NAVI Dota 2: DXRacer Undercover Challenge

Hey, there. This is the DXRacer Undercover Challenge and today we are answering your comments. “b2ru has to be fired. Not a single vlog”. “You wouldn’t have had to try that hard if you’d lost in the first place.” “Lower wages, higher prices.” What am I reading anyway? Is this related to esports? What do I respond to that? “What the hell, dog?” The first question. “You can’t win without SF. Magical is a bad player.” 1k MMR analysis. I’ve heard a lot of statements like that, but Idan did great. He proved he can play well with other heroes, too, but my response is: “Agreed, nowhere to go without SF”. “Good job, Andrey, you led this team to victory.” Andrey did that single-handedly. I’ll even type in his name with a capital letter. “I wish the best of luck to the guys. GPK would be a great pick for NAVI. “He totally outplayed Magical in mid in every single matchup. Yes, Magical is going to the Major while GPK isn’t, but NAVI would be much stronger with him.” I agree. Not with that comment though, with this one: “Changing a midlaner who forces 6 bans out of the opponent?” I’m on board with this one. “When are the vlogs coming”? Very soon. The link will be in the description. “I got just the meme for this occasion. “Another top 16 is coming. That’s not a first lulMajor anymore – some heavy hitters are gonna be present there.” A picture of VP and NAVI with the “Bring us some vodka, we’re going home.” caption. By the way, I noticed there were a lot of jokes regarding the top 16 at the previous Major, keep it up. “Was Ilias playing from home? Lul.” Yes, he played from home. He couldn’t make it to the bootcamp in time, so we decided he’d be better off playing at home. A lot of people asked what Illias looks like, maybe some of you have seen his photo already. That’s Illias. He wasn’t present at the bootcamp as he couldn’t get his passport in time. But his photo was always here. “Hire a stylist”… Okay. Who needs it? We are all stylish guys here. “You can stay home, you’ll lose anyway.” I don’t agree. We have to go. About who is calling in-game… Earlier, we announced that Zayac would take on the captain; so as for now, Pasha and Zayac are sharing this responsibility and they are doing a great job. “Illias didn’t deward a lot of wards he spotted, and was right-clicking in team fights and dying aftewards.” What’s with the hate? Are you any better? That’s a question from the NAVI website: “When will you make an interview with Ilias?” I guess everyone is looking forward to it, maybe we’ll make one at the upcoming Major. People are talking about me a lot, for some reason. Here is some video. I apologize. Which one? NAVI won! NAVI, NAVI! NAVI won indeed. “B2ru has to be fired. Not a single vlog.” “Hey, where are the new videos?” DM Yana Khymchenko. Posted. “It’s better this way. No media activity so as not to distract the players, fire yourself.” Fire yourself. “Good job. I really liked the first one against Spirit where the opponent banned 6 Magical’s heroes…” Idan, they banned your heroes, huh? “The guys just want to have a good time in Bukovel and get more points.” That’s a good idea. Too bad we didn’t get to go there. The next comment is praising Crystallize: “Crystallize is the best. This is the second season he has been the most consistent CIS carry.” “Magical has no idea how to play Dota if SF and TA are banned. “Going to the Major with a 2 hero pool? Kick Crystallize and Magical and get down to practice.” This guy is complimenting everyone. “Illias is a young prodigy…” Speaking of which, who do you think scouted him? What do I respond to this? What the hell, dog? Thank you, bro, I’ll be sure to tell him that. Sergey, what’s your deal? “Kick Crystallize and Magical and get down to practice.” With three players. “Sonneiko’s kick didn’t make things better, now did it? At least you had a 1-6 Lifestealer running around.” “He’s just a noob.” Sorry, Vlad. “Nice one, Mag. Sitting on VK while the guys are winning him some cash.” Always do that. “Totally shit the bed in Game 2.” True. Yaroslav says, “So bad. As always. That’s a slap in the face.” Sorry, man. Now the last comment, “The clown who was drafting, thank you for picking Lifestealer.” This is the best one. You better watch who you talk to like that. Done. A lot of congratulation comments. Thank you, everyone. I get that you have a lot of questions because this time we weren’t as media active as we usually are and didn’t make any vlogs. What can I say is that we started bootcamping in Kyiv 10 days prior to the Major qualifiers with Illias playing from home, as many of you may know. We prepared really well and I want to thank IceFrog for buffing some of Idan’s heroes in the new patch. A lot of people have been complaining and having different opinions about this patch, but I’m really content with it because Dota’s become way more fun to play. Other than that, NAVI is at the Major – that says it all right there. Thank you for watching this video. We read your comments and we love you. I read a great comment on Prodota regarding vlogs saying, “Finally, no Yana at the bootcamp and NAVI qualified for the Major.”

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  1. Dota Auto Chess says:


  2. Нурзаман Нурзаман says:

    Где соннейко?

  3. Молодой человек says:

    Жду вас на ti10 против OG в финале

  4. Moldovanash says:

    Ильяс внерачный сын Мага?

  5. Витя Прахиндей says:

    ты чё пёс ??

  6. Speed Force says:

    Главный вопрос Ильяс КАЗАХ?Я и так болею за нави с дества,но но если бы он был казахом ЛЕТАЛ БЫ ВСЕ ТУРИКИ С НАВИ И ПОКУПАЛ БЫ ВСЕ ШМОТКИ С ТЭГОМ НАВИ!

  7. Alfredo Aguilar Leon says:

    No dendi no like

  8. Galaktix XX13 says:

    Сказали б мне в 2012 году, что в 2019 будет какой-то левый дядька сидеть и отвечать на вопросы НаВи " пускай он и менеджер " я б обосрался. Как хорошо что мне это никто не сказал, и трусы у меня чистые)))

  9. mark Kolganov says:

    нет конечно MagiCal!!!!!!!! топ SF

  10. Maga Magamedov says:

    Он молодой иляс кыргиз

  11. Joker s says:

    Ура контент

  12. артем чегринец says:

    Жду хотябы топ 8 мажора

  13. Deadmeck1 says:

    "Чё ему ответить?…Ты чё, пёс" просто выпал

  14. Fluffy Rice says:

    3:20, проверяйте.

  15. Big Boss says:

    И это все, до мажора больше видосов не будет?

  16. Bakhtiyar Rakhimov says:

    Ильяс, брат душиииии

  17. The Eveileb says:

    LGD! LGD!

  18. Vkusniashka says:

    Побольше бы таких видео,очень интересно!

  19. A H says:

    сводите кристала в барбершоп наконец!!!

  20. Ero Oganesyan says:

    Хватит кикать игроков дайте пусть прывыкнут к друг другу..с играются

  21. Владислав Велигура says:

    То чувство когда 2 твоих коммента попали в видос Навей…. Мама я извэстный!!!)))?

  22. Игорь Свиридов says:

    Ребята рофлят:) удачи вам на мажоре;)

  23. without name says:

    Удачи. ДЕНДИ БОСС

  24. IceSlice IceSlice says:

    Не ну Янке реально выговор за то что влогов нету!

  25. Kerim Rezai says:

    ребята хороши красавцы еба я орал когда победили =) кста подумайте насчет тренировки мк ! на миду!

  26. Олег Хвостик says:

    На майдане слышен ор!
    НаВи едут на мажор!

  27. Azizillo Dj says:

    Ребять по мне ильяса и сонейка пулы героев и действия по карте одинаковы.Ну а вот Мэжикал смог показать в турнире только тини и сфа.А гпка, эргон,нован многих героев и вытаскивали свои команды из жопы.Мэжига засовывает свою команду в жопу.Если до мажора поменять Мэжикала на Гпка тогда нави займуть 5-6 место

  28. arsman 45 says:

    Удачи вам ! Болею всей душой🏆👋🏻

  29. Immortal Man says:

    И представитель этого видео VPN без которого коменты были бы не прочитаны

  30. IceSlice IceSlice says:

    Посадите Янку с камерой за игроками и пусть сидит. Вот вам и влог

  31. Владислав Колесник says:


  32. progress says:

    magical тир 1 мидер, я заебался уже это повторять. Явная находка для NAVI!

  33. Андрей Белов says:


  34. Andrew says:

    5:30 в голос орал

  35. ADIK DARIBAI says:

    Красавчики пацаны )) удачи вам

  36. Serezhkaneoshibka kot says:

    Магикал а ты хорош) Ребятки молодцы! гл на мажоре

  37. The Aim_ says:

    Sonneiko – рак

  38. Максим Козуб says:

    Про буткемп смешно

  39. Laity says:

    Шикарное видео)

  40. Nigma. Сеня says:

    В чатике я слышу ОР,Нави едут на Мажор!;)

  41. Dima Qwerty says:

    Хороший видосик,меджикал – респект!

  42. Александр Буленко says:

    Давайте на мажоре как минимум топ-8. Или как у*бу сук!!!

  43. GGG Golovkin says:

    Илияс по наций кто ?

  44. Егор Сысоев says:

    Надо было в конце видоса лицо Андрея Magа увеличить как у райза в ответе про влог в трусах😂

  45. Alexander Skolov says:

    А откуда Незалежной ВК? Его же заблочили там.

  46. Monkey D. Luffy says:

    уу хейтеры Яны

  47. Zoku Stomp says:

    "в доту стало играть намного интереснЕй" – Маг

  48. Artemka Shabelnik says:

    Заскаутил он Ильяса , в почему Соннейко ушёл?

  49. Евгения Макарова says:

    Очень понравился формат! Такой позитив в ответ на негатив, как и всегда в NAVI. Меня всегда поражало умение грамотно использовать чувство юмора)
    P.S. Яна, мы ооочень скучали!!! 🧡

  50. Віталік Федитник says:

    Як вас знайти в буковелі приїду зі львова заради фоток з вами

  51. Arty_001 says:

    B2ru where are the vlogs ??????

  52. Karnesh Kumar says:

    Yana is the reason :O

  53. Коля Подорожний says:

    Ответочка про Gpk от Игоря прям ваще топчик 😉

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