Ngāti Hikairo tribunal hearings underway

A tribe who once imported
and exported local produce to America and Australia is having
their Waitangi claim heard. Ngati Hikairo ki Kawhia Moana
begin their first day of hearings with the Waitangi Tribunal. Prior to the signing of the Treaty,
the tribe had a well-established commercial enterprise and had sole control
of the Kawhia Harbour. Preparation for the hearings
have taken a long time. 20 years ago, our elders wanted to
raise this issue with the Government about their discriminatory actions against us since the initial land
confiscations until now. Ngati Hikairo say
they lost control of the harbour, lands and waterways, and they also
lost their commercial enterprise to the Crown. The tribunal’s in Kawhia
for the rest of the week.

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