My Beloved World: A Talk with Justice Sonia Sotomayor

I just wanna say I can’t begin to tell
you what an honor it is for me to be able to home share the stage with you this is
the best job perk ever can’t tell you how credibly trip which night you’re
asking the question I’m know your research I know how much
you care about many of the nation’s that I address IP directly or indirectly
in my book and so real tree to know that you were
going to be the person spend want top thank you more what more can I say well you know I
is here ok what we decided to do i mean if you
can see this as a packed crowd and there were many more that would’ve
liked to have been here so we put up a couple of web-sites an ass
students to send in questions and so a lot of the questions that all
ask you come from students although all take my prerogative and you
know either ask you a little bit more throw in a few my own and I’m gonna start with a
question from Jared air who is working on a master’s in
public administration and he asked about something can I sure
can I just say one thing yes whoever asked the question is here
stand-up I like knowing asking the question okay Jared hi they didn’t know I was going to be using
their name so hahaa Don out the door okay at the end to this but here at the University we’ve been
actually talking a lot about leadership and he wanted to know first how do you
see yourself as a leader Wow I haven’t been asked that question
people I don’t know that I said out to be a leader I’m fidel to first improve my cell to develop Mike cell my skills my abilities as far
as I could go I’m a very very competitive person but I compete with me more than I
compete with other people and I think it was that desire to improve me bad led me to wonder when help the environment I was Ian to be better and to the extent that on truly believe you lead by
example for me it was and has always been before simply ideas
before so do we do what I thought was right that
has I hope lead people to work with me towards goals that we’ve been able to
accomplish so US Highway think of myself as a
leader come I think up my cell as someone who won you and in that you being I hope that I set the example and I have because I’ve had so many
people join with me to do such wonderful them on and you know what are the reasons I
wrote my book was because I had been had a pool from my world in New York which wasn’t a very
small world I was a you know Circuit Court Judge nothing to
think that I and I loved my line but I got put on the supreme court and I was
catapulted into it again another alien world and a not national stage but a world stage and I’m really started together ray that I would lose who so you’re
really was and how power can corrupt are watching and I
know that can make you pull up your cell if you
let it and I’m trying to work very very hard to always remember that I didn’t get to
where I got by myself and you know I tell my friends I made a very
big book so when they being that I’ve gotten
conceded hit me over the head with I well him only male talk in a box around here can read me home one of the most common
questions would probably have half the audience standing up for
this one on had to do with your experiences in
college not surprising these are college students and in the
book you describe very clearly how at times you felt like
an alien arm came from a different background than
many of the other students to princeton home you describe even simple things
like not ever having heard about Alice in Wonderland or five Beta Kappa and so the question is how did you especially
in your college years navigate that world of difference
without letting your more hardscrabble background become what
Cristina Garcia calls heavy burdens or what brenda Gokhale asks she asked the question what
advice would you give to your twenty year old self and if
Brenda or Christine are here how are you one abuse I homeowner yeah I good terrific so also what advice would you
give to your twenty year old self hard to answer that question because you know you live your life with the experiences and learning from and I don’t know that anything but the school of hard
knocks ever gets you to the place to appreciate it by I you know after I you read in my book
that I was married and divorced and after I got divorced every friends
and family member told me with really like and I told every one of them and I mean it
why are you telling me this now line up there but and they said well you
wouldn’t listen and I now have young cousins getting and I take my own advice and I
say to them sweetie Christmas we know because we lucky and we know who you are
and what you are and we can tell you why we see that doesn’t what might not work people
with on so I don’t know that you will but I’ll I i think what I will tell you if
the file how much is have you community it one community with help and in this margin environment there are people and many of them with your gonna puke
fine be Prem let them you home for about how what you’re doing here at the same time
however don’t limit yourself to just them the wonderful thing about community if it’s real community is that even supporting home pretty nurturing and letting you law at the same time it’s trying to
bring out the best in me and leading UX more with also to I’m will security blanket
that you had as a kid so don’t cuckoo yourself in that world go out and me classmates who were doing being
differently than you are go out and sedan a lunch table filled with kids from another part um
the united states that you’ve never visited talk to them find out what their
families are like tank classes that you know nothing about simply because it should area but you find intriguing learn about
things that you hear about in the news so that you can actually understand the
world around you I’m you know you can be a with person and still take in
economics course you can take a religion course and learn
about religions that are not euro religion is such a central part of our
society in the world we have wars going on because of
religion and unless you have some basic understanding up the tenants have the major belief
system in our world you’re really not gonna be
an educated person become that while you’re here thing a college as a growing experience learning expiry one in which you become a more interesting purse because that to
me is really the purpose college to give you curiosity because curiosity will make you learn things that you don’t know and
give you confidence about your ability to get to know and so where you Brenda Christina yes alright Brenda at the end up your four years write me a
letter and tell me if you took my advice okay okay will holler to India home staying with the college theme you got to meet some of our
student leaders earlier on in a few of them kinda
whispered in my ear that I should make sure and ask you about the
role of student activism they pointed out that when you were in
princeton I you are very much an activist
particularly related to the diversity requirement Latino causes I’m social justice more
generally home what is the role in what was your
own what do you think their role should be
in terms a using their college years to change the world I colleges the purpose time to be idealistic because you haven’t learned how hard it
is out there no seriously you hear your parents say
that all the time you hear your professors maybe
occasionally saying more elegantly unless directly than I do but they do
say I you you start out your life not believing not believing in yourself not believing that you can actually leave in a better world not gonna be a very happy like you use to me bed %um holes to you and that in polls to make at least some theme around you but I think brings true however in wonderful student leaders I mad are not gonna like when I say this you don’t
have to be a student leader to do that not everybody whose cut out to be a leader in that
sensible were up being the person who stands up in sorta goes awry gets people moving in
active baby doll comes up with all the ideas everybody has their own personality
everybody has their own interest and if everybody was doing the
same men been our improvement would be very
limited because our need your best with different and we
have needs in so many different barriers a societal and a community that we camps have
everybody doing the same thing what on me by giving is taking personal
responsibility shipping outside your own needs to look around and say beer is this little piece of my world but i wanna make a difference in and
whether that’s tutoring kids who need help going into
city with elderly people you a seen your home whether it means going on campus picking up litter with a group of
students where economy anything but what it should mean a bomb all is rising are well yourself to give more I have
been talking recently about with two questions but I ask myself each night before you
go to sleep and the first one here’s what I what have I given and today what I have mine that’s been something nice for somebody and the second thing I asked myself is what have I learned you today now virtually every day on the
supreme court that too using question to answer and so I have banned myself from
answering something professional hmm but I don’t women what I’ve heard
about the world what I’ve learnt about human nature what I’ve learnt about an organization a new backed by her that I didn’t know
before it doesn’t have to be be momentous things but they’re building
blocks building blocks growing and I accept
them as such so I don’t know that you have to ask
yourself those who question but to thing up questions for your cell at and school but will keep your like me and for the student leaders you found your brow that’s more similar
to mine and so so gratifying but if you remember in my book I said that I
thought that the the Latino group at princeton with a
rag-tag Munchen how students in ripped on grease which
word compassion back then and and work shoes okay but I join them and we set out to make changes that we as a group were able to agree were important to crew are like Prince well you might be pleased to hear them
to we’ve been in the top 10 with top three
for the last 10 years in terms of students to go to the peace corps and 100 the service is something that we
think is very important to your cell you know thank you very much for upon yeah absolutely no words to live by arm a number of
students noted and I think that that particularly our students who come from
diverse backgrounds the you’ve been a victim of stereotypes or
worse throughout your life yet you know in
your book you refer to the father of one of your
classmates and you say that there’s a difference between stereotyping or discrimination due to ignorance and
that’s due to stupidity mean-spiritedness can you talk a little
bit more about the difference and what that means to you and what that
might mean to other students who have felt stereotype
discriminated against i cant affect question a lot and I tried
to explain that there is no one cancer sure how you deal with those moments that you discriminating because the reason and the comp sucks super each situation should have a different response I I use one example in my book Ave court security officer not a Marshall a
court security officer who when I was me court of appeals judge called me hun now back once stupid all right now and I
knew it because I was very friendly with him are treated him as I try to treat
everyone with a great deal of respect and I thing just billion to treating me like heat-treated his friend not realizing but I might you insolvent by being
called hun and i actually went up to him very
quietly said I know how much like but I think that
may give other people bad impressions you hold me on it’s
better to call me just for drug copper om but I could have done it angrily and
embarrass him orkut choose to have done it quietly and
educate and their are those moments yep there was another one with that ice describe in high school
with a very very dear friend we’ve actually lost touch with and I
think this incident had something to do with it I was in her home and her father was watching television and the Puerto Rican parade came on and he was watching and a been started to
lament that the it’s insulting word but I
repeated only for it for what happened on those dirty spics and I looked at him and my girl from was mortified and I could see her turning bright man and I looked at him and said miss you mister so-and-so you see that skin I matured speak that was means and I knew it that scratch but again i cant get off from school
China I made my point and I’m there are
screamers shoppers and sometimes back response is
necessary sometimes in certain public settings if someone says
something that’s objectionable someone has to get
up and happily I in other moments as will know for my book I filed the
complaint because have something an interview were
said to be when I was interviewing for a job law school so
there is no one we did to you with it other than
what I just crime him book which is to remember that I don’t let all boomers judge me I judge if you can take prime and what you done and how warning com in the improvements
you’re trying to me your cell and life leading then frankly to hell with them no seriously you have to be evil to look at all their sins say you don’t
judge I’m church but the only way you can do
that use if you are actually really doing things to prove yourself in a way that
you can take your old pride much once you do that I think it can become so much easier it
is so hard to watch classmates who seem to know
what to do instinctively because we’ve been exposed
to with their entire lives it’s hard to see kids who study for a couple hours
and they can bang out a paper I lived with a roommate
who the night before paper was due Road a flawless paper it would take me I
had I was the one working on the paper three
months before you know and editing editing again and I just couldn’t get it done but I
realize very early that if I compete if I competed with her I was on
the losing end forever and so I went back to competing with me trying to get better at riding trying to
improve myself and now I still don’t know if I’m a better
writer than she is probably not but I’m doing okay no question yeah no question home you obviously had success really throughout her life and given some hope
for strained relationships and your family
but you write about very candidly home and the fact that no one in your
family had gone to college both out what halls are who’s in
computer science and Chloe Lee and biochemistry and
neurobiology ask and here please stand up Alexa home Alex out what all-star and Chloe
Lee I will you guys I’m glad to hear okay who or what was the biggest source
of support that helped motivate you to pursue your
goals and be so successful I think I say in my pool that to be
successful in life there’s one key ingredient finding someone in your life one conditionally loves you and I got
back from my grandma I really I could do no wrong even when I
did wrong I and bad you need to find home one who has be but it doesn’t always have to be a
relative and there are a lot of families who don’t know how to do that because they’ve never had it im
themselves and so giving it to you might be very
difficult and I’ve had friends who have founded by looking outside of their own families to
the families of friends that have and sort of a second
mother a second grandmother I have friends who have been mentored by
teachers I have others who have found the support in their churches or synagogues so in
their religious settings I have others who have founded from older friend much like I did in
high school he was only two years older than I and
my friend can who coached me in the debate but I learn so much from
him and he s so much faith in me even to this day you should do your friend what you do me someone to sorta talk to and comfort you and help you during those tough times but if you wait for them to find you
sometimes you may miss out on the opportunity you to be if you don’t have it naturally
work for because it will help you with macro in the end however as important that’s
what gave me the confidence what gave me the tribe was my mother and I talk about the rocky I’m times we had when I was younger and how we have grown in life together I but watching her value education really key me be be start a hollow it was she always said to me so you’re the one
thing you have to be able to do I never thought I would be a widow with
36 raising two kids said he’d never this was never part of
my from maginnis ever you have to be people to support you no matter what go and get an education she was more
worried about me going to college my brother my brother went to college in
as you know he did very well also but she always said to me sonya partner for you but you’ve got to be
able to support you and so she really back was but you can find role models not just in families look
around you talk to successful people you know one other wonders about my book his how many people I know know that I’ve shared so much with who
have finally told me up the difficulties in their room my
book has given people permission for even Mike friends to
shield I think the one thing I regret that I didn’t do in college we had study group we spend hours together you know you had
a glass ok ups back then sangria student home I guess
you guys don’t do that anymore right I’m and we would go on till three in the
morning discussing some great polemic in that we have just starting to what’s
happening in society but we didn’t spend a lot of time asking questions about each other and
how and what we had done to become we were and if I had to do my college days over again I would do
more I’m getting a second chance by because of my book my closest friends in
college and law school have reunited with me in a more proactive way and in
fact importantly in the gene I’ll the law
school where who said old you know class me and four of us came together this weekend
and I learnt more about then than I ever knew my three years assist most amazing I’m having some %uh
the same experiences with the my high school friends not at that point
I think that somebody in securities keep your part and now that we’re all
doing it doesn’t matter we tell each other for you if you learn
to share it earlier just yeah I agree um I know that we’re
supposed to kinda tiptoe around somewhere the Supreme
Court home times questions I’m but I think that
this one is is gonna be okay and it’s for Mary
rockman who was a student in one of the seminars
on your book I don’t know merry here um there she is alright hold on where are
you a Merry stand back over there %ah homo and Mary wants to know and I think all of us are curious to
hear about what do you believe is the public’s biggest misconception about the Supreme
Court and its justices on married no 12 ask me that people learn I think the biggest misperception use that its you see to decide are cases most people will read our decisions even when they’re split
and they read 15 and they read the other side be get persuaded by one and the other and
they look up and say well that was easy why did the other guys disagree alright
I and most people actually reading the cases see well this is really clear why did anybody think there was a question and I
remember when I was on the district court a very big case for me wanna actually brought
me to national attention as a judge had to do with something nobody in this
room I think may have been a lot for I don’t know about all the adults will
remember it I’m it was a 1995 baseball strike and be struck before the World Series
when the Yankees were ahead I and the owners be in just before the beginning
of spring training the following year had decided to hire scraps and the NLRB had come to court asking the court to
issue an injunction against the owners doing that saying
that the word bargaining in good faith I’m simplifying
the issue before I rendered the decision every
major legal on different venues and on printed and live or television was talking about
how difficult the legal question and how there was no clear answer i render my decision and everybody is
writing the same day the next day saying well that was easy I realized in that moment that what
happens is the Palm in every case the Supreme Court takes virtually every case there’s a circuit
split there are 13 circuits in the United
States I the circuits for the appeal federal appeals courts in the state were
divided among those 13 circuits and baby disagree on the answered the legal
questions in that sirkin bad circuit answers fans and controls the law until the Supreme Court says something
different the court cases are almost always cases in which
there has been a circuit split and if you get it you understand the people here really be a circuit
split unless there’s an important legal
question at issue that’s not be answerable which is not clear if it were clear all pink 13 circuits
would agree so there has to be something in the issue bet is perplexing and difficult should come to an answer
about otherwise you would not have that
disagreement yet we render our decisions and p because
we’re great lawyers every justice was trained
as a lawyer you have to be gifted even more crap 2 p.m. have been selected at all many of
us have been judges have at right now only one of us has not been a judge before on a different court
button thing we know how to do is to write persuasive opinions and but trip in reading our opinions in our
two cents is finding their for line up we’re be lack of clarity and it’s a for line where the difference of opinion arises and it’s that for line that makes our trudging so hard it is not easy work I and coming to an answer is not only so strict thank you I’m
gonna keep on going one more question about
the Supreme Court and it comes from Glenn Martin a medical
student and she Glenna are you here to get in are you working on the hospital some her
how much she is alright terrific home she knows but during the era the Warren
Court and then Wilson a prominent critic and historian wrote that the supreme court was the
most moral bar original institutions do you think
that still accurate today I mean we hear a lot a chemically pappu my no no no no no no now II won’t do
that I will answer every single justice use passion about the same we’re passionate about the Constitution about the laws about democracy and about how to ensure that it is working the way should what we disagree on is what’s the best answer for that but
if you understand that bad passions morality that we are doing it not from self
interest you know we’ve got jobs for a lot and in many ways our salaries are not in
many ways in always our salaries are controlled by congress I just got a raise after twenty years okay and I’m sure that if happen
congress knew that I was getting a raise they
would’ve said no but my point fears that that in the senate if he was using that were in the sense that we act with out self-interest we don’t have to get elected we don’t
have to cater to interest-group we do what we think he’s right if you define morality that way then I think he was right yamina move back a little bit more in
terms of her Creek Supreme Court we have a lot of
students that are really interested in careers in public service some of
them including going into law some of them public administration all
over the place and so there’s three students here Bridget
Bridget Ross pac political science from
economics student matter a mirar whose pre-law and on the Honda
swap so who’s in sociology and politics I and
all amassed similar versions have the same question
and they had to do with are you near any other ok I won’t be my area I’m pretty okay I’ll call you all
asked very similar questions and it had to do with what would you say about what kind of career advice
reprieve career advice would you give but specific to women and in some cases
specific to look to be no women who are wanting to enter careers in
public service I can’t give you specific price to let the network I can give you would buy that I give everyone the working to best is the work you love the thing that
excites you the thing that makes you want to get up
in the morning and do what you’re doing and judging bad by how others charges is gonna should be sure choir to disappoint you it goes back to
understanding that the greatest contribution you can
make is figurine down what new think is
important to you what hine to were will satisfy what I’m were will make you feel people what kinda work do you think will
make the contribution to improving some but you think a significant there is not
one area you know the Latino community now one area in any minority community and not one area in america that goes
without me we don’t have enough resources our communities are struggling in ever re be and so it doesn’t really
matter what you choose you can make a difference the trick is
figuring out what use it that I like doing what is it that I feel is important almost doesn’t seem like an answer
because what you’re looking for is greater crichton’s but we all had interest we all Hannah things that we get excited
about that’s one of the things about what I
was talking about earlier when I said take courses in different areas don’t
wreck yourself to early in your career in college do so
a little bit of sampling to see what your choices are talk to
your friends were doing different kinds of majors and figure out
what kind of work they do what excites them about it and think
about what it views the you like doing and ask
your question why if you do it without judgment you
can figure out how to do almost any job and make you to karen
capp I tell kids all the time you know I I have friends who love
numbers and who love being account I can’t
imagine me a more boring area them to see if
they’re playing with numbers all their but they to and Baidu and they are excited about it and
Simulink some and they use their in a variety of different ways including ever Republic agency every non for
profit ever three group that is doing good work needs financial people so there’s no
dichotomy between liking something mundane like accounting and doing public service and so the tribune’s trying to figure out what it use that you’re good at what you
like and then translating you’d into giving I’m sure you it will be
meaningful put in your book you certainly talk about home a number experiences we just talked
about that a minute ago being called honey Exeter are somewhat different for women 44 latinos then they might me for mom Amanda white man I and so can I want to know to like talk I talk publicly about them who is very very very hurtful for me during the
nominee last nomination process there are many people saying I wasn’t
smart enough you spend your lifetime doing what I did in my academic career
in my scholarship my opinion writing and for people to call you Dom her I and we all have experiences better different better hurtful better
challenging to our own self-image and you’re right
but the nose do face some unique circumstances almost
every must be nice to not all but in virtually all who comes from parents who don’t speak
English have had to struggle with writing it’s
just a given I did I describe it openly in my book it doesn’t writing is not natural
anybody who thinks students in saluting themselves writing is like any other skill you have
to work at it to improve and some people take to it
because Mike back activity then they take to a dance or sponge it up and other
people have to practice it more for it to become second nature but even
today i sat down at that time I typewriter you
can see my yeah I mean we’re talking about typewriter
earlier that’s what happened I’m say that my computer screen traffic
and there’s nothing I track that goes out even to my law clerks in a
purse rack and I know my colleague steam and I won’t mention who ice or a purse
strap up one of my colleagues and I thought to myself my purse straps padded I’m you know I II and and but I am more
demanding of me because I don’t think of myself as a
natural writer I but yes we have different experiences yes we’re going to happened stereotypes
that are going 9 a where people are gonna pass judgment
on but that goes back to my first point
which is what do you do about it me prove it
wrong I it because if you don’t do that how do
you change it and how do you change it unless you’re
willing to work to destroyed the stereotype we have to
have more bean counters we have to have more nervous were going
into stem we have to have in our communities more
people involved in becoming businesspeople making money and keeping some of it back
by the way I because there’s nothing evil about making money what she
believes if you make it and don’t put it to good use that’s the
evil and so I think that that that’s why I say to you that I
don’t really think that it’s an issue plan in your
life differently I think and issue looking at what you
mean June slightly different way sort of
preparing yourself with Ian yourself and your strength trying to
figure out whatever really good what do I really
like to and then making that work for your
contribution missus in line with that you know how do you
figure things out on ask you a question for me home I think I’ve often joked the if I ever wrote a memoir would be
called how I became a straight white men yeah I’m idk some pretty high that iris one of the
guys that I was up in Portland where yeah was routine my
friend who said you are you like a man well you know i mean you know it in
essence I mean we we grew up om will lean power I’m from the margins I overcoming
barriers we think of ourselves probably still to some degree is outsiders you know
looking in that window on the other hand and and and different
ways were the ultimate insiders were the man and so how do you deal with that tension and
with those contradictions terri shaw who was the head of the NAACP was a high school friend of mine you sir now a professor at Columbia law school a one day we’re having dinner and he
looked at me I was a judge then any looked at me and he said Sonya
Kitchell ever imagine that they were gonna lefty inmates
running the asylum your question speaks to that okay next week I carver fitness few II I feel weevil we’ll significant but you like me one voice in a larger organization I you’ve got a president earns about you
you have a reporter regions to sorter can Knicks some of your ideas
alright I not but they ever would yeah you got students who might have increased yeah
another camera and I can assure you have faculty that might not go along okok I don’t know University know
exactly where and I got a colleagues not all of whom I
can corral at any moment okay I’m the one thing you learn about power is
that each and that to affect change you have to not become just a 3 white man or a hand and make running sign but that you have to happen upstream
your own character in your own judgment in your own sense
that what you’re doing he’s right something that giving in the right way that you can convince
others to join you and so I understand in this position I can’t affect of changes I tell audiences all time if there is not a decision mine back you don’t mind in my tenure gonna happen really been a justice
because I can’t who in the way awful bad all people will
like it every John on but what I hope you will judge me on is understanding that my motives my
morality is always pure because I can’t guarantee
ok not picking you in this message and in the frustrations of because of that
I’m sure there are many those with the most difficult to you because there are moments where I C
Vinny being so great for something to go a
particular way other nations to agree coming from the
background I do understanding been me it can be a great great way and you can only keep
one step at a time and hope that overtime you can mu now know that something that was very clear
in your book you’re a big believer in incremental change hmm but not
everything happens in big leaps well some people were capable 0 doing there there are there are transformative people and I don’t mean a favorability I just don’t
see myself as one of those people I didn’t see
myself as someone who could do with that way
and so I chose the path but I felt most comfortable
interestingly enough from the outside I think we’d see you as a sleeper and
tax form a government home and in line with that we we’ve
talked a lot about some of the barriers that that you’ve overcome arm or go on a Haas in political science asks old are you
very own peripheral pitcher plant from Mariah I did not know the home and they didn’t
know that I was gonna call me there are 0 home what other barriers he believes still need to be broken or overcome in
order to improve the representation of women hispanics were other minorities in the
US government money okay no seriously I II don’t you know look at what’s
happening in politics today work what is talking the loudest his money but the
last presidential election look at some of your local elections I think about what makes a difference you corporate settings your purse
beaches tied very much direct impact your power is time to the position that you
have how much money you receiving to do it um for ahh really gets a higher levels up government we’re going to have to
learn how to swim work the political system at its highest
level and that means being involved in the activities that promote people whose ideals you believe in help get
them elected worked with them do things that
will bring you to be a tension up the people in government who are in
control with those decisions and that means joining resources together and looking to support people so tense to make a difference and back is collected effort you know really be way and if you’re talking about barriers not just government look at law firm we still
have an abysmal number %uh minorities and
women as partners in the major law firms one of my friends just said last night
but if you look at the statistics we have less women we have less minorities I as partners a major law firm then we had fifteen years ago we r going backwards not forward those are
scaring sorta numbers but that’s true across the board
yes there some progress were fifty over fifty percent of women in most law school classes but we’re not seen trickle up and so we’ve gotta make some real concerted
efforts to look at the barriers that exist cross report not just in RS educational institution we have to do
more in educating people about what makes a great partner isn’t someone who practices law in your own self-image or is it
recognizing that the society needs lawyers who
practice with difference by and different ways better justice affected I think the
answer is the latter but I don’t think that we’ve actually
talked that less do we need government leaders who sort of a cop from the same my home or do we need to change the dialogue
about what makes a good government lead he we’re actually having some of those same
conversations in terms of students and what do we mean by we admit top students what does that top
me so it’s a really good question that we
need to be asking ourselves because I finally looks different i know
im princeton wanna things are on their board of
directors a few years back that one of the things they were looking
at was the fact that there were very few class
presidents very few women who were running for alumni representative
student and there was a very in-depth conversation among the trustees continued after I left that I know
they’ve done a better job of how to stimulate women the young female students interest in
becoming leaders in those I’m working towards the
end here and I want to ask a question that I just melt I’m just 15 Sinar Mas back system we could we could
talk forever I have a suspect we can just you and I
and our 400 closest friends yeah with this question comes from Zachary
brill whose and comparative literature and philosophy are you here Zachary now which way okay I fact hi and so he wants to know what are you
optimistic about looking into the future I mean it’s
clear that you’re optimism that your idealism has carried you a
long way when you look forward what are you optimistic about what gives you hope i’m having a conversation tonight I think here witness air yes and and eric’s pieces use that were Omni culture with society and by that he means that he’s a little
bit back into the melting pot theory david dinkins used to talk about New York and say we’re not a melting pot
were great be Excel were a lot of little pieces but
together to make a better dish okay I think I’m more david dinkins than
America whooo but I am very very optimistic about power minorities to change the
time in this country ice see the growing two-man in the lot be no community to unite in some of the big issues that face all of us even though we’re different
cultures I see it in in african-american group today they have a more economically different
socio-economically different populations the Latino
populations they’ve got african-americans one really
which gotta vibrant middle-class supporting the Arts you african-american history in theater and I think we have might be no group now following backpack as well I am deeply optimistic that we are going to have morton who
subsys id: in the next 20 to 50 years

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