#NCState19: Justice Dunne

My name is Justice Dunne. My major is art and design. This is Leazar Hall. It’s special to me because
it’s where I started my career as a design student. So this is my kind of area freshman year.
It was right where I met like a lot of my friends that I’ve had like throughout
these four years. It was really great like first bonding. Definitely like I’m
still friends with everybody that I met in that studio. So I definitely
appreciated my professor. He came up to one of my projects one time and he
pointed at one aspect of it, and all he said was, “This should have been perfect.”
And like right then I knew, yes that part should have been perfect because I
should have worked harder on it, and from then on like my work ethic was
completely different. I feel really accomplished. I feel really
proud of all of the things that I’ve done. I feel like “wow, you know, I can’t
wait to see what I’ll do next.” My dream is to create a story that moves
people in the world, maybe a cartoon or a movie or something
significant that definitely creates, that changes a lot of hearts. I was really
excited to come in. I was nervous about making my grandfather proud because he
went to this school as well, and and I wanted to show him that I could be a
good artist. And so I think I would tell my
past self like don’t worry, you’re gonna do great. I’ll have to think about that one. Final words? It’s done.

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