NEW Musical instruments! All you need to know about the DLC | Rust update 22nd November 2019

Greetings survivors and friends, Shadowfrax
here bringing you all the noteworthy news from this week’s Rust development. And first, as a prelude to the debut of Rust’s
first paid DLC, we are currently able to craft all 10 – count ’em – of the new musical
instruments for free over on staging, which should give us time to key up and guitar act
together before they splash down officially on the 5th of December. You can wishlist the DLC right now on Steam
in advance – link below – and the whole ensemble will set you back $10, although there
will be an initial discount off of that.. OK you say, that’s all well and good, but
I’m not a roleplayer.. Well didn’t you hear? Rust is a roleplaying game now? Look, Playstation
said so.. It’s there in.. blue and white.. But more about that in a moment.. Our 10 new audio warfare devices and their
crafting costs are as follows: In the brass and woodwind section we have
the Sousaphone, which costs 100 frags, The Plumber’s trumpet at 75, And the Pan flute
which costs 20 frags + 5 cloth. On strings there’s the Jerry can guitar at 25 wood +
50 frags, the Shovel bass at 50 wood + 75 frags, and the Wheelbarrow piano which will
set you back the most at 200 wood + 100 frags. Lastly in percussion we have the Cowbell which
costs 35 frags, the Canbourine at 25, the Junkyard drum kit for 200 wood + 100 frags,
and the Xylobone which needs 50 bones.. Which is about 4 per human skeleton if you think
about it, and that’s a cracking deal. As I say, you can currently craft them all
on staging and try to break them before the December 5th patch, after which they will
become DLC only.. However it has been confirmed in a recent blog that although ownership of
the DLC will be required to craft them, anyone who gets hold of one will be able to play
it.. So murdering a player for his cowbell is A O K. As far as playing them goes, the default note
bindings are to the numpad, with 1 through to 7 equating to A through to G, with numpad
plus giving access to sharps and pressing enter shifting everything up an octave for
that all important key change.. There’s also a UI display for some of the instruments which
shows your bindings in case you forget.. If you want you can bind further keys to include
sharps/flats and octave modifiers.. But if you want a far less unwieldy system, then
there is indeed MIDI support which can be switched on via the experimental tab.. Also note: The cowbell and canbourine are
controlled via mouse clicks.. And if you hold down the right mouse button on some of the
instruments you can play an inbuilt tune on them. Some other things to note are that the original
acoustic guitar we all know and love is slightly more expensive to craft now but has been switched
over to this note system too, although it will remain free to craft for everyone, because
after all some of the best music has been made by peasants. Now before you start fretting about the incoming
auditory onslaught and frantically searching Amazon for the best deal on a lifetime’s supply
of earplugs, you’ll be glad to know that there is in fact a separate volume slider which
will control how much you hear of all these.. phew.. If only everything in life had one
of those.. Oh, and you can pick up deployable instruments
such as the drum kit with your hammer, as long as you have tool cupboard auth, but sadly
you can’t put them inside the scrap heli, which is a shame as Ride of the Valkyries
sounds lovely on the old aunt Joanna.. A lot of work and fine tuning has clearly
gone into all of this, but what do you think and will you be splashing out on the DLC?
Let me know in the comments.. In other changes, as mentioned last week,
Garry did a load of work to let us see our leggies when we look down now, and this is
currently live on staging.. There is a censorship cube included if you want, and if you’d like
to see the hellishly deformed character model that makes all this possible.. which you should
never actually have to see, then head on over to Garry’s blog for a full run down..
Link in the description. Something else he’s been up to is adding a
whole barrel full of admin Quality of life improvements.. including some new convars,
such as admintime, to make it always daytime for admins regardless of what others are seeing..
killplayer which allows them to murder a player of their choice.. Ouch.. some changes to mute
commands.. and some better info when players join, are kicked or the server restarts..
And I’ll stick all the details of these in the description for you.. In optimisation, there is ongoing work on
something called the world grid and world streaming, which in a nutshell I’m told optimises
the amount of far-away objects that exist in the world at any given time, which reduces
RAM usage by around 400MB and makes the physics system a fair bit faster, leading to higher
fps overall.. At least that’s the hope, so we’ll see how it goes.. There were some more fixes to horse movement,
and tree markers so they should no longer jump to the other side of the trunk.. (that’s
markers not horses) Also other changes to prevent being able to
see through water when jumping or using free look on a boat.. plus work to improve hair
meshes and of course the usual longer term work on HDRP and vehicles, both of which we
are still waiting for.. But stay subscribed and tuned in here as I’ll bring you more info
on these as soon as I get it.. Lastly, judging by your comments and likes,
most of you are feeling positive about the recently announced console version.. and although
many of your burning questions are yet to be answered officially.. Some details have
dribbled out, most notably that PS4 players will be able to rent their own servers.. And
I’m sure the other gaps in our knowledge will be plugged before too long.. Why not leave me a comment with the questions
you want answered most about the console version down below.. Don’t forget, I stream on Twitch 3 times a
week, including Fridays so follow the link an join me there now. If you can support this channel on my Patreon
and help me to keep functioning that would be most appreciated.. Big props to those who
are doing so already, you can also join me on Twitter, Facebook, Discord and my Steeeeam
group to keep up to date, and I shall catch you all soon, but in the meantime, keep calm
and stay Rusty, Cheerio.

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  1. SHADOWFRAX says:

    All my links.





    Steam group:



  2. Mr. Rusterio says:

    I'm going to create a jazz band and we'll probably build a stage every wipe with lighting, seating and jail gates so no one can get on the stage, and maybe autoturrets on friendly. Get ready, we'll be on official servers!

  3. Uncle Paludan says:

    instruments volume 0.0 10$ on instruments for trolling has just been wasted…

  4. Cool Gamer says:

    How many bugs will it have on Xbox

  5. Show Time TiVi says:

    Anyone know what will be the price of the new DLC?

  6. Jason Derochie says:

    Had to re-subscribe for some reason…

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    RIP to guitar scripts

  8. ProRok! says:

    DLC on rust… Wait when the game wille be go to pay 4 win

  9. Foreveranoyed says:

    Will there be cross play on all platforms and if it is then how will they level the playing field because I know there going to be hate against the skilled computer rust players I just hope no game breaking “fixes” to controls or sensitivity

  10. Honey Cat says:

    Where is the trombone???

  11. Kawasaki Riderz says:

    noo now i cant guitar script

  12. BeVigillant says:

    I hope console players don't get an aim assist

  13. MontanaJuggs says:

    Will console servers all be vanilla or will some be modded? Or just even the gather rates?

  14. C B says:

    1: will the instrument DLC be available to purchase on the console version?

    2: will the content on the console version be up to date with the PC version?

    3: will the console servers be separated from the PC version, I would prefer to not play with hackers.

  15. toon bit says:

    “Note worthy” had me dying. I have no humor plz help

  16. HaddixTheKing says:

    Game optimization…. nah you can play instruments while you hit that 3 second freeze

  17. Dat Harass says:


  18. Drew Looky says:

    Will there be cross platform?

  19. TATER . MPEG says:

    These developers are geniuses.

  20. Coffee killer says:

    Pays 10 follars just to troll people.
    Option to troll has been taken out.

  21. Unlawful Siege says:

    I and others wanna know if Xbox will have the same thing as ps4 regarding renting our own servers

  22. Slaggerknot says:

    "As we all know some of the best music has been made by peasants"
    Shadowfrax just won the internet for the day

  23. Lanjren says:

    3:29 hehe funny pun

  24. Hunter W says:

    Can’t wait for someone to play Stairway to heaven, or crazy train. It’s gonna be so beautiful

  25. KYUBI Gaming says:

    About time some freaking optimizations.

  26. GenghisDingus says:

    can't wait to play Giorno's theme and ussr anthem on rust

  27. Mr_Pickles17 says:

    Everyone: Fix bugs improve performance
    Facepunch: INSTRUMENTS

  28. Zxe says:

    Third person is gonna ruin the game tbh

  29. DasOhneEnde says:

    RPG rust hahahahahahah lol never 😀

  30. Oscarrr says:

    will my ps4 serve as a frying pan now too?

  31. Frog Stranger says:

    Instruments are sickq

  32. Roast_BeefGaming boi says:

    I’m finna megalovania on the piano

  33. Cyglox says:

    So, when can we customize our own player character? I would love to see that 😄

  34. GO SkidMaRk says:

    Xbox ONE and PS4 will be limited to 30FPS. You can thank me later ShadowFrax.

  35. gofukyamum1 says:


  36. lilo231 says:

    FINNALY i can play giorno theme on piano in rust

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    Are computer players going to be playing with council players or is there a separate thing for both?

  38. Silentbullet says:

    Is it going to be Cross Play?

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    When Shadowfrax and Thatgermanguy release a Rust update video it’s gonna be a good day

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    Hey FP, can you fix x,y,z, etc bug?
    "Nope. But here's horses"
    Can you fix a,b,c, etc bug?
    "Nope. But here's multicolored horses"
    Can you fix n,o,p, etc bug?
    "Nope. But here's instruments. Oh and, since our game is still kinda buggy, as decided it's the perfect time to branch into other platforms."


  41. Void says:

    Once we get vehicles you get bet I’m gonna drive around singing “making my way down town” while playing the tune

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    Loved the pun about fretting

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    downloding staging branch so that i can make a band 😀

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    Will it be cross platform? Or atleast ps4 pc crossplatform?

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    MIDI support will be a life-saver! haha

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    Will Rust be cross platform?

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    10 dollar dlc for RUST … you must be joking for just some instruments, the devs are even more greedie than i original thought LOL. 10 dollars hahaha, who comesup with that sh!t, he or she should go in comedy, this is golden joke! 10 dollars….. hahaha. man i'm all in tears so funny.

  48. TIOS says:

    3:00 What is the background music u using shadowfrax? Is that on epidemic

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    when do modular weapons come in?

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    was really hoping for a trombone

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    is Xbox and PS4 compatible with PC?

  52. RabbitFootsCookie123 says:

    what about this line from the Comunity Update Blog "Big announcements this month! Rust console is coming, Instrument DLC, Charitable Rust, and submarines?". I see a word in there that looked interesting. SUBMSRINES??????

  53. puppykaos says:

    I can see Wobble having fun with this.

  54. Michael Scott says:

    Slowly handing RUST over to the roleplayers….

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    Imagine a formation of scrap helis rolling in to raid a base with someone playing ride of the valkaries on the trumpet

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    Will the console versions have cross play or are we still going to be separatist?

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    What about the submarine

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    I really hope the HDRP is out this year because they tend to not release much in the Jan update and I'm really looking forward to those graphics.

  59. CADDY Tygdy says:

    I know, it's best! 😁

  60. BigGamer CZ/SK says:

    Question : can You drive the piano because its on wheels? Or it Is only static?

  61. NiamLeeson says:

    I really don’t like being able to see your legs it’s vert disctracting

  62. LtSheppard says:

    First update for dlc and less than 40% will even want it… how about dlc that effects maybe the rust game not useless stuff. Maybe a dlc for a brand new map, custom maps are cool but not used noticeably

  63. FireAce167 Gaming says:

    Are you going to do a giveaway for the console release

  64. oOH GOspaDi says:

    Flight of the Bumblebee while battling… OhMuhGaH so GuD!

  65. Juba Q says:

    Maybe fix projectile invalids first?

  66. Midgetbar maid says:

    The real question is why…………..

  67. HaYdEn PrImE says:

    Will they all be cross platform?

  68. Andrew Paino says:

    Why did they call it an RPG? This game takes real men to play

  69. Bboy Nocturnal says:

    Another great an informative video as always! Thanks 🙂

  70. OmegaKai says:

    With the release of console, will it be Cross platform? i haven't seen anything about it yet

  71. MarshCreature says:

    Playing a wind instrument with a closed helmet = Comedy gold.

  72. Chris Pedrosa says:

    Ok now I’m a little more relieved to see that console can rent servers. I was worried that console was limited to vanilla rust only. Console commands is still something I’m worried that it might not be added but if they can at least at a separate section that similarly then it’s fine. My other worry it how aim assist will work because it can get a little controversial but I feel like no matter how much they add bows and other primitive none hit scan weapons will be hard to aim with.

  73. Mr. Dank says:

    "I've got a FEVER! And the only prescription, is more COWBELL!"

  74. Midgermis says:

    I have a question will rust for console be crossplay? And will there be crosshairs and aimassist for console

  75. Rookmations says:

    Dont worry, just put the piano down outside of the wall as the helicopter ride up and just forbid murdering players on instruments on your server and they will know when your coming…. 😉

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    Release Date for Xbox ?

  77. ÆRational says:

    Oh my god how much control do you have over the drumset?

  78. Xavier Govindan says:


  79. Jay Pangelinan says:

    HEY SHADOWFRAX WILL THERE BE CROSS PLAY?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  80. rifter rifter says:

    Pretty stoked about the instruments, but I have 2 burning questions about console. 1) Will console players have aim assistance or something similar as console games usually do. 2) Will console players be playing with PC players.

  81. Preston Garvey says:

    Is there keyboard and mouse support planned for Rust on PS4?

  82. Sid says:

    I will probably never use it but that’s why imma spend 10 bucks on the dlc

  83. Michael Diaz says:

    Can't wait to play megolavania while door camping

  84. Carter Lam says:

    Will Xbox be able to cross play with pc?

  85. Horus Thelemite says:

    Who cares about all this rubbish, WHAT ABOUT THE PIES!

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    Aiming on console: separating the boi's from the men!

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    will there be a single player mode anytime soon?

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    Crossplatform for the console version??

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    Some players are already moving away from rust and facepunch is focusing on musical instruments in a "survival" game..splendid! Big applause on you guys..

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    Step 1: buy dlc Step 2: craft instruments and make a shop Step 3: Profit

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    How would the inventory system work on consoles ?

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    Will the ak recoil spray be the same on console? It would be incredibly difficult to control it on controller.

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    Console, cross platform? No. Hopefully…

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    If they will insert vehicles, that means there will be bigger maps too?

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    The progressions of this game are pushing me further away from the game I once loved

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    How they will control ak spray on controler???????????

  99. Dilbert Wilbert says:

    I like how i went from watching therussianbadger turning people into chicken nuggets to getting even more exited seeing the instruments are now out

  100. fatpug203 says:

    Is it cross platform?

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