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Hey everyone I’m Amiena and welcome back
to my channel Amiena Inspired so this week I’m talking about a different
kind of confidence I am so comfortable talking about the confidence you need to
live the life you want and to have the relationships that you want and for
public speaking for example and yeah the one kind of confidence that I don’t talk
about often is body confidence and as many of you know if you watch my videos
I could have been crowned Miss Universe of insecurities when I was younger
because I really didn’t feel like I was good enough and I couldn’t find one
centimeter literally on my body that I thought was good enough you know and
that stayed with me for a long time and after having two kids you know that
makes things a lot better so yeah so when it comes to body confidence what
I’ve done, having spoken to my team about this is that I’ve just put it on the
scale so from 1 to 10 and I invite you to do the same so one is you’re feeling
really crap about your body so your confidence level is in the toilet and 10 is
like yay I’m super in love with my body and I have no problems with it okay so
if I have to consider in the context of going to the beach which is one of the
things that I’m going to be doing you’ll see in a couple of weeks time to support
somebody else in my team when it comes to surfing woohoo so if surfing’s your thing then let me know but so what I did was I put myself on that scale so think about it
for a moment from 1-10 where are you if you had to go to the beach now what is
your confidence level mine is about a six maybe even five
and a half but lets just say six so one thing that I realized and it’s so amazing and
freeing right say for example you said one and I say
six and someone else says nine it doesn’t matter the confidence level that we at
what matters is that remaining amount occurs that outstanding whatever three
or four whatever and that percentage of how we feel about ourselves has nothing
to do with our body that’s the epiphany that I had because
in fact when we shift our focus away from the obvious which is how you
physically look we have to recognize that there are models who are globally
considered the most beautiful people in the world and they think that they are
ugly and then you have people that are not the commercial look not cookie
cutter but they exude such confidence and they know they have that they are just
totally sexy you know and so clearly it has nothing to do with our bodies it has
to do with our minds and our hearts and our feelings and so forth so I decided
to channel what I already know and teach about confidence into the way I perceive
my own body so firstly you have to accept yourself you know confidence
comes from accepting who you are as is not who you’re going to be in ten
months time when you lost that ten kilograms and not who you were when you
used to be the coolest person on earth none of those things being confident is
accepting who you are right now okay so I do accept myself I do accept
my body in fact I am happy that I have all the scars to prove that I have had
two kids I have two kids and I love them to death and I wouldn’t swap anything on my
body for them you know so they are my everything so if that is true which it
is then I accept it you know and somebody else might say yeah but I
didn’t have two kids but I’m not happy with my body
well your body is not going to change because you unhappy with it but it has a
much better chance of changing if you are happy with it and that’s because
when we are positive about something we tend to be more interested and open to
other people’s suggestions of how to improve
it’s like think of it like this if you are if you are studying something at
school or on campus and your lecturer or your teacher is really positive and there for
you you’ll be okay with being vulnerable and looking stupid or giving the wrong
answers because you know you’ve got somebody in your corner and the opposite is also
true so if somebody if your lecturer or your teacher is somebody who is very
negative and you feel like you’re going to just be completely embarrassed you’re
not going to take that chance so it’s the same with your body so you have to
be there for yourself you know I always say you have to have your own back so I’ve decided
that before I think about the beach and start the whole comparison game I’m
just going to accept the fact that I’m not going to get another body and
berating myself and hating myself is not going to change that so I’m going to
love this body that I’m in and remember that it’s not there to look good I mean
I think we forget that our bodies are not there to
look good our bodies are there to keep us alive to keep our you know it’s our meat sack it keeps all our organs in and if you look at it if you started you know fragment all of that, it’s like your arms that can hug your kids your fingertips I say this before
that wipes away their tears those are the things that are much more important so I
don’t know how you feel about your body and I know we all have lots and lots of
stories but I want to give up my story of being Miss Insecurity and I want to
say I am happy with a body I’m in right now
I accept it I love it and I’m doing this because I know that there’s a lot of
people that don’t feel this way and you know we all on this journey I’m happy to
lead the way you’ll be seeing me soon not in the swimsuit because I don’t do
that but perhaps a wetsuit because I plan on going surfing soon and you know I know
nothing about it and you see that’s the thing about confidence you got to do
something you’re afraid of so you’re welcome to join me on that journey
that’s gonna be super fun let me know what your body confidence tips or
struggles are and I will chat to you soon much love always

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    This a definitely a topic that many could resonate.

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