Mother Admits To Denying Paternity To Make Fiance Mad (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Smith versus Hopkins. Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Smith, you’ve petitioned
the court today to prove to your fiancé that he is the biological
father of your beautiful
two-year-old daughter, Camya. OLIVIA SMITH: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hopkins,
you don’t believe that you are
Camya’s biological father, and say today’s
negative result would end all wedding plans. Yes, Your Honor. If today’s results determine
that you are not
the biological father you’ve asked the court
to award you $2,500
in childcare expenses you’ve spent
under false pretenses. Yes, Your Honor. All right, Ms. Smith,
why do you believe Mr. Hopkins has doubts at all? I believe he has
doubts, Your Honor,
because of his meddlin’ mama always in our business. Um, if she wanna… That’s not… Been going around
putting it up in his head that she not his
and that the one
I’m carrying is not his, we wouldn’t be here today. JOVAN HOPKINS:
That’s not true, Your Honor. Why do you have doubt? I got doubt for my own reasons. For one, she told me
herself a couple of times,
loads of times that, in an argument
that Camya wasn’t mine. And… Just to make you mad,
it wasn’t… That ain’t how you do it. Have you said that, Ms. Smith? You said, “Camya’s
not your child”? That’s not something
you say in an argument. OLIVIA: Yes, I have
said that, Your Honor. Your Honor, I threw
birthday parties for Camya. Her second birthday party
I threw for her,
I provided shoes, clothes for her,
you see what I’m
saying, Your Honor? I done did this.
You know what I’m saying? I’m not saying I did it
all on my own but… OLIVIA: That’s what
you got to do for your
daughter. Of course. I did… I done… You’re supposed to do that. Yeah, I supposed to,
but at the same time, if we ended up… OLIVIA: That’s what
a real man do. He don’t sit and deny
and complain about
taking care of the child. We in the middle of an
argument, ain’t no real
woman gonna throw up, “Oh, yeah, she ain’t yours.”
Every time we argue.
You know what I’m sayin’? JUDGE LAKE: Why would
you throw that up, Ms. Smith? I need to understand that.
What does it profit you to tell a man
that you truly believe… OLIVIA: Just to make him mad. …is your child’s father
during an argument
that he is not? And then, resent the fact that he then
later questions the child. It was to make him mad
’cause I know that really
bothers him. ‘Cause he… And now he’s counter-suing you for $2,500 because now that he feels
doubtful as to whether
the child is his because you told him. (OLIVIA CHUCKLES) He wants the money
back that he’s given
to help support her. So, all right, you two. How did this
relationship start? Um, I met Mr. Hopkins
through a mutual friend
in Chicago. I had three kids
at the time already. And, uh, the main thing
was two weeks later,
we had sex and he was doing
things I ain’t never had done before. Mmm-hmm. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Like, just, different moves… Skip over that part. Okay, okay. (LAUGHS) And uh… Fast forward
your testimony right past that part. Okay, and, uh… Okay. So we planned
on having a baby, making a baby, we…
I got pregnant,
I had a miscarriage. He was just kind of like
sad and depressed ’cause he really
wanted a child. Mr. Hopkins, if you
planned to have a baby during the time
you were with her did you have
suspicions she was with
someone else as well? When she get pregnant,
she never tell me. You know what I’m sayin’? If you planned to have
a child with somebody,
how can you not tell him that you are pregnant,
right away? Why didn’t you tell
him, Ms. Smith? I ain’t tell him
’cause I cheated. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Okay. JUDGE LAKE:
So, please explain. Um, with my
previous kids’ father around the time I got
pregnant with Camya. I went and slept
with him, twice. Without protection? Yes. Your Honor. Mr. Hopkins, did you know this was
going on at the time? At the time, I didn’t.
I didn’t find out until one day, I just receive
a letter from her ex
saying that he Camya father and from that point on,
I just been doubtin’. I have evidence if you
would like for me to… I would like to
see that, thank you. Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Oh, this is a post from her ex saying… “The wifey and
our new baby Camya.” Yes, Your Honor. OLIVIA: Mmm-hmm. And that’s referring
to you, Ms. Smith? Yes, Your Honor. But, you stand
in the courtroom and you testify that you
have no doubt that Mr. Hopkins
is Camya’s father. I do feel he’s her father. Your Honor… She look like him
like their eyes, their nose. JUDGE LAKE:
So, wait, has your ex been
excluded by a
previous DNA test? No. All right. Let’s go to your
next piece of evidence,
Mr. Hopkins. This picture says and it’s also from the ex “Daddy’s baby girl, Camya.” He know that’s
his baby, he the one
that named her Camya. MR. HOPKINS: (SIGHS) Yes… But this man is claiming her! Your Honor, we both agreed
that she was gonna have
my last name, too. What happened to that? Ms. Smith? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) OLIVIA: You know
what happened to that. I had a C-section with Camya so, I was, you know,
off a lot of meds and I didn’t know
that he was gonna put
his name down on there. SHERLY: Girl, bull. I didn’t know
nothing about that. And so, your ex put
his name down on
Camya’s birth certificate? Yes. That’s her story,
let her tell it. It’s my story
and I’m stickin’ to it. Explain… I’m stickin’ to it. At the same time… JUDGE LAKE: So, wait a minute. I had a baby too. I don’t remember being
so high off of any medicine that somebody was
gonna come into a hospital and sign my child’s
birth certificate claimin’ they were the father. You know what I’m sayin’? Are you sure you don’t
need to just admit here in open court
and get it out the way that you were just
kinda playin’ both
men back and forth? ‘Cause ain’t no way
in the world somebody’s
postin’ this up about some child
being theirs and “This is my baby, Camya,” “Daddy’s little Girl,”
why would he post this? So, he feels like
he could be her father? Yes, he do. But, you just believe he’s the option. Yes. I want him to be the father. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, now we
getting to some truth. Thank you so much.
We’re here to tell the truth. So, really, Mr. Hopkins’
doubts are valid? ‘Cause of her. SHERLY: Girl, woo. It’s ’cause of her. How is it…
It’s ’cause of you
because you slept with… It’s ’cause of her.
Everything was fine
when he got out. Everything was fine until she gettin’ in his head, talkin’
’bout how she done
see me here with this guy, see me
there with that guy,
all types of stuff is because of her, ma’am. So, that further
fueled your doubt? JOVAN: Yes. Is there anything else? She probably put
that in his head. The timeline doesn’t add up. It doesn’t. What do you mean? I got locked up, roughly at the end of January,
beginning of February. Yeah, that don’t mean nothing. ‘Cause all it take
is one time. It don’t add up. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, hold up. All it take is one time. Let me get my calendar,
first of all because we’re
talkin about a timeline. I wanna see what
you all talkin’ about. Please do. SHERLY: Ghetto, that’s why. No, ghetto is you. Hold, hold, hold.
Let’s hold the testimony. Hold the testimony! She swore, at the
end of the day. So, take me back, Mr. Hopkins. You say, Camya
was born, when? October 15th. All right,
October 15th, got that. And you were on an involuntary extended stay we’ll call it… When? I’ll say around
the end of January,
beginning of February. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, right around here. OLIVIA: Mmm-hmm. All right, so let’s
count back, one, two… It ends up being
approximately 40 weeks. Which is long enough
for a baby to be born. JUDGE LAKE:
But based on this calendar you do understand that
you’re not excluded from being a possible father,
you understand that, right? Yes, Your Honor. I’d like to hear
from your witness.
Please stand, ma’am. State your name for the court. My name is Sherly Washup. Thank you for coming,
Ms. Washup. You are Mr. Hopkins’… Mother. What do you know
about this situation? A lot, a little bit too much. Girl… Go ahead, Ms. Washup. He know I’m gonna tell it. Well, go ahead and tell it. She was messin’ around
with this man during the conception time. How do I know this?
‘Cause a friend of mine
was at Applebee’s and was like, “Girl, you’ll
never guess who I ran into.”
I was like, “Who?” She said
her name. I was like,
“Girl, stop lyin’.” So she FaceTimed me. That’s a lie, Your Honor. Turned all the way
around so I can see her. She’s sitting there
with the dude… That’s all she do. Really? Wasn’t me. She got to “Hi hi-ing”
and “Ha ha-ing” and
holding hands with him. I’m like, “Girl,
stop the madness.” Did you or did you not have on a red and white top
with some red and white pants with your red
and white heels? Yeah. Okay, then. So that was you. But you see… But that was you. No, look, look, look. Your Honor, wait a minute. Wouldn’t that only lend
credibility to her testimony
that she knew it was you if she knew you
had that outfit? She a liar. JUDGE LAKE: Tell the truth. Were you there? No, I was not
at no Applebee’s. JUDGE LAKE:
Go ahead, Ms. Washup. And you know what, I try not to get in my…
I got other sons. And my son done
went through this before. He wanted a baby so bad.
He had a girl try to put
a baby on him before when he was on
extended vacation. I ain’t got no room
to take care of no kids ’cause I got eight
or nine of my own,
plus 15, 20 grandkids. JUDGE LAKE: Whoa. And you’re afraid
this is happening. They know he naive,
and he is a sucker and he wanted
babies so bad… Why everybody
still want a baby? First of all, you can’t
even stay home enough. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) Thank you. Thank you, Ms. Washup,
you may have a seat. All my kids love him.
They look up to him. They call him Daddy. SHERLY:
Just like they did with… I have a video
of him and Camya where she calling him Papa. She really love him,
like, just love him. I’d like to see that. Jerome,
will you please hand me
Ms. Smith’s evidence? OLIVIA:Where Papa?(GURGLING)Him right there?What’s his name?Papa. (OLIVIA LAUGHS) What? Papa. (LAUGHS) So cute. And so, your concern,
Ms. Smith is that the results could potentially ruin that relationship your beautiful daughter
has with the man she
believes is her father? That she know all her life,
the man that named her. Mr. Hopkins? If she don’t come back mine it’s gonna take
me down because I taught this girl
how to potty train,
I taught her how to walk, you know, so it’s gonna
be kind of hard to just
break away from them. You know what I’m sayin’? ‘Cause her other children,
they call me “Daddy”. I been in their life
since they was Camya’s size. You know
what I’m sayin’? So, it’s gonna
be kind of hard. I didn’t take you as the type of man that
would doubt a kid, period. And not just doubt Camya,
you doubting our child that
ain’t even here yet, our son. All because of mama, or Facebook,
or whatever. Mr. Hopkins, you believe
she should pay you $2,500. That’s your lawsuit.
Do you have any
evidence of what you’ve spent on Camya. I got a breakdown of
the list of things that
I done pay for over these last, past years. May I see that, Jerome?
Thank you. All right, so you
have daycare. Yes… That’s $1,950. Shoes, canopy bed. Birthday party, clothes. Totaling $2,577. JOVAN: See, the $77, I really
ain’t gonna trip on that. But you gonna
take back that $2,500. I mean, I got a baby
coming that’s real. You know what I’m saying?
I got a baby coming in this world.
I can’t just… OLIVIA: Who you deny… Did you buy these
things voluntarily out of the goodness
of your heart? Or did she demand
you buy these things? JOVAN: I could say both. Because, like if she say,
Camya needs some shoes I be like, “All right, baby.
I’m gonna just go “somewhere that’s cheap.” So, it was in a way… But you wanted all
my kids to have name brand
shoes, not just Camya. We worried about
a name brand shoe? We don’t even know
who her father is! (SHERLY LAUGHS) Really? Add up, Your Honor. You know, I’ve listened to
your testimony, Mr. Hopkins, I’ve looked, I’ve seen
on videotape your
relationship with this child. JUDGE LAKE: These expenses in this court’s
opinion, were gifts to that child. Thank you. For that reason, I’m going
to dismiss your claim. OLIVIA:
Thank you, Your Honor. Now before we get
to the results, is
there anything else you need to say
to one another? Before the truth is read. Because the truth can
make a liar out of you. SHERLY: Mmm-hmm. So, better you tell the truth before it tells it for you. Well, what I got to say is,
if the baby ain’t mine, if Camya not mine, I wanna do
a DNA test on my unborn. JUDGE LAKE:
How do you feel about that? I’ll give it to him. I think it’s time for
the results. Jerome. This result was prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and it reads as follows. Nervous? Are you okay, Ms. Smith? JOVAN: What, you got
something to say? If you’d like to sit down… Please sit down
if you need to. JUDGE LAKE: Are we
ready for the result? Yes. JOVAN: Yes, Your Honor. Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait. Do you have
something to say to me? No. JOVAN: Seem like you do. You keep on…
You holdin’ us up.
I wanna know. I don’t wanna lose
my family, but… She ain’t yours. What I tell you? So, I took for all this… For you to tell me this? I don’t think she yours,
I don’t know, man. I don’t know. SHERLY: I wanna hear. I don’t know, but I just…
I don’t wanna lose you. Do you want the
truth or do you not? JOVAN:
I would like the truth. ‘Cause at this point I don’t really
believe nothin’ she say. Are you ready for the result? You go ahead. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Smith versus Hopkins as it pertains to two-year-old
Camya Anderson, Mr. Hopkins, you are not Camya’s father. SHERLY: It’s gonna
be all right, baby. OLIVIA: I’m sorry. JOVAN: That’s all
you gotta say, is you sorry? I… That’s all I can say. You need to tell her
you sorry, man. For real, not me, her. (AUDIENCE CLAPS) JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Hopkins,
you indicated that if, in fact, was determined
that Camya was not
your biological child, you would also like
to have the current child… SHERLY: Mmm-hmm. …that Ms. Smith is pregnant
with, tested as well. JOVAN: Yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: You both need to
decide whether or not
you wanna have that as a prenatal test or would you like
to just wait until after the child is born. Prenatal. I agree. So, this court will order
that you go and get tested. We will get the results and we will come back
at that time for those. I wish you the best of luck
in the meantime, I will
see you both soon. Court is adjourned.

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    The judge probably didn't award the money bc she figured Smith couldn't pay it back. She had 4 kids in total at the time of this, probably on welfare, and then she was pregnant with number 5 on the episode. Mama Washup wasn't playing! Pulled receipts! 😂😂

  93. Nannerchan says:

    Why do people plan to have babies but don’t plan on getting married?

  94. Curry Shot You says:

    Relax the Judge was suppose to award the father $1950 judge was baised

  95. wanda sheard says:

    She already knew the results, trifling self

  96. Malcolminthemiddle 87 says:

    Momma said he's a sucker.

  97. Brenda Minor says:

    I seen this episode and the follow up episode after his death. The newborn is his. That episode was all over the place with the mother and the baby's mother going at one another.

  98. Brenda Minor says:

    I think the judge got this one wrong. He did for this child thinking it was his child. The mother knew from the beginning that it wasn't his child. Usually the judge read the ruling for the compensation after paternity is established.

  99. Fred Egg says:

    …and people doubt evolution…

  100. BLT says:

    Omg wow that’s sad he passed

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