Trump watch Hetalia? Even France wouldn't try to seduce him!

  78. Göktuğ Kaya says:

    Turkey is not attacking "Kurds"; we are attacking PKK the infamous terrorist organization who killed over 35.000 of our soldiers and citizens (most of these citizens being Kurds) But I also understand it is perfectly normal that everyday US citizens cannot have any idea concerning the matter without an extensive research. I am no fan of Erdoğan by the way and Turkey has done so many mistakes but this is no invasion. Also do not forget that USA is using the Kurds in a battle against ISIS and that ISIS was fueled by USA unfortunately.

  79. kokoro nagomu says:

    maybe this is some good news? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kys9DeR3IUg

  80. Anonymous Monkey says:

    This time I'm not going to even bother with the sarcasm, he's an asshole.

  81. Jay Edwards says:

    "We are telling the world, we will use you and then throw you away…"

    Which, coincidentally, were also Trump's wedding vows.

    – Burn by Stephen Colbert

  82. Torn Tokoroa says:

    And they say trump isn't a beta.


  83. Jay Edwards says:

    "You voted for Trump?"
    "Yeah, I'm his core demographic: angry old white man living in a gated community."

  84. William White says:

    That's right, I want my thousand dollars! Andrew Yang for President of the United States. YES!

  85. J Rodriguez says:

    I hope he pardon that turkey

  86. Linda Dobson says:

    He'll get off with an insanity plea

  87. Noag Bogudki says:

    Hey do yourself a favor, look up Andrew yang and just listen to 1 interview

  88. Margaret Gove says:

    I'm not abandon8ng the Kurds,, but Turkey has already bombed them

  89. Margaret Riordan says:

    Same old. Same old.

  90. traumaturgist SBI says:

    I think the Kurds should look on the bright side…now that they've been well and truly f*&#%ed by Trump they're bound to see some hush money…

  91. Sadiya Dhaqane says:

    Here for @andrewYang

  92. Randy Shields, jr. says:

    The move to pull back troops from the turkey/Syria border just further highlights trumps allegiance. It is not to the USA or American allies but to those we have been fighting.

    It is also ironically hilarious that he advertises against democratic socialism yet is willing to go all in on communism. Is there a gift for America becoming part of the axis of evil other than trumps presidency???

  93. Scarlet Letter says:

    Either the commander in grief really does call actual leaders by their country of origin, or he's confusing a country with the Thanksgiving centerpiece 🦃.

  94. Denver says:

    Glad we're not abandoning our Kurdish friends (according to Trump's filthy tweet). Ironically, they're in the process if being bombed by Turkey as I write this. Worst president ever.

  95. Intimidator 306 says:

    3:10 Really? No Tim Apple joke?

  96. Frank Parent says:

    "Discount Halloween decoration" I'm dead!!!

  97. Beau Sinkler says:

    Trump's brand of furniture that he sells in his hotels (and maybe even furnishes them with) are …. guess what? MADE IN TURKEY!! He wants to keep that trade agreement which, no doubt, gives him hefty tax breaks!!! His brand products are mostly made NOT in America! China, Indonesia, Austria, Turkey, Canada (!) and a couple of others. Speaking of which, why isn't anyone investigating Donny Jr., Eric and Ivanka's business entanglements with Saudi Arabia, China, and who knows where else? Do you think they're not making WAY more than Hunter Biden did? Come on, People! Make some noise… call for an investigation of his children's shenanigans overseas!!!! And tell Trump to bring all those neckties and shirts and suits, etc. HOME TO AMERICA where they should have been in the first place!

  98. Sexy Weenis says:

    Could we just deport him?

  99. John Lame Elk says:

    S C , you do know you have to pay the Vatican royalties each time you use that Image?

  100. Sexy Weenis says:

    Send him to the Moon and tell him we can't afford to bring him back to the earth

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