Mother Had An Affair Decades Ago (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Moore/Moore v. Willis.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Moore, you and
your sister, Shalwonda, grew up believing that
Mr. Moore is your father, but are now in court
suing your mother
for paternity fraud because she recently
dropped a bomb and revealed that Mr. Moore is not
your biological father.
Is that correct? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Moore, you
are 100% certain that
these are your daughters and the DNA tests will
prove it, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Willis, you
admit you intended to take
this secret to your grave, and came clean
to your daughters only because your sister forced you to admit
the truth. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Okay, I wanna treat these
as two separate cases so we can truly
understand the testimony. Monica, I’d like
to start with you. Shalwonda, you
may have a seat. Monica, so how has
your mother’s revelation
affected you? Well, it affected me
in a lot of different ways, you know, finding out that Stanley, my father
is not my father. Take me back.
When did you… Well, when I was
a teenager, about 18, we was at my
Auntie Marian’s house,
the one that’s here today. And they was joking around
like you know, “He’s not your father,”
and duh-duh-duh-duh-duh, and I went and asked
her about it, and
she was like, “No,” at first,
and then she was like, “Yeah, you know,
he ain’t your father. “He ain’t your sister’s
father as well.” JUDGE LAKE:So, up until
that point, this is the man
you believed is your father.
MONICA: This is the only
man I ever knew. So it was kinda hurtful,
you know, to go to him
about the situation, ’cause he is a good father.
He’s always been around. I always knew him
to be my father. When did it come up again? MONICA: It came up frequently. Like, every time we all…
My auntie, she’s like, the house where
everybody comes to. And my family is blunt.
They say what they wanna say. So, you know,
it wasn’t just her. It was like another auntie,
and they always, you know, “You guys need to know
who your father is. “Y’all mother’s being
lying to y’all. “It’s about time
that y’all know.” JUDGE LAKE: So, Mr. Moore… MR. MOORE: Yes. These beautiful young girls, you’ve always raised
them as your own. These are your daughters. Ever since they was born. Always believed that they are
your biological daughters. MR. MOORE: Yes. He’s the only man
that we ever knew. Even with my mother, like, my mother didn’t get
another boyfriend till
after I was grown. So he’s been here
the whole time. All their life. The whole time. MS. WILLIS: Only
father they know. And that’s how you
planned to keep it? Yes, I was. JUDGE LAKE: So, this entire
situation was by design. MS. WILLIS: Right. And so you say, you would
have taken this secret
to your grave. Yes I would. JUDGE LAKE: That’s what
you planned to do? She would have took it
to her grave, Your Honor, if I wouldn’t have
forced it upon her. Stanley was to always
be the only father
they ever knew, they ever knew,
was him. That’s fair to us? Not sharing them nothing. That’s fair to us, your kids? That’s how I wanted it. That’s fair to us? Till my sister came out, and had to put
her hand in it, too. Then she got to telling them
that they don’t look like him. That they look different. MONICA: We don’t. We don’t. Which it wasn’t her
business to say anything.It was my choice.I’m supposed to come in there
if I wanted them to know
something different.
That’s not right though,
that’s not right. That’s not right. Even though it might not
have been right, that’s
how I felt at that time. JUDGE LAKE: But I wanna
understand this, Ms. Willis. So, were you in a committed
relationship with Mr. Moore? MR. MOORE: Yeah. Twenty-seven years straight. For 27 years? MONICA: He’s the only
man that we ever knew. JUDGE LAKE: So, Ms. Willis,
I wanna ask you, what happened during
the relationship, that you believe another man
is Monica’s biological father. I had an affair. JUDGE LAKE: You had an affair. MONICA: So she’s said
it was a one night stand, but according
to our relative… It was a one night stand. …it was an
ongoing situation, in the front door, out… See, that’s where
she always goes wrong, listening to other people
instead of her mother. Well, you never taught us
anything. We wouldn’t
be here today… MR. MOORE: If you
had told the truth. If you wouldn’t involve
me here I wouldn’t
be here at all. But the truth shall
set you free. Take me back.
You had the affair, you realized you
were pregnant. The timing that it took.
The month that it took. I knew that you
couldn’t be his. So, when you did the math
and counted back of when
Monica was conceived, you knew that it was
during the time when
you had the affair. Right. But you always told Mr. Moore he was the biological father. All the time. Al three of them. JUDGE LAKE: Why
did you tell… ‘Cause we was in
a relationship, and
I didn’t know. So he was there for me. MONICA: I thought
you just said at the time
it didn’t add up. But through thick and thin.
Through thick and thin. From since I had her,
through the pregnancy,
all through it, up to now. Even got evidence with him
on the birth certificate,
he signed… Let me see that. Jerome,
what is that? What is that
evidence, Ms. Moore? It’s my birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE: This is your
birth certificate? Correct. JUDGE LAKE: Listed
under father, Stanley Moore.And so you told him he was
the biological father.
You were present for the
birth, Mr. Moore?
I cut the umbilical
cord, yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Yuu did. Did you ever tell the other
man you were pregnant, and it possibly could
be his child? No. JUDGE LAKE: You
didn’t tell him. So he does not know… MS. WILLIS: No. …to this day, that you
believe Monica is his
biological father… No, he don’t. He could actually have
a beautiful daughter,
31 years later. MS. WILLIS: No,
he don’t know. Never knew. He don’t
even know she exists. Woo… That’s hurtful. To hear that, Monica… MONICA: Yeah, it’s
hurtful because… If it don’t come out
the way it should,
he not being my father… This man don’t even
know nothing about me. Who’s to say he’d
wanna get to know me? Your father is
standing right there. No, he may not be our
father, so what if he’s
not our father? Then where do we
go from here? You robbed me. And you still sitting here,
you ain’t appologized. For what? What do you mean, for what? So, Ms. Willis, you said
you planned to take
this secret to your grave, until your sister revealed it. Yes, Your Honor. This was not, this was
something they were instructed
not to talk about, and they did anyway? Yes, Your Honor. When did this
Mr. Moore find out? Right in that same moment? Yes, Your Honor. MS. WILLIS: Yeah. What are you crying for? Because it hurts
to know that… MS. WILLIS: What hurts? We in this situation… That’s your daddy. Yeah, he’s my father.
You’re saying that he’s not. You’re saying that
he’s not my father. That’s the only one
you’re gonna know. (CHUCKLING) If it turns out really
the way you’re saying, that he is not her
biological father, will you introduce her
to her biological father? Will you? Do I get
at least that right? Yes. (AUDIENCE CLAPS) JUDGE LAKE: All right,
I want to hear from your aunt. Jerome, can you
please escort her into
the courtroom? Sure. (MONICA SIGHS) JEROME: Ma’am,
can you come with me? I’m gonna have you go up to
the witness stand right next
to the judge, okay? MARIAN: Okay. JUDGE LAKE:
Good afternoon, ma’am. MARIAN: Good afternoon,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Thank you
for joining us. Your sister, Ms. Willis
has indicated
that you were the person that told Monica and Shalwonda
that Mr. Moore is not
their biological father. They came in and asked me,
did I know, and I told them, “Yeah,
I know who your daddy is.” MS. WILLIS: You know?
Oh, really, do you know? MARIAN: She should have
told them a long time ago. I thought it’d maybe be
her place to tell them. If you had shut your mouth,
it still would’ve
been my place. AUDIENCE: Ooh… Well, anyway… I told them. Do you know who
Monica’s father is? MARIAN: Yeah. It’s a friend. She has been knowing
him for a long time. She ain’t just met this man.
She’s been knowing this man. JUDGE LAKE: Did you discuss
this with your sister, like, just between sisters? MS. WILLIS: No, no. I always told her
to tell them. Why don’t you tell them,
before they get to old? Now they’re in
their 30’s and 20’s, and she’s still standing up
there like she don’t know
what I’m talking about. This ain’t the first time
we had this conversation.
We had it all the time. All of us get together
and say, “Why don’t you tell
them who their daddy is?” Stanley was a good person. She was just sneaky. He go to sleep,
working 10 hours a day. 10 hours a day… She’d go out the back door.
We all knew it. But we didn’t want
to tell Stanley. Do you believe Mr. Moore
is either girl’s father? MARIAN: No. No. We’re outcasts. We don’t know
who our father is. JUDGE LAKE: All right, we’ve
been dealing with this as two separate cases,
’cause we wanna understand
the circumstances, and we wanna give you each the opportunity to
understand your own
individual circumstance. So, if you are ready, Monica,
I have the results for you. I would love to know. Who’s to say he’d
wanna get to know me? These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Moore/Moore v. Willis,
when it comes to
31-year-old Monica Moore, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Moore, you… …are not her father. That’s okay, baby.
I’m still your daddy. (MONICA SOBBING) I’m still her daddy. Well, your mother did
say, she was going to introduce you to
your biological father. She would’ve did it
31 years ago. She know. He is still living, right?
And you know how
to contact him, right? And you will make the
introduction, Ms. Willis? I can’t do it, introduce them,
but I can give her information
and she can do it herself, because he’s
in prison. (EXHALES) Monica, are you all right
if we move on to
your sister’s case now? (SHAKILY) Yeah. You can remain standing
with your dad if you’d like. (MONICA SNIFFLING) Please stand, Shalwonda. JUDGE LAKE: Let’s
take a breath. I’d like to understand,
you know, Ms. Willis, as it relates to your
other daughter, Shalwonda, was it another affair,
is that what happened as well? Yes, Your Honor.
I told her that Stanley
wasn’t her daddy. JUDGE LAKE: When?
How long ago? SHALWONDA: Five years ago. Five years ago? And you’re how old, sweetie? Twenty-seven. JUDGE LAKE: You’re 27.
What did she say? SHALWONDA: She told me
he ain’t my daddy. So, until you’re 22 years
old, you grew up with this
man as your father? Mmm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: He’s
there for you, you
have a relationship… Yeah, we have a relationship.
It’s a great relationship.
He’s there for me and my kids. My kids love him. JUDGE LAKE: That’s
their granddad? That’s their granddaddy. What prompted this
conversation? You asked her? No, she just
came out with it. I can’t keep lying,
because just look at her.
She don’t look like him. JUDGE LAKE: I am confused. Why tell one, Ms. Willis,
but not tell the other? MS. WILLIS: Because
I wasn’t sure about her. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, now
I’m understanding. I wasn’t for sure at all.
I always thought that
that was her daddy. I never thought she
belonged to nobody else. I had that doubt, but… I always thought Stanley
was her daddy. MARIAN: But she was
young, she was like… But Shalwonda, I knew. …likePapa wa
a Rollin’ Stone.
That’s the kinda life
she was living. And she had this kids, and
just wouldn’t tell’em nothing.She knew she was
cheating all the time.
That’s my business.
Like I say, she was
a rolling stone. You still don’t get it.
That’s the cold part
about it. No, she don’t get it
because she should’ve
kept her mouth shut. She always talking,
don’t know what
she’s talking about. So wait, Ms. Willis,
when you say your sister don’t know
what she’s talking about… You talk too much. JUDGE LAKE: You mean
she talks too much? She’s always in
people’s business.
Needs to be in her own. So, wait, you were living
with Mr. Moore when
all this happened? Yeah, living together. JUDGE LAKE: How long
did this affair last? A year or two. JUDGE LAKE: A year or two. MARIAN: She’d been knowing
him about 9, 10 years. It wasn’t nothing
that just happened. She’d been knowing him
’cause he was a family friend. You know him, too. She was messing with him
before she started
messing with me. MARIAN: Stanley was
a working man. He worked 12 hours a day. She had fun.
She ain’t never had a job. SHALWONDA: He’s
still got a job. So, Mr. Moore,
you worked hard,
all this years, to provide for your family,
take care of your wife… Yeah. …all of this, and during that time, you knew
your wife was having affairs? No, I didn’t know. MS. WILLIS: He didn’t
know that one. She said he’ signed our
birth certificates, but
he didn’t sign mine. He’s not on your
birth certificate?
Let me see that. I was on vacation
on her birth certificate. (CHUCKLING) So, this is your
birth certificate.
Name of father, withheld. MS. WILLIS:I withheld it.You did? You remember
doing that consciously, and saying, “I’m not
gonna give his name.” MS. WILLIS: Yes, Your Honor. Because at the time
she was born, you knew… I knew from day one,
that was not his child. I just didn’t know
about this one. She just used me. That’s all she’s doing. Just used me,
I was just a user. MONICA: It don’t even affect
her. She’s just like,
“Whoo. Oh, well.” MS. WILLIS: What’s
done is done. Well, it don’t matter.
I’m gonna be there anyway. Shalwonda, how do you
feel in this moment? SHALWONDA: Hurt… He’s all we know,
Your Honor. We don’t know nothing else.
We don’t know which way to go. I don’t know another man. MONICA: ‘Cause
he’s all we know. That’s exactly why we’re here. Because we want to get you
the answers you need, so you can figure out
how to move forward. And I have those results
for you. Jerome… What’s done is done. JUDGE LAKE: In the case of
Moore/Moore v. Willis,
when it comes to 27-year-old
Shalwonda Moore, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Moore, you are her father. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) (SHALWONDA SOBBING) (SOBBING) MONICA: Oh, my God… I’m still your father, too. Ms. Willis, you
genuinely look shocked. I am, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I think,
Ms. Willis, this is
an important moment. MS. WILLIS: Okay. It’s an important moment, and
I don’t want you to miss it. MS. WILLIS: Okay. Because your daughters,
they’ve been struggling. And as much as it would be
easy to just make you
a complete villain in this, I’m trying to understand
where you were as a woman. And I think you should
take this moment, and
just talk to your girls, So that they don’t feel like
you just don’t care at all. Oh… I’m sorry. I love y’all.
Both of y’all. And I still want him
to be y’all’s daddy,
both of you. And I didn’t mean it
to happen that way, okay? And that’s an important
moment, Ms. Willis,
because I felt those walls. You know, I’ve been here, and
looking into your eyes for the
last 30-something minutes, I couldn’t see anything. You put those walls up,
and it makes it look
like you don’t care. When really,
it’s just because you
don’t wanna face it. And I think your sister,
and your family members, they were trying to help. Once one knew, it became
this thing where they then
had to look at their nieces, and they felt for them,
and this is what… Paternity secrets,
they permeate
the fabric of a family. So, start feeling it all,
just processing it, so that you can figure out
where to go from here. Will you be there
for your girls? Yes, Your Honor. Will you do what they
need you to do, and have the difficult
conversations with them
that they need? Yes, Your Honor. I want you girls
to hold her to it, okay? It’s not gonna be easy. BOTH: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: But you can do it. I wish you all the
very best of luck.
Court is adjourned.

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  76. IT’S NEISHA’S LIFE Neisha does GAMiNG says:

    Their mother and her own sister needs a paternity test took 😳

  77. Nomy Jackson says:

    Mr Moore deserved a better woman than that. A normal lady would have appreciated him.

  78. Ashara Bright says:

    This is the most heartless human being I've ever watched.

  79. Nari Momo says:

    That mother is defiant and nasty. There is nothing to be proud about!

  80. Nari Momo says:

    If a woman or man is in a commited relationship… they shouldnt be doing intimate things with anyone else! What business do you have cheating? Just simply end the relationship. You're supposed to be committed! What even possessed her to cheat? Its not like she gained gold or silver from it! Just a bad reputation and broken trust between her children!

  81. J. F. says:

    This is a sad case,I'm glad one turned out to be his, hes such a good dad!

  82. Claynetta Foster says:

    Why the audience didnt clap when they said he been there the whole time and he was an excellent daddy!!!?? Yall better clap for that man!!

  83. Claynetta Foster says:

    8:31!! Auntie in the stand: she just sneaky
    Somebody in the audience: she wuuuuh!!

  84. QueenCoco Brown says:

    Very very selfish! She has no remorse whatsoever!

  85. Kenneth Jackson says:

    Take this young men use this as an example how dirty and low down some women can be. Always get blood or DNA test before you sign birth certificate. Notice how the sister new what was up didn't say a word the judge didn't get on this woman at all but quick to get on the men.

  86. S S says:

    Both girls look like their mother but not like each other.

  87. Lady B says:

    Mr. Moore is an amazing man.

  88. Destiny Lynn says:

    Lady in the blue shirt behind Mr. Moore looking crazy af 😲👀

  89. A Blac Pixi Life says:

    she don't need to have a HOE conversation with her daughters….one of them his…

  90. Shell Stewart says:

    Well Sherlonda looks just like hime to me just has her mother's nose…..Monica, I knew wasnt his……the mom feels like what's done is done…..she had mover forward but forgot she still had to face her past

  91. ripshyt says:

    this was difficult to watch… talk about lying to your kids…smh.

  92. Antoinette Watson says:

    He qualifies as a good man.

  93. K1 M1 says:

    Her mother is a complete USER! SHE is INCREDIBLY dishonest! Complete NARCISSISTIC BEHAVIOR! SHE has ZERO empathy!

  94. LoveMeLocs says:

    Had this been reversed judge wouldn’t have been forgiving like she was with this mother

  95. Kabayan Movers says:

    This is the worst case I've ever watched in paternity court. There's no remorse from mom, doesn't even know whose her husband's daughter.

  96. Red Hulk says:

    I keep thinking my phones turning off.

  97. Annette Sleeping-Bear says:

    The girls have a father standing right there next to them.

  98. Carpe Diem561 says:

    The mom looked shocked…dam shame not KNOWING who your kids father is

  99. James Baldwin says:

    The mother comes off extremely heartless. Kinda sad

  100. ramou ramou says:

    Am so sorry daddy 🤦🏻‍♀️😭😭😭😭

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