NAVI Zayac: Итоги World Pro Invitational Singapore

You’re one of the best players in your role. Do your new responsibilities get in the way of your game? They clearly do and I’ve been thinking about it affecting my performance as well. Before I took on the captain’s role, I told the guys I had to be eased into this because it’d be difficult for me to deal with everything that’d be thrown at me. Which is why we agreed that Pasha and Mag would be splitting responsibilities with me and helping me with most things so that it doesn’t affect my game too much. We’ll see how we handle it going forward but so far so good. How did Illias do at the tournament? He was pretty solid considering it was his first time competing on the stage of a major LAN tournament. Even though the crowd wasn’t that huge, it still puts pressure on you. You know, wearing these soundproof headphones and stuff. Overall, he did really well and I liked the way he performed without showing any signs of being nervous. Better focus on winning. Yeah, well, just out of curiosity. – What’s it gonna change?
– It’ll motivate me. How would you describe this year for you? It’s definitely been a good one – I joined NAVI. The highlight of the year was getting to compete at TI. – How are you? – Doing good. – Hey, everyone. – Lyoha, got some coffee for me? I’ll just take a sip. I’m already caffeinated up, so you can finish it if you want. Do you like the new patch? I do as it makes it more comfortable to play. But again, the meta is going to develop and I don’t know what way it’ll go: whether we’ll be running a trilane, or roaming, or keep playing 2-1-2, so I find it difficult to answer whether it’ll suit our play style or not. I like that some of my signature heroes are viable in this meta, so yeah, it’s good. The goal was to end the year on a high note, what went wrong? I guess we didn’t do a good job adapting drafting-wise. I think the biggest issue is that certain teams’ play style is good against ours not allowing us to play the way we’re used to. For some reason, we didn’t come up with something new or different for this matchup. What were the main takeaways from the defeat? Again, this is about the draft – there’s a number of heroes that we need to incorporate into our strategies, and the fact that we don’t want and shouldn’t confine ourselves into always playing from behind. Sometimes it works – just farming, following your game plan and eventually winning. But we can’t do that against more aggressive teams. That’s pretty much it. Were you bummed out about the loss? Well, losing is always frustrating, especially in the first hour or two, but I think we didn’t take it too hard. We had a talk after that, so we’re okay. We’re gonna have a few days of rest once we return home, and go without scrims, except for just working on expanding our hero pool, until after the New Year, then we get back to practice and gather for a bootcamp before the Major. Address the fans. I want to wish everyone a happy New Year and thank you for your support. See you at the Major!

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