Mother Admits to Sleeping With Husband’s Brother (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Ellis v. Shivers
and McClellan.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Mr. Ellis, you and your
brother have brought your
mother to court today because you say you’ve
always believed the man in this photograph
is your father. ARTHUR: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Then, just recently, you learned that
your biological father may actually be
your father’s brother. (AUDIENCE GROANS) BOTH: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Shivers, you
confessed that you slept with both your ex-husband
and his brother. Yes, Your Honor. You admit you kept that
secret from your sons throughout their lives. Yes, I did, Your Honor. Now you say you’re seeking DNA
results to discover the truth and beg for their forgiveness. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Ellis, how did you find out your
mother slept with your uncle and he may be your father? Yes, Your Honor, um, we were
at a family gathering, you know, just having
some drinks or whatever, and Ron… Uncle Ronnie…
Came up to me and said, “You know I’m your son…
You know you’re
my son, right?” It was basically
like a family get-together,
a family function. You know how people get
when they, you know,
indulge or what not. I guess, you know,
he over-indulged, and the truth came
to light, you know, so… ALLIE: It’s not the truth. Well… Believe whatever
you want to believe. EUGENE: Okay, we’re
leaving the door open. Believe what you want
to believe. Well, open it up. Assume what you want
to assume. Yeah. He assumes Ronnie’s his dad. What about you? That’s my dad on the screen
right there… John Ellis. He bet… I mean,
he gotta be my dad. JUDGE LAKE:
So, Miss Shivers… ALLIE: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: You admit
you slept with both brothers? ALLIE: Yes, Your Honor, I did.
I had no choice. I had nowhere to go. And I ended up
at Mama Mildred’s house
where Ronnie lived. I lived there as well.
We got intoxicated, we had a one-time thing,
and that was it, which was a big mistake,
Your Honor, but you know… EUGENE: I mean,
things happen, but… I had nowhere to lay my head,
and we grew up together. We’re best friends. I did what I had to do
to keep a roof over
the head, uh, head, for this one,
for Eugene. You know what, my mom did
everything in her power, in her will and everything
to take care of us. I’m not here to crucify my mom
or nothing like that, or, you know, it ain’t
nothing like that. We just want to know
what’s going on. You know, my brother feels
a certain way about something, so we here to address that. We feel like he may have
a different father. That’s how I feel.
I feel it because my dad did, like, you know, you could tell
he kind of treated him
different from me. Even you saw that
and felt that? EUGENE: Yes, I did. He wanna know where
he come from, who he is. JUDGE: Yeah. ARTHUR: He didn’t even
write me that much when I was in jail. But he wrote him, you know,
sent him money. You know, so that make me feel
some type of way as well,
you know. Unfortunately, we had to
take a trip down the road, and my dad, my father,
he wrote me more than he did my brother,
you know what I’m saying? You don’t do that.
If that’s your child,
you know, you’re supposed to be there
through thick and thin,
like my mom, you know? I heard from her every day
of, you know, that place,
that situation. But when we were in that
situation, he didn’t reach out out to my brother at all,
not really, like, at all. So I understand… ALLIE: Ronnie’s always
been there, right? Yeah… Ronnie’s always been there,
no matter what. He introduced me
to his brother. I didn’t even know he had
a bigger brother. JUDGE LAKE: So you are pretty
confident who your father is. Yes. The question really revolves
around your brother. Yes, I’m positive
John Ellis is my father. ARTHUR: But if you look at me,
you look at me, and you look
at my dad… I mean, if you had
a full body shot of my dad, I’m slim, like my dad,
I’m built like my dad. I be just like my dad.
Arthur is big. He’s a big guy right here. Uncle Ronnie is big.
That’s a big guy right there. You know, they broad.
I’m skinny, I’m slim,
you know? ALLIE: Well… His hair. His hair is different
from my hair. I mean, if we got
the same dad, okay,
wouldn’t you think that his texture of his hair would
come out the same as mine? ‘Cause I got… Not necessarily. ALLIE: Well, Your Honor,
I was married to another man before I left
and went to Detroit, and that’s when I got pregnant
with Eugene, so… Do you feel there are
reasonable, credible doubts as it relates to
Eugene as well? ALLIE: Yes, Your Honor.
Maybe so. What? Well, you wanna hear it,
I’m gonna tell you. You ain’t never
said that before. When I asked
you who’s my dad… John Ellis is your dad. …you said John Ellis.
Now it’s a possibility somebody else
might be my dad? ALLIE: Well, you got tested,
son, we’re gonna bring it out. We’ll bring it all out.
I’m telling the truth, so bring it on out. Whatever my babies wanna know,
I’ll let you know. EUGENE: I didn’t know that.
I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that.
I didn’t know that. Eugene, you had absolutely no
idea until this very moment? No, not even a possibility
until right now. Not even a possibility
that somebody else
could be my father. Miss Shivers, I wanna
make sure we’re clear. You’re now stating that you
had been in a relationship before you got to Detroit, so you were in a relationship
with both men in close proximity and
therefore, there could be a doubt as it relates to
Eugene’s paternity as well. Okay, they were basically
trading me off. You don’t trade off people
like that… I was just used. I was shifted from one man
to another man, so I had a hard life. I had to struggle and any
kind of way it meant for me to stay alive,
I stayed alive. ARTHUR: But yeah, Judge,
my uncle Ronnie, he’s called me
on my birthday, and he was, he said, uh,
“I don’t know who I’m
talking to, “my son or, you know,
my nephew. “One of you,
happy birthday.” You know, so, you know. JUDGE LAKE: And that’s the
way he said, “Happy birthday”? “I don’t know if I’m talking
to my son “or my nephew,
but happy birthday”? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE: (SIGHS)
Jerome… I think we need to meet Uncle
Ronnie or Father Ronnie. EUGENE: He calls him
Uncle Daddy. JUDGE: He calls him
Uncle Daddy. EUGENE: His Uncle Daddy. My goodness. Which was a big mistake,
Your Honor. Right up on the chair
next to the judge,
on the bench. Watch your step
going up the steps. JUDGE LAKE: Hello, sir.
Please be seated. Mr. McClellan, thank you
so much for joining us today. You know, we are here
with Eugene and
Arthur talking about the issues surrounding
their paternity. And we’re also here, hearing
testimony from Miss Shivers that is she’s trying to make
sense of all of the confusion. She said she slept with you
and your brother. And now, you may potentially
be Arthur’s father. Do you agree with this? Is this your understanding
that you could potentially be this young man’s
biological father? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: It is? RONALD: Yes. JUDGE LAKE:
Please take me back. How did you come
to know or realize that this young man could
be your biological child? My brother had put her
and Eugene out, and they came back to Chicago
and lived with me. And while they were
living with me, she said we only
had sex once. She must have meant we only
had sex once sober. You know what I mean? (LAUGHTER) That’s what she must have
meant, you know? ‘Cause she can’t even remember
the first time… You know? But you remember? Oh, boy. (LAUGHTER) No… No more details needed. RONALD: Okay. So the period window
of conception, it was during the time
you were in Chicago
with Mr. McClellan. Yes. Right. JUDGE LAKE: Understood. Yes. ARTHUR: But Judge,
John Ellis is on
my birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE: He is? Yeah. Yes. You have a copy
of that birth certificate? ARTHUR: Yes, ma’am. I’d like to see
that, please. So, Mr. McClellan,
we’re looking at Arthur’s
birth certificate. John Ellis is
listed as father. ALLIE: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Now, we understand John Ellis
is a possible father, and he’s also listed
on his birth certificate, because you say he demanded so
when he came to the hospital. ALLIE: Yes. His brother, Mr. McClellan, is also a possible father. ALLIE: Yes, Your Honor. Are there any other… And I must ask you
this respectfully… Are there any other
possible fathers? Yes, Your Honor. ALLIE: Yes, Your Honor. Cool Breeze, um, I met him
when I was waitressing in the restaurant,
and he ran a big hotel. And he, you know,
gave me jobs and stuff. That’s when Eugene was,
like, about four or five. We had a couple of little
nights, you know, where we had a few drinks,
and we did have intimacy. He died, you know. It might be a possibility
because when I was staying at Mama Mildred’s with
Ronnie and everybody, I went and supplied food and
did whatever, right, Ronnie? Bought everything
for the house. Mama’s… Mama Mildred’s
medicine, all that. He was the one who hired me. He was giving me the jobs.
So… Cool Breeze was. ALLIE: Yes, Your Honor. Yeah, I never heard this
story about Cool Breeze possibly being Arthur’s dad…
I never heard that. JUDGE LAKE: I can see there’s
just been so much history and just hurt after hurt,
and then confusion
after confusion, and secrecy after secrecy and
your mother’s openly saying, “I was in a different space in
time and trying to stay alive. “I’m dating these older men,
I’m this young woman, I’m…” There’s so much going on, but as the story
continues to unfold, there are more
potential fathers! ALLIE: Yes, Your Honor,
there is. So now, as you say,
with Eugene, potentially,
there could be another man that
could be his father. And now with Arthur, we have
three potential fathers… Cool Breeze, Mr. McClellan,
and John Ellis. ALLIE: Yes, and that’s his
given name, Cool Breeze.
Melvin Cool Breeze. EUGENE: Yeah, but Cool Breeze
was blacker than night. ALLIE: I had a lot of friends,
Your Honor. It wasn’t like I was
out there just tramping. EUGENE: Cool Breeze was short,
and he was blacker than night. If that was his dad,
he’d come out a little darker. JUDGE LAKE: Well,
we had a case earlier today… That’s not the case.
Am I right, Jerome? Children come in all shapes,
sizes. and colors. Ultimately, what
brings us here today
is a paternity issue. Many paternity issues. ALLIE: Yes, Your Honor.
That’s why I want my babies to say whatever
they need to say. EUGENE: I need us
to have the same dad. ALLIE:
Well, they’re gonna show you
guys got the same father. You say you need… Yeah. You need you and your brother
to have the same dad? I see you’re emotional.
What are you feeling?
You say you need that. EUGENE: ‘Cause we gotta
have the same dad. ARTHUR: It’s just emotional
to both of us. We got into it, you know,
last night over it. But we just… We just here
to find out our identity. So they go on
and have a life. JUDGE LAKE:
So this not knowing, this confusion is making
issue with you as brothers? Everything was based
on a whole bunch
of lies, you know? And what we thought was the
truth, or what we were told and grew up thinking, come to
find out, it ain’t, you know? Because I tried to protect
them with a little white
lie here and there. You don’t understand, Eugene. We want the truth. Back in the ’70s, it was a
nightmare to go through, son. EUGENE:
Regardless of whatever,
I just want you to know, Mom, I’m proud to be a half-breed
man, you hear me? I’m proud. ALLIE: Thank you, son. I love it.
I wouldn’t be black,
I wouldn’t be white. I’d be exactly what
I am today, and I love it. My kids is bright,
just like me, and I love it. I wouldn’t have it
no other way. I love you. And regardless
what happened and what
happened right here today, you was our dad
and you are our dad. So this don’t mean nothing. ALLIE: Arthur, honey,
love you. ARTHUR: Love you too. ALLIE: Love you. And you boys better get it
together, hug each other, no more of this nonsense. Don’t hurt yourselves. Very hard, Your Honor. I’m still… Like they’re
five years old, I’m still guiding,
guiding all my children. All of them,
except the oldest. JUDGE LAKE: We don’t
want you two fighting, we don’t want you
two arguing over this, regardless of
what the results. He was kind of saying some
things about my father that
I didn’t like, you know? Since we’ve had this
revelation or whatnot, he ain’t been talking
too kindly about my dad, and I don’t like that,
you know, I mean… Okay, well, don’t get worked
back up in the courtroom ’cause we don’t want… We want you all to remember
at all times that regardless of what
these results are, this is your mother,
you are brothers. EUGENE: Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: And you should
love each other as such. Are you ready for the results? ARTHUR: Yes, ma’am. All right. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) We’re going to go to
the results for Eugene first. These results were prepared
by DNA diagnostics, and they read as follows. EUGENE: That’s my dad. JUDGE LAKE:
You learned in this courtroom
for the first time that your mother said
John Ellis may not be
your biological father. EUGENE: That’s my daddy. Here are the results. In the case of
Eugene Ellis v.
pertaining to whether
John Ellis is your
biological father, it has been determined
by this court… John Ellis… …is your father. EUGENE: I knew that.
I knew that. I knew that.
I knew that. I said that from
the beginning. I knew that. Look at me. Look at him. ALLIE: Okay, okay. JUDGE LAKE: I have the results
for Arthur as well. Are you ready? Yes, Judge. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. In the case of……Arthur Ellis
v. Shivers/McClellan…
Pertaining to whether
John Ellis or his brother
Ronald McClellan is your biological father, it has been determined
by this court… John Ellis… Are you ready? Yes, Judge. In the case of……Arthur Ellis
v. Shivers/McClellan…
Pertaining to whether
John Ellis or his brother, Ronald McClellan
is your biological father, it has been determined
by this court… John Ellis… Is your father. Oh! (APPLAUSE) ALLIE: I know what I did. I would get Ellis.
She started it, Your Honor. I needed that, I needed that,
I needed that! I needed that!
You hear me? I was getting ready
to go… (CRYING OUT) ALLIE: Told you. You hear me?
I needed that. (APPLAUSE) I know.
That’s why I’m here. Sorry, Mom. It’s all right. I told you boys the truth.
I told you boys. I told you the truth. So, gentlemen,
you have the truth. This is the truth you wanted. Yeah.
I knew it. JUDGE LAKE: You’re brothers by
your mother and your father. Now you got the same
mother and the father.
What you gonna do now? How about just
get along, okay? I’m so happy for you.
Court is adjourned. EUGENE:
Thank you, Your Honor. Doesn’t your brother
look like me? Yeah. Y’all both are ugly. So you took your dad’s side,
he took my side, right? Yeah. Yeah. Told you children
that’s how it goes. You know, this right here,
this, this is great. I mean, same mom,
same dad. I wanted it anyway,
so all is well.

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    Hebrews 13:4

  93. High Maintenance Minimalist says:

    Whooo chile…the ghetto! This family is beyond ratchet.

  94. C.A.S says:

    Lol to this whole situation

  95. Monica Facey says:

    Regardless of the situation they have respect for their mother she raised them welldoesn't matter who is your father you still have each other as brother one Love God is good

  96. Jaleesa Bartley-Maye says:

    "Uncle Daddy" really??? This is truly sad.

  97. PromoTechs says:

    We had to take trip down the road , went away , was away so many ways of saying locked up lol

  98. Ice Queen says:

    Handsome young men

  99. Damsel Morris says:

    Wow Wonderful .you still love your mom.nice

  100. Best Of The Best Videos says:

    Eugene is annoying and a colorist and ignorant af

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