Monsanto Tribunal and People’s Assembly, The Hague, 14-16 October 2016

[Music] the reason the Monsanto tribunal and the People’s Assembly organized at this moment in human history is very significant is because Monsanto has emerged as the most significant player in terms of spreading ecological destruction spreading disease creating monopolies and taking away rights of people if you take the attack on nature and the rights of nature that’s what’s called eco side if you take attacks on human being in large numbers knowing that your chemicals will cause disease knowing that your patterns and royalty collection will create debt and farmers will can commit suicide in the UN definition that is called genocide it’s a very long history of these tribunals active where governments either are corruptly or the people will act and instead of calling this a mock trial River this is the people acting where governments should for a long time ago the reason why we have a People’s Assembly as well as the tribunal is because the tribunal is a proper legally constituted trial it has eminent jurists it’s run by eminent lawyers and professors of law so it will be run by the principles of international law the only thing I can’t do is deliver a punishment the real punishment is the punishment of public opinion and that is why we have a People’s Assembly because that is the punishment that will affect one Center also coming to the People’s Assembly and most of the tribunal it’s very important for me clearly here we’re going to hear testimonies of victims of indoor agriculture testimonies from victims of Monsanto’s toxic chemicals for me is that we’re going to build a platform for actually getting people to stand together around the world to fight against industrial toxic agriculture based on genetically engineered crops and toxic chemicals it’s really like you know like a nightmare to be quite frankly when you see how toxic its products are and what it did to maintain these products of the market this is very difficult to believe there is no sense of responsibility in nowhere you know impunity which is going on good food quality food for the long-term then absolutely no it’s actually a scandal and very tragic that short-term profit and the example is in all these mergers no Trump’s over long-term sustainability and survival for the humanity and I think so so when we go back now to the facts and to the evidence and I can say that speak of my own experience of 27 years in Africa for example that sure we know that we can produce enough quality and diverse food to nourish a population of 10 billion we’ve got these massive corporations like Monsanto and Bayer that are trying to control everything including our food and our health and we are not strong enough in any one country or any one region to be able to get these corporations under control so if we work together internationally we can make it we can be much more powerful you can all be free we can all be sovereign we can all be thinking we can all have a science this game has cost too much to the world stands over the game [Applause] Oh we [Applause] [Music]

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  1. June ribaldi says:

    Yes. Thank you all. #OrganicFarming

  2. KarinaPhi10 says:

    Thank you for your care, for your bravery which goes far beyond this generation… it is time for change to greater balance – this is a significant beginning!

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