Mother boxes open the portal | Justice League: War

SUPERMAN: So why are you two here?
Metropolis is my turf. There have been reports
of mysterious kidnappings across the country. We had them here too.
Figured that was life in the big city. Think the disappearances
and these things are connected? They’re connected. – So these monsters, they’re–
– They’re soldiers. Expendable soldiers at that. Planting these devices at all costs,
that’s military tactics. We might be staring down the barrel
of a full-scale invasion. You’re paranoid.
Let’s just crack it open and see what happens. – Hey.
– Without any idea what’s inside… …that’s idiotic. Heh, I’ll show you idiotic. [BOX BUZZING] – Aah, I didn’t touch it.
SILAS: It’s activated itself. -It’s transmitting.
MAN: Silas, look at these readings. I am not letting you walk away
from me again, Dad. We’re having this out. SILAS: Can we trace the power source?
MAN: I’m trying to lock in on the signal now. This thing is more important to you
than your own son. SILAS:
Victor, stop! GREEN LANTERN:
It’s gonna blow. [VICTOR SCREAMS] SILAS:
You’re welcome. [GRUNTING] Still think I’m paranoid? Ah, maybe a little less now. [PEOPLE SCREAMING] [ALARM WAILING] [GASPS] MAN:
We need to get out of here now. – Which way?
– We have to get him into the Red Room. [GUNFIRE] [SARAH SCREAMS] [PANTING] – Sarah, unh.
– Aah!

100 Responses

  1. Kawaii Lhamo says:

    So close it was a mother box not a father box

  2. IOnceAteAPinecone says:

    2:37 TFW no nut november ends

  3. young5ever says:

    This is the shittiest variation yet of Cyborg's origin story…

  4. Jumpy Mango says:

    They make Batman look so weak

  5. Phantomgasher says:

    My buttcheeks were clenched when the mom fell.

  6. Mack Man says:

    That is why I love DCAU specially Young Justice. It makes more sense than the disappointing DCEU… 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. Ralph Lawrence Mananquil says:

    Is green lantern a talisman

  8. Zak Turner says:

    3:07 lol how was that possible to pull someone that fast as a human? 😂

  9. Mark Anthony Leo says:

    Best DC animation movie
    Batman and Green Lantern are hilarious together.

  10. Muhammad Ali says:

    I like this full movie

  11. Muhammad Ali says:

    I love super man

  12. Muhammad Ali says:


  13. Muhammad Ali says:


  14. ayub eydarus says:

    0:50 he sounds like Morgan from criminal minds

  15. Cassius Felix says:

    Bat Man is so smart

  16. chase says:

    if that thing is more important than ur son then why the hell would u grab it while ur fucking scientist father just freaked the hell out and said it’s activated

  17. Lego007guy M says:

    Green Lantern: Global Occult Coalition
    Batman: the SCP Foundation

  18. samprastherabbit says:

    This version of Superman is quite a dumb jock- He's supposed to be a reporter and hasn't bothered investigating missing persons? Worse than dumb- he's callous and apathetic.

  19. したがやつま says:

    Another call it Mother box
    I call it MATAR BOX!!!

  20. EriPages says:

    And that's the story of why Cyborg can no longer copulate.

  21. Luc Germain says:

    Honestly, that battle robot Green Lantern created was amazing. Writers should really be more creative with Green Lanterns and not only always let them use rays or energy fists. I mean, Lanterns can basically create everything lmao

  22. Nysetari Vera'liath says:

    I've been watching the wrong DC stuff…

  23. CrustyHobo says:

    Can the DCCU just animated?

  24. Elivanse says:

    2:58 there needs to be a gif of that

  25. tommy cane115 says:

    im not letting you walk away from me again dad!

  26. Tony Rizo says:

    Honestly that’s what that dumbass of Cyborg gets, why would you touch something that you have no idea what it is that’s attached to a machine that you clearly don’t know how to function. #Idiot

  27. Luke's ArtDrawings says:

    Why is this animation is better than the movie?

  28. Another guy L.I.T. says:

    Why do you think men play football and intelligent men play European football

  29. Santosh Kumar says:

    Hindi mein dikhaiye

  30. Lignum Kluter says:


  31. Debajyoti Bose says:

    This was better than the movie !

  32. Ammad Ansari says:

    Green lantern just follows power but not brain

  33. MeLoveUlongtime says:

    Maybe a little less now

  34. Elaine Ye says:

    That door still wont hold either ways

  35. majestic phoenix says:

    I’m sorry but Ik victor is angered from the lack of attention from his dad but messing with science and alien property was a dumb idea
    HE SHOULDVE NEVER TOUCH IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Like that’s the dumbest idea to get your dad attention

  36. •Vï •Mo• says:

    I enjoyed this movie well enough, but I can't get over how stupid Victor was in this scene. Yeah, he's mad I get it. But touching shit he doesn't understand like a freakin' moron is just…wow.

  37. Archon Darkblade says:

    Do understand that emotions come before logic when your brain reacts to something

  38. Archon Darkblade says:

    Turns out batman isn't paranoid.

  39. Archon Darkblade says:

    Isn't it also ironic how the star lab peeps run further inside to escape danger?

  40. Isahaq Yusuf says:

    Cyborg is a fool

  41. Book of shadows contributor Brian says:

    Sara is cute

  42. Rayan Rahcak says:



  43. Just A Random Guy says:

    Cyborg kinda asks for it… Seriously, who fucking touches unknown sciene equipment? Even if they're known you shouldn't touch untested tech in general…

  44. KingBlaze 9000 says:

    How she tripped

  45. Comet x says:

    Anyone else think batman is the best and could win against all superheroes

  46. Jonez says:

    Green lantern is so naive and arrogant

  47. Utkarsh Singh says:

    Got to hand it to whoever voiced Green Lantern. Brilliant job!

  48. Jester Joseph says:

    “hEy dAd. yOu’Re wOrKiNg aNd mAkInG a sCiEnTiFiC dIsCovERy iNsTeAd oF pAyInG aTtEnTiOn tO mE? iM gOnNa sUmMoN sOmE gUy wHo cAn dEsTrOy tHe uNiVeRsE bEcAuSe oF tHiS! i hAtE yOu dAd!”

  49. ThePublicPotato Manohar says:

    2:58 closed door does nothing continues closing doors the creature can’t even fit through it

  50. Panda says:

    0:13 if only bat fleck was smart like that in this movie

  51. Silent Gamer says:

    Edna "no capes"

  52. Duch ess says:

    They developed this into the live action which would have been much better if they had taken the time to fully introduce n developed these characters

  53. BLAZE3601 GD says:

    2:57 that was pointless

  54. Jonmyster The Long says:

    They mad Hal Jordan so arrogant and dumb and that is not Hal Jordan

  55. I’m paranoid says:

    I feel like victor should’ve been more destroyed

  56. Shalucard says:

    Your dumbass son deserved that, you should've abandoned him instead, fuck that guy.

  57. Silvia Carolina Luna Salinas says:

    This is what the Justice League Movie tried to do and… kind of did it do.

  58. Joshua Gutierrez says:

    Hahah ahhh I didn’t touch it 😂😂😂

  59. Muhammed Yousuf says:

    I think bats should have a sword or a gun of some sorts to combat alien monsters lol, he can kill monsters right?

  60. Carlos Castillo says:

    Are parademons actual demons or is that just their name

  61. GeorgeMonet says:

    Oh so killing is ok when they aren't human?

  62. Lost Legend says:

    Victor: grabs weird alien box gets blown up well what did u expect

  63. 100 subscribers without a video says:

    Why so serious

  64. loosetooth mcgoofe says:

    Can we have another storyline for cyborg than "daddy doesnt have time for me!"

  65. UknownWorld says:

    I'll show you what's idiotic

    Ahhh I didn't touch it Ahhahah

  66. CIDES says:

    This is nearly the most dumbest comment section so I’m gonna fix it. If you read the comics or actually know something about Cyborg then he’s been neglected by his father for years and has never been something of an achievement or success to his dad. Another prime example is that he was never smart and let his emotions pounder him and make him act dumb. We all made dumb decisions in our life because our emotions got in front of us.

  67. Leaving Nadir says:

    The Question would have ran them over with his car.

  68. Culuf says:

    Superman: "I don't kill."

    Also Superman: "I just cut living creatures in half with my heat vision. You're welcome."

  69. Amir Hirkić says:

    Why is superman such a dick in these latest animated movies

  70. Galaxy Girl says:

    "Ah I didn't touch it" 0:43
    I love GL so much XD

  71. Boringname says:


    “Well yeah you’re batman, you’re always paranoid…doesn’t mean you can’t be right!”

  72. clockoff94 says:

    2:00 i see where fortnite got the idea from now lol

  73. mr bear says:

    2:04 they predicted the fortnite mech

  74. Deadly Assassin9 says:

    I’ve never been more pissed off at cyborg

  75. Thecommander248 says:

    Yes, Cyborg, pick up the big glowing, beeping box that an entire room full of top researchers are freaking out about.

  76. joshua ellery says:

    You deserved that Victor.

  77. Matt Win says:

    Anyone els thought of the mech from FORTNITE 2:05

  78. __BeastMode __ says:

    2:00 Fortnite got mechs from this bruh

  79. a cockatiel? says:

    2:00 fortnite mech user

  80. Danilo ortiz says:

    2:03 fortnite mech lol

  81. Felipe Flores says:

    Victor asked for it. He just grabbed a glowing box of alien origin, when his scientist father and his colleges are worried by it. Idiot

  82. Smilin Prophet says:

    These aliens and the technology remind me of Ben 10

  83. Fumontaindew2012 says:

    This movie is really bad…

  84. Just a guy says:

    If Victor’s dad was more like my dad, it would have gone more like this:

    Me: this project is more important than your own son-

    Dad: boi if you don’t sit yo ass DOWN!

    Me: already out the door

  85. Natasha Jones says:

    "you bruise but you never kill… isnt that right, Clark?"

    Clark: lasers random aliens in half

  86. Logan says:

    I thought green lantern can make anything if he concentrate hard enough.
    Why not make a ton of that fucking kryptonite stone?


    They need to make old justice. All of them as seniors…

  88. dark profolio says:

    Superman doesn't kill

    Proceeds to kill aliens by lazering them in half

  89. A-Z MVs says:

    Batman: You bruise, but you don't kill, do you Clarke?

    Superman: proceeds to kill hundreds of aliens

  90. Mysterious Phantom says:

    Food Giant Justice League.

  91. Fanaticalplel Oof says:

    This is basically justice league animated

  92. RiZeDeadShXt says:

    0:44 I DIDN’T TOUCH IT

  93. Darth Pancake Studios says:

    Cyborg is an idiot. "Oh look, this alien technology I know nothing about is ticking like a bomb. I'm going to keep holding it"

  94. Marco Martinezz says:

    2:03 how fornite mechs were made

  95. flex jonathan says:

    military tactics

  96. flex jonathan says:

    awesome great tech that people will feen for

  97. flashcentral101 William says:

    1:28 Superman: is that all of them
    Green Lantern: what u wanted more
    Batman: Nope

  98. GMK 03 says:

    I like how superman acts as if nothing happened to the city after their fight

  99. Sebastian Cortés says:

    Green lantern : It gonna Blow

  100. mellowman1001 says:

    Terrible writing and characterization – except I can believe Cyborg is that much a whiney lunatic (but I can't believe he'd be allowed to have his emotional meltdown at a secure laboratory). Superman's a douche, Green Lantern's a frat boy… at least Batman's still Batman.

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