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  1. Gabriel Martinez Villarreal says:

    cuando sale

  2. probably seafoam says:

    They add mineta but not shinsou


  3. Daniel Bloch says:

    All for one? Is he in? BECAUSE if hes NOT then nope from me

  4. M King Cool Dude says:

    Wish it was ninja storm 4 graphics

  5. Hellfiresalmon says:

    Be cool if there was a dubbed version for us dubbed watchers



  7. Anna Beatriz says:

    has mineta but doesn't have sero…definitely a no

  8. Amine A says:

    Lol is it just me or did overwatch do the same thing, like same game, same graphics, 2 new characters and maps and a kinda story mode. But it’s somehow considered a sequel.

  9. NotBrobarian says:

    I'm only getting it if they add Midnight.

    Because of TACTICS!

  10. Buster says:

    Maybe we’ll get gentle and hawks as dlc characters later on

  11. Phil Crownz says:

    When is strongest hero coming out?

  12. Tat Odd guy says:

    It's very amazing to see games about my hero acedemia
    But does it look like every season
    Has a new game coming like the anime

  13. Sauce Wave says:

    Seeing that one spider that got away 0:23

  14. Pokemon Master says:

    Please add shinso

  15. Rhon RE4M says:

    no gym costume no deal :v

  16. TeleportingPotato says:

    Yikes they really just want the fans cash

  17. Duplinha Do clash says:

    Data de lansamento?

  18. shaunthesheep24 says:

    *Shows only a minute of gameplay.
    *game looks like it should be dlc.

    Guess who I'm impersonating.

  19. ridiculus expecto says:

    I like it but it seems that it lacks something which more room for improvements

  20. dany 19 says:

    Yeah…I’m sticking with the anime sorry

  21. Женька Пенька says:


  22. Richie Tozier says:


  23. some lad says:

    They add mineta but not aoyama

  24. Seesaw says:

    finally they add Tamaki, Mineta and Tokoyami babies-

  25. MOHAMMED gm says:


  26. brooke. says:

    pleASE i only have so much money i just wanna play as nejire

  27. Vishal Kumar says:

    I think time has come for me to buy a ps4 😬😅

  28. Niko9 says:

    We only care about mineta

  29. rhi hedgehog says:

    I would get it because why not but I can’t because it looks like it’s only for PS4…
    And I have an Xbox :/

  30. shazam says:

    I think this will be dubbed

  31. Steel Scythe says:

    Yes let's go even on playstation my fav anime so far

  32. Jay Striker says:

    0:29 I’m finally in the game yes!

  33. KaibutsuHime says:

    I hope Hawks going to be in it

  34. Cuak el pato dective says:

    Why Bandai make anorher boku no heri Game when the kast Game esa like 2 years old but the last JoJo Game was like 4 or 5 years ago i don't remember but i Will like a anorher JoJo Game

  35. michael Tempest says:

    Nice dlc bandai……ridiculous

  36. Gabrielle M says:


  37. Mr. OneTwo says:

    Still a garbage 3d arena fighter huh

  38. FANTASTIC RALF says:

    Everybody is talking garbage about this game but trust me season 4 in this game it's gonna be lit btw spoiler ahead!!!!!

    Imagine playing with one for all 100% deku vs overhaul 💯

  39. Juanjo JM22 says:

    Que lo traigan a Perú. Porque muchos juegos de anime no llegan acá y los fans no podemos disfrutar en fácil acceso todo lo q sale

  40. juanxo23c says:

    Pawaaaa xD

  41. Kevin says:

    Quando for lançar o jogo,antes coloca no jogo modo história, de RPG,Igual o Dragon ball xenoverse 2,Por favor Sony.Quem concorda deixa liki no meu comentário, Blz?

  42. Raleek Smith says:

    Make a my hero game that plays like ninja storm then I’ll buy it

  43. Furqon Gacha F says:


  44. fade SH11 says:

    All I want to see is red roit unbreakable

  45. ただの勇者 says:


  46. i Donji says:

    Man they need a CAC and have us pick our quirk and have a story to it

  47. ur2slow 16 says:

    I see they have best boy in the thumbnail

  48. Robert Edwards says:


  49. Carsean McKinnon says:

    I’m just as upset as everyone else, but will still buy the game. 😇🤷🏾‍♂️

  50. Acro says:

    Guys just make a 2.5D game sigh I hate full on 3D

  51. VVS X EPICGUY 360 says:

    Mineta the coldest hero out here

  52. Артём Кулак says:

    0:29 man berry epic comeback

  53. daniel xd says:


  54. CartoonRaff/Cartoon Games & Coe says:

    That’s a pretty dope Dlc! 😀




    Wait wha-?

  55. AG Reed says:

    Can i play a anime game in English like naruto & dbz

  56. NACHOCHEEZpuffs says:

    No DUB = still trash

  57. legião dos herois says:

    Mineta and miryu cool

  58. JudgedbyKarma says:

    Money waste

  59. Legendary Legend says:


  60. Boiled Cement says:

    Where muscular

  61. Naver says:

    How to disappoint everyone:

  62. Leet Bomb says:


  63. MAN IN THE MIRROR says:

    Super flop platform

  64. Victor Flame says:

    I don’t know. I think the graphics look better

  65. イヌトラマン says:


  66. Not Found 404: says:

    Oh! There's new DLC pack coming out!

    ….? Is it a new game? Seriously?

  67. Okuyasu Nijimura says:

    Why it's so hard to just make update?

  68. Cozy Train says:

    I didn't even realize that one was out already 😂

  69. Anakin Skyking says:

    Endevor vs dabi…

  70. LIAMBERTO VERA says:

    Dame un like si te emocionaste bien perron pero recordaste qué eres menor y no tienes ni un solo pinchi peso

  71. that guy says:


  72. Sinead Lemonade Productions says:

    our lord mineta is here bow down

  73. XDUuGamer XDUuGam says:

    Tokoyami ugghhhh 💦

  74. Fire Gamer6767 says:

    Mineta is in MHOJ

    Me : Shut up and take my money !

  75. Deandrew Powell says:

    Is it really that hard for English dub actors to be in anime games nowadays

  76. Cuweedi says:

    That is the most confusing title of a game, I have ever acknowledged

  77. Stackajr says:


  78. El Mantishrimp says:

    If only we got a 2D fighter with MHA characters like DB Fighterz.

    If only…

  79. Rar3st_Cat YT says:

    I kind of hate the games but not the anime
    (insert sad face here)

  80. Denzhel Wash says:

    Expecting for Red Riot Unbreakable please.

  81. Noah Vasselle says:

    Ihonesthate mirio

  82. Amirhossein Ghaffary says:

    They didnt change graphic much because people with medium systems in pc could buy it,well thanks

  83. Talking Parrot says:

    I’m just waiting to play as Hado 😍


    I love it

  85. Stardust - NCXV Gaming says:

    I want Mei Hatsume in My Hero One Justice 2. People think her Quirk is trash but she Used Machinery for seen people sights. She needs to be added in the game.

  86. zak heiney says:

    can we at least get subtitles for this one

  87. João Batista says:

    My Hero One's Justice new dlc pack

  88. Faceless Media says:

    Is this a new skin for tomura? OH its overhaul, WHAT THE FU*

  89. DarkFireAnims says:

    I can beat Mineta up now!

  90. Lil Thooka says:


  91. Stumegtif says:

    Pls why graphics so trash

  92. supersayjangoku says:

    ya a whole new game and yet you still cant play deku as movie verson(where he wears his gauntlet)

  93. Posing Dragon says:

    Damnit, I want to play Mina, but is it worth $90AUD?

  94. Mohd Fayyadh says:

    1:20 there he is!!!.. after visiting Manhwa A Returner's Magic Should Be Special he come back

  95. Iruru ilulu says:

    What’s this soundtrack?

  96. Weeb Noodlez says:

    I’m getting this game even if y’all won’t I like it and they can take my money but I understand anyone else’s decision not to purchase this game

  97. #LiveForever says:

    Si esta Fatgun me lo compro

  98. Link Triforce says:

    What was that uh on 1:23

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