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  1. Niall Horan says:

    No Judgement is one of my favourites I’ve written. Loved writing this song as I knew exactly what I wanted to say. And from blank canvas idea to the most colourful and most fun video to make with my guy Drew Kirsch. What a day with the wonderful Pimm and Barbara, the real stars in this clip. Let’s stop judging each other, life isn’t about that. Enjoy it and enjoy this video! Go and dance like no one is watching.

  2. kiyokochanable says:

    .That was cute.

  3. Angeli says:

    It literally just started and I started to love it?

  4. Lauren Aniston says:


  5. lisx12 says:

    harry: im the only one who can make weird but amazing music videos

    niall: whoa there buddy go back to your fruits and let me take care of it

  6. Harvey House says:

    The video is very interesting, but the message is deep. #respect

  7. Leah Hershberger says:

    I love,love,love, you Niall!! Though I do miss the blonde hair

  8. Isidora Soto says:

    Creo que todo el mundo debería escuchar esta canción y aplicar el no judgement

  9. Ashanti Johnson says:

    I actually love this music video and the song is amazing

  10. tcnascar1 says:


  11. Elisa Trebeschi says:

    Ma è la cosa più cute di sempre🙈🥰

  12. Katerina Lee says:

    Why is this the perfect song I needed to hear? I am already in love with this album and it only has 3 availible. Like… in love. I think it hits different to me when its spoken from truth and heart. And experience, I guess. Can’t wait for the rest. X ps. Still can’t believe its been 10 since the first time we met Niall. Damn!

  13. JJ Jake says:

    I like this song

  14. Sam Viñas says:

    Thats me to you niall , no judgement 😂😂😂

  15. Anita Sari says:

    Ed sheeran should watch out, niall comes to the same level 😁

  16. Cadê a Decência? says:

    Socorro, essa música me passa uma vibe tãooo gostosa 💖

  17. Clodagh says:

    I love this song 💖💖💖💖💖

  18. gaby mata says:

    Loviu so much

  19. Kiyo mi says:

    This song is a mood

  20. XCaraX says:

    This song is gonna blow up 🔥🔥

  21. Migdalia De León says:


  22. harry _limelighter says:

    Am I the only one who bought it on iTunes the day after it was put out? Love u Niall.💖

  23. hsmileh says:


  24. -- says:

    love this one

  25. claudia schreijenberg says:

    they are all sooo good solo but i just miss them together

  26. Mare Edid says:


  27. Jinyoung Stan says:

    Yes my baby!🥰🥰😳😳

  28. Jessica Sampson says:

    I was reading the comments whilst watching the video, don't judge me! 😄

  29. RAUL SILVA SILVA. says:


  30. Althea Buduan says:

    Niall James Bond iz in da hauzzz

  31. entrusting everything to God says:

    sarcasm? when it comes to NO JUDGEMENT i think it depends! you go overboard with your interpretation hehehe peace to all!

  32. Jessya Faith says:


  33. Rajmani tiwari says:

    U should make songs with atlantian records

  34. Jo McLean says:

    I felt that.. ❤

  35. Christine Cutajar says:

    absolutely adore him <3, what a guy !!

  36. Sanjvi Anand says:

    This gives me “I don’t care” by JB and Ed vibes ..

  37. VeliaCorail says:

    That is really my favorite song of you : I just love it. So much.

  38. CrisRohan Jaena says:


  39. Adam Sohaimi says:

    How come it’s just 4 million views?

  40. Adam Sohaimi says:

    Is it judgment or judgement? How do you spell it tho?

  41. Carl Does Music says:

    Niall, how can we collaborate?

  42. Dharmendra Kumar says:

    No judgement

  43. Raimindas Simaitis says:

    I have to be you for my school show so happy

  44. Kiara Dorasamy says:

    Oh my gawd why is Niall literally a living breathing Angellllll

  45. Kiara Dorasamy says:

    I saw the earring and I died

  46. GeanRomero music says:

    latinoooooooooo presente les ganaste a tus compas , bueno cada quien con su estilo

  47. Gilad Chen says:

    Cold Water someone ?

  48. Kamil Bojke says:

    amazing song <3

  49. Shakira Reilly says:

    I want your girl by lavengro

    Guys from Ireland too^
    This song was a huge hit on the radio

  50. Mirabel Awoniyi says:

    WE NEED MORE MUSIC VIDEOS LIKE THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING! No naked girls, no curse words, just so pure and sweet! I am here for it!

  51. Valeska Pereira says:

    Em questão de musica o niall e o louis estão sendo os melhores

  52. Jacob Cross says:

    Does it say "Audio Jungle" about 10 seconds in to the video? Like maybe they forgot to license the opening background music?

  53. Isabel says:

    Hahaha cool

  54. Heidy Stephania Gonzalez Vargas says:

    I loveeee the color palette! Congratulations

  55. Jay says:

    This was funny , cute and SO ADORABLE 😂 i love him

  56. laurie 127 says:

    we already know that Meghan Trainor's next song will be No Judgment, I'm just kidding, I'm very happy for Nialler <3he looks like me when I'm going to vacation at my grandparents' house

  57. Chanchal Devathiya says:

    This song is sooooo good and sooo cute too 😘😘

  58. いんろっく says:


  59. Wellington Rodrigues says:

    His best song so far

  60. Fatimah Ganatra says:

    I’m literally obsessed with this song
    N Niall literally looks like a prince in this white suit ❤️❤️

  61. Marsha Horan says:


  62. CCM says:

    My banana is better than your watermelon😂

  63. Katy T says:

    めっちゃめちゃめちゃめっちゃめちゃめちゃ大好き No judgement!

  64. lack of subscribers says:

    Niall should collab with harry, liam, louis and zayn.

  65. Kim Schmitz says:

    I freaking love this song!! So amazing 🎶❤️

  66. Highway to heaven says:

    King! I love you

  67. Almeyra Negara says:

    He’s my favourite member for a reason

  68. no. says:

    he looks really cute in that white suit 🥺

  69. itsa abe says:


  70. itsa abe says:


  71. jacobobo zeatielth says:


  72. RAHANenslip says:

    Stop harassing people with forced youtube advertisement for god sake! You made me get Adblock.

  73. Savvas Efthimiadis says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that this song is underrated? I mean like…. this deserves more attention .

  74. NotSoSlimShady says:

    I hate the fact that Niall is so underrated

  75. Sophia Emms says:

    I love you so muchhhh🥺🥺😍

  76. KCID 878 says:

    que lindo <3

  77. Mindy Jordan says:

    Hi Niall

  78. Dila Kasimova says:

    love love this song

  79. miss potato says:

    stream no judgment for clear skin ✊✊✊✊

  80. Niza Reyes says:


  81. Aoom Aritsara says:


  82. Kay Alvin says:

    Love ^^

  83. jamsina abid says:

    This is so funny

  84. Rio Estrera says:

    D naughty&funny one among hahahaha but quiet, diffirence . Nice song one of my favorite too since started on air,

  85. iLyrics says:

    Only 1 I need , 1 Direction back, please😭😭😭

  86. julia saccente says:

    he’s beautiful

  87. Omansh Sharma says:

    Does anyone remember he is LIGHT

  88. Fathima Nairah says:

    niall look so cute

  89. santhoshi chiliveri says:

    This song deserves more attention TBh 😇

  90. Damary Constantin says:

    I think its his grandparents

  91. Habip İlhan says:

    Such a beatiful music like previous congrolutions

  92. Yubxli17 says:

    Obsesionada con esta canción!!

  93. Nine love one direction says:

    don't skip the ads ❤️

  94. Saoirse O'Reilly says:

    Man Niall Horan world famous pop star who's dad works in tesco 😂

  95. LoveMeForMe says:

    This reminds me of Ed sheeran’s “shape of you” a little bit. This song is definitely way better, I hate shape of you

  96. Clare Kelly says:

    i have a crush on you nial horan

  97. Đặng Châu Giang says:

    0:20 what did Harold say, Niall? NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT WHEN YOU ARE EATING A BANANA

  98. Aimee Calderon says:

    im so glad nails mad such a comeback like it just makes me wanna cry

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