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  1. Melissa Gray says:

    Trinity is a wonderful mom and it's so clear that she lives for her children. This family deserves love and support not judgement and sick comments!

  2. VampyRagDoll says:

    Bless her heart.

  3. Debra Wronker says:

    Any one that says hurtful things, they have something wrong with themselves . I'm praying for your beautiful family 🙏🙏🙏❤️

  4. شاوية لابومب says:

    نموووت على هاذ البرنامج بصح تمنيت لوكان جا مترجم تحياتي من الجزائر

  5. Dachdog says:

    When you want the best for your child and no one hears you calling for help. How frustrating. I hope they can help her manage and help Peter to a road of health and recovery.

  6. Stacy Castello says:

    Poor baby.

  7. VLS_levo_sevo says:

    Hearing this i remember my childhood and the sinister remarks and comments. Gosh i remember all of it and the shame which came along with it!! Though i was soo young..

  8. Dylan Jones says:

    I like big guts and I cannot lie!
    Double chins with the chafin' thighs!
    When a dude walks in with the hanging jowls,
    My stomach starts to growl — I'm getting hungry!
    So I masticate, chompin' on the overweight,
    I eat fat people for days, like potato chips by Lay's,
    Try to eat just one but it can't be done, I gotta eat a ton!
    Baby likes fat!
    Baby likes fat!

  9. ****** says:

    how possibly someone can be this much malicious , shame on them

  10. ****** says:

    why never some one asks what is the reason behind these deviant sickness which human's generations have been suffering ? all those vibrations, waves, artificial things in our life

  11. loveli cece says:

    How did he get to this point ?

  12. Una Ryan says:

    All find to tell some to sit back from the table but when you have an autistic child like that with that condition I can only imagine it's difficult. A crying child with autism wont react the same as any other young child.

  13. jessica ann says:

    You can’t get fat from air ..you have to be excessively eating to gain FAT.water weight from medical diagnosis does not look like this.this is negligence, she lets him eat what he wants because he’ll have “fits” if she gives him fruit or vegetables. Uhm ..🙄🤪

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